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Middle-Earth vs. The Xenomorphs

Middle-Earth: 4
The Xenomorphs: 14

Fraiser Crane vs. Freddy Krueger

Fraiser Crane: 4
Freddy Krueger: 7

Athena Asamiya vs. Chai Xianghua

Athena Asamiya: 5
Chai Xianghua: 3

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Leonardo (Mirage): 14
Ryo Sakazaki: 2

Sarah Bryant vs. Mature

Sarah Bryant: 1
Mature: 14

Odin (Mythology) vs. Randall Flagg

Odin (Mythology): 7
Randall Flagg: 3

Fox (Gargoyles) vs. Diao Chan

Fox (Gargoyles): 7
Diao Chan: 2

Ayane vs. Kunimitsu

Ayane: 7
Kunimitsu: 6

Mass Effect Universe vs. The Elder Scrolls Universe

Mass Effect Universe: 5
The Elder Scrolls Universe: 4

Time Force Power Rangers vs. Choriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Time Force Power Rangers: 0
Ch?riki Sentai Ohranger: 2
MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 6

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Dinsdale Piranha

Martial Arts Tournament-Round 3, Group B

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This is a tournament for martial arts masters, comics and western cartoons only. There are no non-human contestants and no super powers or weapons are allowed. This is a contest of pure hand to hand skills in a dirt pit 20' deep and 50' across.


The tournament is single elimination and began with 32 contestants. As round 3 starts, three quarters of these have been eliminated. Last round, Lady Shiva defeated Storm Shadow and Shen Kuei defeated Quick Kick.


Who will win this matche and move on to face the winner from Group A?


Lady Shiva vs Shen Kuei 



Lady Shiva is one of the deadliest martial arts masters of the DC Universe and has faced such foes as Richard Dragon and Batman on more or less equal footing.



Shen Kuei, also known as Cat, is one of the deadliest martial artists of the Marvel Universe and a foe of Shang Chi. His name has a similar but opposite meaning to Shang Chi's and he was meant as a sort of mirror image of his counterpart. He has fought Shang Chi to a draw on several occasions and neither has has a clear victory over the other. He is one of two people (other than Iron Fist) that Shang Chi acknowledges as an equal.


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Yeah I agree Kuei takes it after a long battle. If he can battle Shang Chi then he can beat Shiva.

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