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12:6 - Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn) vs. Polka-Dot Man

Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn): 7
Polka-Dot Man: 2


12:6 - Queen La vs. Jafar

Queen La: 6
Jafar: 7


12:6 - The Overlook Hotel vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

The Overlook Hotel: 9
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 6


12:6 - Jonah Hex vs. Red Sonja

Jonah Hex: 6
Red Sonja: 5


12:6 - Battle-Beast vs. Doctor Doom

Battle-Beast: 1
Doctor Doom: 11


12:6 - Alice (Resident Evil) vs. Geonosis

Alice (Resident Evil): 8
Geonosis: 4


12:6 - Mirage vs. Gaston

Mirage: 8
Gaston : 6


12:6 - Captain Marvel / Shazam vs. Thanos

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 11
Thanos: 3


12:6 - Martians (Mars Attacks) vs. Necrons

Martians (Mars Attacks): 3
Necrons: 8


12:6 - Plastic Man vs. Doomsday

Plastic Man: 2
Doomsday: 11


12:6 - Rat Catcher vs. Clock King

Rat Catcher: 6
Clock King: 7


12:6 - The Kangaroo vs. Calender Man

The Kangaroo: 1
Calender Man: 8


12:6 - Segata Sanshiro vs. Count Chocula

Segata Sanshiro: 5
Count Chocula: 4


12:6 - Martian Manhunter vs. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Martian Manhunter: 7
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell): 5


12:6 - The Gregory House vs. John Connor

The Gregory House: 4
John Connor: 6


12:6 - The Matrix vs. Alexa "Lex" Woods

The Matrix: 4
Alexa "Lex" Woods: 10


12:6 - Skull Island vs. Alan Grant

Skull Island: 3
Alan Grant: 12


12:6 - The Frieza Force vs. Phalanx

The Frieza Force: 4
Phalanx: 7


12:6 - The Flood vs. Tyranids

The Flood: 2
Tyranids: 8


12:6 - Gotham City Police Department vs. Cowboys

Gotham City Police Department: 6
Cowboys: 4

Match 14590 Batman vs. Black Widow

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This is part of an arc; the last chapter is at Morbius vs. The Ventriloquist and Scarface.


This is the wrap-up for Luke Cage and the Gargoyles vs. Team Luthor.




"Hey!" Luke shouted. "These guys ain't monsters. Well… maybe they king of are, but they're the good guys."


One of the armored figures fired a taser that caught Cage in the chest. The darts didn't pierce his flesh but did lodge in his shirt, producing a shock.


"Hey!" he yelled.


Hudson lunged and used his sword to slash the taser wires. The armored man responded by firing a laser but the old gargoyle used the mirror surface of the blade to reflect the beam at another of the attackers, shorting out his jet boots.


"D'ye think we haven't had to face lasers before?" Hudson said.


"Jones, restrain the civilian," the leader of the armored men said. "The rest of you, subdue the gargoyles hand to hand."


"Who are these guys?" Brooklyn asked, leaping from the clock tower parapet and swooping between two of the assailants.


"I'd have thought that was obvious, lad," Hudson said, also taking wing. "They're the big guys."


"Stay out of this, sir," one of the armored men said, landing in front of Cage.


"Yeah, I'll do that," Cage said. Then he slammed a powerful punch to the man's body that sent him flying backward.


Bronx leaped on the man Hudson had downed, tearing at his armor with claws and teeth. Cage pursued his man and the two began to exchange super-strength punches.



Corey Mills was learning that the gargoyles were harder to deal with than Luthor had led him to believe. His men's suits had a better flight speed but the gargoyles were more maneuverable. They easily avoided Team Luthor's hand to hand attacks and their claws--not to mention the older one's sword--were capable damaging their bulletproof armor.ble.


"That dog-thing's eating Murphy," Ishiyama said over the com. "Launching grenades to help him."


"No, wait!" Mills cried. "We're right on top od a police station!" But it was too late. His teammate had launched half a dozen grenades. The explosions blasted Bronx away from the downed man and caused extensive damage to the clock tower.


"Bronx!" Hudson cried. He swooped down on Ishiyama, stabbing with his sword. The tip lodged in the energy port, shorting out the armor but the electrical backlash stunned the gargoyle and both combatants began to plummet.


Brooklyn swooped down to catch Hudson but the Team Luthor man slammed into the pavement. Several uniformed officers--including Captain Chavez--emerged from the station to investigate.


On the tower terrace, overlooking the street, Cage's opponent fired his black light lasers. The weapons cut through his shirt, leaving it in tatters and traced painful red lines on his skin.


"Sweet Christmas!" Cage said. "That really hurts!"


He grabbed the Team Luthor man and hurled him at the clock face. The armored man smashed through the façade, dislodging the minute hand, and found himself lodged in the massive works. The minute hand came loose and plummeted toward the police standing below.


"Aw, hell no!" Cage said. He lunged for the edge and caught the falling hand, but the act overbalanced him and he began to go over.


Then something warm, wet and very strong clamped onto Cage's ankle. He felt himself dragged back onto the ledge and saw that Bronx had rescued him.


"Team Luthor, abort!" Mills broadcast. "This thing's gone south. Pick up the wounded and let's get out of here!"


He pried his teammate out of the clock's gears and swooped low to pull Ishikawa out from the midst of the cops. Above, he saw that his one team member whose armor was still intact had picked up the man who Bronx had savaged. It looked like the gargoyle-beast has destroyed the armor without tearing into the man's flesh.


"The boss is gonna love this," he muttered as the team beat a hasty retreat.




"Monsters with wings and guys in Iron Man suits," Officer Morgan Morgan said. "What do you think this is all about, Captain?"


Chavez shook her head.


"The only thing I know is that that armor isn't Stark's," she said. "That's a LexCorp design they've been trying to sell to the department. I think Lex Luthor is going to have a lot of explaining to do."


"Bronx, you're okay!" Brooklyn said as he and Hudson landed.


"Yeah, I'm fine too," cage said. "Thanks for asking."


"Who were those men?" Hudson asked.


"Why ask me? I thought they were playmates of yours, maybe that Steel Clan you told me about."


"Different armor," Brooklyn said. "Besides, the Steel Clan's robots. These were humans in armor."


"All I got to say is your ugly mutt sure came through," Cage said, scratching Bronx's head. "With a grip like that you oughtta call him 'Lockjaw.'"


"Ugly is he?" Hudson said. "Have ye looked in a mirror lately, Luke?"


"Un, guys," Brooklyn said. "I hear the cops coming up. We'd better make ourselves scarce."


"Aye," Hudson said, sadly. "Tis time to find a new home… again."




"This is amazing!" Ten said.


She and the rest of the rest of the newly formed Royal Flush gang were soaring around the warehouse on amazingly thin flying platforms made to resemble playing cards. Below them, Joker, Harley Quinn and Phineas Mason, the Tinkerer, watched in awe.


"Gee, Mista' J. You ought ta get me one of those things."


"The way you drive?"


"Aw, shuckins!"


"Don't worry, Boo, I've got something just for you." The Joker pulled a small test tube filled with green fluid."


"Thanks,Puddin'!" Harley said. "What is it? Some kinda smoothie?"


"That's right," Joker replied. "Drink it all down like a good girl."


Harley drained the tube and made a face.


"What's in that?" she asked. "Tastes like asparagus flavored mouthwash."


"Don't worry," Joker said. "It may not be tasty, but it'll put hair on your chest."


"What was that?" Tinkerer asked. "Big Man didn't tell me about any--"


"Ah, yes, the famous big man. He does have his big hands in this, doesn't he? Well, there are some changes to the plan." Joker turned to the Royal Flush gang and held up his hands. "Come on down, kiddies! Uncle Joker's got to tell you about a change in plans."


"Change?" Tinkerer asked. The little man shifted anxiously.


"What is this?" King said as the team landed their flyers around Joker.


"It's like this. The Big Man has been a big help, but his big ideas are getting old in a big way, so I think it's time for some big changes. I don't like putting together a gang just to get caught up in some big gang war. I think it's time he took his big nose out of our business."


"You can't do that!" Tinkerer said.


"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it, baldy?"


"Ace!" the Tinkerer cried.


The Royal Flush Gang backed away as the big robot advanced but Joker never flinched.


"Harley!" he said.


"Are you kiddin'?"


"Just pummel him!" Joker shouted.


Harley swallowed hard then leaped at Ace, slamming into his massive chest with both feet and smashing him back through a wall.


"Impossible!" Tinkerer said as Harley leaped through the hole after the robot.


"Cowabunga!" she yelled.


"Now, while they're having fun, let's talk?" Joker said, draping an arm around the Tinkerer's shoulders. "Phinney, old sock, could scare up a couple more of your playing gards… pretty please?"


"Um… I have five back up units ready, in case something happens to one of these. They're not painted with the card motif yet but…"


"Say no more," Joker said. "Wrap 'em up and put a bow on them."


"The Big Man won't like this," Tinkerer said. "He'll kill you. He'll kill me if I let you take them."


"Oh, Phinny, Phinny; you don't understand," the Joker said, taking hold of the smaller man's lapels. "The Big Man can't kill you."


"He can't?" Tinkerer said.


"Noooooooooooooooo! You're already dead!"


A thick plume of gas jetted from the Joker's carnation lapel to envelope the Tinkerer's head. The little man backed out, coughing, then the cough became a laugh, then the laugh became a maniacal cackle, and finally there was silence as Tinker collapsed to the grown his dead features contorted in a horrible grin.


"Ah, Phineas," Joker said, "I can see you're finally happy."


He glanced around at the horrified members of the Royal Flush Gang.


"Any questions?"




Natasha recognized the man in the cave, all of them.


The tall man in the long green cloak was Ra's al Ghul, the legendary leader of the League of Assassins, the Asian man at his side was Shen Kuei, a mercenary recently believed to have been drafter into the League and one of the deadliest martial artists on earth. The man they faced, and spoke to, was the Batman, and the conversation was remarkably civil… almost like two old friends.


Their body language suggested that there was someone else in the cave, but Natasha couldn't see then from her vantage. She couldn't hear what the men were saying, either, so she took out a small directional microphone from her belt.


"Then we have an understanding, Detective?" Ras said.


"For now," Batman replied. "I'll do all I can."


"Very well, I shall take my leave."


Ra's and Shen Kuei turned and walked away and a moment later, Batman followed. Natasha watched him go with a sinking heart. The way he moved, the shape of his jaw, even his voice--though subtly altered--confirmed her worst suspicions.


Bruce Wayne was Batman--and Batman was working for the League of Assassins.




"What now, Master?" Shen Kuei asked as they drove away from Wayne Manor.


"The detective will find my daughter," Ra's said. "this leaves us free to attend to other matters. Shen Kuei, you shall accompany me to speak with Mr. Luthor. He shall be most displeased to learn that I am severing all of the contracts he has with the League.


"And me, Master?" Midnight asked.


"You, M'nai, shall redeem the mission that Lady Shiva failed at. This is my gesture of goodwill to Mr/ Luthor that I shall keep one of his ill-conceived sanctions and remove his greatest rival.


"You will kill Anthony Stark."





Harley Quinn came back through the wall, making another hole as she did. She landed hard, then bounced to her feet like a rubber ball. Ace followed, smashing through wood and wallboard and sheetrock as he came.


The Joker knelt by Tinkerer's body and began frantically going through his pockets as the big robot advanced on him. Then he held up a small remote control unit and pressed a button. Ace stopped dead in his tracks.


"That's better," Joker said. "Now, is there anything I'm forgetting?"


The members of the Royal Flush Gang all moved back a bit.


"No, Joker," King said. "I wasn't really looking to working for the Big Man anyway. I'm happy to play the hand I've been dealt."


"Good!" Joker said. "Now take off! I'll contact you soon with news of our first job."


After the gang had gone, Joker looked up admiringly at Ace.


"You like the robot, Mista' J?" Harley asked.


"He reminds me of an old friend; Captain Clown. Ah I miss him."




"Before your time, Harls."


"Say, what was in that potion you gave me, Puddin'?" Harley asked. "I feel as strong as a truckload of gorillas."


"Now there's an image," Joker replied. "That, Harley, is a gift from my new partner in crime. It's his own concoction; he calls it globulin green."




"Are you alright, Alfred?" Batman asked as he untied the butler.


"I shall recover, sir," Alfred said. "You should know, that there was someone else watching that conversation."


"I saw the alarm too," Batman said. "I've got an ugly suspicion about who it must have been."




Natasha Romanov stood on the balcony outside Bruce Wayne's empty bedroom and opened what looked like a cell but was actually a cutting edge SHIELD issue communicator.


"Yes?" an electronically camouflaged voice said.


"This is Widow," she said. "I… I have a report for Director Fury."




The Black Widow hesitated. Her duty was clear, but she didn't want to do this.


She never got the chance.


From above and behind her, a small metal projectile cut the air, knocking the communicator out of her hand. She turned to see Batman on the eaves of the manor roof. Their eyes locked and both understood what was going to happen next.


Then the Batman leaped.




Black Widow is the version seen in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She is in costume and has all her usual gadgets and weapons. Her goal is to get away so she can report what she's learned to SHIELD.



Batman is from The Animated Series. He has his usual gadgets and weapons as well. His goal is to keep Natasha from reporting to her superiors.



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BW supposed to be an assassin but she never kills anyone. Also why doesn't she just use poison and guns like successful assassins do? All the martial arts stuff is like, really...

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Comics Black Widow definitely kills. She mostly does it though when she does her undercover missions away from the Avengers. As far as this match is concerned Batman knocks out this Avengers cartoon Widow after a good battle. His physical feats were definitely above human physically and he dodged bullets with ease. Also more skilled of a fighter and more.

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Whenever gunmen or villains are shooting at him. Now granted they don't have Black Widow's aim.  When I say dodge bullets I am talking aim dodge and the normal Batman ways of dodging bullets. Not anything on a superhuman level to be more clear.

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Yeah Batman in the DCAU has fought harder opponents. I am sure he can handle Black Widow. Widow didn't have such excellent aim where dodging is impossible.

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In Under the Red Hood, Batman clearly dodged a bullet. As in, the bullet was in the air heading towards Batman and he dodged it. Don't know if that's the same universe as TAS Batman though.

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Great set-up as usual, Dinsdale. Great recap and good to see Joker making his move with The Royal Flush Gang (apparently with Batman Beyond-type gear!), and a juiced-up Harley is possibly dangerous to even think about. :P


As for the match, given the relationship Bruce and Natasha have developed in this arc, I can't imagine this fight would get too serious. Widow might get away, but TAS's Bats has managed to subdue tougher foes, and he may manage to talk her out of reporting him to S.H.I.E.L.D.

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The Royal Flush Gang are very good. I loved them on both shows. Yeah the JL verisons of the Royal Flush were able to battle the Justice League.

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BW is nothing special. Batman is the best of the best.

Yeah black widow is in no way shape or form even half of what the bat brings to the table. Top notch setup. A+++ from me
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