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Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 14683 by Gronaldra
in progress now...

Scandal Savage vs. X-23

Scandal Savage: 0
X-23: 14

Yang Xiao Long vs. Joe Fixit

Yang Xiao Long: 13
Joe Fixit: 9

Jason Voorhees vs. Mr. Hercule Satan

Jason Voorhees: 4
Mr. Hercule Satan: 12

Accelerator vs. Dio Brando

Accelerator: 9
Dio Brando: 3

Samurai Jack vs. Furher King Bradley

Samurai Jack: 7
Furher King Bradley: 6

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Supes Rulez

If I can't make it...

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It's been a great time, guys.


If I cannot finish my last Terminator/DC chapter in time before the site closes down, I might as well give some closure in a summary of the story's ending.


Superman confronts the Joker while the Resistance and the superheroes manage to take down Joker's massive machine, but Tim Drake, Poison Ivy, Steel, and Raven all die in the battle with Cyborg and Green Arrow badly wounded.


Joker triggers the detonation of the nuclear bomb, but Superman takes matters into his own hands by taking the bomb into the upper atmosphere. Joker clings on to him with a kryptonite weapon to make one last attempt to kill him, but Superman loosens Joker and leaves him with the bomb as it detonates in the sky.


At first Superman is out cold and is falling to his death, but a plane carries him to safety. Batman, Wonder Woman, and their allies find him unconscious and Batman tracks the plane's course.


Superman is tired of fighting and when the world is done rebuilding iitself he vows to give up the mantle of Superman. Batman gives Superman the location of the plane, and he flies there.


As Connor gives a final narration, the scene shifts back and forth between Superman discovering a hidden camp of refugees and the each hero finding their own closure.


The last shot is a shocked Superman finding a smiling Lois, alive and well, waiting for him.







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Or, here's another possibility. Sign up to this and post the last chapter(s) there if you don't finish it/them here. 



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In fact, you may even want to preserve all the previous matches in your arc in case you need to re-post them for reference.

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