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Ayane vs. Kunimitsu

Ayane: 7
Kunimitsu: 6

Mass Effect Universe vs. The Elder Scrolls Universe

Mass Effect Universe: 5
The Elder Scrolls Universe: 4

Time Force Power Rangers vs. Choriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Time Force Power Rangers: 0
Ch?riki Sentai Ohranger: 2
MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 6

Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things) vs. G'mork

Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 1
G'mork: 4

Mandalorian Supercommandos vs. Aslan's Army

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Aslan's Army: 3

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Sun Wukong The Monkey King: 1

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Ivy: 8

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Orks (Warhammer 40,000): 4

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Tinker Bell vs. Wednesday Addams

Tinker Bell: 8
Wednesday Addams: 0

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Match 14572 Doomsday vs. Vegeta

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Narrator "Continuing on from the fight of Doomsday versus Cell."

Narrator "One has to ask can anyone in the DBZ universe defeat this monster they call Doomsday?"


 Doomsday looked at the crumbled piece of heap, which he had just fought and destroyed. Doomsday continued on his path of destruction searching for anything that would challenge his reign of dominance.

The Scene shifts to Kami’s lookout.


Goku “This beast is powerful; we all must come up with an effective strategy to put this thing down for good!â€

Vegeta “Kakarot you fool! I’m strong enough to defeat him myself!â€


Goku “Vegeta, you don’t always have to be so arrogant, Cell defeated you pretty handily and this beast incarnate mopped the floor with Cell, so work with us all to defeat this thing, will you?â€


Vegeta “Kakarot and how do you suppose we defeat this beast if he is more powerful then Cell and none of us could defeat Cell?â€


Goku “While I was Training with Gohan, I saw great potential beyond anything that I’ve ever seen; I believe he will be the key to defeating this beast!â€


Vegeta “Your weakling of a boy defeating, this monster I don’t believe this nonsense your spouting off now Kakarot!â€


Gohan “I’m No weakling Vegeta and if my dad believes I can defeat this monster I must train harder than ever to do it!â€


Goku “That’s my boy we still all have another 24 hours in the hyperbolic time chamber and when, me and Gohan emerge, we will be able to defeat this beast if all goes as planned.â€


Vegeta “Kakarot you have become more foolish then you look, what makes you so prominent 2 get to go back inside the time chamber first?


Goku “Vegeta on the count that I have beaten you several times in are fights and then spared your life, Plus we need a strong fighters to hold off Doomsday so we can train at are full potential in the time chamber.â€


Vegeta “My only request is Kakarot, If I survive this beast you must teach me whatever techniques about super saiyan you master with your son!â€


Trunks “Goku you can’t do this, we will be slaughtered by that monster!â€


Goku “Trunks, I have seen your brute strength super saiyan form versus Cell, that should easily hold this beast at bay, And Vegeta will Be fighting the beast himself as well, So as long as your teamwork is super you’re going to be fine.â€


Vegeta “Kakarot If we survive remember, you must show me and Trunks any new super saiyan technique before you and Gohan try and destroy this beast for good!â€


Goku “Will do my good friend Vegeta, just don’t let us down all you have to do is survive for 24 hours!â€

Vegeta and Trunks flew to Hercule City. Vegeta saw the hideous beast first.


Vegeta “Trunks I have first dips, on the monster and as soon as I start losing you  must help me out only this one time!â€


Trunks “Yes father I understand, Help you out only when you need it so you can be pushed beyond your brink and become more powerful.â€

Vegeta “Trunks my son you always know what to say to pump me up, now the time for talk is over we destroy this beast!â€


Vegeta rushed at the beast and smashed him over the head with his 2 fists, then kicked him into the air and hit him with his famous Galic gun attack.


Vegeta “See Trunks that wasn’t so hard!â€


Doomsday landed behind vegeta and hit him with a punch that sent vegeta flying through buildings. Vegeta got up scratched it off and cracked his bones and powered up.


Vegeta flew at the beast and teleported behind it and kicked it in the back off its legs to drop it to the ground; Vegeta followed that up by punching doomsday in the back of the head with tremendous force, Vegeta then hit Doomsday with a massive kick to the side of the body and his head. Doomsday was sent flying; Doomsday gripped the ground and came to a complete stop.


Doomsday rushed at Vegeta and was blasted by a flying knee to the jaw that buckled the beast for a second; he was then met by a massive uppercut to the jaw then knocked him down to the ground.


Vegeta flew into the air and came down at doomsday with tremendous force. Doomsday got up quickly and looked around and was hit on the dome by a solid knee that smashed him into the ground.


Doomsday got up and grappled Vegeta to the ground and starting smashing punches into him. Vegeta blasted Doomsday off of him.

Vegeta “Defeating this beast shouldn’t be too hard I can easily survive for 23 more hours.â€


Doomsday on the ground got up and jumped on Vegeta with tremendous force. Doomsday picked vegeta up and hit him with a very vicious punch then threw him at the nearest building.

Vegeta was sent flying threw the building very extreme speed, at the other end he smashed into the cars in the parking garage. Vegeta got up and brushed the pain off.  


Vegeta “This beast is more formidable then I ever thought possible it just makes my blood boil over with excitement!â€

Vegeta “I do need a new strategy to stop this beast in his tracks though. That’s it I’ll just slow him done with objects for now and combine it with energy blasts to stun the beast.â€


Vegeta flew out of the building and threw the car in his hands at doomsday with tremendous force. The Car smashed into Doomsday and he was sent flying threw another car.


Vegeta teleported behind Doomsday and greeted him with an energy ball to the face, followed by a kick to the jaw that sent the beast railing backwards. Vegeta then sent another car at doomsday and blasted it with his Galic Gun.


Doomsday shuck the first hit off then was hit by another car and a purple energy explosion that sent him flying threw a building. Doomsday jumped out of the building ticked he speed blitzed Vegeta.

Vegeta teleported behind the beast easily and hit him with a volley of punches and kicks then blasted his legs out from under him with a high powered ki blast. Vegeta then slammed a car onto Doomsday with extreme force.


Doomsday got up and threw the crumbled car at Vegeta. Vegeta blocked the car easily, then ran at doomsday with tremendous speed and blasted him with a volley of ki blasts.


Doomday, becoming more frustrated with this inferior being reared up like a bull and charged at Vegeta with tremendous force. Vegeta Jumped over the charging doomsday and popped him with 3 quick ki blasts to the back of the beast’s head.


Vegeta “Trunks do you see what I’m doing I’m using this beast lack of intelligence against him I’m glad after all that we got to see this beast fight Cell first!â€


Trunks “Yes Father your doing excellent but be careful and don’t let your guard down its extremely powerful so don’t let your guard down!â€


Vegeta flew at the stunned beast and hit him in the back of the head with a tremendous elbow, then flipped over him and smoked him on the dome with a solid kick.


Doomsday fell backwards and was hit by another Galic Gun. Doomsday was sent flying threw the closest building and it crumpled to smithereens on him as he smashed into it.


Narrator “This is the end folks Vegeta has 22 ½ hours left to hold off Doomsday to win this fight, with the help of trunks if he needs it. Remember Vegeta only has to survive until Goku and Gohan get to the battlefield to fight Doomsday. Will Vegeta be able 2 conquer this challenge?

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Hmm... I'll check this out at some point tomorrow. You might possibly want to wrap your arc up while you can, though, as EF might be ending soon. Check here: 




Still, several people are looking into continuing EF's traditions, so check them out for yourself.

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Decent setup. Vegeta gets his shit kicked in.

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Man, for *vulgarity*'s sake what is it with matches like this? DOOMSDAY TOOK ON *vulgarity*ING SUPERMAN. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOT GET THAT DBZ-ERS DON'T HOLD A CANDLE TO SUPERMAN OR DOOMSDAY? Sorry author of this match. Just really big pet peeve of mine. 

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Man, for *vulgarity*'s sake what is it with matches like this? DOOMSDAY TOOK ON *vulgarity*ING SUPERMAN. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOT GET THAT DBZ-ERS DON'T HOLD A CANDLE TO SUPERMAN OR DOOMSDAY? Sorry author of this match. Just really big pet peeve of mine. 



Come on no fair akira toriyama could easily show feats of them doing godly things like all creators of comics do guess what he doesn't he keeps it realistic that no one can come even close to Gods level the creator of everything in the entire universe the alpha the omega the absolute the ultimate yeah try reaching that.

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