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Bass Armstrong vs. Alex (Street Fighter)

Bass Armstrong: 2
Alex (Street Fighter): 5

Dhalsim vs. Voldo

Dhalsim: 4
Voldo: 3

Cindy Aurum vs. Deliah Blue

Cindy Aurum: 4
Deliah Blue: 3

Yoshimitsu vs. Ryu Hayabusa

Yoshimitsu: 1
Ryu Hayabusa: 5

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs. Ransik

MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 3
Ransik: 5

Donatello (Mirage) vs. King (Art Of Fighting)

Donatello (Mirage): 17
King (Art Of Fighting): 4

Helena Douglas vs. Shermie

Helena Douglas: 5
Shermie: 3

Spiral vs. Hundun

Spiral: 4
Hundun: 1

Match Showdown 01 - Panty & Stocking VS Ronald McDonald

Panty And Stocking: 8
Ronald McDonald: 1

Mila (DOA) vs. Vanessa Lewis

Mila (DOA): 4
Vanessa Lewis: 2

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Khazan Apocalypse and Final Farewells.

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Of Gods, Monsters and Men… the never written ending!


So, where we last left off the CoS were fighting F.O.E.  F.O.E. takes a loss and we find out why the CoS were headed towards the mountain in the first place.  The CoS enter the Bases of the mountain where the mystics are.  The mystics are deep in concentration trying to bring forth O’Defensor and teleport him to his rightful home in New Eden (The Fallen Headquarters).  The Fallen want that behemoth on their team of course.  While distracted, the Whisper Man gets in their numbskulls and changes their original intentions.  Now they aren’t sending O’Defensor to New Eden.  Now they are sending him straight to Khazan with a raging overkill switch turned on.  Meanwhile, F.O.E. who is down and out call for backup from Knox who is enroute to extract them from the place.  Knox freaks that the mission is compromised so late into the game.  He hightails it to the location. 


Meanwhile, Dayshift is fighting Dr. Odierno’s menagerie of monsters that have been released from the Spire.  They are winning and are eventually joined by Z-girl and the other members that were previously beaten by F.O.E.  As a team they beat down the monsters and make way to the flying fortress.  Inside the Spire, a slight coup is taking place.  Turns out Ouroboros is trying to take out Marshell.  They’ve already infiltrated and taken out the Spire itself which is slowly descending to the Earth below.  Now they are taking it to Percy. 





Dayshift enters the ship to find that there is an internal struggle going on.  They don’t know who to attack, but before they can sort it out, they are met by Legion.  Who comes pouring through a passage way forcing them back outside again.  They fight Legion shortly until the Alpha Sentinel, Spectrum shows up and helps them put the kibosh on the beast.  Next, Miss March and Sage arrive.  Sage senses the massive amounts of magical chaos and heads straight for the mountain.  Miss March rushes in to find the team that beat Dayshift and arrest them with Spectrum in tow.  Before they can reach their targets, the mountain explodes open and O’Defensor appears in full fury (the chaotic Fallen magic taking its toll).  He lashes out at everyone.  At the same time and under the control of Whisper Man the mystics continue to try to teleport him to Khazan.  The Sentinels attack the monster.  It releases a small battalion of Incendia O’s which attack relentlessly. 


While that is going on, Knox arrives at the extraction point and declares the mission a failure and blames Sayang.  He immediately picks up F.O.E. and hits the road.  Dayshift continue to traverse the Spire in an attempt to apprehend and detain whoever was the mastermind to this debacle.  As they make their way towards the sound of a struggle, they finally see Marshell Percy on the top deck of this Spire in a savage battle with a small army (Ouroboros).  Bodies lie everywhere and he is bleeding and disheveled.  The Actor’s Guild is lying nearby presumably dead.  Wally assumes this is a coup and assumes correctly that Percy is the mastermind.  As they plan an attack they are joined by the remaining members of the Alpha team.  The Alphas defeat Percy and Dayshift arrest and detain as many members of Ouroboros as they can. 


Additional SLJ support team arrive and take in the prisoners (helped by Dayshift) while the Alphas go to help their team against O’Defensor.  The monster is in full bloodlusted rage and has to be taken down using lethal force.  They kill the monster and he falls impaling himself on the mountain’s jagged remains.  As the monster falls, Percy laughs maniacally in triumph.  The Sayang team that was in the mountain had long escaped to who knows where.  The mystics are dead, crushed beneath the mountain and monster and as the SLJ try to piece together what happened back at their traveling command post, a small scruffy little girl crawls from beneath the rubble.  She stretches as if she hasn’t moved limbs in a long time.  Shields her eyes from the daylight and looks around.  Smiles and walks off into the daylight as Percy continues to laugh maniacally knowing that Rasa Sayang has been born from the chaos.


So basically, Percy along with half the world found out about this creature in this mountain due to Sarah Maroon.  Well, he knew that Sayang would be born out of chaos and what could be more chaotic than releasing a giant Kaiju and pissing it off (Have you ever seen Godzilla movies?).  So he heads over their to dish out the pain.  Of course, every little side crazy thing that happened (The coup, the fights) all helped create more tension, while the Whisper Man scrambled the brains of the mystics and basically made them do a summon. 

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The goal was to get the monster to Khazan and create a major disaster. They figured the monster would eventually be killed and his death would fuel the sacrifice that would release Sayang. But the monster was killed in the mountains by the Sentinels, releasing Sayang there. Percy wanted the action to go down in Khazan, but his liege has been released so he is good with that.


After Knox escapes with F.O.E he explains to them that they were beat by a more experienced team. He offers to be their mentor and swears they will get revenge against Dayshift.


After that, I would've created the Rasa Sayang character finally.

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