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Taki vs. Kasumi

Taki: 2
Kasumi: 9

Seong Mi-na vs. Momiji

Seong Mi-na: 3
Momiji: 14

Middle-Earth vs. The Xenomorphs

Middle-Earth: 4
The Xenomorphs: 14

Fraiser Crane vs. Freddy Krueger

Fraiser Crane: 4
Freddy Krueger: 7

Athena Asamiya vs. Chai Xianghua

Athena Asamiya: 5
Chai Xianghua: 3

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Leonardo (Mirage): 14
Ryo Sakazaki: 2

Sarah Bryant vs. Mature

Sarah Bryant: 1
Mature: 14

Odin (Mythology) vs. Randall Flagg

Odin (Mythology): 7
Randall Flagg: 3

Fox (Gargoyles) vs. Diao Chan

Fox (Gargoyles): 7
Diao Chan: 2

Ayane vs. Kunimitsu

Ayane: 7
Kunimitsu: 6

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Rumble 14543 Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers vs. Dracula and Frankenstein and The Wolf Man

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Slashers vs Classic Monsters! 




As the villains hack their way across the country, a young woman is able to convince Dracula to help her. In turn, he turns to Frankenstein and The Wolf Man for help. Together, they go to face the villainous slashers down and stop them once and for all. Dracula will deal with Freddy (although Freddy exists in the dream world, Dracula can use his powers to help him battle the dream demon). Frankenstein (with a pitchfork) will deal with Jason. The Wolf Man will deal with Michael. 


(This fight is a 3 vs 3 tag team in the middle of the forest)



Who wins?

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Learn More About

Jason Voorhees

Read more about Jason Voorhees at Wikipedia

Official Site: Newline Cinema Links: Wiki - Jason Voorhees Camp Blood Friday the 13th - The Website


Freddy Krueger

Read more about Freddy Krueger at Wikipedia

Official Site: New Line Cinema Links: Wikipedia House of Horrors Spiffy Entertainment


Michael Myers

Read more about Michael Myers at Wikipedia

Official Site: Universal Studios Links: Michael Myers Wiki entry IMDB Page Official Site



Read more about Dracula at Wikipedia

Official Site: Estate Of Bram Stoker Links: Wikipedia: Dracula CBUB: Buffy versus Dracula The Marvel Universe Appendix: Dracula



Read more about Frankenstein at Wikipedia

Official Site: Public Domain Links: Wikipedia NLM Frankenstein Exhibit Mary Shelley's Dream


The Wolf Man

Read more about The Wolf Man at Wikipedia

Official Site: Universal Studios Links: Wikipedia IMDb Lon Chaney.com



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I always though it would be cool to see two different teams of "monsters" from two completely different eras duke it out. 

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It depends a lottle on what version of Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolf-man. Assuming these are the classic movie versions I'd say they win.


Wolf-man vs. Michael is the easiest. Talbot is faster than Meyers and Michael can't really hurt him without a silver weapon.


Frankenstein vs. Jason is harder because they're similar, strong, close to indestructible and slow. The fight could last forever. Though, if this is Frankenstein from the novel, he'd much faster and smarter than Jason and should win.


Dracula vs. Jason is also hard to decide. Dracula has demonstrated a powerful form of mind control in the Universal movies as well as invulnerability to gunfire, much greater than human strength, and shape-changing into a bat. He's powerful but it's hard to know how this works against Freddie in the dream world. The min d control is his best bet. Again, if it's the Dracula from the novel his chances go way up. Even before he was a vampire, novel Dracula was a sorcerer, having studied the dark arts at the infamous Scolomance.

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Team Slashers got this in the bag.

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Match Final Results

Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger: 12

Dracula and The Wolf Man and Frankenstein: 7


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