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Anthony Fremont vs. Chuck Shurley

Anthony Fremont: 1
Chuck Shurley: 3

Batman vs. Lex Luthor

Batman: 2
Lex Luthor: 3

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker vs. Fire Marshall Bill

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker: 2
Fire Marshall Bill: 6

Angel (King Of Fighters) vs. Julia Chang

Angel (King Of Fighters): 4
Julia Chang: 2

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Leviathan

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 1
Leviathan: 6

Maki Genryusai vs. Kuma

Maki Genryusai: 4
Kuma: 2

Genie (Aladdin) vs. The Djinn

Genie (Aladdin): 6
The Djinn: 0

Mighty Ducks vs. Fearsome Five

Mighty Ducks: 5
Fearsome Five: 0

Din Djarin vs. Callisto

Din Djarin: 5
Callisto: 3

Umbrella Corporation vs. Skynet

Umbrella Corporation: 0
Skynet: 5

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Match 14542 Mai Shiranui vs. Tira

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As Andy Bogard and Guy went back and forth (REF: ANDY BOGARD VS. GUY), exchanging strikes and complex combinations, one thing started to become clear. It was clear to Guy, it was clear to Andy, it was even clear to Tira as she watched. The Bushinryu master was just a little too quick for Andy. Tira became angry and frustrated as she witnessed Guy start to take control of the fight between the two closely matched martial artists. Another unwelcome sight sent Tira even farther into the cynical, bitter side of her bi-polar personality. Rose was quickly approaching them with Terry Bogard behind her assisting a badly beaten Robert Garcia. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. ROBERT GARCIA)


Guy saw an opening to put Andy down and leveled the Shiranui style practitioner with a Bushin Goraisenpujin combo.


“I did not want to do this,†said Guy. He looked over his shoulder. “This is your doing and you won’t get away with it.â€


He turned to face Tira fully, but she was no longer there. Guy looked left and looked right to try and track down the ring blade wielding sociopath. Before he could really begin his search, however, he was interrupted in the form of shouting from Rose.


“Guy!†she cried. “You must stop fighting that man.â€


Guy spun on his heel. “Rose? Why are you still here? It is too dangerous.â€


Guy caught a full glimpse of the brutal cuts on Robert’s body courtesy of Raphael Sorel.


“We have seen the danger,†said Rose. “And it is more lethal and more cunning than I feared. It is not something we can fight individually.â€


Terry Bogard gently let down Robert and ran over to his defeated brother.


“I tried to tell him that she was manipulating him. I did not wish to fight,†explained Guy.


“Where is she?†Terry demanded.


“She disappeared just as you arrived. My suspicion is that she felt her plan slipping away once she saw you with Robert,†said Guy.


“Then why are we wasting time here talking? Let’s go get her!†Terry declared.


“No. We need to get Robert medical attention first. Your brother will be fine,†said Rose.


“She was trying to get him and me to take you out lady, and you would let her escape?†Terry questioned.


“I am not letting her do anything,†Rose clarified. “I am electing to take care of a man who volunteered to help a woman he did not know on a dangerous mission (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO  VS. Z.W.E.I.) that nearly got him killed. And I am suggesting that for all of our safety we stick together.â€


“No need for a huge fuss for little old me,†said Robert.


“Who did that to him?†asked Guy.


“The other evil presence that I felt along with the girl you met who manipulated the Bogard brothers,†answered Rose.


“Once we take care of Robert, where do we go from here?†Guy wondered.


“We stick to the plan. (REF: CODY TRAVERS VS. RYUJI YAMAZAKI) We remain vigilant and cautious. One of our allies is down, but I think it is safe to say we have gained a couple more,†Rose remarked.


“Oh yeah, I am definitely in,†said Terry.


Andy’s eyes opened and he rubbed his head. “Oh man, I should have seen that combo coming.†He noticed Terry hunched over him. “Terry? What’s going on? Is he still here? Where is Tira?â€


“Relax bro, there is a lot to talk about. Tira is gone. That goofy goth was lying to us the whole time,†explained Terry.


“About everything? Even Mai?†asked Andy.


“Maybe. We won’t know for sure until we find her,†said Terry. “The fact that we haven’t heard from

Mai though makes me think she is mixed in all of this somehow.â€







After fleeing the scene, Tira looked everywhere for her tenuous ally, Raphael Sorel, but could not find him.


“Just perfect,†spit Tira. “Our master plan is unraveling before our very eyes and he decides to up and disappear.â€


Tira left Metro Ciy and returned to a hideout she had set up with Raphael.


“Where did we stash that bimbo?†Tira lifted up her ring blade. “I’m going to take out all my

frustrations on that body of hers that she is so proud of.â€


An unexpected visitor emerged from the shadows of the hideout.


“Now that doesn’t sound like the jolly girl I talked to not that long ago,†said Geese Howard.


“What are you doing here?†Tira hissed.


“Checking up on you, of course. Everything HE has set up is contingent on you fulfilling your part of the deal,†said Geese.


“We hit a snag,†Tira informed.


“I can see that. Where is Raphael?†asked Geese.


“He bailed back at Metro City,†answered Tira.


“Why would he do that?â€


“Cause he is a pompous jerk, I don’t know. The whole thing was a disaster. We went there to get Cody Travers to be the new vessel for Nightmare and he wasn’t even there,†said Tira. “Then some gypsy woman showed up and she and her bodyguards or whatever were taking on fighters from my time. They had just captured Talim when I first saw them.†(REF: CODY TRAVERS VS. RYUJI YAMAZAKI)


“Really? What an intriguing twist,†commented Geese.


“Oh, and another thing. Those golden boys that you were bragging about were completely useless!â€


“Terry and Andy? Were you successful in gaining their trust?†Geese inquired.


“Yeah. But they lost their very first fight. I thought you said they were unbeatable,†Tira accused.


“I said I had never witnessed them lose a fight. I am shocked to hear that they have. I never thought I would hear about Terry losing...â€


“Well Terry didn’t really lose a fight, but I could tell he had been turned by that gypsy woman. His brother, though, was beaten by some clown in a red karate gi,†explained Tira.


“Sounds like you have some cleaning up to do,†Geese surmised.




“Do not forget where you were when we found you! You were pathetic, broken and lost, certain in the knowledge that you would never be reunited with your precious master ever again. HE found out where it was. HE brought you and Raphael in so that you could bring Nightmare back to this world. I gave you information on strong fighters with the emotional makeup to be the new Nightmare. (REF: VANESSA (KING OF FIGHTERS) VS. CRIMSON VIPER) I told you all about various other fighters you could use as muscle to help you reach Soul Edge. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. ROBERT GARCIA) The rest was up to you!â€


“I will not fail!†Tira insisted.


“First things first, you need to locate Raphael and bring him back into the fold. Meanwhile, I must go report back on recent revelations,†stated Geese.


Geese walked out the door. Tira grabbed her ring blade and stormed toward the back of the hideout where she and Raphael had chained Mai Shiranui to the floor. She glared at the kunoichi.


“We went through all that trouble of kidnaping you so that we could use you in our manipulation against your boyfriend, and it was a complete waste. And so is he!â€


“Hey! Don’t speak that way about my Andy. He is an incredible fighter and a wonderful man,†said Mai.


“We’ll see how wonderful you think he is when he recoils in horror after seeing you with out your legs!†Tira threatened. She lifted her blade. “Maybe I’ll send him your legs first."


Mai giggled. The response surprised Tira.


“You really are a simple girl. You think just because you and that pale musketeer got the jump on me before that you frighten me? I am Mai Shiranui! And you were a fool for leaving me, a true ninja, bound by these simple chains.†Mai stood up and removed her shackles. “I was just waiting for you to come back so that I could exact my revenge.â€


“You really want to dance with me?†Tira responded. “You may not live long enough to regret that.â€











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This looks like a fun matchup. Both are trained assassins with different styles and complexity. However, Mai would likely win for a few reasons.


1. Tira's mental stance makes her both; unpredictable and unbalanced. While her moves don't change by much; Tira's insanity could possibly be exploited.

2. Tira can take damage from her OWN attacks (as seen with headbutting her ring to change stances)

3. Mai has the range, speed, and power advantage thanks to an infinate amount of fans and pyrokinesis.


Tira may be my favorite Soul Calibur character (alongside Talim) but I'm afraid shes not winning this one. Only way I think Tira COULD win is if she pulls off her "Kiss of Death" fatality.




Other than that, flexibility and cooler weapon aside, she loses.

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I'm seeing Tira win. I don't have a compelling argument I just think she can kill Mai. For all her bust, Mai never impressed me.

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As Kibax mentioned, Tira is pretty unstable and I think a manipulative character like Mai could use that to her advantage. It would be close but I see a bloody Mai walking away as the victor.

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