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Spider-Man vs. Izuku Midoriya

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Match 14520 Jason Lee Scott vs. Quickstrike

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Was still up when the site went down so here it is again. Thank you Foxfingers and I feel so bad you had to deal with all this. Appreciate you bru



Previously:  To the disappointment of most of the other Power Rangers, Jason, Adam and Trini opted to continue working with Oroku Saki- the Shredder- to battle the inhuman Shedders (Utrom, Cyber and Tengu). Trini accidently killed Angela Del Toro (the White Tiger) to the Shredder’s secret pleasure and he sent Jason on a similar mission against Jago, hoping for the same result.

          The Red Ranger was stunned by the speed and ferociousness of Jago’s opening onslaught. Three times Jason was hit over a dozen times in an attack combo that sent him swirling.

          But it wasn’t enough. Jason fought back, his inability to perform such dazzling combos didn’t stop him from almost knocking Jago over the railing of the bridge that they were fighting on.

          An energy ball surprised Jason, and he was glad that he avoided it. Jago followed up with a long distance flying spin kick and began a combo so long that Jason didn’t even know which way to fall.

          Angry now, the Red Ranger got to his feet and called upon his sword. Jago met the weapon with a sword of his own and they dueled viciously. For a long time they seemed stalemated but soon, the Red Ranger began to get the upper hand. He caught on to Jago trying to start another combo and broke it with a power punch so strong that Jago toppled over the bridge railing and plummeted into the rocky waters below.

          Jason was stunned. This wasn’t some Putty. This was a man whom he had told The Shredder that he would bring back to answer for his crimes. He would have to go back and shamefully report Jago’s demise.

          “Justice is done.†Oroku Saki said plainly. “We must move forward. I need your leadership in the tasks ahead. Adam is bringing in more warriors for our new Foot. They must submit to you.â€

          “This is your organization,†Jason started. “I’m just here to help.â€

          Shredder snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous. You are the Red Foot Ranger. The leader of the Foot soldiers. There are inhuman monsters in this world and it is up to us to destroy them.â€

          His ego thoroughly fortified, Jason was at a loss for words.

          Saki moved their talk on.

          “There is a new mission. I had hoped that Adam would return by now but it seems that you and I must undertake it by ourselves.â€

          Beyond the two men, a new individual approached. He wore a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Sunglasses hid his eyes.

          “My name is Agent Bishop.†He introduced himself. His manner, his tone, was all business. “It’s my job to contain the activities of extra-terrestrials on this planet. I’ve created a partnership with The Foot Clan to help me do that. My current work involves a group of mechanoid beings that have infiltrated our planet. I can’t say what their up to but I guarantee that it’s not good. I feel I don’t have the power myself to deal with this, but Shredder has told me of his new Foot and I think with your help, we can shut them down.â€

Agent Bishop showed Jason and The Shredder the mechanized aliens’ hideout. It looked like a ship, crashed deep into a hill. Shredder was certain of his ability to get in, but Jason was not a ninja. Still, considering what they were going to be facing, The Red Foot Ranger’s power would be needed.




Inside the hidden ship…

When Blackarachnia entered the secret passage, she was greeted by the twin guidance lasers of Ravage’s pistols.

She made a dismissive gack and walked right past him. “Put those away!†Behind her, the powerful Inferno brushed passed him, nearly oblivious to the attack in which he almost came under.

Ravage, satisfied that a comrade had come onto the ship and not a hostile, complied.

“Where have you been?†His voice system simulated an Earth Russian accent.

“Out.†Was Blackarchnia’s answer.

“That is an insufficient answer.†Said Ravage as he followed them deeper into the ship.

Blackarachnia didn’t feel like explaining how she and Inferno had been captured by former President Thomas Whitemore’s forces. She didn’t want to tell him how they had teamed with other captives, including two Power Rangers and the Bajoran- Kira Nerys- to escape. Keeping all of that information to herself, she simply responded with- “What’s it to you?â€

“There have been developments in the Decepticon ranks.†Ravage informed her. “It’s reported that Megatron is gone. Starscream now commands.â€

Making another exasperated sound, Blackarachia stopped walking and faced him. “So what does that mean for us?â€

I’m not sure, but leadership is… unresponsive.†Said Ravage. “It seems that we are on our own for now.â€

“Okay,†said the spider. “So what are we supposed to do?â€

“Continue our mission until new orders come in.â€

Curious, Blackarachnia asked, “So who’s in charge?†

“As an intelligence officer, the mantle falls to me.â€

The spider sighed. “It would wouldn’t it?â€

“I take no pleasure in leadership.†Ravage assured her. “It is simply the mandate of my duty. Taking responsibility for my station, we will deal with this intruder alert.â€

“Intruder alert?†Blackarachnia repeated the words with astonishment.

“It coincidently coincided with yours and Inferno’s return. Quickstrike is already in pursuit of the infiltrator.â€



          It was always exciting to rip into humans. They were so soft and gooey inside. The bigger bots liked to step on them but the size difference took away the fun of splattering flesh creature entrails all over the place.

          Ravage had told him that one such creature was sneaking around the ship. Quickstrike’s assignment was to find him and eliminate him. There was no specific instruction on how clean it should be. Or how long it should take. Quickstrike may have been a good description of his attack style but that didn’t refute the pleasure the bot took in the hundred or so ‘quickstrikes’ he could take to finally end his victim.

          “Come out, come out wherever you are!†Quickstrike taunted. He talked, oddly. Like a Texas gun slinger that American’s cherished so much. “I promise I’ll squish you good!â€

          From the dark, The Shredder watched. He waited. He kept Jason with him, instructing him to attack only when he was given the go ahead.

According to Agent Bishop, these mechanized beings weren’t overly difficult to kill, but they were physically superior to humans. This one seemed a fusion of a cobra and a scorpion. Two deadly animals. Shredder assumed that this mechanoid could transform into a more humanoid being, as Agent Bishop implied that all of them could. But that was irrelevant.

He was The Shredder. These inhuman monsters would learn to fear him. The Foot. All of humanity.

Crawling just below Shedder and Jason’s hiding place, Quickstrike continued to taunt even as he continued to hunt.

“Come on out, human! I just wanna bite you! A few dozen times.â€

Shredder’s patience was wearing thin. He wanted to shut this creature up. It was almost time to strike. Almost. Almost.

Then he gave Jason the nod. The Red Foot Ranger revealed himself and attacked.



Fight Parameters


Battle to the death.

Jason has his dino coin making him the Red Ranger (not sure if their rebuilt thunderzords upped their powers as well)

Quickstrike is his regular fuzor model from the Beast Wars cartoon.

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And again... 


Good set-up, leroy. You're getting pretty good with these recaps. 


As mentioned previously, Quickstrike would actually make a good Power Ranger villain. Between his robot and cobra/scorpion modes, he can be pretty quick, if not one of the bigger and stronger Beast Wars-era Transformers. His cyber venom shots have paralyzed Maximals as powerful as Depth Charge and, as the set-up states, he takes a kind of sadistic pleasure in torturing and killing his enemies. 


As for the match, Jason's going to have his hands full here. He's easily more skilled in H2H than Quickstrike, and is probably strong enough to knock the Predacon around a bit. I'm sure, though, if Jason's strikes are powerful enough to actually damage Quickstrike through his Transmetal hide, so he'll likely have to rely on his Ranger weapons and the fact that Quickstrike isn't too bright to get the win here. Jason just might be able to pull this off.

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I'm not sure if I objectively think Quickstrike would take this, or if my unwarranted bias against Jason is justifying a Quickstrike victory in my mind, heh.

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Match Final Results


JohnnyChany gives it a grade of [A] -

DSkillz gives it a grade of - Good recap, story, and match-up.


Jason Lee Scott: 6

Quickstrike: 5

FPA: 3.5


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