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Urien vs. Algol

Urien: 0
Algol: 5

Cad Bane vs. The Wampa

Cad Bane: 4
The Wampa: 1

The Flying Nun vs. The Wizard Of Oz

The Flying Nun: 5
The Wizard Of Oz: 3

Steve Fox vs. Ryuji Yamazaki

Steve Fox: 2
Ryuji Yamazaki: 4

Honoka (DOA) vs. Hinako Shijou

Honoka (DOA): 5
Hinako Shijou: 2

The Dragonborn vs. Sauron

The Dragonborn: 3
Sauron: 6

Rolento F. Schugerg vs. Bayman

Rolento F. Schugerg: 4
Bayman: 1

Black Canary vs. Vicious

Black Canary: 6
Vicious: 1

Dirty Harry vs. Mike Ehrmantraut vs. Anton Chigurgh

Dirty Harry: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 2
Anton Chigurgh: 2

Lei-Fang vs. Li Xiangfei

Lei-Fang: 5
Li Xiangfei: 1

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Match 14510 Andy Bogard vs. Guy

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The brothers Bogard stalked the streets of Metro City in search of the fortune teller Rose. A troubling revelation suddenly struck Terry. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. ROBERT GARCIA)


“Andy, we might be playing right into their hands. If we both go after this gypsy witch, we are leaving Tira vulnerable to be attacked. They already went after her once,†he said.


“You’re right. One of us should go back and stay with her,†Andy suggested.


“I am pretty sure I can handle this witchy woman and I will find out what happened to Talim and to Mai,†said Terry.


Andy nodded. “Ok. I’ll keep an eye on Tira and make sure none of them our doubling back to catch us by surprise.â€


The brothers agreed to their plan and went their separate ways.


Near Robert Garcia’s private jet, the man himself struggled in his fight against Raphael Sorel. Robert had connected on several high impact kicks, but Raphael kept coming back for more with a smile on his face. Each quick swipe from Raphael’s blade was also starting to take its toll on Robert’s body. He was bleeding from a variety of cuts and the fluidity of his movements began to suffer. Raphael saw an opportunity and seized it when he knocked Robert to the ground, stood on him, and dangled his sword over Robert’s neck. Robert looked up at him with anger, but lacked the strength to get himself free.


Hear me woman!" Raphael called out. “If you do not tell me right now what you are doing with Talim and how many others from my time you have encountered, I will pierce this man’s neck and remove his head from his body!" (REF: CODY TRAVERS VS. RYUJI YAMAZAKI)


Horrified, Rose stepped into action. She gathered from within her reserves a massive amount of energy for a powerful Soul Spark attack. The intensity of the ranged attack took Raphael by surprise when it struck him. He flung into the air and crashed hard onto the ground. Raphael was surprised by Rose’s strength, but remained resolute in his goal. Raphael paused. Something in the distance grabbed his attention as he gathered himself.


Meanwhile, Rose and Robert were distracted by Terry Bogard’s sudden appearance on the scene.


“Robert!†Terry yelled.


Terry ran over to Robert Garcia’s bleeding body, still sprawled out on the ground. He held up Robert’s head.


With some effort, Robert let out a chuckle. “Terry?!? What in the hell are you doing out here?â€


“Nevermind that.†Terry glared over at Rose. “Did you do this gypsy woman?â€


“You are talking crazy,†said Robert. “Rose just saved my life.â€


“The man responsible for your friend’s condition is right over there.†Rose pointed in Raphael’s direction. But, as she followed her own finger she noticed that Raphael had vanished.


“Where did he go?†she wondered. “How could he dissappear so quickly?â€


“I’m confused. Are you not the gypsy witch in league with the man who has been abducting young female fighters?†asked Terry.


“I have no idea what you are referring to,†answered Rose.


“Neither do I. There are some major things going down right now, Wolfy. (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO VS. Z.W.E.I.) If you would like to lend a hand we would be more than happy to accept your help. I can explain the whole situation to you, but first...†Robert removed his bloody hand from his side and looked over it. “I may be in need of some serious medical attention.â€


“Agreed. We need to get you patched up quickly,†said Rose. “We should utilize caution as we move you, though. He may be still lurking in the shadows waiting to strike again.â€


“We should stop by and talk to Andy and Tira,†said Terry. “Maybe with all of us together we can figure out exactly what is going on.â€


Alarm appeared on Rose’s face. “What name did you just say?â€


“Andy. He is my brother and...â€


“No, not him. The other one.â€







Glee and curiosity filled Tira’s body as she left the hideout she had set up with Terry and Andy Bogard to check on how her pawns were doing in their fight against Rose. She did not get far before a man in a red gi leapt down in front of her from a nearby fire escape, blocking her path.


“If you were trying to hide the fact that you aren’t from around here with that outfit, then you failed miserably,†Guy remarked.


“Hey, you are one of those losers that was with the gypsy woman. (REF: MAKI GENRYUSAI VS. TALIM) How nice of you to come to me so I can grind you up into little pieces,†said Tira.


“You wouldn’t be the first to try. No one has succeeded yet,†Guy stated.


Tira lifted her ring blade.


“Looks like I made it back just in time!â€


Guy spun on his heel to see Andy Bogard ready to fight. Confusion spread across his face.


“Andy Bogard?â€




“You know this man?†Tira asked.


“Mostly by reputation, although we have met on a few occasions,†answered Andy. “I had heard that Cody had turned to a life of crime, but I didn’t expect this from you.â€


“What are you talking about? I fight for justice,†said Guy.


“Then the gypsy witch has you under some spell and that is why you are attacking Tira,†Andy surmized.


“Gypsy witch? Rose? She is not a witch. She is one of the nicest and most courageous persons I have ever met,†Guy insisted.


“She clearly has him under her wicked spell,†said Tira.


Guy glared at Tira. “The only one being deceived here is Andy, by you!â€


“Are you sure about that?†Tira glanced over at Andy. “Ask him about Talim, the young female fighter with the bladed tonfas.â€


“Did this Rose woman kidnap her?†Andy demanded.


“I would not use those words. It is a complicated situation,†answered Guy.


“He just admitted it!†shouted Tira.


Guy tried to remain calm. “Listen to me, Andy. This is not what it seems. This girl is twisting facts to manipulate you.â€


“You are kidnaping young female fighters, how complex can it be? First Talim, now you are here to try to take Tira. Are you going to insult me and tell me there is a good reason for it? Next you will say there is a good reason to abduct Mai!†said Andy.


Andy approached Guy and stepped into his fighting position.


Guy sighed. “It appears this fight is unavoidable.â€


“I always wanted to see how your Bushinryu would stack up against Shiranui style, but I never thought it would be under these circumstances.†stated Andy.


“Neither did I,†replied Guy.


“Don’t let his calm demeanor throw you off. You need to take him out so we can save Talim and Mai,†Tira proclaimed.


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I am reposting this fight since it was taken down by the hackers incident before its completion. Hopefully anyone who voted and commented before can do so again.

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I've always seen Guy (and Cody) as being a notch below Ryu and Ken. I think Andy is just a notch below that so I'm picking Guy. I could be convinced that Andy and Guy are of similar skill but Guy's speed advantage should still give him the win.

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Looking at the links, I'd guess that if this was just a HTH fight, Guy would stomp all over Andy. However, if special powers are in play, it looks like Andy's are better. I'm torn and will probably wait until a few people who know these games post.

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Alright, let's try this again... 


Good set-up and story, Johnny. It had been years since I've thought about Andy Bogart before I read this match. As I stated previously, while Guy is one of the quickest fighters around, I think Andy's power would be too much for him in a full fight. Still, I think Terry and Rose will step in and clear up the confusion before either fighter got seriously hurt.

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Match Final Results
Dinsdale Piranha gives it a grade of [A] -
leroypowell3 gives it a grade of [A] -
DSkillz gives it a grade of [A] - Good story and characterization of Andy and Guy.
Andy Bogard: 3
Guy: 5
FPA: 4.0

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