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Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

Furiosa vs. Lori Quaid

Furiosa: 3
Lori Quaid: 1

Black Bolt vs. Kylo Ren

Black Bolt: 4
Kylo Ren: 3

Momiji vs. Vega

Momiji: 3
Vega: 1

The Land Of Oz vs. Wonderland

The Land of Oz: 3
Wonderland: 4

Joxer the Mighty vs. Xander Harris

Joxer the Mighty: 3
Xander Harris: 1

Batman (Earth-31) vs. Batman (Thomas Wayne)

Batman (Earth-31): 3
Batman (Thomas Wayne): 2

Klaus (BOOM!) vs. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

Klaus (BOOM!): 4
Santa Claus (Santa's Slay): 0

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2:4 - Terra Branford vs. Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai

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Terra Branford
Slot: The Team Anchor
Season Wins: 0
Season Losses: 0
Fantasy Team Page
Read more about Terra Branford at Wikipedia
Official Site: Square-Enix

Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai
Slot: The Team Anchor
Season Wins: 0
Season Losses: 0
Fantasy Team Page
Read more about Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryūsai at Wikipedia
Official Site: Viz Media

Battle Terrain
Combat Terrain: Ice Planet Hoth

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Hoth is no longer going to remain an icy planet for long.


Looking up Terra, her most threatening skills seem to be Graviga and Break alongside her healing abilities. Since Yamamoto controls flames, I don't know how the firefight between them would work. Add Yamamoto's immense spiritual pressure (paralyzed and nearly killed Nanao just by looking at her), his strongest sword swings (slicing the 49'6'' Ayon in half with a single slice), kido, durability (tanked being struck by multiple lightning rounds, his own explosion that engulfed almost an entire town and would have destroyed the entire place if he didn't block it), super strength (a single punch shattered a good portion of Wonderweiss' resurrection body, two punches killed it), centuries of combat experince, and thats not even his Bankai.


Basically, Yamamoto's bankai: Zanka no Tachi was worth the wait. One, it can deplete moisture anywhere (such as the air in the entire Seireitei, which is larger than any city), the tip of the blade will instantly reduce anything it touches to nothingness for starters. Another feature is that it gives him a cloak as hot as 15,000,000 degrees (unknown if F or C), the cloak itself was stated by the fake Yhwach that if he wasn't using his defensive Blut Vene, he would've died just from its exposure (mentioning his throat, eyes, hair etc were dried up). Also, Yamamoto can summon an army of every person he killed in battle to fight for him. Basically, he summons skeletons that continue to attack the enemy until they become dust and the eruption from summoning it alone is immense. Lastly, a slash that incenerates anything it touches into non-existence. Not to mention Yamamoto said prolonged exposure would kill him, the opponent, and all of Soul Society.


Overall, I think Old Man Genocide (nickname for his order to exterminate the Quincies) can take it.

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Well, Frankly she also has a fair number of other spells which would cause trouble. For instance, there's a magical loophole in her games mechanics which allows her to instantly defeat mostly all, if not all enemies (I haven't tried) where she uses Vanish on a target, making it invisible, but also a lightning rod for magic, and then uses X-Zone, which has a very slim chance (now 100% chance) of sending an enemy or group of enemies to another dimension. She could also use that technique with Doom, which is an instant Death attack with a low probability of hitting a target (now 100% due to Vanish)


She could also Poison or Petrify (you've already said this one) him...


Then there's the three elemental magics which she controls, Firaga, Thudaga, and Blizaga, each of which are Extremely powerful and high damage spells, that I would say would easily give even a captain a tough time. While Firaga wouldn't be an option due to Yamamoto's control of fire, Thundaga (all the power of an Electrical storm focused on one small target area) or Blizaga (the fury of an Ice Storm focused on a small target area) would most certinly help...


As for the Gravity based attacks, she would have access to Gravija, which would be similar to engulfing her target in a miniature blackhole for a short time.


She could also use Flare, a nonelemental (though looks like fire) based attack, with the strength of Bahamuts (An Exceptionally powerful Dragon) Fire... Or summon a flood, cause an earthquake, summon an F5 tornado, just go Nuclear or hell, Drop an Asteroid on the area...


And then there's Ultima... which is like causing all the magic in the area (Except for targets IDed as Friendly) to litterally Explode causing tremendous nonphysical damage to every living thing (except as stated) in the area...


This is just the Black Magic she knows... There is also the Grey or Effect Magic she would know.


She could slow him down to half his speed, as well as Boost herself to Twice her own speed, with Slow and Haste. Or with limited sucess she could also Stop him in place for a short while. She could cause him to fall asleep, silence him, Confuse him (not illusion, think Acid Trip), Turn him into an Imp, etc. 


She could Also Put Reflect on herself, causeing all of Yamamoto's fire based attacks to redirect towards him instead of her. She could quicken herself to once again Twice her speed (in addition to haste), dispell any sort of magical effect that Yamamoto uses for longer then several seconds, and increase her own strength to double.


This is in addition to her own equipment, which there are two unique end game sets that she would most like have. One to focus on being a Master Mage and the other to focus on more of a Hybrid of Swordswoman and Mage. In most cases I prefer and would think others prefer the Hybrid of FighterMage, as well, that would also give her the most shot in this fight.


That said, She Absorbs Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, Holy attacks (meaning they Heal her instead of hurt her) as well as Nullifies Poison, Wind, Earth, Water attacks against her. As well as stat boosts to her Speed and Strength from her Armour.


With her Weapons, she has Lightbringer which boosts her strength, speed, stamina and magic. I cannot attest to it's ability to cut things, but it was able to deal significant damage to a God. OR she would have the Ultima Weapon, which utterly ignores all target durability (like a lightsaber :D ) and increases the strength of the hit by how much health the weilder has (at this point it would be maxed out) Which would make it deal significantly more damage then the Lightbringer.


Or tossing out the Absorption of elements, she could straightup go Nukey with Dual Ultima Weapons, with relics that allow her the speed to strick 4 times in a row with each weapon... throw on her magic to up her speed to do that twice... and you have someone who would be able to land 8 hits for every one...


Oh, then there's her Trance Ability which unleashes her Esper Side, significantly enhancing her physical abilities by more then double.

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Poor Terra. e.e


She either keels over from the sudden burst of Spirit Energy from the Captain Commander or is debilitated by it in which he simply strengthens his Spirit Energy further to render her unconscious. She is vastly under-equipped to deal with the likes of the Captain Commander. If this proceeds past the initial stages, whelp.

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Poor Terra. e.e


She either keels over from the sudden burst of Spirit Energy from the Captain Commander or is debilitated by it in which he simply strengthens his Spirit Energy further to render her unconscious. She is vastly under-equipped to deal with the likes of the Captain Commander. If this proceeds past the initial stages, whelp.

Except after much debate on Mibbit, either her Magic = Spirit, which she has a Substantial pool of herself.



Magic =/= Spirit, and thus she wouldn't have any and would exist outside of it. Thus not being effected or being able to effect Spirit based things.


As such only the Effect these various magics would have would actually work on each other. Such as Elemental Generation and Control.

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Okay, if I'm reading that correctly, you're saying that magic and spirit energy could bounce off of each other? If so, Yamamoto still has his superior strength and has fought against someone who neutralized his flames before.


First, theres his speed, being faster than Kyoraku and Ukitake in terms of flash steps


And his spiritual pressure (or reiatsu) that paralyzed Nanao. Remember that spiritual pressure can be used to paralyze, stun, cause phantom pain (as Kenpachi did by making Ichigo THINK he was stabbed), cause others with little-to-none to be killed just by being near someone with too much, install fear, and protect the person unleashing it. (As Aizen said when stabbed twice by Soifon and negated her shikai's two-hit-kill ability).






As well as some of his fights during the Arrancar-Soul Reaper War

http://youtu.be/7zy_c586Omo (starting at 3:33). Remember that Ayon (or Allon) effortlessly defeated 4 Lieutents and already has immense speed (caught Rangiku offguard with its speed), flexibility (can turn its entire body in a flip and even its head), and strength (ripped out a part of Rangiku with its fingers), and surprising cunningness (revealed to have eyes in his hair when attacked from behind).


The strength from one punch



And saying that if the two can counteract, Yamamoto already demostrated his flames to be among the most destructive in the series

From when he used himself as a human shield to keep the flames from oblitherating everything






As well as using one of the best kidos in the series


http://www.mangapanda.com/94-48094-19/bleach/chapter-395.html And remember, Aizen likely would've been killed if not for the Hogyuku which is basically one of the main plot devices.


Avenging his Lieutenet's death










Being jumped by three Quincies, remind you that these three took out Captain-level Soul Reapers (including Byakuya Kuchiki) and were one-man armies of their own right






As well as what happened once he released his Bankai


http://www.mangapanda.com/bleach/507/7 (Note what Unohana is thinking before the very final panel)








http://www.mangapanda.com/bleach/508/8 ("Yhwach" noting how he should be dead if not for his defensive Blut)

http://www.mangapanda.com/bleach/509/16 Upon using the possibly final ability of Zanka no Tachi.


Overall, Yamamoto can take this even if his flames and kido can or can't be a factor

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Terra would be affected just as her spells would affect the Captain Commander, though not all of them. Her offensive magic would be able to affect Shinigami whereas a few defensive spells, i.e. Reflect, Shell, and partially Wall (since it's both Shell and Protect), wouldn't be since the source of those magical defenses comes from the magical energy that doesn't correlate with Kido, meaning it wouldn't reduce their efficiency/potency whereas Shinigamis, since they don't have any reason to be immune or resistant to her offensive spells, would be affected by said offensive spells. Granted, there are Kidos that erect barriers and whatnot that could block the elemental aspects but others like Ultima would bypass relatively easily. Emphasis on could - there are always circumstances for otherwise. :)


We already went over this in great, scrutinizing detail.


Magi in FF6 = Trained Humans with the capacity to utilize and store ambient magical energy that is permeated throughout the entire world as per the Warring Triad, the source of this magical energy. Proof of this is their existence and when removed, the entire world is devoid of magic, including the exiled Magi tribe of Thaulmausa. These humans can regenerate these pools of magical energy or mana as you will via sleeping or consuming captured magical essences a la mana potions. Espers/Half Espers go without saying and there are individuals with magicites grafted inside that grant them their magical power, essentially a shortcut around training. Any normal human can pick up this training and expand their pool and knowedge, becoming in time Magi themself.


Shinigamis: Rare human individuals with the actual capacity to develop and grow as per their abnormal spiritual energies in the after life, i.e. spirits. This means out of hundreds of thousands of Spirits that go to Soul Society, only a select few make the cut - meaning no any mere actual human spirit can make said cut. Their source of their magic explicitly comes from their immense spiritual energy/pressure, which their body produces (Which is why these spirits have the need to consume actual food whereas the base human spirit doesn't.) These human spirits then go on to be reborn into the human world while these special spirits become Shinigami and a member of Soul Society's elite.


The point of these two paragraphs demonstrate the inherent differences in the basis of their "magic" or Terra's FF6 Magicks and Bleach's Shinigamis' Kido - one draws and internalizes magical energy, other generates it explicitly within their bodies to varying degrees, somewhat powerful to incredibly powerful that it can alter the face of the landscape and drastically affect people (As is with the Captain Commander). This and the various different effects (Kido, in its entirety, doesn't simulate elemental aspects much compared to FF magic) furthermore should prove that yes, Terra would be affected by Kido just as Captain Commander would be affected, though both sides can dictate the varying degrees to which they can be affected by - Terra can still protect herself from physical attacks via Protect and the Captain Commander could block spells with his incredibly powerful grasp of Kido, where he can effortlessly summon barriers without incantations necessarily (Kido spells for the Commander go up to 90 without the need for incantation and still retain immense power behind them.)

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Match Final Results

Terra Branford: 9

Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genry?sai: 19


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