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Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 14683 by Gronaldra
in progress now...

Anthony Gallen vs. Forelli Crime Family

Anthony Gallen: 7
Forelli Crime Family: 0

Anakin Skywalker vs. Reptile

Anakin Skywalker: 6
Reptile: 1

Gambit vs. Afro Samurai

Gambit: 4
Afro Samurai: 7

Vegeta vs. The Hulk

Vegeta: 18
The Hulk: 2

Scandal Savage vs. X-23

Scandal Savage: 0
X-23: 14

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Match 14111 Spiderman 2099 vs. The Thing

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Hey guys. This battle is between Spiderman 2099 and The Thing.

  • Battle takes place in the streets of New York
  • Start 20 feet away from each other
  • Both are willing to do whatever it takes to win
  • To the death

I don't really know much about The Thing, so I'm asking for your guys' opinion.


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Welcome to the CBUB, kickassdude. Hope you enjoy your stay. When making matches here, in the CBUB Battles Pages, one is expected to make a good, detailed story. If one wants to make a matchup just to see who wins, one should really make that matchup on the CBUB Rumbles Forum. One can even make the matchup using the Rumble option on the control panel, and it will go straight there.


Also, if you were trying to save these characters with the "Save Match" option to write a match for them later, be warned that a match posts blank immediately with this option, whether or not you had a scenario written up. 


The good news is that you can edit your matches at any time (which I'm pretty sure the posting box said before you posted), so you may want to write in a quick story so you can possibly get a good grade here. 


You can also try out the CBUB's Fantasy Draft when next season rolls around. Check here to see how it works. It's still a bit of a work in progress, though. 


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"To the death" you say. Well in that case it is Spidey 2099.

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Match Final Results


DSkillz gives it a grade of: F As mentioned, a good story is really what's expected from a CBUB match.

kainboa gives it a grade of: D Should have been a rumble


Spiderman 2099: 9

The Thing: 8

FPA: 0.8


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