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Tommy Vercetti and Umberto Robina and Anthony Gallen vs. Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto) and Haitian Gang (GTA Vice City) and Vice City Police Department

Match 14754 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Pac-Man vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Match 14753 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Kingpin vs. Heihachi Mishima

Match 14752 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Count Marzo vs. Zasalamel

Match 14747 by Buzz Line
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Match 14745 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Mokujin: 7
Pac-Man: 0

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Hulk Hogan: 9
Ivan Drago: 8

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Bruce Lee: 11
Rocky Balboa: 1

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Shrek: 12
King Bowser: 5

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Apocalypse: 8
Wildcats: 0

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Get ready for round 2! Omni-Crash: The Second Legion is coming very soon!

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OK, so I haven't posted on those other threads for a while for a number of reasons. Exams, short holidays, and because I was planning the second part of the Omni-Crash saga. But this is not ready to start just yet, as I just wanted to let you guys know.


For those of you that are confused about what's going on and want to join for the next part, here's the run down on the previous threads.


Arkham Island:


Daredevil, Shepard and Makkari are all trapped on Arkham Island and have to stop inmates escaping. Luthor and Joker planned the big breakout, and Luthor sent mercs like Deadshot and Deathstroke to go and pick up all the major inmates in order for them to join his team of supervillains. Joker left Deadshot and Deathstroke and several other inmates there just because he's the Joker, meaning the two mercs are stuck there too.


Batman and all the major Justice League members are currently in the Watchtower sorting out problems all over the world after the world merge. Dick Grayson is now standing in for Bats and Damian is the Boy Blunder. They are also stuck on Arkham, and they have now just locked Deathstroke and Deadshot up for good reasons.


Mario Galaxy:


Bowser has supposedly teamed up with Ganondorf and several other video game villains (Why only video game villains? 'Cause it simplifies things.) The villains are sending their forces all over strategic points in the galaxy, mainly the ones with the lesser defences. Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Dovahkiin, Scooby and Shaggy were all sent there to stop Dark Link and a troop of Moblins invading the Honeyhive Galaxy. Now, they need to get to the Mushroom Kingdom to stop the villains. However, they can only do this with the help of Rosalina and her Comet Observatory. They go to the Ghostly Galaxy to find Luigi so he can take them there.


However, Ganondorf (specifically Twilight Princess Ganondorf, though there are other Ganons in the team.) betrayed Bowser and locked him up. He then took over Bowser's vast army so he can invade Hyrule and finally take the Triforce by awakening his ancestor, Demise. However, this will not be accomplished in one thread, and will be a lasting story arc in the Omni-Crash saga.




Basically, Arcade has kidnapped a bunch of superpowered teens so he can watch them fight to the death. Yeah, this one's pretty basic, but effective in terms of character development.


Hopefully this will help you.

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