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K' vs. Ken Masters

K': 2
Ken Masters: 8

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Sie Kensou

Raphael (Mirage): 17
Sie Kensou: 1

Rachel vs. Shura

Rachel: 7
Shura: 2

Alex Cross vs. Azazel

Alex Cross: 2
Azazel: 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Bone Saw McGraw

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 7
Bone Saw McGraw: 4

Bass Armstrong vs. Alex (Street Fighter)

Bass Armstrong: 2
Alex (Street Fighter): 5

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Voldo: 3

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Deliah Blue: 3

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Yoshimitsu: 1
Ryu Hayabusa: 5

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vs. Ransik

MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 3
Ransik: 5

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Match 13887 The Xenomorphs vs. The Covenant (Halo)

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Lance Corporal Engineer O’Hallaran was tapping his foot against the cold metal of the UNSC Puddle Jumper. Bishop hovers on the projector in front of him. She shimmers in glittery gold, and seems to be filing her holographic nails. O’Hallaran walks past her and stares out the starboard window at the Covenant Frigate that was aimlessly drifting by without a care.


“We aught to do something about that,†he mutters, “Let’s prepare to ram them.â€


Bishop looks up.


“Sorry? Who are we crashing into?â€


“Them!†O’Hallaran says, pointing to the frigate, “The Covies, just floating around out there like they’re kings of space, shoving their big, giant, spaceship in front of my face just to show how much bigger it is.â€


“Don’t project your insecurities on the Covenant; I doubt they even know, or care, that we’re here.â€


“Exactly, they just act so friggin cool that they pretend they don’t even notice me, like they’re better then me.â€


Bishops sighs.


“Why do I feel like you ended up bringing your cousin to the prom?â€


He jabs a finger in her holographic face.


“That’s not the point….but just so you know, little miss I’m so high and mighty with my holographic body, Casey Burke was going to go with me, but then her best friend got dumped two days before and she felt like they had to go together to be supportive. It wasn’t about me.â€


“My God,†Bishop says, “I’m not human, and even I know that’s a load.â€


“We’re getting off topic,†O’Hallaran yells, “This has nothing to do with showing up Casey Burke, or Tiffany Chang, or Private Santos, or anyone else!â€


The hologram raises an eyebrow. O’Hallaran pauses briefly, then,


“Ok, maybe it’s about showing them up a little bit, just a little…. And showing up my dad... and those asshats on the medical board who tried to have me committed.â€


“In their defense, you did claim to see a new alien species that turned out to be a pair of all-terrain Warthogs.â€




Bishop switches the holographic nail file over to get her other hand as O’Hallaran begins to rant.


“But does anyone even check it out? No! Our entire galaxy could be in danger, but nooooooooo… And I know how it is, I know what they say. Oh, ‘don’t believe O’Hallaran, he ‘s gone AWOL, he’s paranoid, he has zits on his face and can’t dance’. I could have been an amazing soldier, a hero, the next Master Chief. But no, just pull him off his post and stick him in isolation on a tiny ship with no one but a sarcastic bi-â€


“I told you I don’t like that word,†Bishops says coldly, “And I should remind you that I control your life support systems.â€


“—a… sarcastic bionic person,†O’Hallaran finishes, “Who is very mean, and constantly belittles all my ideas.â€


“Not all of them,†she says, “just the suicidally stupid ones; like say, crashing our rusty little space bucket into a Covenant frigate. This idea is especially dumb, considering that we are actually no longer at war with the Covenant.â€


“Which is why it’s so perfect, they’ll never see it coming!â€


Bishop brings her finger to her temple and looks away.


“Hmmmmm, let me think about this for a second. It may take my processors a moment to analyze the tactical genius of—.â€


“Yeah I get it,†he replies, “Even if we can’t ram them, can’t we do something moderately annoying to these alien jagovs?â€


“No we can’t,†she says firmly, “my orders are to pilot the sci-ops specimens to the Infinity. Your orders are to stand by and repair the ship should anything happen. Since nothing has happened, I guess you can just go back to your normal human routine of pushing things into or out of one of your orifices.â€


“Wait!†O’Hallaran exclaims, “that’s it! It’s brilliant.â€


“Fine,†Bishop says, “but I find it disgusting, so please, go be brilliant in another room.â€


“No, not that. I can use the Specimens!â€


He rushes over to a near console and begins to smash buttons. Bishop looks over and drops the apathy routine. She pops out of the hologram display near the window, and reappears on a smaller one on the console. She raises her voice and gesticulates wildly.


“No, stop it soldier, that’s an order! Those specimens are marked as a red-level threat priority by the UNSC Science Corp. That means they are bad. Very, very bad. You must stop immediately.â€


“No!†O’Hallaran says, “One of these buttons must be it. One of these buttons will let me destroy the Covies! Aha!â€


There’s a big red button labeled ‘release cargo’ at the top of the console; when O’Hallaran sees it, his eyes light up like slipspace engines. His hand drifts over the button slowly.


“I’m serious, Lance Corporal,†the AI screams in desperation, “do not press the button. I repeat, do NOT PRESS THE—â€


He presses the button. The loading bay doors swing open and a smooth, black, container the length of an eighteen wheeler floats out into space. It gracefully flips in the vacuum as it heads in a bee-line towards the Covenant frigate. It gets smaller and smaller against the blackness of space, until neither of them can see it. O’Hallaran is beaming.


“See? That wasn’t so suicidal. All I did is press a button. The Covies will never know we were here, and then the…whatever was in there will kill them all. It was probably like a space plague or something. It could spread all across the Covenant Empire; I might even get promoted for this.â€


Bishop shakes her head.


"I hate you Lance Corporal… I hate you, with ALL of my memory.â€




-As I’m sure you guessed, the container held xenomorphs, about one colonies worth. They were packed in like sardines and were not very happy about this, especially the Queen.


- In a scene that includes far more action, detail, and kickass special effects than I can include here, upon collision with the frigate they are all released onto the ship and spread out into the crevices to start hunting. The covies of course know they just got smacked by a piece of space debris, but won’t immediately know what’s going on.


-The queen can lay eggs, and all covenant species are viable hosts, but none of them start out infected, and have to be forced to be infected just like humans.


-The Frigate is a big time warship filled with jackals, brutes, elites, a couple of hunters, and a LOT of grunts. They are well armed with everything from plasma cannons to gravity hammers and needlers.


-Grunt birthday party is on. This has no effect on battle, I just think it might be funny to see xeno's do the tongue piercing move on a grunt and then get showered with confetti. 


-Who wins? 

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The Covenant (Halo)

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my entry for the May the 4th contest. My opinion, suicide grunts for the win. You don't care if somebody's got acid for blood when you're going up in smoke anyway. 

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Probably the xenos because they attack a grunt, grunt blows up, acid showers down, xenos are unaffected but grunts begin to melt.  Eventually the numbers would catch up.


Now lets look at this logically.  The xenos are technically out gunned here.  The Covenant have the superior fire power easily but the Covenant are not the brightest soldiers.  From what I can tell, they have no knowledge of the xenos.  This would play heavily in the xeno favor.  Aliens would attack similar to the flood in wave patterns which the covenant are used to but the similarities end there.


The xenos have shown the ability to be quite strategic and stealthy.  The brutes and elite may try close quarters with there hammers or swords.  This could prove devastating.  They would be surprised by the acidic blood and once they realize it, the xeno numbers could overwhlem from upclose battle.  Also the covenant would be forced to fire among one another at this point to hit the aliens.  This could cause friendly fire which would deplete the covenant numbers even more.

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First excellent setup as always and second Legacy is right with the fact the Xenos are very good strategically, Their very smart with their attacks and are very deadly opponents when it comes to stealth attacks. Also they have been up against Predators and other humans with powerful weapons before so that's nothing new. I could see the Covenant like Legacy making certain big errors like engaging the Xenos in close quarters combat or just relying on their firepower to win. Against the aliens you have to fight smart tactically and strategically. I am leaning toward the Xenos for the win. I see them too overrunning the ship and killing the Covenant. In addition to that the Covenant won't know about the eggs that will be laid and before they know it the aliens will be multiplying even more.

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I don't know how it can be admitted that they have a numbers disadvantage and then assume they could overrun their opponents. Those two are mutually exclusive, the xenos can't overrun anyone when they're outnumbered. If I'm a xenomorph I'd use the hide and strike formula, not the run and swarm, cause that's a suicide pass. 


As for the disadvantage of melee kills, it takes a little wishful thinking to make the covies that ignorant. Maybe a few guys will try it and die, (taking out the xenos with them of course), but after that they'll know not to use melee anymore. They communicate well and that information could get around after the first few brutes went kamikaze with their gravity hammer attacks. 


I also don't see them shooting their own teammates, at least not doing it so much as to be a reliable factor. They're a well trained army, they know how to fight in close combat. Again, it seems like it takes some wishful thinking for them to be stupid.


However the close combat stuff would make the use of explosive weapons less useful, aside from the aforementioned suicide grunts, but the plasma cannons would get way more collateral damage. The hunters would be pretty much useless too, too slow to stop a xeno from crawling all over them.  

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Match Final Results


bigballerju gives it a grade of: A

El Wookiee gives it a grade of: A


The Xenomorphs: 6

The Covenant (Halo): 11

FPA: 4.0


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