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Match 13886 Dylan Hunt and Andros and Hawkman (Katar Hol) vs. IG-88 and Fatality and Jango Fett

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Search for the Jedi part 1


          Previously: Andros the Red Space Ranger and Hawkman teamed up to retrieve the Zeo Zord Pyrimidas. The Zord’s pilot, Trey of Trinotia, had put out an SOS. Upon finding Pyrimidas, Andros and Hawkman were ambushed by the Lunatacs.


          “Do you know these guys?†Hawkman said softly to Andros. The Red Space Power Ranger answered in the same tone. “No. I take it you don’t either.â€

          “No.†said Hawkman. “Let’s go to work.†He got airborne while Andros advanced on foot.

          Being professionals, the both of them, that short conversation constructed their battle plan.

The first thing to do was to assess the abilities of their opponents.

As Andros closed the distance to Tug Mug, he noted the man’s tri-ball bearings that replaced his legs and feet. Long before the Red Space Ranger was close enough to strike, Tug Mug launched into the air as if from a catapult. Andros watched him got but realized that it was a distraction as the woman- Chilla- exhaled through her mouth. A frost bitten haze came his way and he rolled out of range noting the freezing capabilities of her breath-blast.

Then Amok was on him. He was an oversized brute, with the little woman Luna riding on his shoulders as if he were a steed. One powerful fist after another brushed past the Red Space Ranger and he decided that his enemies deserved a taste of his blaster.

Hawkman, several yards above them wasn’t exempt from assault. The tall one- Aluro let fly some kind of orb in his direction and the avenger smashed it with his Nth metal axe.

As if the attack was an official invitation to battle, Hawkman swooped down and smashed Amok in the face with his mace. Luna cried out as she fell from her ride’s shoulders and was almost crushed underneath him.

Right back up into the air, Hawkman evaded Chilla’s freeze breath then zagged away from the vector of mini-missile fired by the second largest one- Red Eye.

With the brute, Amok down, Andros blasted Tug Mug but he again super jumped on his ball bearing-legs. This time he was met in the air by Hawkman who slammed him the way a basketball player would slap down a blocked shot.

Chilla had made the mistake of getting too close to Andros and was flipped over Judo style. She wasn’t unconscious but the frigid woman didn’t get up.

Looking around to see where the rest of the danger was, Andros was suddenly stunned into immobility. Aluro had trapped him a stasis field projected by the psychic orb on his staff.

But he wasn’t just unable to move. Something was creeping into his mind. It was Aluro’s influence. Power Ranger’s weren’t immune from telepathic influence, but their helmets did provide some buffering from such an attack. Because of that, Andros was able to put up a resistance until Hawkman could swoop down and destroy the orb that hoving above him. Once freed, he found himself facing Red Eye. The man was larger than the Red Space Ranger but didn’t bother with fisticuffs. He stuck his cyborg-like chest out and a missile rocketed out straight at Andros.        

The protective properties of his suit saved him from being blown to smithereens, but he wasn’t going to be able to defend himself for almost a minute. For all the shielding that the suites provided, they somehow transmitted sensations to the nervous system so that a Power Ranger still felt and understood the nature of the proposed damage.

“Kill him now!†Luna screamed. She was pointing with her batton as The brute Amok and Chilla were rising to their feet.

Even with the trouble of evading Aluro’s psychic orbs and the blast’s from Tug Mug’s cannon looking gun, Hawkman found a way to come down to ground level and support his partner. Finding a way could have been described better as making a way, because the winged hero threw his axe at Tug Mug and scooped Aluro into the air with him, letting him go right on top of Red Eye.

Chilla was beginning to slowly freeze Andros with her frost breath. She seemed more interested in the pain a slow freeze would cause her victim than out right finishing him.

He was hurting and the cold was making him very sleepy, but Andros was able to aim his blaster and let the sadistic woman have it.

Landing beside him, Hawkman roughtly pulled him to his feet.

“You gonna make it?†That his version of ‘are you okay’.

Andros breath heavily. “Yes!†but we’re not going to win this way. “There are too many and they’re too powerful. I’ve to an idea but I need you to hold them off for a minute.â€

“I can do that.†Hawkman said without hesitation.

An agreement between them, Andros teleported, Hawkman didn’t know where.

The Lunatacs began to snicker.

“You’re friend left you all by yourself.†Tug Mug gloated. “Now you’re gonna pay for hitting me!â€

Flapping his wings, but not taking off, Hawkman slid his foot into the dirt. “First one to cross this line gets it.â€

They pounced. Hawkman fought his hardest but the Thanagarian simply didn’t have the speed, strength or power to overcome all of them.

Then, the object that they were fighting over activated. The Zeo Zord Pyrimidas glowed with energy. The tip of the pyramid shaped vessel crackled as an electrical build up gathered. A second later streams of lightning blared out and zapped all six Lunatacs.

Weakly, Hawkman gave a thumbs up sign at Pyrimidas, understanding that that was where The Red Space Ranger had transported to, utilizing it’s powerful weapons to defeat their enemies.



          The dark assumption that Trey of Trinotia had made in his SOS transmission was right. He didn’t make it. Andros took custody of the Gold Zeo Ranger powers stored in the Zeo crystal. A suitable replacement would eventually present himself.

          Now they needed to find out what had done this to Trey in the first place.        

A few repairs got Pyrimidas operational. Fortunately, the Zord really hadn’t suffered much damage. Sadly, Trey was the one who experienced critical injuries. That meant that Trey had been fighting personally and then escaped with his diminishing life in his Zord.

          Checking the computer, Andros hoped to find information on Trey’s last activity. His mission log reported him being caught in the tractor beam of a gigantic ship. He later reported his escape after a battle with citizens of an unknown empire. Their domain was apparently not in the Milky Way galaxy.

          Hawkman had said that in his investigation there was loose talk about capturing a Power Ranger Zord. Pyrimidas seemed to fit the bill.

          Before this detour, Hawkman and Andros’ team up was directing them to Earth. Andros knew of many Power Rangers serving there and Hawkman knew even more super heroes.

          Considering what they had faced already: Triceratons, the Prototype robeast, Krang and the Lunatacs; more allies would be a very good idea.

          So to Earth they went.  When they reached Earthspace however, they found that planetary security was extremely high. A network of Robotech Defense Force vessels were showing up on scanners and Starfleet had apparently been called in to assist. Federation vessels were plugging the holes in which most Earth protectors used to get to the planet. A security officer questioned them.

          “Power Ranger Zord Pyrimidas! State your business!â€

          “This is the Red Space Power Ranger. I have Hawkman of the Justice League with me. We’re here to join our respective colleges on planet.â€

          Even though the Power Rangers were a recognized and respected super hero organization, the name dropping of the Justice League was a nice credibility enhancer.

          “Acknowledged! Upgraded security requires you to dock your Zord for inspection before proceeding into the atmosphere.â€

          Hawkman growled. “We don’t have time for this. Didn’t he hear who we were?â€

          “I’m sure he did.†Andros sounded a little annoyed too.  “But we probably shouldn’t make this any harder.â€

          They did as instructed and took time to explore the docking station. Mostly Starfleet personnel manned the station. Andros trusted them not to tamper with Pyrimidas more than checking for foreign tracking devices and illegal contraband.

          Thirty minutes into their wait, Andros was called to the docking station.

          A Starfleet admiral was waiting for him.

          With a firm handshake she introduced herself.  “I’m Admiral Janeway. I’ve been commissioned by Starfleet to oversee Earth solar system’s security. We’ve got a situation that I was wondering if you could help us with.

          There are reports of extra-terrestrial incursion but the threats seems to be coming from different sources. We believe there’s a conspiracy against Earth.â€

          Andros made a motion, indicating he had something to add.

          “Hawkman and I experienced something that seems related to what you’re talking about. A Power Ranger was ambushed. His escape cost him his life, but Hawkman and I were able to secure his Zord. I think it was the Zord they were after in the first place.â€

          Janway nodded. “I’m glad you showed up. We have some information on the threat. Have you ever heard of The Sith?â€

          The two superheroes looked at each other then at the admiral and shook their heads no.

          “Don’t feel bad. It seems no one has. They’ve been operating on Earth- don’t worry that situation is being handled- but our worry is that there’s more where those on Earth came from.â€

          “What’s being done to meet this threat?†Hawkman asked.

          Janeway smiled as a man came onto the docking bay. He was powerfully built, filling his uniform well, but his uniform was not Starfleet.

“This is Captain Dylan Hunt of the Commonwealth. As both of you may know, The Commonwealth is basically a larger version of The Federation, spanning multiple galaxies. He’s come to Earth not only with warning of a threat to Earth, but with intelligence that may help us neutralize the problem.â€

          Hunt withheld handshaking to get down to business.

          “I’ll admit, I don’t know anything about The Sith either. But since the Commonwealth spans multiple galaxies, we’ve encountered some species that know of The Sith. We know where they come from.â€

Admrial Janeway took over.

          “We’re putting together a task force. Captain Hunt has graciously volunteered to offer his fancy Commonwealth ship and crew for transportation. I’d like the two of you to be a part of it. You’re not Starfleet officers so I can’t assign you to the mission and I can’t order you, but I’m asking, in the name of the heroics you stand for.â€

          With a glace between each other, Hawkman and Andros agreed.


          Aboard the Andromeda Ascendant, Captain Hunt showed his two new passengers how he knew of the threat.

          “We found this droid on an escape pod. We don’t know how it got to the Andromeda galaxy. The ship’s computer system had crashed so we don’t know where it came from or how long it left. With some tinkering, we found a message.â€

          A crude hologram, at a drastically miniaturized scale flickered before them.

          A man in a hooded robe greeted them.

          “Hello. We are the Jedi. Our ancient enemies, The Sith have defeated us. But we are not totally vanquished. Those of us that have survived are going into hiding. This is a warning to anyone that encounters The Sith. Fight them. Hold out as long as you can. We will rebuild and return to fight them again.â€

          That was all.

          Captain Hunt glanced at the two super heroes. “We’re going to find the Jedi.â€

          The quest was underway. The Commonwealth’s preferred method of travel was the Slipstream. It was remarkably faster than the Federation’s warp engines which are what allowed them to traverse galaxies the way that Starfleet traveled star systems. Through the Slipstream, The Andromeda Ascendant made it out of the solar system and out of the Milky Way galaxy. They went beyond Commonwealth territory and then much much farther.

          Eventually they arrived at an inhabitable planet. The droid, in which the Andromeda Ascendant computer system discovered was designated R2-D2, had it in its databanks.      

          “Let’s go down and have a look.†Captain Hunt rose from his chair and moved to leave the bridge.

          Andros looked at him strangely. Hunt saw his glare and smiled knowing what he was thinking.

          “The captain going on the ‘away team?†That’s Federation protocol for the captain to stay on the ship. We in the Commonwealth do things differently.

          “Especially him.†Whispered a crewman.

          “Heard that!†Hunt bellowed. “Coming?†he asked of Andros. The Red Space Ranger followed.

          The ‘away team’ transported down and began inspecting the area.

          Captain Hunt, Hawkman and Andros moved off by themselves.

          “I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about what we’ll find when we find these Jedi.†Captain Hunt said.

          “What do you mean?†Hawkman asked.

          “That hologram message said that they’ve been defeated. We don’t know how many are left or what their condition is. They probably aren’t ready to come out yet.â€

          “When they hear that their enemies are threatening Earth, I believe they’ll pull themselves together.†Andros responded.

          The older and more seasoned Hunt admired the Power Ranger’s optimism. He hoped he was right.

          They halted at the same time, the tickle of danger gripping both of them.

          In the distance, they heard battle sounds. Blaster fire and possibly heavy vehicles.

          Then it came time to learn the nature of the danger.

          Ahead of them, a man let himself be seen.

          He wore full body armor and a face-covering helmet. A robot droid stood beside him carrying two blaster rifles. A little farther from them, a woman leaned against her spear that was stabbed into the ground.

          “This is the end of the line for you!†the armored man shouted.

          “We’re not surrendering.†Hunt snarled. It was a message to Andros and Hawkman as well. They were going to fight their way out of this or die.

          “No Green Lanterns for you this time, Fatality.†Jango Fett said to the woman. “But an agreement is an agreement. The Sith Empire will reward you all the same.â€

          “I’ll kill, them, Jango.†Fatality replied. “But there had better be a Lantern in the next intrusion. Or I go off on my own.â€

          “That’s they’re problem. In the mean time, let’s do the job.â€

          Andros showed his sword and Hunt prepped his force lance. With one flap of his wings, Hawkman was flying. Jango Fett, Fatality and the killer driod IG-88 accepted the challenge and both parties charged into battle.

          Fight Parameters

Andros has his usual weapons (sword and blaster)

Dylan Hunt has the force lance that he uses all the time on the show

Hawkman is the New 52 version

Jango Fett has his considerable arsenal

IG-88 has two  blasters

Fatality has is her original self before she joined the Star Sapphires.

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Wow, you certainly put your all into this one, leroy! Very recap and set-up, and a good Challenge entry. 


As for this match, this may be a pretty close battle, but Fatality's Star Sapphire abilities would probably prove too much for the good guys.

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Nope! No Star Sapphire ring for Fatality. This is her original self before all of that stuff. See the fight parameters.

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Ah, my bad. 


After reading up on Fatality a bit more, I see she's taken down Green Lanterns even without the Star Sapphire power. That still appears to put her almost head and shoulders above anyone else in this match.  

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Match Final Results


DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Some problems with spacing and grammar, but still a very nice, detailed story.


Dylan Hunt and Andros and Hawkman (Katar Hol): 4

IG-88 and Fatality and Jango Fett: 7

FPA: 4.0


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