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Zack Taylor vs. Deathbird

Zack Taylor: 4
Deathbird: 3

Rose The Hat vs. Ellen Harvelle

Rose The Hat: 4
Ellen Harvelle: 0

Bender vs. Rachel Green

Bender: 2
Rachel Green: 5

The Phantasm vs. Harley Quinn

The Phantasm: 4
Harley Quinn: 3

Richie Rich vs. Santa Claus

Richie Rich: 0
Santa Claus: 6

Space Ghost vs. Starkiller

Space Ghost: 4
Starkiller: 1

Killer Croc vs. King Shark

Killer Croc: 1
King Shark: 3

Zombie Spider-Man vs. Vampire Batman

Zombie Spider-Man: 2
Vampire Batman: 3

Anthony Fremont vs. Chuck Shurley

Anthony Fremont: 1
Chuck Shurley: 3

Batman vs. Lex Luthor

Batman: 2
Lex Luthor: 3


Omni-Crash: The First Legion (Part 2: The Honeyhive Galaxy?...)

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Part 2: The Honeyhive Galaxy


Iron Man, the Dragonborn, Captain Marvel, Shaggy and Scooby all fly through the portal. All of them feel rather strange after exiting it. The ride was rather bumpy, even though it collectively only took around 3 seconds. All five of the misfits land in a rather strange place. They were standing on a small green stretch of grassland.


Upon looking over the edge, they realise that the small platform is levitating in the sky.


"Hey! This place doesn't look so bad." says Shaggy, until he looks over the edge...


"YAAA!" yelps Shaggy and Scooby.


"Why the hell did you two come along? Couldn't you go with that blonde ninja kid or someone?" mutters Stark.


As they all turn around, they see a ledge leading to a higher platform.


"I guess that's where all the action is." says Billy.


Iron Man uses his thrusters to jet up onto the platform, and Captain Marvel follows. Dovahkiin simply jumps to reach it. After forgeting about Shaggy and Scooby, Captain Marvel flies back and flies them onto the platform. Upon reaching the platform, the five heroes are greeted by carnage. Suddenly, a large, talking bee flies over.


"Strangers! You must help us! The Honeyhive Galaxy is in peril! Bowser's forces have invaded!" shouts the Bee.


Iron Man just looks at the creature in mild, but not utter, disbelief.


"Okay. Talking bees. Fine with that. So... Where is this Bowser guy?" asks Tony calmly.


"Well, he rarely fights enemies personally. He lives in a castle near the Mushroom Kingdom, a few galaxies from here. You may need to contact Rosalina in the Comet Observatory if you want to get there. Bowser also seems to have teamed up with another villain, as some of these enemies look nothing like any creature seen around here." explains the Bee.


"I guess we should..." says Billy.


"Enough! Lets slay these creatures and then find this Rosalina!" yells Dovakiin, as he runs into a bunch of Koopa Troopas beating up a Bee, knocking them all out of the way. Iron Man and Captain Marvel join him as they fight off several other Koopa Troop soldiers. Shaggy and Scooby just look on.


"So... uh... How do you little guys fight enemies even though you die every time you sting something?" asks Shaggy.


Meanwhile, in Bowser's castle...


"Darn it! We've lost contact with several of our forces in the Honeyhive Galaxy!" exclaims Bowser's loyal Magikoopa servant, Kamek.


"Send in more troops! With this new army, the galaxy will belong to me! Then I'll take the Princess, and get rid of Mario. Muhahaha!" laughs Bowser maniacally.


"Don't forget our deal..." says a dark sounding voice from the shadows.


"Not at all. With your help, we'll be in charge in no time... Ganondorf." says Bowser, as the lord of darkness himself reveals himself from the shadows.


Suddenly, a hoard of other famous Nintendo bosses and major enemies reveal themselves. Bowser and Ganondorf are building an army!


"There is also a crisis going on in Hyrule. With their defenses down, we will strike!" says Ganondorf.


Back in the Honeyhive Galaxy...


"Ha ha! These guys are pushovers!" says Captain Marvel arrogantly.


Suddenly, a group of goblin-like pig creatures begin appearing out of nowhere, led by a dark warrior with red eyes, a sword and a shield.


"What are these things? And who's that guy with the sword? They don't look like the other enemies we've been fighting?" asks Captain Marvel.


"Those are the alien enemies we've been telling you about. They're the things that are overpowering our defenses!" explains the Bee.


Without saying a word, Dark Link and his small platoon of Moblins charge at the heroes. Dovahkiin and Iron Man take on the Moblins, while Captain Marvel goes straight for Dark Link.




Alright guys, if you read all that, you should have an idea about what's going on. I'll play NPCs like always.

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Iron Man would quickly fly out of the range of the Moblins.


"Smart Targeting activated," Pepper informed as a red link on his HUD identified all possible targets. A panel opened on Tony's right shoulder and tasers fired and would stick into every Moblin with perfect accuracy, delivering 10,000 Volts of pure power to shut down their system.

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The Moblins all fell to the floor after the intense electrical shock. Dark Link silently charged into the frey.

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"Never bring a sword and a shield to a gunfight," Stark muttered as he turned midair. The computer instantly locked on to Links heat signature as depth charges at fired at him, set to explode with enough force to blow a tank into pieces as soon as they got close. He followed up with repulsive shots aimed to the chest of the foe, powerful enough to rip though feet of titanium like tissue paper.

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Dark Link anticipated the attack and blocked it with his indestructible shield, though the blast nearly pushed him over the edge of a cliff. Dark Link then got out a bow and arrow and aimed for the one that shot at him.


Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle...


"Bleck! What is your plan, Ganondorf?" asks Count Bleck in Ganondorf's secret chamber, where Ganondorf is having a meeting with the other villains.


"With our advanced technology, we have built beneath this castle's foundations, an unstoppable flying battleship, ready and primed. Once Bowser is out of the way, we will steal his armies and rule the entire universe!" explains Ganondorf.


"Bowser's army is vaster than any of our armies. How will be keep control of them?" asks Vaati.


"Why are you acting like you're in charge? I was the one who defeated Link in my timeline!" yells the big blue pig Ganondorf from the 'Fallen Hero' timeline.


"I am the most powerful of all of you! I should be in charge!" yells the more cartoony Ganondorf from the 'Adult Link' timeline.


"Enough! If any of you want this plan to work, we have to work together. Using all of our sorcery powers combined, we will rule the Koopa Troop with an iron fist!" yells Ganondorf.


While all this is going on, Bowser's son, Larry Koopa, is walking by, and overhears the whole thing. Panicking, he runs back to his brothers and sister.


"Guys! Guys! You won't believe what I just heard!" yells Larry as he burst into the room.


"What is it?" asks Ludwig.


"That Ganondorf guy is planning to kill dad! We gotta warn him!" yells Larry.


The Koopalings run into the throne room where Bowser is asleep on his throne.


"Dad! Ganondorf is plotting to betray you!" yells Morton right in Bowser's ear.


"What!? Get that treacherous swine!" yells Bowser, who wakes up with a start.


Several Koopa soldiers barge into Ganondorf's chamber, but are all easily defeated. After Kamek informs Bowser that Ganondorf is now mercilessly killing all Koopas, Goombas and Spinies being sent after him. Bowser demands to face Ganondorf in person...

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The arrow plinks off of Iron Man's armor. "Are you serious?"


Noting that he was close to the cliff, Iron Man used his repuslors to carve off the large piece of land he was standing on (wide enough so that he couldn't jump to safety) so he falls to the depths below.

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The Dragonborn shouts, "Fus Roh Dah!" at Dark Link, who will most likely fall off.

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The shout knocked Dark Link flying, but he managed to grapple onto the underside of the ledge with his hookshot. He then used his sword to clamber back onto the stage. He ordered the Moblins to charge at the enemies.


Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle, Bowser has challenged Ganondorf to a fight...


"C'mon! You're not so tough! They don't call me the King of the Koopas for nothing!" taunts Bowser. But Ganondorf just stays still, obviously waiting for Bowser to make the first move.


"Suit yourself, chicken!" yells Bowser as he comes charging at Ganondorf. When Bowser was close enough, Ganondorf unleashed a mighty kick to Bowser's lower jaw, sending the huge turtle beast flying. Bowser hits the ground with a mighty thump. Ganondorf goes over to K.O. him, but Bowser springs to his feet and throws a hammer into Ganondorf's face, making him lose balance. But Ganondorf still kept moving towards Bowser, undetered. Bowser's mouth then catches fire, as he spits out a huge fireball. Ganondorf counters the fireball with an energy ball of dark magic, creating a huge explosion in the centre of the room. The two goliaths then charge at each other at full speed. Ganondorf teleports behind Bowser and picks him up by the neck.


Ganondorf then throws Bowser on the floor. As Bowser writhes in pain, Ganondorf brings his elbow down right in Bowser's stomach, knocking him out. Everyone is shocked. Count Bleck then uses his dark magic powers to hypnotise everyone of Bowser's troops, making them his slaves. Ganondorf laughs manaically. The world could very well be his....

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"This is really f*cking annoying." Stark grumbled. The targeting system locked on to every target and suddenly, a laser beam would appear through every one as the Omega protocol was activated. The beam would be formed at the speed of light, entering through Link's sides to avoid the shield, which was preoccupied with the Dovahkin's attacks.

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Dark Link decides to teleport away in a flash of darkness. With all the other enemies down, the three figure out their options.


"Where is this Observatory place, then?" asks Captain Marvel.


"We don't know. There is someone who may be more aid to you in the Ghostly Galaxy." explains the Bee.


"Gulp! Ghosts?" yelps Scooby.


"Nice and cryptic. Just the way I like it. Come on. We're going." says Iron Man as he gives Shaggy and Scooby a lift, while Captain Marvel give Dovahkiin a lift.

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"Do not carry me, captain. I have my own way of flying."

He turns toward the skies, concentrating.

"Dur-Neh-Viir! I summon thee from thy Soul Cairn! Transport me!"

In the skies, a gray, decayed dragon soared out of a flucuating portal. He slowed, allowin the Dragonborn to get on. With a great gust of wind, he was off, following the others.

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"Hmm...ghosts....well so long as they are tangible." Cap notes as the dragonborn takes off. "Some people are in a hurry.." he notes before taking off near Iron Man and keeping pace without much problem.


"Well, I suppose it's safe to say that guys got friends?" he asks aloud, reffering to Dark Link but the undead dragon showing up...as interesting.

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(OOC: Ah'm back suckas!)


The five make their way to the Ghostly Galaxy, where they see a huge floating haunted mansion.


"Heeeelp!" yells a voice coming from the mansion.


"Who was that?" asks Captain Marvel.


Iron Man zooms in to see a green overall clad man with an L on his cap being tormented by ghosts. The three go over cautiously.


Inside the mansion, Luigi is running away from the ghosts, when suddenly, the door blasts open, revealing Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Dragonborn. Iron Man tries to blast a ghost, but it just disappears. Dovahkiin just yells "FUS ROH DAH!" and all the ghost run away in fear as he rips a huge hole in the stairway.


"Who are you?" asks Iron Man.


"It's-a me, Luigi! I was-a kidnapped by these-a ghosts." says Luigi.


"Look, we need to get to a place called the Comet Observatory. Do you have any idea where this is?" asks Captain Marvel seriously.


"The Observatory... hmmm... I would-a guide you to where it was, but I don't have a power star. I need-a one in order to fly." explains Luigi.


"Great. And where are we gonna find one of those?" asks Iron Man.


Suddenly, a Boo wearing a yellow helmet appears behind them.


"Like zoinks!" yelps Shaggy.


"Blahahahaha! You won't get this power star from me, Luigi!" says the Spooky Speedster as it flies away.


"How convenient. Since I'm the fastest one here, I'd better go after it." says Captain Marvel.


Captain Marvel gives chase to the Spooky Speedster. Who will win the race?

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