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Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 14683 by Gronaldra
in progress now...

Scandal Savage vs. X-23

Scandal Savage: 0
X-23: 14

Yang Xiao Long vs. Joe Fixit

Yang Xiao Long: 13
Joe Fixit: 9

Jason Voorhees vs. Mr. Hercule Satan

Jason Voorhees: 4
Mr. Hercule Satan: 12

Accelerator vs. Dio Brando

Accelerator: 9
Dio Brando: 3

Samurai Jack vs. Furher King Bradley

Samurai Jack: 7
Furher King Bradley: 6

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Super Power Beat Down: Superman vs Thor

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 Lara defeated foes who were more dangerous and harder to beat then Nathan in both her comics as well as games . Lara also has way more experience. Dr.Willard after his transformation into a monster, Jacqueline former Queen of Atlantis who became part creature herself, and more. Actually  yes in her solo comics she showed to be a good martial artist and is a skilled gymnast. Then their is the fact she is excellent with guns and has very good aim.


Which comic series did you read? Lara Croft has more then one. The one that ran for 50 issues?  The 12 issue limited series? The Tankobon which has 5 volumes? Lara Croft has a lot of comics.

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