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Match 13829 Zartan vs. Robotech Defense Force

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Previously: The Sith Lords, Darth Vader, Exar Kun, Count Dooku, Darth Caedus (the fallen Jacen Solo) and Darth Maul set out to destroy The Cyber Shredder. Instead of their intended enemy, they encountered Nimrod.


The droid stood up to the Sith’s lightning better than they had hoped. After a few seconds, Nimrod seemed to adjust to the attack.

          Count Dooku cut the electricity off which inspired the others to do the same.

          Now came Nimrod’s counter attack. He lifted off the ground on his anti-gravity installation and floated forward. Twisting at the hip, the robot reached his arm out and swept it from left to right, a stream of energy lashing out from that path like a whip.

          Darth Caedus and Darth Vader were in the path. Caedus Force leaped out of harms way while Vader simply stood his ground and let a Force wave block the energy stream.

          Coming in from the other side, Darth Maul charged and made a downward stroke with his lightsaber. The blow wasn’t broad enough to sever a limb, but it showed that Nimrod’s body wasn’t very resistant to the laser-like blade. Much of its insides was exposed. Darth Maul then brought the other end of his saber around and swiped the other way, creating a ‘v’ wound. However, the first slash was already healing as the second slash was being finished up.

          Exar Kun tried to zap the exposed area with lightning but it was too late.

          “Self healing.†Count Dooku obsereved to Vader and Caedus who were closet to him. “We will have to work faster.â€

          “And smarter.†Darth Caedus added.

          The man once known as Jacen Solo initiated his exotic Force powers. Flow Walking was a technique far superior to the precog that most Jedi and Sith utilized. It was even superior to the future visions capable only by a few very powerful Force sensitives. Flow Walking allowed a Force user to mentally travel through time, either direction. Darth Caedus Flow Walked a minute into the future. With the foreknowledge of what Nimrod would do, the Sith Lord easily evaded harm.

          Count Dooku dropped a large chunk of ceiling onto Nimrod.

          “Nice.†Exar Kun complimented him. “But I think a second pile on would be better.â€

          He dropped a larger chunk of debris onto Nimrod.

          Darth Vader stepped up. “More.†His awesome power lifted a support beam and not simply dropping it on him but slamming it down as if it had fallen all the way from stratosphere.

          It was quiet and they waited. Because Nimrod was a robot, they couldn’t sense any emotions to know weather they had destroyed it or not.

          Then Nimrod began to dig himself out.

          “What sort of fool makes a droid this powerful?†Exar Kun exclaimed.

          “Don’t despair.†Count Dooku cautioned. “We are the Sith. The Lords of the darkside. No driod will prove our better.â€

          “Well said.†Darth Vader agreed. He lifted his lightsaber, not with his arms but with The Force. The energy blade flew on its own at the rebuild Nimrod as it was lifting itself out of the rubble. The blow went all the way through, and then Vader Force-pulled the anti-grav device that Nimrod was using to hover, out of the Sentinel’s body.

          Its feet on the ground, the Sentinel fired on Vader but Exar Kun was already on him. His light saber hacked at the shoulder. Darth Maul attacked too; both men, with their double-ended lightsabers, out maneuvered the Sentinel and caused it significant damage.

          The self repair was working hard but so were The Sith. Their various attacks- lighting and Force pushes, mainly- were having less and less of an effect. Nevertheless, they kept Nimrod from hurting even one of them.

          Until Count Dooku made a misstep and failed to put a strong enough block to hold back the Sentinels latest disintegration beam.

          Darth Tyranus was vaporized.

          With robot focused on his kill, He couldn’t turn quickly enough for Darth Maul to chop his head off. The attack didn’t stop Nimrod as the headless body reached out to snag Darth Maul who severed that arm just like the head.

          The cut is probably what saved him from the electrical charge that was being coursed through him. The current was suddenly dropped from its source.

          Nimrod lashed out at Darth Caedus but was struck from bother directions by Darth Vader and Exar Kun.

          The two Sith Lords used a Force pull that ripped the rest of the body apart.

          From there, Darth Caedus pulled out the central processing unit.

          Even then, Nimrod continued to repair himself. When Caedus electrified the CPU, Nimrod fell dead.

          Vader used a Force wave to further destroy the body just to be sure it was finished.

          Their intended target, the Cyber Shredder, was nowhere to be found so the Sith Lords returned to their base and discussed their prospective plans.

          Darth Vader presided over the meeting. “There have been enough distractions. It is clear that we will not be able to destroy all potential opponents and rivals before we can initiate a take over of the planet. We need to synchronize our allies and move forward.†

          “The Shadow King is conducting business of his own.†Darth Caedus announced. “I should check up on him. Rein him in case he gets any ideas.â€

          “Dooku was the main contact for the Shadow King.†Exar Kun reminded everyone callously. “But your right. We can’t have him plotting against us.â€

          Vader added. “Take the dark converts with you. He’s collected quite the gathering of fighters.â€


          Darth Caedus didn’t know much about Macross Island. He knew that an alien ship had crashed there many years ago and that it had been restored. Their allies, the Robotch Masters had a great interest in that ship, and that was supposed to be why the Shadow King was there. To locate the Protoculture Matrix within the ship and retrieve it.

          There was no resistance entering the underground fight club facility. No guards, a sorry excuse for a surveillance system. Caedus found the mix of the Shadow King and LeRoy Greene easy to pinpoint within The Force. The possessed man must have sensed the Sith Lord in turn because he showed no surprise when Caedus came in.

          “What are you doing, Shadow King?†was the Sith’s version of a greeting.

          “Surely you didn’t think I would participate in the operation myself did you?†Said the Shadow King. Even though he spoke through LeRoy’s voice, he let his own speech patterns reign over his words.

          “Do you have what the Robotech Masters are looking for?â€

          “Not yet,â€

          “Then don’t you think you should be focusing on that instead of underground fight clubs?â€

          “You seem eager to please The Tirolians.†Shadow King smiled.

“Have they been threatening you?â€

          Darth Caedus’ scowled. “If you’re implying that we’re afraid of them, you’re mistaken. The Sith Empire could destroy the Robotech Masters if we needed to. It’s simply a better use of our effort to work with them against more universal enemies.â€

          Shadow King snorted. “I’ve hired a mercenary to inspect the Macross vessel. He should be reporting back, soon.â€


          Zartan- a disguiser of near superhuman ability- had infiltrated the Robotech ship, posing as a high ranking Robotech Defense Force officer. He had found the Protoculture Matrix within the SDF-1 as his clients had suspected. There was no way to remove it so he would simply have to tell them that it was there and see it they could use his services in the operation to retrieve it.

          The ship suddenly went on alert. It didn’t seem apparent that they were looking for him, but the alarm was a sign that he had better leave now.

Whatever the problem was, Zartan didn’t want any part of it.

          All he needed to do was keep his cover.


Fight Paramerters

Mission: Escape


Zartan must escape the SDF-1 Macross.

He is inside the ship, posing as a high ranking RDF officer.

The ship is on alert but not because of him.

They are not looking for Zartan and have no idea that he is there. (the problem is a security breach elsewhere in case you’re wondering)

Zartan has to-

Keep his cover.

Take out anybody who happens to discover he’s a spy.

Steal a Veritech fighter and get away. (he doesn’t know how to transform it and all that, but he can pilot the thing and fire the weapons)

If you think Zartan can accomplish all of that, vote for him.

If you think that he get’s captured in any of the above challenges, vote for the Robotech Defense Force.

Rick and Roy and Max and all the other main characters are available to stop him and chase him down.

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Good set-up, leroy. Pretty good recap as well, though I think Nimrod would've been more calculating. 


As for the match, Zartan is very good with disguises and routinely fools the Joes and others (at least in the '80's cartoon). Since I haven't seen Robotech, though, I can't say if they'd be smarter in that regard.

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Match Final Results


El Wookiee gives it a grade of: A

DSkillz gives it a grade of: B Good story and, I guess, good matchup (can't really say about the latter since I don't know Robotech).


Zartan: 8

Robotech Defense Force: 6

FPA: 3.5


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