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Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) vs. Miho

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 0
Miho: 1


Atom Eve vs. Stormfront

Atom Eve: 5
Stormfront: 1


Marshall Law vs. Guile

Marshall Law: 1
Guile: 5


Ibuki vs. Mina Majikina

Ibuki: 4
Mina Majikina: 2


Rogue vs. Demona

Rogue: 5
Demona: 1


Basara vs. Necalli

Basara: 0
Necalli: 2


John Nada (They Live) vs. Omar Little

John Nada (They Live): 0
Omar Little: 2


Raphael (Mirage) vs. Kim Kaphwan

Raphael (Mirage): 3
Kim Kaphwan: 0


Q-Rex vs. Dragonzord

Q-Rex: 1
Dragonzord: 3


Leifang vs. Asuka Kazama

Leifang: 2
Asuka Kazama: 3


Cad Bane vs. Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch)

Cad Bane: 3
Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 1


Blue Mary vs. Cassandra Alexander

Blue Mary: 0
Cassandra Alexander: 5


Tracer (Overwatch) vs. Chell (Portal)

Tracer (Overwatch): 5
Chell (Portal): 1


Sailor Scouts vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Sailor Scouts: 6
Cybermen (Mondasian): 0


Kilik vs. Ash Crimson

Kilik: 1
Ash Crimson: 2


Tasha Yar vs. Al Capone

Tasha Yar: 5
Al Capone: 1


Kasumi vs. Kazumi Mishima

Kasumi: 5
Kazumi Mishima: 2


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Jhun Hoon

Leonardo (Mirage): 7
Jhun Hoon: 0


9:10 - Ozymandias (Watchmen) vs. Lisbeth Salander

Ozymandias (Watchmen): 8
Lisbeth Salander: 0


9:10 - Zombies (World War Z) vs. Ewoks

Zombies (World War Z): 7
Ewoks: 4


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Continued from here


Before a throng of followers, spectators and the challengers of the next Mortal Kombat tournament, Shang Tsung officiates the preceding.  “In the coming days, each of you will fight.  Some of you by your own volition, others here by chance…”  With that, a portal opens and Slade steps through an ornately carved mirror.  His presence is noted immediately.  “It would seem we have a new addition to the tournament.” Shang Tsung continues, "Welcome to Outworld human.  Please take your place in the line-up."  Slade stops abruptly and takes in the strange surroundings.  “Tournament?”  He says quietly.  Meanwhile, Shang Tsung continues, “This year you participate in the most important Mortal Kombat in history.  This tournament, the tenth after nine Outworld victories, will determine Earthrealm’s fate.


If you defeat all your opponents, you will face one final challenge…me.”


In the crowd, Johnny Cage whispers to Sonya Blade, “That old geezer’s the final challenge?  They might as well give me the belt right now.  They do have belts right…?”  Before he can finish, he jumps back startled as Shang Tsung is no longer at the podium above the crowd, but standing right before him, “Appearances can be deceiving.” He says spitefully and floats casually back to the podium to continue addressing the crowd.


“Our first combatant will be Mr. Johnny Cage.”  Johnny steps into a ring ahead of the crowd.  “That’s right, that’s right.  Which one of you chumps is first?” 


Shang Tsung looks to the stranger who interrupted the preceding.  Deathstroke looks back keenly.  “What is your name stranger?  And what brings you here to our Outworld tournament?”  I am known as Deathstroke the Terminator.”  Shang Tsung eyes him suspiciously, "You are most heavily armed, Mr. Terminator." He hangs the word terminator in the air for a long period of time.  "Do you have plans on using those arms to disrupt our preceding?  I assure you that would not go well.  Deathstroke scans the territory and eyes the legions of Mortal Kombat warriors.  “I am looking for someone.”   He pulls out the paper wrapped around his portion of the shard.  The name on the paper reads: Raiden.  He begins to mouth the name, but hesitates as he doesn’t know what saying that name will entail.  “Well then, Mr. Terminator…  I can smell the stench of Earthrealm on you.  This is the Mortal Kombat tournament.  Here, the combatants fight for the preservation of their realms.  I can also smell the stench of death upon you.  You are a warrior and I don’t believe your intentions.  Perhaps you would like to join us in a little sport?  If you are successful, perhaps I can be of assistance in helping you locate whoever it is you are looking for.”


“I don’t have time for this.  I am not a part of your games…”  Shang Tsung ignores him as several soldiers quickly sling pikes at this neck.


Shang Tsung continues undaunted, “Very well then, the next challenger… Deathstroke the Terminator.”


Cage steps up and points at Deathstroke, “It’s ShowTime.”  Quickly, Deathstroke pulls his swords, disarms and shoots the soldiers; he then turns his gun on Johnny Cage.  "You think I can't handle a gun?" Cage says mockingly.  However, Deathstroke's attack is quickly stopped as a spark of fiery ember flies past his head.  “Enough!”  Shang Tsung yells.  “So, you’d like to disrupt our preceding?  Very well then, this will be a three-way battle.  You will fight Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei assassins and Johnny Cage.”  From where he is standing, Sub-Zero freezes himself and falls backwards.  The frozen encasement shatters upon the floor.  Deathstroke looks on confused as suddenly, a frozen statue appears beside him.  Sub-Zero bursts from it poised to fight.  Johnny Cage readies himself.


Shang Tsung smiles “FIGHT!”


OOC: xLEGACYx, you may RP the results of your battle here.  An extremely decisive win, so have fun.   You took no damage and beat them both with flair.  Continue to RP until the characters you were fighting are defeated.  Once you have put them down in your own words, I will continue the storyline.  Have fun.

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Deathstroke lowered his face plate on his mask.  He quickly spun and swung his sword at Sub Zero.  He had no intention of connecting but he wanted to create some distance from him.  Then drawing his pistol in his left hand, he leveled it at Cage's chest and let loose two shots. Slade watched as Cage somehow shifted sideways and narrowly avoided the shots.  Pulling his knife, he was now armed with his promethium sword and knife.  Sub Zero slid in towards Cage and Slade on a sheet of ice.  Slade back flipped and Sub Zero took Cage's feet out from under him.  


Quickly Cage jumped back to his feet and fired a green orb at Sub Zero.  Jumping and twisting he dodged the attack.  Slade threw his knife while Cage's back was turned and it sunk deep in Cage's back.  The cocky man fell forwards and into the waiting arms of Sub Zero.  In a furry of strikes, Sub Zero pummeled Cage.  Seeing an opening, Slade jumped in and with a slice of his sword cut Cage in half.  At the same time, Sub Zero had begun to freeze him.  From waist down fell to the floor.  Cage's top half was frozen solid and held in Sub Zero's hands.  Zero dropped what remained of Cage to the ground.  The frozen half body shattered upon impact.  Slade picked up his knife from the ground and prepared for the imminent attack.  His knees were slightly bent, sword in his right hand, and knife in his left hand.  Sub Zero turned to face Slade and his hands began to freeze and a sword began to form from his hands.  Then with a burst of ice he separated his hands and held his sword at the ready.


Both men lept into the air.  Their swords clashed as the passed in mid air.  Both men landed opposite one another and charged forward with their blades held high.  The two traded strikes and counters in a flurry of motion.  Sub Zero clashed with Slade.  Holding his blade in place, he used his free hand to launch a blast of ice at Slade.  Throwing his knife, Slade intercepted the blast and crashed to the floor.  With a sweep kick, Slade took Sub Zero off his feet.  Bringing his sword above his head, Slade brought it down and stabbed it through a solid ice duplicate.  Sub Zero appeared behind Slade and was about to thrust his sword through Slade.  At the last second, Slade spun and crouched.  Sub Zero's blade missed his head by inches, and Slade pushed his pistol into Sub Zero's abdomen.  Both men stared at one another for the briefest moment.  Then Slade pulled the trigger multiple times.  The bullets tore through Sub Zero's insides as he fell to the ground.  Falling to his knees, Sub Zero knelt over.  Without hesitation Slade swiped his head off in a single stroke.  


Standing up straight, Slade raised his face plate.  He picked up his knife and placed it and his sword back in there scabbards.  Looking at his gun, he reloaded it.  Looking up at Shang Tsung Slade smiled back at the sorcerer.  "So is that all you've got?  If so, your in trouble old man.  Now tell me where to find the person I'm looking for!  Where is Raiden!?"

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“Deathstroke the Terminator wins!”


Shang Tsung stood in curious fascination of the Earthrealm warrior.  Sitting at a nearby bench, Raiden’s eyebrows perked at the mention of his name.  Yet, he did not give it up so easily.  Merely staring on curiously, he watched the proceedings quietly.  “Impressive, Mr. Terminator.” Shang Tsung spoke.  “But you must earn the privilege to see Raiden…”  Shang Tsung looked around the area.  “and by the looks of it, you have earned attention of quite a few of our other contestants.”   Shang Tsung directed Slade’s attention to the mass of fighters eyeing him viciously, including the assassin known as Scorpion.  Slade ignored them and sat down calmly.  ‘I don’t have time for these charades he said.’ He thought, ‘I must find a quicker way to find this Raiden.’ 


Turning his attention away to the mass, Shang Tsung concluded the day’s events and dismissed the group to their dwellings until tomorrow’s fight.  As they departed, two guards escorted Slade to his room.  As they did, Slade noticed two fighters conversing while paying close attention to him.  He noted their appearances for later reference: one was shirtless and wearing a red sash around his head, the other was wearing a large conical straw hat.  Also, he noticed a sinister ninja wearing a dingy yellow garb following him.  It would appear his win was getting him lots of attention.

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As Slade continued on, he took in the sights.  The sky and plant life looked completely new to him.  That meant only one thing.  He wasn't on Earth or at least his version of Earth.  As he walked with his escorts, he contemplated attempting to give them the slip.  He did not need to waste time with some pointless tournament.  He needed to find 'Raiden' and return to Gandalf with a bit of haste.  

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Deathstroke was escorted down a long hallway.  Doorways lined the walls on both sides and various fighters exited in and out.  Eventually, he was brought to a small room.  The guards bowed and turned to leave.  "You are free to explore your surroundings until lights out."  Then they were gone. 

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Slade waited until the soldiers had left and then he locked the door behind him.  Stepping over to the window, he leaned out and looked around.  The area was quite and he didnt see anyone looking in his direction.  He hung the curtain out the window and slid down into the trees below.  As guards walked by, he stuck to the shadows.  Slade got a slight running start and jumped, bounding off the wall and grabbed hold of the over hang of a nearby rooftop.  Pulling himself up, he silently creep across the crest of the roof.  He quitely snuck back to the area where he had come through the mirror.  Thinking to himself, 'I need to find out what I'm in for here.  Also where I am?'

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(OOC: Since no one else will RP in this universe but treach and xLEGACYx, treach has allowed me to play as some minor background characters and non-participants. I'm mainly doing this cause I'm pretty bored though.)


Shortly after the fight...


"Damn! Did you see that guy with the mask! He's a monster!" says one masked guard to another.


"Yeah. I doubt he'll get far in the tournament though. Liu Kang is a better warrior. Raiden is likely to choose him instead of me- um... I mean, Deathstroke..." says the other guard (who is actually Kung Lao in disguise).


"You? Why the hell would he choose you? Are you even paying attention?" asks the guard.


"Uh... Just forget it." says Kung Lao, wincing under the mask.




"That poor guy..." says Sonya Blade to herself above the Pit.


"Which one? The ninja or the actor?" says a familiar sounding voice behind her.


"Kano! Special Forces are on the way. You won't get off this island alive!" yells Sonya.


"Oh I got a knack for survival. You on the other hand are gonna die here." threatens Kano.


Without anyone to fight before hand, Sonya is in top shape for her battle against Kano. She attempts to sweep him off his feet with a sliding kick, but only buckles him over a little. Both Kano and Sonya get in a combat ready stance and prepare for MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(OOC: xLEGACYx, if you want, Deathstroke can come in and help Sonya or Kano in their little brawl.)

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From the rooftops, Slade sees and man an woman square off for a fight.  He slinks back into the shadows to see what will play out before him.  Pulling out his knife, Slade twirled it in his hands.

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Kano throws a punch at Sonya, but Sonya leaps over his head and kicks him up the arse. Kano then picks up a knife and throws it at Sonya. Sonya counters it with her energy ring beam, which destroys the knife in mid air.


"You've gotten better the last time we met, Sonya. Show me more!" mocks Kano.


Sonya swiftly and silently dashes toward Kano and pummels him with several quick pressure point strikes in his gut, before kneeing him in the face.


Sonya's last attack dented Kano's eye laser, almost knocking him out cold. As he struggles for breath, Kano rolls over and sees Deathstroke on the rooftops in the distance...


Meanwhile in the temple... (This is irrelevent, but could add a little more to the plot)


"Damn it, Cyrax. Sub-Zero was one of our most skilled assassins. That man took him out easily. It looks like Earthrealm has stepped up their game from the last tournaments." says Sektor.


"We might be able to recruit him. He might help us and Shang Tsung conquer the world!" says Cyrax.


Both Sektor and Cyrax turn to see the hellspawn ninja, Scorpion enter the room.


"Scorpion..." seethes Cyrax.


"Where is that man, Deathstroke!? He killed Sub-Zero! He was mine and mine alone to kill!" yells Scorpion.


"Perhaps you may see him in the Netherrealm, Scorpion, which is where you belong! And Deathstroke hasn't been seen since he killed Sub-Zero and Cage." mocks Cyrax.


"You're plot for revenge is pointless anyway, Scorpion. The Sub-Zero who killed your clan was merely Bi-Han's ancestor." explains Sektor, in no mood for a fight, unlike Cyrax.


"That doesn't matter! Sub-Zero will pay for his family's ignorance!" bellows Scorpion, walking out the room in a rage.


Cyrax turns to Sektor.


"With Sub-Zero gone, who will replace him?" asks Cyrax.


"I have requested my father's men escort his brother Kuai Liang and his friend Smoke to the temple. While they may not be as skillful, they'll have to do." says Sektor solemnly.


Scorpion exits the room, with Raiden and Liu Kang watching his every move.


"Who is this Deathstroke, master? Is he with us or Shang Tsung?" asks Liu Kang to Raiden.


Raiden takes off his amulet, and it cracks. Raiden looks puzzled.


"I know not, Liu Kang. But his interference seems to have had quite an effect on the timeline." says Raiden, showing Liu Kang his amulet.


"Your amulet. It's cracked again! What does this mean?" asks Liu Kang.


"We will have to gather the remaining Earthrealm warriors in this tournament and explain our dire situation. I will see you soon Liu Kang." says Raiden as he bows and teleports away in a flash of thunder.


Scorpion walks out into the gardens of the palace. He feels troubled. He feels that he should have killed Sub-Zero, and not Deathstroke. Something is definitely not right. Then Raiden suddenly appears behind him.


"Scorpion. I understand your desire for revenge against Sub-Zero and his family, but Bi-Han is dead. There is nothing more you can do. I suggest you find better way to feel peace." says Raiden.


"You know nothing about me, thunder god." says Scorpion angrily.


"I sense that Sub-Zero's death may lead to the rise of a greater threat..." ponders Raiden.


"It is none of my concern." says Scorpion, brushing Raiden away.


Scorpion sits down on on a statue of Goro. He begins to realise that Raiden is right. Maybe there is no point in looking for revenge. Maybe it won't make things any better. He looks up and sees... Deathstroke on the rooftop, about to jump into the fight between Sonya and Kano. Scorpion stands up, but doesn't act. Not yet anyway....

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Slade watched as Sonya beat her opponent senseless.  The way she moved, the skill she possessed reminded him of his daughter.  Snapping to, Deathstroke dropped from the roof top and slowly walked towards the pair in the garden.  As he emerged from the shadows, he began to speak.


"I see you are quite skilled and fully capable of taking care of your self.  May I ask you a few questions about this tournament?"

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Sonya looks up and sees Deathstroke walking towards her. Using this distraction to his advantage, Kano grabs her leg and tackles her to the ground.


"The tournament is made by Shao Kahn, Emperor of Outworld. If he wins then he gets to merge Earth with his world. I'm only working with the guy 'cause he's paying me in return for weapons. I see you're not too shabby with those weapons yourself. If you join up with Outworld, we'll become both richer than we could possibly imagine." explains Kano.


Kano puts out his hand in a sign of friendship.


"Whadaya say?"

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Slade pauses for a moment.  He looks at Kano, then at his hand, and back at him.  Pulling out his pistol he aims it a Kano's head.


"One, I do believe I was talking to the lady.  Two, I'm from Earth and I like it the way it is.  So now you have to choices.  Either let Sonya go or I shoot you between the eyes.  I'm here for one reason and one reason only, to find Raiden and save my world."


Slade tightened his grip on his gun and took the slack out of the trigger on his gun.  He then waited for Kano's answer.

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"Your loss, mate." says Kano as he pulls out a knife.


Sonya then leaps to life and kicks the knife out of Kano's hand. She then grabs him by the leg and hangs him over the edge of the bridge.


"I should kill you. But I think SF may still have use of you, Kano." says Sonya, as she ties a rope round his leg and lets him dangle from the side of the bridge.


"Waaaa!" yells Kano as all the blood rushes to his head in a flash, knocking him out.


Sonya turns to Deathstroke.


"Thanks for helping me. I'm sorry, but if you want more information on this tournament, then I'm the wrong person to talk to. I'm just as much in the dark as you. I guess if you want more info, you should probably talk to-" says Sonya, before shes cut off by Shang Tsung standing behind Slade, accompanied by Scorpion and a couple of guards.


"Me!" interupts Shang.


"What is this tournament all about, old man?" asks Sonya.


"All in good time, Miss Blade. Mr. Wilson, I believe you have a challenger in the form of Scorpion, of the Shirai Ryu clan." says Shang.


Scorpion walks forward towards Slade, with his fists literally on fire.


"Sub-Zero was mine! You had no right to kill him!" exclaims Scorpion.


Sonya attempts to run in and help Slade, but her path is cut off by Shang Tsung's flaming skull attack.


"If you please, Miss Blade, this fight is only between Deathstroke and Scorpion." says Shang Tsung.

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Slade looks at Scorpion in disapproval.  Drawing his sword, Slade held it tight in his right hand.  In his left, he still clutched his pistol.


"All I want is to finish my mission.  There is no need for you to die here today Scorpion.  Tell me where Raiden is and you get to live.  If not, I'll kill you and ask the next fool that challenges me." 

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"You're the only fool here if you think you can defeat Scorpion!" Scorpion yells in Deathstrokes face.


Scorpion pulls out his two katanas and stands in a defensive stance, ready for Deathstroke to make the first move.

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Deathstroke jumped into the air, firing a hail of bullets from his pistol.  As he flipped over Scorpion's head, he dropped a frag grenade at the ninja's feet.

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Scorpion anticipated this kind of attack, and teleports away immediately. Scorpion appears behind Slade and creates a portal to the Netherrealm for Deathstroke to fall down beneath Deathstrokes feet.


"To hell with you!" yells Scorpion as he runs toward Slade and attempts to drag him into the Netherrealm with him.

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Scorpion anticipated this kind of attack, and teleports away immediately. Scorpion appears behind Slade and creates a portal to the Netherrealm for Deathstroke to fall down beneath Deathstrokes feet.


"To hell with you!" yells Scorpion as he runs toward Slade and attempts to drag him into the Netherrealm with him.

As he falls towards Scorpion, Slade extends his sword in order to plunge it into Scorpions chest.  As much as Slade didnt want or particularly need this fight, he knew he had to win if he wanted to find Raiden and save his world.

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The sword impales Scorpion and sends him falling back into the Netherrealm.


"Oh no you don't! GET OVER HERE!" yells Scorpion as he sends a chain flying up in a second attempt to drag Deathstroke down with him.


The chain misses completely, and accidently drags Sonya down into the Netherrealm instead, who used her energy ring to counter Shang Tsung's fireballs and break through to help Slade.


"Ah!" yelps Sonya as she's helplessly dragged down into the abyss. However, she manages to hold onto Slade's leg to stop herself getting dragged in.

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Reaching down, Slade grabs Sonya's hands.  He contemplates what he should do next.  He could either save Sonya or he could continue on his journey so save his world.  As he held her hands in his, he began to let her hands slip through.  


"Sorry babe, I have a more important mission to accomplish.  I wish you the best of luck."


With that he pulls Sonya up almost out of the portal.  Reaching down with his other hand, Slade grabs the hilt and pulls his sword out of Scoprion's chest.  He then looked Sonya in the eyes and let her slip from his grasp.  Slade watched as they fell back down.

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"You bastard!" yells Sonya as she plummets down the portal.


"Deathstroke wins!" chuckles Shang Tsung.


Meanwhile, in the Netherrealm...


Sonya falls on her back onto a rock hard surface. She rolls over, groaning in pain as she sees skeletal corpses implaed on spears sticking out bodies of rock and magma.


"I'm in hell." says Sonya.


"But you shouldn't be!" says Scorpion, standing behind her.


"Yes. That's exactly why you'll let me out of here." threatens Sonya.


Scorpion creates a portal back to the palace and kicks Sonya down there. Suddenly, a green portal appears behind Scorpion. The sorcerer Quan Chi steps out of it.


"I bring news Scorpion. Sub-Zero's brother has arrived at the tournament. He wishes to challenge you in Mortal Kombat." explains Quan Chi.


"I will grant him his wish." says Scorpion, as he and Quan Chi dive through the portal back to the palace.


Back in the palace, a few minutes later, Shang Tsung is sitting on his throne as Sonya falls through the portal.


"Good to see you again, Miss Blade. If you want to find Deathstroke, he's not here." says Shang Tsung.


"Where is he?" asks Sonya.


Shang Tsung is about to tell Sonya, when the portal opens again and Scorpion and Quan Chi appear through it.


"Ah. It is our old friend, Scorpion. You will fight Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat!" yells Shang Tsung.


Sub-Zero appears in a flash of ice. With him is his friend Smoke, who appears in a cloud of gas.


"Why are you here, Smoke?" asks Sub-Zero.


"I want to help. Bi-Han was my friend as well." says Smoke.


"It appears we have another challenger. What is your name, ninja?" asks Shang Tsung.




"Well, it appears you are outnumbered Scorpion. Are you sure you don't want any help from Quan Chi?" asks Shang Tsung.


Scorpion turns to Quan Chi, who wields his sword.


"No. I will kill both of you fools and avenge my family once and for all!" yells Scorpion, as he wields his katana and runs at Sub-Zero and Smoke.


Sub-Zero creates an ice sword and blocks Scorpion's strikes. Smoke then teleports behind Scorpion and kicks him in the back. As Scorpion stumbles toward Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero grabs him and knees him in the stomach. Scorpion steadies himself after that beating, and shakes his dizziness away.


Sub-Zero and Smoke then both charge at Scorpion and do a rapid series of strikes on Scorpion, punching him several times, until Scorpion blocks both of their punches and slams their heads together.


"You are not as strong as your brother, it seems." taunts Scorpion.


"You can't beat both of us, spectre! You killed my brother, and now you'll pay!" exclaims Sub-Zero.


"What? I did not kill him. Deathstroke did!" explains Scorpion.


"Lier!" yells Smoke.


"He speaks the truth." intervenes Shang Tsung.


"Then where is this man? I wish to face him!" demands Sub-Zero.


"Very well. He is in the gardens speaking with the thunder god." says Shang.


"Come, Smoke." says Sub-Zero as the two walk out the door.


"They can't do that! Tell them to come here!" demands Scorpion, raising his fist against the sorcerer.


"Restraint, Scorpion!" yells Quan Chi.


Scorpion puts down his hand and teleports back to the Netherrealm with Quan Chi. Sonya clenches her fists and walks back to her room.


(OOC: So Deathstroke is talking to Raiden and Liu Kang about his situation presumably. I guess it's about time we got round to the actual plot.)

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Seeing as he had been away from his room so long, Slade decided to head back to get some rest.  With all he had experienced lately, he had no idea what to expect tomorrow.

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As Deathstroke headed back to his room through the gardens, he is approached by a man in a straw hat and another wearing a headband.


"What is it you want with Lord Raiden, Terminator?" asks Liu Kang.


As Raiden was about to add on to that question, Sub-Zero appeared in a sheet of ice.


"Get away from him, thunder god!" yells Sub-Zero.


"When will you ninjas ever learn that revenge gets you nowhere?" asks Liu Kang.


"How dare you insult me!" yells Sub-Zero.


Without another word, Sub-Zero dashed towards Liu Kang and goes in to punch him. Liu Kang blocks the punch easily, and kicks Sub-Zero's ass, literally.


"Ow!" exclaims Sub-Zero as he stumbles onto the floor. Sub-Zero looks up and sees a beautiful woman in blue wielding two razor sharp fans walking towards him.


"Weakling." tuts Kitana.


"Who are you?" asks Liu Kang.


"I am Kitana, Princess of Outworld. Shang Tsung has sent me to eliminate you all from the tournament." says Kitana.


"That treacherous sorcerer!" says Raiden.


Sub-Zero leaps up and tries to kick Kitana, but she grabs his leg and stabs him in the knee cap. As Sub-Zero cries out in pain, Liu Kang punches Kitana in the face and sends her flying. Kitana then throws both of her fans at Liu Kang, but they both miss. Kitana then teleports behind Liu Kang and tries to snap his neck, but Liu Kang throws her away.


"You are outmatched. Give up, while you still can." says Liu Kang.


Kitana tries one last desperate attempt to try and knock Liu Kang over, but Liu Kang kicks her in the face. Kitana then kneels before Kang in defeat.


"Kill me." says Kitana.


"Why would I do that?" asks Liu Kang.


"I have disgraced my father, Shao Kahn. You must kill me." says Kitana solemnly.


"Shao Kahn's your father? Look, I won't kill you." says Liu Kang.


"You... won't?" says Kitana, surprised.


"This encounter never took place. Leave now. I hope we meet again... Under, uh, different circumstances." says Liu Kang as he walks back towards Raiden.


"Well done, Liu Kang. Bo Rai Cho has taught you well." appluads Raiden.


"Thank you, master."


Raiden then turns to Deathstroke.


"Now, why are you looking for me, Deathstroke?" asks Raiden.

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Impressed by Liu Kang's moves Deathstroke claps.  Turning towards Raiden he begins to talk.


"I was sent by a sorcerer in search for you.  He told me that the entire omniverse was going to be destroyed if me and some others couldn't find certain people or objects."


Holding out his hand, he presented the shard.


"This crystal is what allowed me to come to this world.  All I was told was I needed to find a man named Raiden.  I have no idea how you can help, only that its imperative that you come with me to prevent the omniverse from destruction."

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Liu Kang turns to Raiden.


"Could this have something to do with your visions, Raiden?" asks Liu Kang.


"No. I fear this is something else entirely. If Deathstroke is really from an alternate dimension, I doubt he has anything to do with Armageddon." says Raiden.


Raiden can tell Deathstroke is confused.


"Armageddon is what will become of our world if Shao Kahn, emperor of Outworld merges his realm with ours. Maybe this sorcerer you speak of can help us. Can you take us to him?" asks Raiden.

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