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Zack Taylor vs. Deathbird

Zack Taylor: 4
Deathbird: 3

Rose The Hat vs. Ellen Harvelle

Rose The Hat: 4
Ellen Harvelle: 0

Bender vs. Rachel Green

Bender: 2
Rachel Green: 5

The Phantasm vs. Harley Quinn

The Phantasm: 4
Harley Quinn: 3

Richie Rich vs. Santa Claus

Richie Rich: 0
Santa Claus: 6

Space Ghost vs. Starkiller

Space Ghost: 4
Starkiller: 1

Killer Croc vs. King Shark

Killer Croc: 1
King Shark: 3

Zombie Spider-Man vs. Vampire Batman

Zombie Spider-Man: 2
Vampire Batman: 3

Anthony Fremont vs. Chuck Shurley

Anthony Fremont: 1
Chuck Shurley: 3

Batman vs. Lex Luthor

Batman: 2
Lex Luthor: 3

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Khazan Falling: Street Fighter Universe

Fight for the Shard  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Who gets the Shard?

    • Team Interpol: Chun Li, Guile and Charlie
    • Team FPL: Broker and Slag
    • Team Thief: Calendar Man and Sagat

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Continued from here:


Street Fighter Universe's Balrog and Sagat vs. FPL Universe's Broker and  Slag


Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Slam Masters (SNSM)!!!  As you all know the wrestling world has been in an uproar since the debut of former heavyweight boxing champ and current disgrace to the profession Balrog.  Since his arrival at SNSM, he has been nothing but trouble.  In his debut, he knocked out former champion Zangief with an amazing punch that sent the big Russian flying from the ring during his title defense against upcoming sensation, R. Mika.  The boxer then stole the heavyweight belt and is claiming himself the King of all Fighters.  Today, the mad boxer has again interrupted a match and has beaten Mexican high-flying superstar El Fuerte to a pulp.  Now, the monster is calling out anybody backstage or in the audience to challenge him for the belt.   When will this madness end?  Will anybody accept the challenge to put this bruiser down?


At that moment, Calendar Man comes running through a misty corner and into a smelly locker room at the SNSM stadium.  Pulling the shard out, he opens the note it is wrapped in.  There is a map of the world he is in.  He reads it aloud: 


Take the shard to Rose in Genoa, Italy.  Give her this note first.  She will assist you.


Calendar Man nods and tucks the note into his pocket.  Suddenly, the sound of Broker and Slag can be heard as the misty corner begins to shimmer.   Tucking the shard into his pocket, he rushes through a curtain and towards the sound of a loud crowd.  Upon rushing through the curtain, he enters a long runway with an enormous crowd on either side in arena seats.  His heart drops as he looks forward and notices a rather large man staring at him menacingly.  “What is this Ladies and Gentleman?  A challenger steps forward!!”  Calendar Man turns to run back, but runs into a giant doorman and two guards.  “You really want to challenge the champ, lil guy?” The doorman says.


“Um…No!  Absolutely not?”


“Well, you sure picked the wrong door to come through.”  The doorman looks at the strange calendar months tattooed on his head.  “Hmm…weirdo.  Okay weirdo.  Get out there, make it good.”  He pushes Calendar Man forward and he stumbles towards the ring. 


“Wait…no.  I’m not…” He stutters just as Broker and Slag enter the arena through the curtain.  Calendar Man’s face lightens up.  “That is to say, I’m a… a manager!   That’s it.  I’m a manager.  That girl right there, she is the challenger.  Yeah.  Send her on.” 


The doorman looks back.  “Alright, a girl?  Fine… whatever.”  Then several large guards begin pushing Broker and Slag towards the ring.  “And send the managers up there too.  Good luck you three.  You’re going to need it.”  Broker and Slag move forward too perplexed to fight back before they are at the base.  Likewise, Calendar Man is pushed forward.  Once there, he runs to the adjacent side of the ring looking for a way out, but the crowd will not let him leave.  Likewise, seven large guards are blocking the exit.    Balrog looms overhead.  “I’m going to eat your ears!”  Slag snarls in return.  Meanwhile on the other end of the arena, a large man with a huge scar pummels his way through the crowd to the announcer’s booth.  He grabs the microphone, “Balrog, make this quick.  Bison has need of us.  We have a flight to Germany to pick up the Dolls, Juli and Juni”


“Aw come on… I was gonna smash some heads.”


Sagat looks around at the mess, “Be quick about it.”



OOC: Deojusto and Potterpuppetpals, you may RP the results of your battle here.  It was a pretty overwhelming win, so feel free to go wild.  You took little to no damage.  Continue to RP until the characters you were fighting are defeated.  Once you have put them down in your own words, I will continue the storyline.  Have fun.

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(This is continued from my previous post in the original Khazan Falling page)


Calendar Man thought he got clean away with stealing the shard. He thought about the emense power he could achieve if he had all of them.


"Just think. I could recreate the universe so that everyday will be a holiday. It'll be a neverending slaughter! Broker and Slag are still probably dealing with that boxer guy and the guy with the eye patch. They probably don't even know I'm gone." said Julian to himself.


"Not so fast, Shadaloo!"


Calendar Man turned around to see Chun-Li, Guile and Charlie Nash near the exit.


"Tell us where Balrog and Sagat are going!"


Calendar Man threw a couple of razor-sharp calendar dates at Chun-Li and Guile, but they dodge them easily. Guile then carges up a sonic hurricane, which he throws at Calendar Man. Calendar Man goes flying across the room, dazed.


"Good work Guile. You perform sonic booms almost as well as me now!" joked Charlie.


Suddenly, the shard in Calendar Man's hand starts glowing.


"What's that?" demands Chun-Li


The shard then shoots a beam of energy that blows a hole in the roof, and the rocks fall down in front of him, sealing him off from the three Interpol enforcers.


"Yes. This little trinket holds great power indeed. Muhahaha!" laughs Calendar Man maniacally.

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"Eat Magma, Jackass!"


Eat magma, jackass? It was at this moment that the Broker was again glad that he had not hired Slag for her linguistic skills. However, her other skills seemed to be paying off nicely right about now, and for that he was grateful.


The arena was beginning to drip with the molten ore. The canvas was stained as if Jackson Pollock had taken his hand to it, and if he had used burning metal as paint. Balrog had managed to avoid most of the ore projectiles by skirting around the ring, but a few tell tale singes and burns on his shoulders show that some of the scatter shot was harming him.


He lunges forward, Slag eats a left hook, then a body blow, then manages to block another jab, only to get hit with an uppercut from his other hand. Slag stumbles back, checks her mouth with her tongue and finds that she's bleeding. She spits it out onto Balrog's face, and the sizzling ore hisses against his cheek. Balrog wipes it away, but as he does he notices that the tips of his gloves were beginning to melt.


"What the hell are you?"


"Me," she says, "I'm just a stupid slag. How about you?"


Her nose was bleeding out more of the burning blood. As were her arms, legs, and chest. She was coating herself in the molten metal. Balrog could still see her face sneering at him through the molten mask.


"Are you just a stupid slag too?


Then her inner hatred turned against Balrog. She screams and flings an almost misty spray of molten ore his way. The crowd goes nuts, everyone except the Broker. He's watching the fat little man with months printed on his skull try and sneak off. That would have to wait till later though.


Balrog phases through the first barrage and punches straight into Slag's jaw. It's like punching a wall, a very angry wall. Slag swings for him, but moves too slow. Balrog jumps back, then barks in anger as he steps in one of the steaming piles of magma littering the canvas. He then glances at the ore covered floor. The last attack didn't it him but covered nearly every square inch of the canvas with burning metal. His agility was limited to a tiny zone in the center that was left unharmed. Maybe he would have recognized this as an area-denial strategy, or maybe not; maybe he too was just a stupid slag. His opponent stalks forward and charges him. Balrog refuses to go down without a fight, he counterstrikes with a huge punch.


The punch lands against her chest, it hits with a powerful sounding thunk. Then it sinks in. His fist begins to seep into her molten metal skin, trapping him like quicksand. He tries pulling back, but Slag wraps herself around him. The burning metal keeps flowing and creeps around the two. Balrog begins to yell and curse as the burning metal encases him slowly. The audience falls silent, unsure of what to feel; the only sound comes from Balrog, and that sound stops after the metal encases his head. They fall to the floor with an impact that comes close to collapsing the ring.


The Broker observes the pair as they slowly turn into two vaguely human shaped lumps of burning metal, embracing each other on the canvas. They sit and ooze and burn for awhile; then Slag ends the embrace. The female shaped hunk of metal stands and leaves the other on the floor. She takes a few steps away and the metal begins to recede. Some of it flows back to the inside of her body, some of it just falls to the floor. She's left in her normal state, well less then normal; as usual her clothes do not survive the metal transformation. The audience begins to find it's voice again and Slag does her best to ignore them. She crosses her arms across her chest and retreats to her corner where the Broker is waiting without interest. 


She walks past him, scans the rows of the audience for someone, then moves towards a nearby jeering audience member, a full bearded biker in a leather jacket. She grabs the man by the throat. 


"Clothes, take them off. Now."


"What, are frickin' seriou you little,"


The Broker stands behind her.


"I'd do as the lady says if I were you," he then points to the heap of metal that was Balrog, "unless you want to end up like him."


The audience shuts up, despite a few stiffled laughs as the man undresses. No one laughs to hard, at least not when Slag might be looking their way. The next fight seemed to be starting up. The doorman was trying to collect people's attention with mixed results.


Slag pulled up the man's pants and tightened them with his belt. The shirt and jacket were a tad too big for her and hung off her shoulders, but she didn't seem to mind. 


"Shoes, too," she says.


The man spits on the floor then takes off his leather boots. They went almost up to Slag's knees. She thanks the man, then her and the Broker push towards the exit. The Broker doesn't point out that he could have just given her clothes creation powers because he didn't really care about the naked biker, and had learned that sometimes it was best to just let Slag work out her aggression.


"So," she eventually says, "what's next? We follow the other guy."


"No," Broker says, " I think he managed to leave when it your victory became apparent. Congratulations by the way."


She nods her head weakly.


"Thank you, sir."


"No trouble," he says, "as for our next step, it involves recovering some stolen property."


He touches her shoulder. She's used the teleportation power before, it makes her feel like she's standing in tilt-a-whirl. Broker tells her where he last saw the fat little serial killer heading and they're off. When they re-emerge they hear some maniacal laughter and turn to see the him standing there with the crystal in his hand. Broker trades out the teleportation for something a little more aggressive, duplication.


Slag didn't actually mind this one as much. From one, she became two, from two, four, from four, eight, until 16 Slags stood ready in the room (OOC: alleyway? I wasn't sure where Calendar man said he was running off too). The clones were more like rough copies, they had no appearance, no flesh, simply burning metal dopplegangers. The original Slag didn't care to look at them. 


"Now, if you would" the Broker says, "charge."


The original slag leads the onslaught, with fourteen of her burning metal sisters charging behind her. Two stand behind with Broker. He pulls out a long thin cigarette and one of them touches its tip with it's silvery finger. The Cigarette smolders and lights. 


"Thank you darling."

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OOC: CALENDAR MAN, I CHALLENGE THEEE! Give me the shard or today will be celebrated as the holiday of your doom! 


Dun dun dunnnnnnnn.....

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(OOC: Potter you can choose to accept the challenge, in which case I'll set up a short poll.  You guys can then RP for votes for a day or two.  Or you can not accept the challenge if you have some other plans for getting out of this.  If you choose not to accept, just say so in RP form.)

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(OOC: I accept, but here are the parameters)


"Ah. So you did see me steal the shard. I shall enjoy obliterating you two fools! After I defeat you, I'll be having a little visit to Italy, where this Rose woman will tell me how to use this thing, whether she likes it or not!"


Calendar Man gets in a combat-ready stance as he prepares to fight Broker and Slag, when Sagat bursts through a wall.


"You two! Bison told me that Balrog was imperitive to this mission! He'll probably fire me for this!" yells Sagat, enraged.


Sagat turns to Calendar Man.


"Hey, you with the weird tattooes. You with these guys?" asks Sagat impatiently.


"No..." says Calendar Man nervously.


"Then help me teach these jokes a lesson!" says Sagat, clenching his fists.


(OOC: Yeah, this makes more sense)

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Sagat slowly inched his way towards the group ahead of him.  In a Muy Thai stance, he inhaled slowly and smiled.  Calendar Man likewise, took up a fighting position when suddenly…


There was a crash from behind.  “Drop a ceiling on us will you?”  Chun Li bursts through a door that is shattered to pieces.  Quickly Guile rushes through, “Sonic Boom!” He shouts.  The energy blasts flies forward and grazes Calendar Man as he nimbly dodges.  “No!” He shouts and the shard flies from his pocket and into a nearby trash can.  “That’s the thing he shot us with!”  Chun Li shouts.  “Let’s get it.” Charlie yells.  Within seconds, there is a mad dash for the shard.




The shard is in a trash can.  It is nearest to Calendar Man and Sagat.  Sagat doesn’t want it, but he does want revenge on Broker and Slag.  Broker and Slag are next closest and Guile, Chun Li and Charlie are farthest, but they all have projectiles that they are firing at anybody who gets closest to the trashcan before they do.  Who gets it first?  You may RP your attempts to get it.  Eventually, I will set up a poll.  Your goal is to give us the most entertaining fight/ battle for the shard.  Potter, you are in charge of yourself and Sagat.  Deo, you can only RP Broker and Slag.  Just assume that Guile, Chun Li and Charlie are running forward, but are far away and tossing projectiles.    After that, whoever has it gets to keep it.

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The squadron of Slags were surrounded by the slew of super strong soldiers, and so they needed a sagacious strategy for success.


"GET 'EM!" the original Slag says to her sisters.


Meanwhile the Broker gestured slightly more in depth tactics that pushed his team forward. The slag clones followed his every indication without question. Two of the molten golems stood by his side, protecting his person, because one does not leave the King undefended. 


Of the remaining 14, the Original Slag lead the offense with six of her sisters, charging Sagat and Calendar Man. Under instruction from the Boss they split unevenly, focusing more minions on the more 'substantial' threat. Four clones attack Sagat and try to tackle him like a defensive line against a single quarterback. The other two move on Calendar man, one charging in, the other following behind.


The original Slag decides that the alley was cramped enough as it is. She decides to use this to her advantage and fires a volley high into the air over Sagat and Calendar Man like a big molten mortar shell. The wide area-spread of her shot should, in her mind at least, cover everything in the narrowness of that side of the alleyway in an aerial attack. She seemed less concerned with hitting her sisters because A. They were made of the same stuff and B. They're clones, so who the hell cares?


That leaves seven Slags unaccounted for, doesn't it? With little else to do, they rush for the trashcan, hoping that they're molten Colossus physiques will protect them from the projectiles of the oncoming Street Fighters. I say 'hoping', because that was what the Broker was hoping, not the expendable Slag drones. Their hopes aren't really of concern. It's not even clear that they have them, and even if they did, it's unlikely that Broker would care much. That said, he did attempt at least some method of protecting them.


"Excuse me," he calls out to the 3 heroic fighters, "would any of you happen to be Rose?"


He didn't know who Rose was. Calendar Man had referenced her a minute ago as someone who could tell him how to use the Shard. Maybe these people knew her. Maybe they worked for her. Maybe they hated her guts and would try and kill him for bringing up her name. Anything was possible, but in his line of work that was always the case, and at least it might distract the oncoming street fighters for a tad while the pawns moved across the board.   

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Calendar Man gets out his two knives and slashes away at the Slag clones, while Sagat charges up a huge Tiger Shot as the other clones move in on him.


Calendar Man proves to be rather skilled with the knives than the Slags expected, and moved with surprising agility. Calendar Man and Sagat then see the shot the real Slag volleyed into the air. Sagat decides to throw his huge Tiger Shot at the shot Slag fired to counter it, but this leaves him wide open as the Slag clones begin striking Sagat. Sagat then throws a Tiger Uppercut, stunning most of the clones, even though it didn't actually hit any of them directly.


Sagat then turns to the three Interpol officers coming towards him. He begins scrathing at the huge scar on his chest left by the World Warrior, Ryu.


"If I can take a Metsu Shoryuken, then I can sure as hell take on all you losers!" yelled Sagat.

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"What is that thing they are all fighting over?"  Charlie asks.  "I saw it too.  Seems to be the cause of a big fuss.  I'll get it."  Chun Li replies.  Guild grabs her arm before she leaves.  "Be careful, I'm not recognizing any of these people."  She nods and continues forward towards a group of Slags. "We'll cover you.  We get that and perhaps we can control this situation before it gets out of hand."


Meanwhile, Guile and Charlie leap near another group of Slags and release their most devastating attacks.








(ooc: Poll is up till tomorrow.)

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The squadron of clones were punching and striking at Sagat and the little freak. The shirtless man's attempt to counter Slag's volley only made it explode in air, raining molten lead over him and his new companion, as well as the Slag clones attacking them.


This was of little concern to the Broker. His main focus was on the shard. Of the seven clones who went for it, three were blown up by on the way by a sonic hurricane, another one was taken out by a sonic break, and three managed to reach the trash can unharmed. Then Chun Li dropped in and spin kicked the group. 


This plan wasn't working. It was fine when it was sixteen on two, but if he had to fight five enemies at once while trying to retrieve the shard, then everything would simply crumble. Time to mix things up.


He touches the shoulder of one of the molten clones next to him. The other clones all pop like lead balloons. The molten metal spews over the entire field of battle. Even the original Slag watches, then feels her insides bubbling up. She looks back at the Broker and he says nothing. Then she pops like the others, leaving nothing but burning slag in her place.


The remaining Slag clone, takes more form, gaining a more human appearance and a worried look. The appearance of the original soon comes in a little clearer. There was a little silence as the battle stopped when over half the combatants ceased to be. The remaining Slag stares at her hands.


"How did you,"


"Transitive property my dear," The Broker says, "The clones came from you, and were of you. And so I merely switched your identity from the original body, to one of the clone bodies. It was easier then waiting for you to walk back on your own. You can ponder the meta-physics of whether you are the real original or not at some other time. I'm changing our strategy my dear, so please try and focus on the task at hand."


With her duplication powers gone, Slag felt a different power filling her mind. It wasn't one The Broker trusted her with quite often, and even when he did, he made sure it couldn't be used against him. 


Slag looks towards the Interpol agents and just sort of thinks at them.


You are thinking this, you know these as your thoughts. Those men over there are bad men. They attacked you. You can't let them escape. The shard is of no use to you. The man in the suit and the woman with him are innocent bystanders. You cannot let the bad men hurt them. Stopping them is the ONLY thing that matters, not the shard, not anything. You know what you HAVE to do to stop them....


After she finishes, her and the Broker sort of stroll across the alley towards the shard, leaving the other two teams to fight it out for them.  


(OOC: Duplication traded in for superior Mind Control with area effect and multi-attack. Slag is sending the three interpol agents right at Sagat and Calendar Man)  

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Sagat and Calendar Man watch as all the Slags disintergrate into molten metal.


"Why the hell would they do that?" asks Calendar Man.


"They wish to gain a tactical advantage. They are probably trying to sneak round us and get that glowing object in the trash can." says Sagat.


"WHAT!? We need to stop them!" yells Calendar Man.


"Watch out!" warns Sagat as Charlie runs in and tackles Calendar Man to the ground.


Enraged, Calendar Man tries to stab Charlie, but Charlie kicks the knife out of his hand, and then flash kicks Calendar Man right on the bonce. Calendar Man is down.


"It's over, Sagat. Tell us what that glowing rock is, and who you're new little friends are." demands Charlie.


"I don't know. I just wanted to take down those guys after they beat Balrog, but now, I'm taking you three down too." snarls Sagat.


"Uh... You sure about this? It is three against one afterall." says Charlie as Guile and Chun-Li run in to help.


"How dare you! I am the God of Muay Thai! I will crush you all!" yells Sagat at the three Interpol agents.


Meanwhile in a top secret Shadaloo base... (OOC: Please tell me if any of this contradicts any of your plans, treach)


"Where's Balrog?" asks a burly black man with a ridiculous blonde mowhawk.


"I saw him get pulverised by that woman on the TV, and Sagat ran off by the looks of it. I doubt they'll be coming back, or Bison will have a few words with them." says a man in a white mask.


"Bison is gone. Shadaloo scientists aid they saw him get taken away by a man in a metal mask and a green cloak." says a blue-skinned man in a suit.


"Well this ain't good. How are we gonna get the Dolls here, then?" says the man with the mowhawk.


"I'm glad those two ugly whelps are gone. They only got in the way." says the masked man abruptly.


"Sagat and Balrog were both crucial parts of this mission. Let us not get our personal feelings get in the way, Vega." says the blue man.


"So I guess I am in charge now. Afterall, I am Bison's favourite assassin." says the masked man.


"I am the head of SIN, while you two are just mere goons. I should be in charge." says the blue man.


"Bollocks!" says the man with the mowhawk.


All three begin fighting over the table. Seth stretches his arms and wraps them around Vega, while Birdie punches Seth in the face, sending him flying. Vega then leaps over the table and begins slashing away at Birdie, who howls in pain. Seth then charges up a sonic hurricane, which he throws at Birdie and Vega, knocking them both out.


Seth then grabs a phone and calls Sagat.


Back in the alleyway...


Sagat hears his mobile ringing and picks it out of his pocket.


"What is it, I'm busy!" yells Sagat into the phone.


"Sagat! Get your ass down here NOW! Bison is gone, and I'm now in charge, so pick up the Dolls on the way!" yells Seth.


"Who is this?" aks Sagat.


"I am Seth, leader of Shadaloo's weapon division, SIN. Now get to the Shadaloo base." says Seth.


As Sagat speaks on the phone, Chun-Li kicks it out of his hand. Sagat then grabs her leg and throws her on the floor, before punching her several times. Guile then tries to punch Sagat, but Sagat counters all Guile's attacks, and twists his wrist, making Guile scream in pain. He then Picks up Guile and uses him as a human club to beat Charlie with. Charlie dodges all of Sagat's attacks, but when Charlie goes in to punch Sagat, he accidently punches Guile. Sagat then throws Guile on top of Charlie, pinning him down. With all three Interpol agents on the ground, Sagat runs out of the alleyway.


As Broker and Slag watch Sagat run off, Calendar Man gets up and hobbles off with him. Chun-Li, Guile and Charlie also get up and give chase.

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