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Bibendum, the Michelin Man vs. Christine

Bibendum, the Michelin Man: 6
Christine: 2

Bear Grylls vs. Jason Voorhees

Bear Grylls: 4
Jason Voorhees: 9

K' vs. Ken Masters

K': 2
Ken Masters: 8

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Sie Kensou

Raphael (Mirage): 17
Sie Kensou: 1

Rachel vs. Shura

Rachel: 7
Shura: 2

Alex Cross vs. Azazel

Alex Cross: 2
Azazel: 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Bone Saw McGraw

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 7
Bone Saw McGraw: 4

Bass Armstrong vs. Alex (Street Fighter)

Bass Armstrong: 2
Alex (Street Fighter): 5

Dhalsim vs. Voldo

Dhalsim: 4
Voldo: 3

Cindy Aurum vs. Deliah Blue

Cindy Aurum: 4
Deliah Blue: 3

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Match 13795 Cammy White vs. Billy Kane

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In his secret MIST base out in the ocean, Victor Donovan was handed a scrap of paper by one of his assistants.


“Are you sure this information is accurate?†Donovan asked.


She nodded. Donovan smiled and immediately dialed his assassin, Christie.


Christie answered from her silver mustang. “Hello?â€


“Progress report?†said Donovan.


“I finally found Billy Kane,†replied Christie. “I think he’ll be a good addition for us. He is willing to do just about anything if we set him and his sister up financially. If one of our enemies is a smoker, he might take them out free of charge. When I found him he was pounding on some pathetic twerp just for lighting one up in front of him.â€


Billy chuckled.


“Where are you headed toward now?†asked Donovan.


“Metro City. I’m hoping I can find some useful parts from the old Mad Gear gang that used to run amok there. I’m not particularly confident about it.â€


“Do not worry about that. I will send someone else to Metro City to recruit, I need you to do something else,†Donovan informed.


“I’m listening.â€


“Unfortunately, Yoshimitsu and his entire Manji Clan have been harder to locate than I anticipated. This is a serious problem because when I made my deal with Kazuya, I assured him that I would have an easier time getting to Yoshimitsu and acquiring the sword since he does not know me," explained Donovan. “I believe someone has tipped Yoshimitsu off and now he is in hiding. It is an exercise in futility, I will find him soon enough. Meanwhile, I want to switch up strategies and play some defense.â€


Christie listened intently.


“M. Bison and Shadoloo are also pursuing the sword. If we can find a way to obstruct their search, it might prevent Kazuya from becoming too anxious and rethinking our deal.â€


“How do you propose we do that?†Christie wondered.


“The Dolls,†said Donovan.


“The Dolls?†Christie repeated.


“It was the name of Bison’s personal guard. Young girls hand picked by Bison himself and then brainwashed to be killers and put in matching outfits to be his bodyguards.â€


“Sounds kinda kinky,†said Christie.


“All twelve of the Dolls were beaten severely by an operative named Juri Han not too long ago. I have obtained the location of the hospital where one currently resides, and I want you to go retrieve her. Take Billy with you. Her mind is probably a jumbled mess at this point, but the G Corporation’s scientists are no strangers to human experimentation, I’m sure they can extract some valuable information from her that we can use against Bison,†said Donovan.


“So you want us to deliver a damaged Doll to Kazuya?â€


“Precisely. I’m sending the information to you now.â€


“It will be done.â€


Christie hung up the phone and noticed a peculiar look from Billy. “It’s for the money, Billy, it’s always for the money.â€




Cammy quickly finished eating her food in the hospital cafeteria. She looked at her pet cat on the table. “I’m sure she is up by now. We should go see how she is doing.â€

Several floors above Cammy, Christie and Billy Kane were wandering the halls. Billy, dressed as an orderly, rolled a wheel chair behind Christie, who was dressed as a nurse.


“The name on her paperwork is Juni, and her room should be on this floor somewhere, we just need to find it. Look for 6B,†instructed Christie.


“And then we just inject her with the needle and roll her out?†asked Billy.


“That’s it,†answered Christie. “A quick and easy job. No mess and no unneeded attention. It was completely unnecessary for you to sneak your staff in here. It’s a non smoking building, I don’t think anyone here will incur your anger.â€


“I like having my staff on me, besides I brought it with me in large part because you told me not too.

I’ve never been too fond of people telling me what to do,†Billy replied.


Christie stopped walking for a moment and lifted an eyebrow. “And you wonder why you struggle to make enough money to support you and your sister?â€


Billy tilted his head in agreement and then pointed at a door on the right. “There it is.â€


Christie and Billy entered the room. Juni was awake, but in a very groggy state.


“I haven’t seen you guys here before. Did you just start working here?†Juni asked.


“Work for a nurse’s salary? What a depressing joke,†Christie remarked.


Christie quickly pulled out her syringe and jammed it in Juni’s neck.


Down the hall, Cammy stepped off the elevator on her phone with Chun Li. "You caught Balrog, that is fantastic. You know I’d love to be there with you, but I can’t leave Juni’s side until I know she is going to be alright. She has recently made some fantastic progress. I think having someone here to cheer her on has been a major source of encouragement and comfort for her. But, keep me posted on how the hunt is going. As soon as Juni recovers to an acceptable state, I will fly out there to be with you. Hold on Chun Li, it looks like they are moving her for some reason. I will have to call you back.â€


Cammy hung up the phone as she entered Juni’s room.


“Excuse me, where are you taking this patient?†she asked.


“She is scheduled for some tests today,†replied Christie as she wheeled Juni to the doorway.


“No she is not. I know her full itinerary,†Cammy said sharply. She looked down at Juni’s drugged condition. “What have you done to her?â€


Christie shook her head. “So much for the quick and easy approach.â€


Christie lunged at Cammy with the syringe. Cammy deftly knocked it out of her hands.


Christie looked at the syringe on the ground and then back up at Cammy. “Oh, I see we have a fighter on her hands. Another Doll perhaps? I guess I should have known with that skin tight green leotard your wearing. Where can I get one of those?â€


Cammy stepped into her fighting stance. “There’s plenty more of that waiting for you if you don’t tell me who you are and what you want with Juni this instant.â€


“I think not.†Christie looked at Billy. “Time to earn your money, Billy. When you’re finished meet me at the hotel. I’m going to wheel Miss Juni out of here before we attract any more unwanted guests.â€


“You are crazy if you think I’m going to let you leave with her,†said Cammy.


Billy Kane quickly pulled his staff out and blocked Cammy from approaching Christie and Juni. “You don’t have much of a say in the matter, sweetheart.â€


Christie laughed. “You two have fun.â€

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Going with Billy after a very close fight. Billy is the right hand of Geese and was undefeated until losing to Terry. That suggests that he is very good.

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My virus riddled computer doesn't process half my comments. :angry:  I don't know Billy Kane so I had to research him. I agree with Magikal, if it took Terry Bogart to beat him, Cammy not going to stop him.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. 


I, too, think Billy can hold off Cammy at the very least, and eventually beat her in a tough fight. As mentioned, it took Terry Bogart to finally beat him in Fatal Fury canon. 

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Match Final Results


DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Another good continuation of this arc.

leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A


Cammy White: 13

Billy Kane: 3

FPA: 4.0


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