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Match 13784 Rose vs. Viola

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Z.W.E.I. sharpened his sword carefully in a dimly lit, abandoned shop. He stopped often to get a better look at his craftsmanship. After a short while he was joined by his traveling companion, Viola.


“It is time,†she said with authority.


“It is time for what?â€


“Time for action! Action to prevent the horrible vision I have been having for over a decade,†explained Viola.


“Which vision...wait a minute you don’t mean THE vision...the one with the winged demons and the soulless vessels and the epic fights that will shake mountains.â€




“It can’t be. We already did our action all those years ago when we willingly took shards of the Soul Edge into our bodies. Then we scattered across the globe so that if anyone would ever find it they would not be able to use its full power. We have played our part,†said Z.W.E.I.


“It’s not enough,†Viola countered. “In the last few hundred years the world has expanded, but it has also shrunk. If it comes to it, I doubt we could hide very long. We need to bring the fight to them to protect this thing that we have dedicated our lives too.â€


“I’m always up for a good fight, but do you think we are strong enough? Fights that shake mountains sounds like some pretty strong competition,†said Z.W.E.I. “Taking parts of the Soul Edge into us may have stunted our aging, heck I don’t even know how old I actually am, but it doesn’t make us immortal. Remember what happened to Patrokolos.â€


Viola smiled. “And you should remember that you aren’t that easy to kill. Remember we all thought you dead when Pyrrha stabbed you in the back and you fell into the abyss. There are allies out there that can help us. These men that desire the Soul Edge have enemies of their own, some enemies that dabble in the mystic arts as I do. I can feel a connection to them as I’m sure they do to me.â€


“I don’t like it. I think we should try to at least find Siegfried first before we make our move,†Z.W.E.I insisted.


“Ok. But, first thing in the morning we began our quest by tracking down Siegfried. There is no time to waste,†said Viola.


“I promise,†replied Z.W.E.I.


The next morning Z.W.E.I. looked around for Viola, but could not find her. His face fell when he found a note on the counter.


Dear Z.W.E.I,


I thank you so much for being my companion for the last three centuries, and for being my friend. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I understand your hesitation, but if I am to stop this horror from happening I can not afford trepidation. I have left to Italy to find the fortune teller, Rose. If you want to stand with me then I will see you there, if not I understand and wish me luck.





Z.W.E.I. crumpled up the note in anger.




Viola walked into Rose’s shop and sat in the seat across from her.


“I am not open today,†said Rose.


“I am not here to get my fortune read. I have a pretty good handle on my destiny. My name is...â€


“I know who you are.â€


“Good, then you know why I’m here." Viola laid out pictures of M. Bison, Victor Donovan, Kazuya Mishima, and Jin Kazama. “I need your help in stopping these men. I know you have a unique connection to the one on the left.â€


“I can not help you,†said Rose.




Rose stared into Viola‘s eyes. “There is a darkness in your soul. I felt it the moment you stepped in my door.â€


“You don’t understand. We did what we had to do. We had tried to help Siegfried destroy Soul Edge so many times and it always came back. We had to try something else. So Yoshimitsu of the Manji clan agreed to hide it in a place no one would ever find it. Only the current holder of the Yoshimitsu title would ever know its location. But even that was not enough. As an insurance policy, we all took in a little piece of the wicked sword into our very beings so that if anyone did find it they would need to destroy us all for Soul Edge to reach its full potential. It was a drastic move, but it was one that worked, until now,†Viola explained.


“I am not judging your actions. I, too, have felt darkness in my soul. I share the same soul as Bison, and for a time he possessed me completely. But, that sword’s presence in your soul taints your visions, it prevents you from seeing the whole picture,†said Rose.


“It does not matter what you say. I know what I must do,†Viola insisted. “If you will not help me, then I will find someone who will.â€


“I can’t let you do that.â€


“Excuse me?â€


“You think your strong conviction to confront these men comes from your desire to destroy Soul Edge. In reality, it is the evil sword working through you, bringing you home,†Rose said sharply.


“I am not nor have I ever been a puppet to the Soul Edge!†Viola rose to her feet. “The shard that rests in me is not strong enough to cloud my judgment.â€


“So you believe. But, your belief is wrong!†Rose declared. “And I can not allow you to actively engage these men and make it easier for that wretched weapon to find its way back into this world. My heart shudders at the thought of what Bison might do if he is able to add the Soul Edge’s power to his own.â€


“I know that Soul Edge is not affecting my decisions, I believe it is fear that is affecting yours,†Viola said coldly.


Rose shook her head. “How can someone who has lived for so long still be so young and naive.â€


Viola prepared herself for battle. “If you think you can stop me from pursuing them, half soul, I invite you to try.â€


“Then I guess I must accept your invitation.â€

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Yes! I knew you were going to bring in Soul Calibur characters! I'm liking this plotline!


I want to vote for Rose but I have a feeling Viola could do well here. Hopefully somebody puts up an argument for her.


My reason for Rose is because she's one of the few people in Street Fighter that could realistically take on Bison.

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Great video game arc and I liked your using characters who are aren't used often. Rose's soul power is very powerful and she has beaten Bison. Hell she could absorb someone's soul if she wanted to like Bison. Viola loses.

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Good set-up, Johnny. 


After watching some vids, both Rose and Viola seem to have some tricky magical attacks. Rose appears to be more powerful after reading both ladies' bios, though, so she'd probably win after a moderate struggle and continue on her way. 

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Match Final Results


leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A

bigballerju gives it a grade of: A

DSkillz gives it a grade of: A Nice arc story and decent matchup.


Rose: 8

Viola: 3

FPA: 4.0


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