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Match 13770 Miriya Parina Sterling vs. Jetfire

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          Previously: The Zentraedi attempted to purge a planet overrun with Insecticon clones. Ace pilot, Miriya lead a team to the surface to confirm the obliteration. She was engaged by the main three Instecticons (Shrapnel, Kickback and Bombshell), and was defeated in battle.


         The scream was piercing and Miriya was having trouble blocking it out.

          The Insecticon swarm had devoured most of her squadron, but a few remained alive for the robot bugs’ amusement. True, they had questions which they wanted to be certain that they had truthful answers for, but the sick mechs enjoyed the torment even when they knew learned what they wanted.

          Miriya had been sparred the worst of it. Although she had experienced her fair share of pain. The dreaded fact that she was still alive told her that there was still more to come.

          Her combat wingman was currently suffering the Insecticons’ tender mercies. She was tough but it wouldn’t be long before her body gave out.

          “How can you do this!†Miriya mustered as much anger as she could. “The Decepticons are reputed to be mighty conquerors! This prisoner torture brings no glory! You’re nothing but monsters!â€

          One of them, Shrapnel, approached her. His head cocked and twitched as if he were being mildly electrocuted at regular intervals.

          “But breaking a specimen is so delightful… delightful. Can’t you hear the different pitches of your friend as we do different things to her… to her?â€

          “You had better finish me quickly.†Miriya glowered. “Because if I escape, I’ll…â€

          “Oh spare us the threats!†Another one, Kickback, cut her off. “There are more interesting sounds that should be coming out of you mouth.â€

          Even through her pain, Miriya saw something in the far corner. A bird mech, watching the entire ordeal.

          Laserbeak recorded the persecution and transmitted the signal to Soundwave.

          In an altercation, Soundwave had destroyed King Mondo, the result of that, awarded him power over the Machine Empire. He had no desire to rule. But the Empire’s resources were too useful to walk away from.

          According to Laserbeak’s spying, the Insecticons submitted to Starscream’s authority. That meant that they would kill him on site if they could. More likely, they would report his presence to the Decepticons, gaining more favor for themselves.

          The other one, however- The Zentraedi- could be a potential ally.

          He watched her agony. He watched the Insecticons enjoy it. Then he watched the fury in her eyes during her breaks. Given the slightest chance, she would destroy them utterly.

          The Insecticons were called away to Decepticon business. But they weren’t finished with Miriya, so they left her alive.

          Under Soundwave’s instruction, Laserbeak made his move.

          He began to free the Zentraedi. She was unconscious, but the tampering with her binds stirred her.

          A mini holo image of Soundwave appeared before her. In his harmonized monotonic voice he spoke.

          “Greetings Zentraedi. My designation is Soundwave.â€

          “What do you want?†Miriya growled weakly.

          “I offer you a chance at revenge.â€

          This perked her up.

          “You would betray your own kind?â€

          “Do you want revenge or not?†Soundwave ignored her question.

          “I do.â€

          With that, Laserbeak finished freeing her from her bonds.

          She was too weak to do anything right now. Soundwave beamed her to his ship.

          Once aboard, micronian Cogs tended to her. They were like little roaches crawling all over her but she allowed them to nurse her wounds. When they were finished, Soundwave visited her.

          “Why are you helping me?†Miriya asked, making sure that she sounded more demanding than curious.

          “I have my reasons.†Was his answer. He then presented her with a gift.

          “I have rebuilt your battle armor. But I do not know the specifications of Zentraedi systems. You should test it.â€

          “I would be more than happy to squash those bug bots.†Miriya snarled.

          “No. Not the Insecticons. Not yet. I have another target for you.â€

          A display screen came to life showing a bulky jet fighter flying through space.

          “A loan Cybertronian?†Miriya recoiled.

          “Being that three were too much for you, a single Autobot should be sufficient sport.†Said Soundwave.

          “Fine.†She climbed inside the Quadrino battle suit and settled in for battle.


          Jetfire was excited about his find- a human habitable planitod within an asteroid field. It lay in Cardassian controlled space so he wasn’t thrilled about them finding it, but it was an amazing discovery.

The scientist in his spark had him ready to go warp speed. But he wasn’t capable of that kind of velocity. He would need to reach a larger ship, report the find to Autobot command and they could decide what to do about this freak asteroid.

So blissful in his discovery, Jetfire noticed far too late the bogie closing on him. If he hadn’t performed an automatic course correction, he would have been shot down.

          Miriya growled at her missed shot.  “You won’t be so lucky next time.â€


Fight Parameters

dog fight in space

This is Generation 1 Jetfire

Miriya is full-sized, in her Zentraedi Quadrino battle armor


Here’s a video of Miriya in combat with Max. It’s from the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie which has a much better fight than they had in the cartoon series. Didn’t see an English version available.



And here’s Jetfire from the Fall of Cybertron game. He’s most like his G1 interpretation here.


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This is Generation 1 Jetfire

I don't think this'll end well.



Miriya is full-sized, in her Zentraedi Quadrino battle armor

......You do realize Miriya is like one of the best aces the Zentradi have to offer right? As in her piloting skills are more than enough to give OYW Amuro or Char a run for their money.


That being said Miriya rips apart Jetfire with no trouble at all.

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Good set-up, leroy. 


I think Miriya wins this. Yeah, Jetfire's bigger, but Miriya's jet/battle armor appears to be much quicker in the air, she probably wouldn't have too much problem dodging Jetfire's shots and tagging him plenty with her own. Also, for being such a big 'bot, Jetfire hasn't proven all that durable, either. 


Miriya takes this, eventually.

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Thanks ya'll. And thank you Dskillz for putting Jetfire back in the database (even though I didn't know that until, I went to put him back in my self)


Since a lot of people on here don't seem to know Robotech very well, I figured I'd get them some matches under their belts against opponents they should beat. Trying to figure out who to put Breetai against and then how to get him into the fight.

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Match Final Results


DSkillz gives it a grade of: B Good matchup and interesting side story of your mega-arc.


Miriya Parina Sterling: 5

Jetfire: 1

FPA: 3.0


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