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Match 13768 Leo Kliesen vs. King (Art Of Fighting)

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 â€œA sumo wrestler?" Christie repeated into her cell phone in disbelief. She almost fell from her barstool.


“Yes. Ganryu was a sumo wrestler, but now he is simply available muscle for cash. I can not speak to his abilities, but Kazuya informed me that Ganryu used to be his bodyguard and he is in desperate need to prove himself to Kazuya. So he has loaned us Ganryu for our expedition,†explained Donovan. “If our trek to obtain the Soul Edge gathers as much attention as I think it will, we will need as many capable fighters as possible. How is your recruitment going?â€


“I’m in South Town now. I read that Geese Howard had some impressive fighters when he was running things down here. Now all there is are stories. Everyone remembers Geese Howard and the Howard Connection, but there doesn’t seem to be any remnants of a skilled crew to hire.†Christie twirled the straw in her drink. “I was hoping to find Billy Kane, his rap sheet is quite impressive and I think he would be a fine addition, but I haven’t been able to track him down. I haven’t even seen either of those famous Bogard brothers that I kept hearing about. Maybe everybody has deserted this town. I’ll try to see if I can get a line on Billy Kane and then move to the next spot.â€


“Very good. We still have much that we need to do, so work fast,†said Donovan.


“Understood,†replied Christie. She hung up her cell phone. “Excuse me, mam?â€


King, the owner and bartender of the Illusion Bar where Christie was currently at, approached her. “Another round?â€


“No. I’m good for the night. I just wanted to ask you a question. Do you know a Billy Kane?â€


“I do.â€


“Do you know where I may find him?â€


“Last I heard he was back in the UK with his sister,†answered King.


Christie sighed and then placed a tip on the counter before leaving. “Thanks.â€




Later that night, King’s friend Ryo Sakazaki entered her bar.


“Ryo! What brings you to my bar?â€


A half smile appeared on Ryo's face. “Just came to see a good friend, and get my mind off things.â€


“What kinds of things?†asked King.


“I think Robert and my sister might end up engaged. He hasn’t said anything to me, but I know he’s

thinking about it,†explained Ryo.


“So your best friend slash rival would end up being your brother in law. What could be better than



Ryo shrugged and shook his head. “I don’t know. I gave him my blessing to date her awhile ago, and it’s not like I would want her with someone else. It’s just.... I don’t want to think about it right now.â€


“She’s your little sister. I think I understand,†said King.


‘I’ve actually been looking around town for Terry Bogard, or Andy. A good sparring match will clear up my head, not to mention I really want to stay sharp for the next King of Fighters tournament. But, I haven’t had any luck contacting them. Do you know where they are?†asked Ryo.


“I think Andy mentioned something about going out to Metro City, but I don’t know for what reason,†answered King. “It’s funny that you bring them up, there was a woman in here earlier looking for Billy Kane.â€


“Billy? Really? A gilted ex girlfriend perhaps,†guessed Ryo.


“Doubtful. Even though she was wearing a cocktail dress, she was definitely a fighter. I could tell.â€


â€Interesting. What did you tell her?â€


â€I told her he was in England with his siter. In truth, I don‘t know where he is. As for your situation, I was just about to close up shop. My last name isn‘t Bogard, but we have tussled a few times in this bar. I‘ll be a sparring partner for you if that is what you are looking for."


Ryo began to accept her offer when he was suddenly interrupted by someone else who had entered the bar.


“Excuse me?â€


“Are you old enough to be in this bar boy... wait a minute....†said King. “You’re a girl.â€


The girl responded with a sly grin.


“What’s your name?†asked King.


“Leo Kliesen,†the girl answered.


“What are you doing in my bar, Miss Kliesen?â€


“I came to see you,†said Leo. “We’ve never met, but I’ve read about you. You dressed up like a man to get respect in the fighting community and used that to your advantage to defeat a Muay Thai champion and compete in several King of Fighters tournaments. It was very inspiring. I decided to use a similar tactic so that I would get respect when I entered the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.â€


“King of The Iron Fist you say? That’s impressive,†said Ryo.


Leo looked down toward the ground. “Unfortunately, I wasn’t strong enough to accomplish my goal. I couldn’t get to Kazuya Mishima to exact revenge for my mother.â€


“Sorry to hear that, kiddo,†said King. “It is nice to hear that my story inspired another young female fighter.â€


“I was hoping that, if you don’t mind, you would spar with me. I want to know how far I’ve come since the last tournament and I figured there is no better person to test my skills against than you,†said Leo.


“You came all the way to South Town to challenge me to a fight?†King said with a broad smile. “It would be my honor.†She glanced over at Ryo. “That is, if you don’t mind putting a rain check on our match-up.â€


“Not at all. I’m intrigued by all of this,†said Ryo.


King stepped out from behind the bar and adjusted her cufflinks.“It is settled then. Ryo, would you mind locking the door?†King turned her attention to Leo. “Are you ready?†





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King's venom strikes and supers would be the biggest problem for Leo. Close or far away won't be hepful. Even if Leo can find an opening, up close, she could get hit by a rogue venom strike, far away, she'd have to dodge them IF King isn't spamming. However, Leo can take advantage of side stepping. If Leo can find a way to circle strife King then she'd have a chance. Otherwise, its completely in King's favor

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Match Final Results


leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A Using everybody!


Leo Kliesen: 4

King (Art Of Fighting): 3

FPA: 4.0


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