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Tommy Vercetti and Umberto Robina and Anthony Gallen vs. Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto) and Haitian Gang (GTA Vice City) and Vice City Police Department

Match 14754 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Pac-Man vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Match 14753 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Kingpin vs. Heihachi Mishima

Match 14752 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Count Marzo vs. Zasalamel

Match 14747 by Buzz Line
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Match 14745 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Mokujin: 7
Pac-Man: 0

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Hulk Hogan: 9
Ivan Drago: 8

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Bruce Lee: 11
Rocky Balboa: 1

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Shrek: 12
King Bowser: 5

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Apocalypse: 8
Wildcats: 0

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new rp concept!

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Alright guys, I know things have been slow...but ya know what? a new setting is gonna make that ALL betta! Ratherthan reboot Reach or dust off some dumb concept I've had for awhile, we're going to all sorts of new places.The world.....what else?




That's right, we're gonna be exploring ABOVE the seven seas! Meet all kinds of folks and plunder a good portion of em! Now before ya'll come in and tell me it's not detailed eough- promise to get in more world details if need be. But hey if you want more details, the things got a mighty-fine wiki! I DO have a sheet on the other hand....more than I can say for some OTHER folks trying to do stuff like this ;). Now then here we go!



*Name- Duh. However in addition to a first and last name, you need a nickname to go with that. Some adjective that is rather telling(dashing, sexy, daring, etc).


*Age- duh


*Appearance- duh! Of course anthropomorphic species is ok with me. Ya'll know I'm cool like that.  Might factor in somewhere ;).


*motivation- Everyone knows a good pirate's got a reason to be one. What's yours? Lose your parents in a squid attack or maybe you got a thing against government? Im flexible!


Background- what did you do before becoming a pirate?? Any formal background rought raining, etc? Every little bit helps. Where do ye come from? (choices from Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Skull Island, Krokotopia, or MooShu)


Class- One of five. Each will help decide thing slike equipment and weapons so no worries...that stuff comes later;

buccaneer- As a Buccaneer your Pirate is strong and tough! You can wear the heaviest armor and wield the biggest weapons in the Spiral. The Buccaneer's signature power, "Blade Storm", gives your Pirate an extra attack if they drop an enemy in combat


musketeer-The Musketeer Pirate is a tricky one! You specialize in creating traps and obstacles to slow down your enemies so you can snipe them from a safe distance. The Musketeer's iconic power is the "Rain of Mortarshells" which blankets an area with explosive traps


privateer- It's good to be friends with a Privateer Pirate because their specialty is supporting and healing their allies & Companions. They can even go so far as to heal all their Companions with the "Reinforce" power that they receive through training.


swashbuckler- Just like their cunning raccoon trainer, Swashbucklers are quick on their feet and skilled with a blade. After training for the Dance of Steel power, Swashbucklers can attack every enemy around them at the same time.


witchdoctor-Witchdoctors work to master Hoodoo and the Dark Arts. Through their training they can learn the power "Mournsong" which summons spirits to drain the health of their enemies.




*Name- Vicious Dogbert(call him doggy) Mastiff


*Age- 27 years old




*Motivation- Revenge. Cold and hard. This man wants destruction of government in period, as well as riches along the way.


*Background- 'Doggy' was born to a noble family in  Marleybone. Sea faring was far from his original objective however. The government was corrupt and one day the mayor just happened to want what his family had. Everything was forcefully torn from him, he was left barely alive and homeless. he slummed it until one day he saw a ship. Wanting off he snuck on...of course it just happened to be a pirate ship. needless to say things got pretty hairy after that. Luckily he proved his worth by taking down the surrounding men in a fit of rage. His captain, not one to waste a quality, took him in with intent to groom him as his first mate. He was groomed a little too well as he took the ship after a few years. Not many wanted to go for his mutiny so he did it by himself. After a longfought battle he was in command of the ship, and he anted revenge. Of course with no crew he'd need to start at square one; luckily he isn't picky. If he could grow so much he figures others would follow suit. dare to come a board?


*class- Swashbuckler



Alright ye maties, a crew of....7 sounds good. At least one of each class would be nice but hey, I'm just the GM! Can't wait till we get this selected, first come first serve! Once we're done it's time to work on the ship! Should be great...in fact I can't contain myself!!! Here's a little taste of what is to come ;).



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Name- David "Smalls" Lecter



Age- 20






Motivation- Why not? I enjoy the thrills.


Background- "I am NOT a dwarf, gnome, halfling or whatever else you would think. I am a human! Now that we got basically the only thing that pisses me off out of the way, I like playing. Magic, treasure, knifes, traps it doesn't matter what I play with. I enjoy slow jazz, long walks on the beach, and summoning undead to do my bidding. I also (as long as its allowed) have a crow named White.


Class- Witchdoctor

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Name : "Doc" Luke McConnell


Age : 24


Appearance -



Motivation : As a boy he's always been interested in the ships in the sky. And money, always been interested in that too.


Background : Youngest graduating doctor in his class, he's been a natural in the ways of medicine since he began studying. Days of healing the sick and injured lined his pockets with a mass wealth. He spent most of his time in a brothel or a tavern bathing in rum and spending his time accompanied by a woman. The thrills came and passed quickly for him, falling deeply into debt. Until a pirate came seeking the good doctor's talent, in exchange for emence wealth. He hadn't needed anymore time to think, seeking new thrills and a full pocket of coin he began his adventure as a pirate. And in this line of "business" there is always work to be done.


Class : Privateer

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Hmm... Alright, I'm in... So long as I can decide on my character before the deadline on this one. 

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