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Raphael (Mirage) vs. Sie Kensou

Raphael (Mirage): 17
Sie Kensou: 1

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Rachel: 7
Shura: 2

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Alex Cross: 2
Azazel: 4

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Bone Saw McGraw: 4

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Alex (Street Fighter): 5

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Ryu Hayabusa: 5

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Donatello (Mirage): 17
King (Art Of Fighting): 4

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Match 13702 Ezio vs. Jadis, The White Witch

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My submission for the March challenge


For centuries the land of Narnia had been held in the icy grip of the White Witch; she was a tyrant of the worst sort her spies and secret police were everywhere and the slightest complaint from any citizen was met with swift retribution. Her courtyard was filled with those that had procured her displeasure; they were statues now and they stood as a reminder to remind others of the fate of those who defy her reign.

But there were those who resisted and those who still had hope. There were whispers that soon Aslan would return and end the long harsh winter, it had been prophesied that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve who would come. Many clung to this prophesy for hope and inspiration; but there was a few who did not believe in such prophecies, people who found them to only be devices made up to keep them from losing hope. These few believed that the only way to end their torment was to do something about it.


A Cave in Narnia


It was night and a cold wind howled against the cave entrance; hidden in the shadows stood two individuals a short dwarf and a tall centaur woman.


“Are you sure they got the message?†The dwarf asked.


“Positive.†The centaur replied.


“Did they understand the message?†The dwarf grumbled some more.


The centaur had a curt reply ready when they both heard a scraping sound outside the cave entrance. “HALT! Who goes there!?†The dwarf challenged raising his axe.


“A friend.†A thin voice replied.


A raccoon would enter the cave, like most animals in Narnia he wore nothing in the way of clothing except for a satchel slung over his shoulder; and it appeared he had smeared ash into his fur to make it darker. The animal jostled the satchel which made no noise. “I got it all right here.†He said proudly.


“Excellent.†The centaur commented.


“I don’t think I need to go into detail about all the trouble I went through to get this; do I?†The raccoon said rather haughtily.


“You’ll get your payment.†The dwarf grumbled. “And it better be worth it.â€


Trying to keep things on track the centaur spoke again, “Now all we need is our last member and we can proceed with our plan.â€


“She’s here already.†A female voice said.


The group turned to see a dryad; she had spruce all through her hair and her clothing appeared to be made entirely of leaves. “Now that we are all assembled I think it best we proceed with our plan.†The centaur maiden said.


The plan was simple, long had there been tales of worlds outside their own, worlds with their own flow of time. With the proper knowledge of magic one could travel between worlds or send something or someone to another world. The centaur maiden who was named Daria was one who studied magic and with the dryads help she was confident she could find something in one of those worlds to solve their problem.


“Seeker, the incantation if you please.†Daria asked the raccoon. Without a word Seeker reached into the satchel and extracted a scroll.


“Now before we proceed we should all agree on what it is we want, otherwise it will never work.â€


The raccoon chuckled, “Ha! Us agree on something? Gruff over there doesen’t agree with anything.â€

The dwarf shook his fist at the raccoon, “I’ll smash your head in.†He growled. “Obviously what we need is someone who can kill our dear queen. Someone, who specializes in that sort of thing.â€


“An assassin?†Seeker asked.


“It seems we are in need of one such person.†Daria agreed. “Now we must join hands in a circle and focus.â€



Florence, Italy


“Kill the assassin!†Ezio heard one of the guards shout as he vaulted over a short wall.


Great just great, how had things gone so wrong so quick? Now he was being chased through the streets and his target had evaded him; perfect. Ezio’s thoughts plagued him as he ran. Ever mindful of his surroundings the assassin spied a cart full of hay.


“Looks like my best option.†He muttered as he dove into the cart and covered himself with hay. A few moments later and he could hear the clink of the guards’ mail and the heavy tread of their boots.


“This way! I think he went down the alley!†One of them called.


Ezio waited for several minutes before he ventured out of his hiding spot. He was congratulating himself on a successful evasion when he felt an odd sensation come over him and then it felt like he was spinning wildly as if he were tossed by an ocean wave. When the sensation stopped he found himself in a cave and it was very cold.


“What happened? Where am I?†He demanded.


He could just make out shadowy figures around him. “It worked? Somebody light a lantern.†A voice said.


A lantern flared to life and Ezio found himself surrounded by, things. The normally calm and collected assassin found himself on his feet in an instant and his sword unsheathed. “What are you? Where have you taken me?â€

“He’s rude.†Seeker said. This did not help Ezio’s mood in the slightest. “I have gone mad; my mind must have sunk into the depths of madness.â€


“Calm yourself, I can assure you, you aren’t insane.†The centaur said. “Let us explain.â€

After a long discussion about what had happened and their situation, the Narnian’s persuaded the assassin to take the task of slaying their cruel dictator, in return for a sum of gold and transportation back to his own world. Equipped with a map they had provided him with Ezio set out into the woods to find the witch’s castle and kill her.


It was nearly dawn by the time Ezio reached the castle it appeared to be built on a frozen lakebed. “A horrible spot to make a castle in my opinion.†He mumbled to himself before setting out along the ice.


The front entrance loomed before him full of statues that had once been living beings, the locals had told him about her wand that could turn people into stone but Ezio wasn’t sure if he believed it even after seeing the “Statues†Regardless he wasn’t going to go in through the front; instead the assassin made his way along the wall till he found what he was looking for a side entrance.


Two guards barred the way they were both Cyclops and both armed with halberds.

Keeping to the shadows Ezio flung a throwing knife at the closest one; the blade hit home striking the creature in the eye. There was a horrible scream from the guard, Ezio charged activating his extension blades and lashing out. He caught the guard in an unarmored section and put him out of his misery. Using his surprise advantage he moved on to the second guard and killed him with a slash to the throat. With the treats dealt with the assassin retrieved his throwing knife and made his way into the castle.


As he travelled deeper into the fortress he could make out voices echoing off of the walls. Following the voices he found his way to the throne room. Several wolves were sitting around a throne where a woman dressed entirely in white sat.

Ezio was close enough to decipher the words, “My patrols have found nothing report worthy except for an odd scent in the woods.†One of the wolves said.


“Keep searching, I know something is out of sorts.†The witch said.


To Ezio’s horror one of the wolves turned toward him. “Someones here! I can smell him!â€


His cover blown Ezio made the best of it he stepped forward and tossed his one and only smoke bomb into the midst of the wolf pack. The wolves’ superior senses worked against them and they began choking on the thick smoke. The assassin made his way past them heading for where the queen had been.


She had vanished but Ezio was undeterred a quick examination of the throne revealed a hidden switch. When the wolves recovered the assassin was long gone. Ezio found himself moving along a passageway which ended in some sort of private chamber. The White Witch stood before him a wand in her left hand and a sword in the right.


“Who, are you, son of Adam?†She demanded.


“I am Ezio Auditore De Fierenze. And your reign is at an end witch.â€


“You, fool I shall find a special spot in my courtyard for you.†The witch replied.


“You are overconfident.†Ezio said as he sprang to the attack.


Ezio is armed with his sword, and sword breaker dagger. He also has three throwing knives, the extension blades and a belt dagger.

Jadis is armed with her dreaded wand and a sword as well as the stone knife in her belt.

Can the assassin kill the witch? Or is he out of his league here.

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Hope this match idea isn't to off the world I know in the past when I've tried to be creative it's backfired horribly.

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I might have to give this to The Queen she has far range attacks but she can deflect the throwing knives and all of that.  But if Ezio gets close, I think she's done for.

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The Witch is a very capable fighter... but just not on Ezio's level. A for this match, though! I liked the setup a lot. :)

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Thanks for commenting guys, and glad you like the match.


Jadis has one big factor going for her though, that wand one touch and she get's a cool Ezio statue. Though it can be destroyed with a good blow from a weapon.

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Match Final Results


corvette1710 gives it a grade of: A Good setup, good characterization, good grammar, an all around awesome match.

FoxFingers gives it a grade of: A good job


Ezio: 16

Jadis, The White Witch: 13

FPA: 4.0


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