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Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Athena Asamiya

Leonardo (Mirage): 17
Athena Asamiya: 5

Bonne Jenet vs. Lili Rochefort

Bonne Jenet: 6
Lili Rochefort: 4

Bibendum, the Michelin Man vs. Christine

Bibendum, the Michelin Man: 6
Christine: 2

Bear Grylls vs. Jason Voorhees

Bear Grylls: 4
Jason Voorhees: 9

K' vs. Ken Masters

K': 2
Ken Masters: 8

Raphael (Mirage) vs. Sie Kensou

Raphael (Mirage): 17
Sie Kensou: 1

Rachel vs. Shura

Rachel: 7
Shura: 2

Alex Cross vs. Azazel

Alex Cross: 2
Azazel: 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. Bone Saw McGraw

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 7
Bone Saw McGraw: 4

Bass Armstrong vs. Alex (Street Fighter)

Bass Armstrong: 2
Alex (Street Fighter): 5

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Match 13652 Jack Bauer vs. Philip (The Governor)

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The rays of the sun pressed against the back of his neck as he waited for the herd to pass by. He took short breathes and stayed as silent as he could as the last of the walkers disappeared into the trees. Jack Bauer came out from underneath a pile of debris. He gazed out at the direction of the walkers and finally let out a sigh of relief. As he turned around, one of the dead appeared before him. Jack staggered back and glanced at this walking corpse for a split second before realizing he had to put this poor soul down permanently. The walking corpse reached for the former government agent as it tried to claim its next meal. Jack took out a knife and quickly put the blade into the zombie’s forehead. He pushed the corpse back down upon the Earth and knelt down beside it. He gazed over the corpse and started taking several breaths. As he started to rise up to his feet and gave one last glance at the lifeless corpse and muttered a couple words under his breath, “I’m sorry.†He finally left the area and started making his way out of the forest.


After several miles of hiking, he saw something up ahead. He walked passed what used to be a barn but he knew something caused it to burn to the ground and right next to the ruins of the barn was an abandoned RV. He saw a house up ahead and started making his way toward the house. He noticed bodies scattered all over the place and realized there must have been a group here before. He knew they must have been overrun by these corpses but he didn’t think much more of it. He took out his knife as he made his way up the steps of the house. He slowly opened the door and steadily made his way inside the house. He could smell the stench of rotting all over the place but he simply ignored it. As he made his way throughout the abandoned farm house, he realized that it was clear of both the living and the dead. After finding his way into the kitchen, Jack salvaged whatever he could find as far as food was concerned. He ate whatever was left and searched the house for anything that he could use. He found some small tools, clothing, and a couple medical supplies. As night started to fall, he made his way inside one of the bedrooms and pushed one of the beds against the door. He fell down against the bed and faded off to sleep.


As he slept throughout the night, he heard his name being called out several times in his dreams. He saw the faces of his wife, his daughter, his granddaughter, Renee, and everyone that he had ever loved standing before him. All of them cried out for him, all of them cried for help. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. Jack suddenly woke up and started looking around the dark room. He sat up in the bed and started rubbing his eyes and realized that it was just a nightmare. He fell back against the bed and took several deep breathes before falling back to sleep. This time, he slept until dawn crept over the farm and the morning sun pierced through the window. Jack pushed himself out of the bed and gazed out of the window. He gazed out at the farm and he gazed at the world. He started remembering all the things he had done up until that moment and started asking himself, “Is this my hell?â€


He pushed the bed out of the door way and made his way through the house once again. He saw the pictures of the family that once lived there and he saw several Bible verses all over the place. He knew that this family must have been pretty spiritual before the outbreak but he could not help but wonder where they are now. It was no long before he came to the conclusion that they were probably dead, along with the rest of the world. Jack finally found a name that belonged to the family that once lived in this house. He looked over the name and finally mumbled it under his breath, “Greene.†He continued to gather the supplies he could and then made his way toward the door. He glanced back one last time and started to remember his family once again. He looked at the house and wished he could have had a house like this with Teri and Kim. He finally turned around and left the house behind. He walked over toward the RV and sauntered inside. As he walked up the steps, he was attacked by one of the dead that crawled inside of it. Jack took out a hammer and started smashing in its skull until it was just a lifeless corpse. He glanced down at the rotting corpse and shook his head. He hated having to put down these people but in the end he knew they were already dead.


After searching through the RV, he found a couple more supplies he was able to store away in his pack and he finally started making his way off of the farm. He turned back one last time to take a glance at the Greene Family Farm and thought about staying there for a couple days but he knew he had to keep moving. This place was abandoned for a reason and he could not stay to see what that reason was. In the back of his mind, he had hope that there was a safe haven somewhere in the country. He had to have hope in something was left in this world. He started walking down the dirt road and looked over the horizon. As he continued to walk, he thought about his friends and allies he made over the years. He thought about Tony, Chloe, Cole, and even young Willie; he thought about what happened to them during this disaster. He knew Tony was in some maximum security prison but he could not think about what happened after the outbreak. He thought about Willie and his brother. He was constantly thinking about all the people that he hurt over the years. After years of pain and suffering, he realized that James Heller was right. The words that Heller told him, “You're cursed, Jack. Everything you touch, one way or another, ends up dead.†He could not help but believe in this, especially with how the world is now. He hoped, he prayed that Audrey, Kim, little Teri, and everyone he cared about was safe but there was no point anymore. Since the outbreak, the only thing that was left for him was the constant fight for survival.


After several hours of walking, he heard a faint noise up ahead. It sounded like the screams and cries of children. Jack raced toward the screams until he reached what appeared to be a family on top of their van. They were surrounded by zombies and they did whatever they could to avoid their attacks. Jack took out a pistol and walked out of the tree line. He shot down several of the walkers until he ran out of ammo. There were only a couple left and they finally turned their attention to the former CTU agent. Jack stood as the walkers made their way toward him. He took out his knife and threw down his pack. He was ready to kill these things at all cost. He noticed that there were still several walking around him. He immediately charged toward them and kicked one of them on the ground. He pierced his knife into one of their skulls and fought the others back. Finally, the father of the family came out with a crowbar and started helping the man who saved their lives. After a couple more moments, the walkers were finally laid to rest and Jack glanced over at the family.


“Are you alright?†Jack asked as he gazed over each member of the small family.


“Yes! Thank you so much!†the father cheered.


“It’s no problem. You better start moving before more of them arrive.†Jack said softly as he started gathering his pack.


“I don’t know if I could ever repay you but I want you to take this.†The father said as he handed Jack a bag of food.


“I can’t take this from you.†Jack replied.


“Please, mister. You saved my family and for that I want you to have some food.†The father replied.


“Thank you.†Jack said as he put on his backpack and retrieved his pistol.


“Good luck.†The man said as he and his family got in their van and left the area.


Jack watched as the van disappeared over the horizon. “Good luck to you to.†He said under his breath as he started back on his journey into the unknown. He thought back to the family and was relieved that he could save them but he remembered the words of his old friend Carl, “People like us don’t keep score of how many we saved, but the on how many we lost.†Jack continued to walk as he thought about these words that his friend had told him. He tried to feel better about saving a small family but deep inside, he could never overcome the pain that followed him wherever he went. As the sun started to set, Jack stopped for the night and made himself a small fire to keep warm. He dug into the bag that the family had provided for him and had a small meal. He leaned back against the tree and gazed out into the darkness. There was a small voice inside of him that told him to just let the dead take him but there a bigger force inside of him that told him to keep fighting. He wanted to die for something and that is what drove him nearly every single day. As the fire died, he faded off to sleep, only to see the same nightmares that he saw every single night.


As the nightmares of his past woke him up once again, he started up the fire again and kept watch through the rest of the dark cold night. Finally, the sun rose and Jack gathered his things. He started his journey once again and started walking down the road. It was not long until he saw a town up ahead and with that, he heard a wretched noise. He heard the groaning sound of the dead prowling around a group of the living. Jack took out a pair of binoculars and saw what was happening from a distance. He saw two men cornered by a herd of zombies. Jack saw that this herd was small but he could not just leave these people to die. He took out his knife and silently crept up behind a couple of the walking dead. He took a couple out silently but it was not long until the small herd turned their attention to the former government agent. Jack took out his pistol and took down several of them. After running out of ammo, he knocked a couple down before taking out a hatchet. He took out a couple more until he was getting overwhelmed. Finally, he received help from one of the survivors. Both men sliced their way through the blood thirsty monsters until they were all dead. Jack leaned down and retrieved his pistol. He took several deep breathes as he gazed over the sickening sight. The stench was almost unbearable but by this time it was something he was used to. As his attention turned from the rotting corpses to the survivors, he noticed that one of them were on the ground holding his arm. He saw his arm covered into blood and knew immediately that he was going to turn. He watched as the other man leaned down beside his comrade and shot him in the head with a gun. The man patted his fallen comrade on the chest and then rose up to his feet. He then turned over toward Jack and both men locked eyes.




Days before…


The intelligent zombie Bub sauntered around Woodbury with his pistol raised up in the air. He remembered that man who killed that young innocent boy in front of him. He felt something inside of him, he felt a certain kind of pain that burn deep inside of him. Bub was angry and sad at the same time; it was nothing he had ever felt before. He groaned as he saw a man standing before him. The man quickly turned around and tried to react to the zombie but Bub had already shot the man twice in the chest. The man fell back on the ground and blood started rushing out of his wounds. Bub walked over toward him and towered over the man. The walker just stared down at him and made awkward noises as he continued to roam through Woodbury in search for that ruthless monster.


Several armed men raced toward the sounds of the gun shots and found one of their own lying on the ground. The Governor appeared out of the darkness and stood over the man who was no gone. The Governor shook his head toward Merle, who impaled the dead man’s head with the blade on his prosthetic arm. The Governor lifted his rifle and ordered his men to search for the killer. He then started making his way into the darkness. As he continued searching for the intelligent corpse, he heard the groans from up ahead. A smirk formed over his face as he saw the creature walking up ahead of him. The Governor aimed his rifle and shot out the creature’s legs.


Bub fell to the ground after being shot several times in his legs. He dropped the pistol after falling on his back but he was determined to get it back. In the corner of his eye, he saw the man who killed the little boy. Bub groaned even louder as the man came closer toward him. The man chuckled as he kicked the gun away from the zombie. Bub swung out his arm and tried to grab the monster. The man jumped back and just laughed at the zombie’s face. Bub noticed even more men appearing before him. He then noticed Milton walking up onto the scene. Bub reached out for Milton’s help but Milton just turned away.


The Governor continued to torment the helpless zombie as he shot at the creature’s body. Finally, the Governor turned his attention toward Milton. “This… This thing…’ He said as he pointed at Bub with his pistol, “Is not one of us…†He said as he shot Bub in the head. Bub’s lifeless body fell back onto the ground and the Governor signaled for his men to clean up the mess. He then sauntered over toward Milton and looked into his eyes. “I want you to continue you work.†He said as he patted Milton on the shoulder. The Governor then walked off into the dark of night and headed for his apartment.

“I understand, sir.†Milton said as a single tear ran down his cheeks as he watched the Governor’s men take away the corpse of Bub.


As Philip sauntered into his apartment, he took out his pistol and set it on his desk. He walked over toward the mirror and just gazed at himself for several moments before rubbing his eyes. He glanced down at a picture of himself with his family and then at news articles that featured the first several days of the initial outbreak. He thought about his life before this apocalypse and realized that his life now in Woodbury was better. He always dreaded his everyday life in the world before this but now he had what he always dreamed of, he had power over people. He glanced outside into the night and watched over his town. A smile formed across his face as he knew none of these people realized who he really was; none of them knew what he had to do to preserve the town and to keep them safe. He provided for them and in order to provide, he had to do things that would be considered unforgivable, but he didn’t care. He had no regrets in this apocalyptic world. He finally turned around and started heading towards a door to another room.


As he headed inside this room and walked by several jars of heads. He rubbed his hands across all these jars and simply smiled as he watched the heads inside, trying to bite his hand. Finally, he walked over toward a record player and started it up. The sweet sound of classical music flowed within this dark mysterious room. Philip closed his eyes as he opened a refrigerator and set it down on a table beside a chair in the center of the room. He walked over to a cage and started unlocking it and sat down against his chair. A smiled formed across his face as a walker rushed toward him. This walker was a small girl that he grabbed immediately. He gazed at her face and hugged her. Finally, he picked up the plate and put it before the young lifeless girl.


“I brought you dinner sweetheart.†Philip said as he put the plate out for the young girl.

The zombie just grabbed the meat and devoured it. Philip stood over her and smiled as he watched his young lifeless daughter eat away at the meat. “I’m sorry Penny… I’m so sorry…†He said as he continued to watch his daughter eat. As the zombie finished up with the meat on the plate, she turned her attention to Philip. She rushed at him again but Philip grabbed her once again. He put a mouth guard on her and gently put her back in her cage. “I will see you tomorrow, sweetie.†He said as the music came to an end. Philip walked over to the record player and made sure it was off. He then turned out all the lights and headed for his bed. He lay down against his mattress and just started up into the darkness. He thought about everything that had happened with that intelligent corpse but he believed putting it down was the right thing to do.


As a new day started, the morning rays shined through the windows of the Governor’s room. He rubbed his eyes as he leaned up. He glanced over at a picture of his family and pushed himself out of bed. He started getting dressed and headed for the door. As he sauntered through Woodbury, a small smile formed over his face as the town gathered before him. He stood before all of them and felt the power dwell within him. As he spoke, he could tell that all of them listened and followed his every word. He told them about the night before and how one of their own was attacked by a biter. He told them not to worry because he was the one to put the biter down and that they secured the town. As he finished yet another speech, the town realized that they were safe again and started cheering for the Governor and his men. Before the Governor left he said one last thing.


“Get ready for tonight… Our reigning champ, Merle is going to attempt yet another battle!†The Governor yelled.


He watched as the town cheered yet again and the Governor shot off a warm glanced at Merle. Merle simply nodded and started cheering as well. Philip disappeared from the cheering crowd and headed over toward Milton’s lab. As he walked in he could smell that it was recently cleaned. Philip found Milton on his hands and knees cleaning up the blood stained floor. A smile formed across his face as he glared at the scientist cleaning up after all of those filthy corpses. He simply started looking through notes that Milton took.


“So your idea of a study break is cleaning.†The Governor said sarcastically as Milton turned around to see his leader.


“No sir… I… I just don’t like working in a dirty environment…†Milton replied as he stood up before the Governor.


“I completely understand but sometimes dirty is all you got…†The Governor replied as he set the notes back down on the table.


“I guess you’re right, sir.†Milton replied.


“I wanted to apologize for what happened to your little test subject. It was a danger to Woodbury and I had to make sure my people were safe.†The Governor said as he put his hand on Milton’s shoulder.


“I completely understand, sir… The safety of Woodbury is my top concern…†Milton replied.


“And your other concern is learning more about whatever this is…†The Governor said as he turned and started walking out the door.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way…†Milton said as the Governor disappeared outside the door.


As the Governor stepped foot outside, he was greeted by Martinez who informed him about a food shortage. The Governor glanced back at the town before looking over at one of his soldiers. He told Martinez that he and Mitchell would head out on a supply run later on. He then ordered Martinez to take guard on the wall. As Philip headed over to Mitchell, he was stopped by Merle.


“I wanna go with you.†Merle said as he looked into the Governor’s eyes.


“I’m sorry Merle but I need you here right now… You and Milton will be in charge of the barbeque…†Philip said as he started loading up one of the trucks.


“I ain’t much for gatherin’s…†Merle replied with his thick accent.


“I know but I need to see what’s happening out there and I really need you here.†The Governor said as he finished up loading up the supplies he needed for the run.


Merle finally shook his head in acceptance and the Governor put his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry my friend… We will find your brother but right now, I want to make sure Woodbury is well provided for…†The Governor turned and signaled for Mitchell to get inside the vehicle. Merle, Martinez, and a couple others opened the front gate. The Governor drove off into the world of the dead and glanced back as the gate shut behind him. He thought about Merle for a couple moments and knew that if he left to find his brother, then he would never return. He knew that Merle was an asset that he could not loose.


After driving for about an hour, they saw several buildings up ahead. As they stopped in front of these buildings, the Governor gazed over the structures. He saw that the world was reclaiming what it once had within the abandoned town. A small smile formed over his face at the thought of the world. He signaled for Mitchell to go search through one of the buildings while he followed close behind him. They walked inside an old grocery store and started gathering the food that they could. After several minutes they heard the groans from outside. They tried to stay silent but it was no use, they were surrounded by a small herd. Philip watched as biters swarmed the area. He and Mitchell shot out at them and took down as many as they could, but it didn’t matter. There were too many for just the two of them. After a while it seemed as if all hope was lost. Mitchell had been bitten and taken to the ground by one of the biters, but the Governor didn’t stop fighting. All of a sudden, he heard a noise that gave him much relief. He turned his head for a brief second to see a man coming from out of nowhere to take out several biters. Finally, after a while, all the biters were down. Philip glanced over and saw Mitchell on the ground and he knew that he had to put an end to his misery. After finishing off Mitchell, Philip stood up and gazed over at the man that saved his life.




“What’s your name?†The Governor said as he started to breathe heavily.


“Jack… Jack Bauer…†Jack replied as he put his pistol back in his holster.


“Bauer…. I’ve heard that name before…†The Governor said as he leaned down to pick up the weapons from his fallen comrade. He walked over to his truck and put the weapons in the back. Then he turned back to face the man who saved his life. “I know who you, Mr. Bauer… You’re a hero.â€


“I’m not a hero.†Jack said as he started thinking about all the things he had done in his life.


“I watched you in that Senate Hearing years ago… You were on trial for protecting this country…†The Governor said as he leaned back against the truck with a small smile on his face.


“I did things… Unforgivable things…†Jack replied.


“But you saved innocent people… You saved this country…†The Governor said.


“But at what times does justice end and the crimes begin?†Jack asked.


“When protecting family, friends, and your people, there is nothing wrong.†The Governor said.


“I did some bad things…†Jack said.


“Mr. Bauer, you saved my life, probably more times than I’ll ever know but I want to do something for you.†The Governor replied.


“And what’s that?†Jack asked.


“I want you to come to my town of Woodbury…†The Governor replied.


“Woodbury?†Jack asked with a bizarre look on his face.


“Yeah… It’s small but it has about 70 people, we have walls, food, and showers…†The Governor said with a smile.


“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can.†Jack replied as he started to prepare to leave.


“Please, Mr. Bauer… You saved my life… At least stay for one night… That’s the least I can do…†The Governor replied.


Jack thought about it for a moment and glanced around the world. He glanced up into the sky and finally gazed back at the Governor… “Okay… I don’t think I ever got your name…â€


“It’s Philip… Philip Blake…†The Governor said as he put out his hand.


Jack stared down at his hand for a moment and small smile formed across his face as he started to shake his hand. He looked into Philip’s eyes thanked him for the offer. Jack put his pack in the back of the truck and then got inside the passenger seat. As they headed for Woodbury, they began to talk to one another. Jack did something he had not done for a very long time; he started talking to another individual and he started making a friend…


As they entered Woodbury, Philip got out telling the town about what had happened. Jack saw the look on the people’s faces. He saw that they were saddened by the loss of one of their own but he saw that look become something else entirely. The Governor told them that someone saved his life. He told them that a hero from the world that once was had come out and saved his life. The town cheered as they saw Jack but he didn’t care about all the attention. He disappeared one of the vehicles and the Governor simply told the town to go on with their day. He signaled for some of his men to unload the truck while he and Jack go get a couple drinks.


As they headed inside what appeared to be an apartment, Philip led Jack into his office. He told Jack to take a seat while he opened up a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of whiskey. He put a glass in front of Jack and poured him a little while he sauntered over to his seat and sat down. He poured himself a glass and both men took a sip. It’s been a while since Jack had a sip of alcohol but he felt something of him. He felt a since of hope and this is something that he was also afraid of. Both men started talking and laughing amongst one another. Philip leaned back in his chair and really looked at Jack as both of them finished off their glass of whiskey.


“Look Jack… I want to be honest with you… I want you to stay…†Philip said as he pressed his chin against the palm of his hand.


“I can’t.†Jack calmly.


“Please Jack…†The Governor pleaded.


“What you got is great… In the world today, something like this is nearly impossible to find and it’s worth preserving… But someone like me… I’m cursed… I will bring trouble…†Jack replied.


“Jack, I don’t have many friends here… To be honest, I don’t have any… I have loyal soldiers and advisors but not friends… I want you to be my friend… I don’t know how to run a town… I don’t how to protect these people in the long run and I think you were sent here to help me do this… I want Woodbury to survive and maybe one day hopefully it will become a part of history.â€


Jack thought for a long moment before finally leaning forward. He rubbed his eyes and finally leaned his face against the palm of his hands. He took a couple deep breathes before lean back in his chair and looking at the Governor’s eyes. “Okay… I’ll stay… I’ll help you…â€


“Thank you so much, Jack… This is truly a great day for Woodbury.†Philip said as he poured himself another glass and then leaned forward to pour Jack another glass.


After a couple hours of just talking, the two men parted ways when a knocked was heard at the door. Jack quietly left as Milton came into the room to discuss some of his latest experiments. As Jack left, Milton started asking the Governor about Jack.


“Why do you want him here so badly?†Milton asked.


“You are a very intelligent man, Milton… Merle, Martinez, and all those others are very extraordinary muscle, but Jack… Ah… He’s something else entirely… He’s a weapon, a monster, an entire army…†The Governor said with a smirk as he sat down his in his chair once again.


“What if he does not agree with your methods?†Milton asked as he stared at the Governor.


“I guess we will have to keep that secret, won’t we…†The Governor replied.




Jack started walking around the town and was greeted by nearly everyone. He simply smiled as they greeted him but he tried not to gain too much attention. Finally, he saw something that made him feel a little better about staying. He walked inside what appeared to be a library and as he walked in he studied his surroundings. He didn’t notice too many people inside this library but he did see a man sitting in one of the chairs, reading what appeared to be the Bible. Jack just walked over to glance over the books and he knew the man was staring at him. Finally, he heard the man rise up and walked over toward him. Jack turned to face him and both of them stared at each other for a couple moments. A childish smile formed over the man’s face as he put out his hand for him to shake.


“You must be Bauer…†The man said as he stared into his eyes with a thousand yard stare.


“Yeah… I am… Who are you?†Jack replied as he shook his hand and looked down to notice that one of his hands were gone. He looked over it and saw a metallic prosthetic hand.


“My name is Merle Dixon… I here you were once one of those government agents… I remember readin’ about you torturin’ all those rag head Muslim pansies.†Merle replied with that same childish smile.


A little frustration started growing in Jack as he heard these words but he did not want to lose control. He could tell that Merle was a southern redneck, who probably didn’t know any better. “That’s right.â€


“Ha…. I also heard you protected that black ass President Palmer and that female whore President Taylor…†Merle said with that same smile.


This time the frustration grew to anger and Jack gave him the thousand yard stare. Merle looked into his eyes with that idiotic look and he knew he was getting under Jack’s skin… A silence fell between the two as they just stared at each other. Finally, Merle broke this silence by saying, “I guess the Governor was right… You are some kind of hero… You’re gonna enjoy your stay in Woodbury… We got the best food and a damn find library…â€


Jack watched as Merle turned and sat back against his chair to continue reading. A couple thoughts went through his head about this guy but he did his best to fight all the bad emotions. He remembered his friend, David Palmer, and he remembered Allison Taylor. He did not like it when people talked bad about them but he knew he couldn’t react to this anger. He turned and left the library, while Merle sat with a smile on his face. As Jack stepped foot into the town once again, he took a deep breath and tried to imagine this as his new home.


After several hours passed and night fell over the land; Jack and Philip met once again. This time they sat with a chess board between them. Jack told him that the last time he really played chess was with his daughter before his wife was murdered. Philip said that he hadn’t played since long before the outbreak. As they started playing this game, they both talked about everything that had happened in their lives. Jack told him about all the friends that he had lost and how he was afraid to lose any more friends. Philip told him about Penny and his wife. He told him about his brother and everything that had happened after the apocalypse. Philip told him that before the world changed, he hated his life. He hated how he was treated by his superiors and how he felt trapped in his life. A small grin formed across Jack’s face as he realized he felt nearly the same way. As the two finished up their game, Jack took up and shook Philip’s hand once again.


“Thank you for giving me a place to stay.†Jack said as he looked into Philip’s eyes.


“Can I ask you something, Jack?†Philip asked.


“What is it?†Jack asked.


“I want you to take a group out tomorrow to search for supplies… I know this is a lot to ask but I feel comfortable with you being in command of them…†Philip replied.


Jack thought about it for a moment but he knew he had to repay him for giving in a safe place to live.


“I’ll do it but I don’t want Merle to come.â€


“I understand… Merle is erratic but he can get jobs done.†Philip replied as he started putting away some of his things for the night.


“Thank you.†Jack said as he left to go to the room he had been given.


As the day came to a close, Jack fell back against his bed and slowly shut his eyes. The dreams, the nightmares had come once again but this time they were different. At the end of the dreams, he felt a sense of hope. He had hope in this town and he felt he had hope in his new friend. As the day ended for the Governor, he played music for his daughter. He watched as she devoured her meal and he just sat watching her. “Honey, I have a new friend… He is going to help protect this town… He is going to help protect you…â€


Several Months Later…


Everyone watched the skies as the sounds of a helicopter roared in the distance. Everyone saw it as it fell from the skies, then all they could see was the skies covered in dark clouds. The Governor, Jack, Merle, and all the other armed men gathered together to find out what had happened. After racing through the dead world, they reached the crash site. Biters had already made their way into the area and immediately they were taken out by the soldiers of Woodbury. Jack saw a lifeless soldier on the ground, missing the lower part of his body. Jack leaned down and closed his eyes as he pierced his skull with his blade. He hated having to do that but he did not want this fallen soldier to change. He saw the others dragging a wounded soldier out of the chopper and felt a little relief. The Governor ordered his men to load the wounded soldier into one of the vehicles. After a while, they decided it was not to head out but something else happened. Jack heard Merle’s voice in the distance and saw him standing over what appeared to be two women. After a couple moments, one of the women passed out and then they were taken. They all headed back to Woodbury…


As Merle went to check on the two women, Jack and Philip went to check on the wounded soldier. His name was Lieutenant Welles. Jack could tell that he was injured but he looked as if he would pull through. The Lieutenant told them the location of his remaining convoy. A smile formed across Jack’s face as he realized that he could actually save the lives of a group of soldiers. He glanced over at the Governor who also had a smile on his face but his smile was for something completely different. As the two men left the Lieutenant there, Jack and the Governor started to talk.


“I can take group out there and help the soldiers.†Jack said.


“No… I will go out… I need you here, looking after the town…†The Governor replied.


“Wouldn’t it be better if I was out there? I know how to handle these situations.†Jack replied.


“I don’t know anything about our new guests, Jack, and to be honest that scares me… They could be dangerous and I think you are the best person to keep an eye on them.†Philip replied.


“I understand…†Jack said as he headed off, while Philip went to talk with the women.


After convincing them to stay for the night, the Governor leaves with a group to find the stationed soldiers. Several hours passed, the Governor and his men finally returned with a couple military vehicles. Jack walked up to see Philip standing before the town and giving a speech. He told everyone about the soldiers and he said that they were already overrun by biters before they even got there. Eventually he said something that shocked Jack completely… He told everyone that Lieutenant Welles did survive from his injuries. At that moment, Jack knew something was wrong but he did his best to ignore it. He knew Welles wasn’t going to die but he couldn’t believe that Philip would take the lives of innocent people. Jack stormed off before Philip could even finish his speech. Standing off to herself, Michonne gazed at the Governor and felt that he was lying. She glanced over the crowd and saw Jack storming off. She knew something was off about this whole thing… She knew something was wrong…

As night fell over Woodbury, Jack headed to his room after a quick game of chess with Philip. He tried to find something, anything that was wrong with Philip, but he simply could not bring himself to do it. As he went into his dark room, he took out his pistol and laid it on a desk. Then he looked up and felt a presence in the room. “What are you doing here?†Jack said calmly as he grabbed his pistol.


“My name is Michonne.†Michonne said as she came out of the shadows.


“I didn’t ask for your name. I asked what you are doing here.†Jack replied as he gazed over at the woman.


“I don’t trust the Governor.†Michonne said calmly.


“That still doesn’t answer my question… WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!†Jack roared as he held his pistol to his side.


“I think the Governor is lying… I think you know how to stop a man like him…†Michonne replied as she turned around started walking toward the door.


“I’m not that kind of person anymore.†Jack replied calmly as he put his pistol back down on the desk.


“People never truly change.†Michonne said as she walked out of the room.


As Jack stood alone in his dark room, he glanced around the room and thought about all the friends he had lost over the years due to corruption. He dropped his head and silently said under his breath, “Son of a bitch.†Jack grabbed his pistol and put it in his holster. He quickly left the room and headed somewhere he knew he could get answers. Jack stealthily walked into Milton’s lab and hid, while the scientist was conducting his experiments. Then he saw something that he would never forget. He saw Philip walk into the room with Martinez, Cooper, Gabe, and Shupert walking into the room with what appeared to be captives. As he looked closer, he saw the faces of a family; the family he had saved all those months ago. Jack watched as Philip executed this family in front of Milton and he told the scientist that it was for his research. Jack was about to grab his but then something stopped him. He knew he couldn’t kill him, not now at least. He knew Woodbury would tear itself apart, if he killed their leader. He saw Philip leave afterward his men and told them that after Michonne left tomorrow, he would send Merle and a small group to hunt her down.


As he planned for war, he waited for the sun to rise. He watched as Michonne left and stealthily snuck out of the town. He followed closely behind her without being noticed and waited for the Governor’s men to arrive. He knew she did not notice him but he knew they would arrive shortly. Soon, he saw the group and stopped in front of a warning that Michonne had left. It was not long after, that Michonne came out and attacked. She took out several members of the group but she was pinned down by Merle. That is when Jack came of hiding. He took out the last couple members and took Merle by surprise. Merle while distracted was knocked back by Michonne. Before he could reach for his pistol, he was knocked unconscious by Jack. Michonne stood over Merle and prepared to unleash a fatal blow on the racist redneck, but she was stopped by Jack.


“No…†Jack said as he stood over Merle and dragged him to a nearby tree.


“Why?†Michonne asked.


“We need answers.†Jack replied.


Jack tied Merle up to the tree and waited for him to wake up. He glanced around and spit out a little blood from his mouth. He started to giggle as he saw Jack and Michonne together.


“Well, well, well… What do we got here? Secret agent man with a black bitch… That sounds like one of those Saturday mornin’ cartoons.†Merle said with his sadistic smile.


“Tell me about the Governor.†Jack said calmly as he stood over Merle.


“Hahahaha…. Is this what this is all about? The Governor?†Merle said as he continued laughing.

Jack punched him across the faced and yelled, “TELL ME ABOUT THE GOVERNOR!!!â€


“No need to get hostile, Jack… Our buddy, the Governor is pretty charming fellow… Oh the things he’s done… The thing he made me do… Oh, I’m surprised you’re finally gettin’ around to askin’ about his extracurricular activities.†Merle said sarcastically.


“Did you kill those soldiers? Did you kill that family?†Jack asked as he leaned closer to Merle, putting the gun in his face.


“Well I don’t know nothin’ about any family but yeah Governor took us out to kill those soldiers… All he wanted was their fancy toys…†Merle said with a crooked smile.


Jack looked at him for a moment and shook his head. He glanced back at Michonne and then hit Merle across the face with the pistol. Merle’s head fell back against the tree, as Jack told Michonne to back off. He said that they were going back to Woodbury and that they were going to put an end to the Governor’s reign. After about an hour of walking, Jack and Michonne stood outside of Woodbury. He said that they needed a diversion, because they both could not take on the Governor’s forces on their own. Jack looked around for a moment and realized that he had to have backup. He knew what he had to do and he hated having to do it, but he knew the Governor’s men would protect the town by any means necessary. Jack and Michonne found a way to break down the wall.


Several minutes had past and then it had happened, the dead started coming into Woodbury. Several of the Governor’s men shouted for all the normal people to return to their homes, while they were firing at these corpses. Michonne ran to several cages and open them all up. Several biters swarmed out and started making their way out onto the main street. Jack watched as the soldiers of Woodbury fought to protect their town. That is when he knew he had the perfect opportunity to take down the Governor. He stood outside the Governor’s apartment and watched as Andrea ran outside to join the fight. Jack quickly made his way inside and saw the Governor standing with Milton.


“How did this happen?†Milton asked as he started breathing heavily with fear.


“It was Michonne… She’s back…†The Governor replied as he started getting his pistol ready.

Martinez came running inside the room and told him about the cages.


“Damnit!!!†The Governor yelled as he kicked his chair over. “Find her and kill her!!! And get the walls back up!!!â€


Martinez turned around but before he could leave, someone came out and shot him between the eyes. Martinez’s lifeless body fell to the floor as Jack came out of the shadows. Milton tried to make a run for it but Jack knocked him out with his pistol. Then Jack aimed the pistol at Philip. The Governor stood in complete shock as he watched his loyal friend’s betrayal.


“Even you, Jack?†The Governor said in complete shock… “You betrayed me?â€


“I didn’t betray you… You murdered innocent people…†Jack said as he kept his gun on him.


“Innocent? Those people we nothing… You and me, we’re the same.†The Governor replied as he slowly walked behind his desk.


“DON’T MOVE!!! WE’RE NOTHING ALIKE!!!†Jack roared as he walked closer to the Governor.


“I fight for my people… I fight to make sure they can live and if that means doing bad things, then so be it. I am exactly like you.†The Governor replied.


“You’re wrong… I don’t kill innocent people for my own gain…†Jack replied as he gave him scornful look.


“Then I was wrong about you, Jack… You’re not the weapon I thought you were… You’re weak…†The


Governor said as his hands went down under the table. Suddenly, smoke filled the room and Jack lost track of the Governor. The Governor ran out of the room, firing at Jack. Jack managed to take cover behind the desk, while Philip disappeared into another room. Jack gripped his pistol tight and waited for the smoke to clear. Finally, he made his way to the door and was prepared to take down the Governor…

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Sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors and sorry if it may seem too long... This is my match for the Ides of March Competition.


So this is about both Jack and the Governor; what leads to their first meeting, them becoming close friends & allies, and then Jack wanting to take down the Governor of his evil acts or corruption/as well as it being somewhat of a betrayal in the Governor's point of view.


Like I said, I hope you all enjoy...

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Also this is a follow-up in my Walking Dead arc... I guess everything in my Walking Dead arc took place between seasons 2 and 3... This takes place before and at the very beginning when Woodbury is first introduced.

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Dude this is insanely fantastic. Epic A! I think Baurer can pull of the win after a good shootout, I thnk he's dealt with more termoil things than the Governor.

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Dude this is insanely fantastic. Epic A! I think Baurer can pull of the win after a good shootout, I thnk he's dealt with more termoil things than the Governor.


Thank so much, Dark... I truly appreciate it and I am really happy that you enjoyed it! Thank you again

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Great job. Didnt find anything wrong grammar or spelling wise on my read through. Wish I could grade cause it would be an A+.

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Great job. Didnt find anything wrong grammar or spelling wise on my read through. Wish I could grade cause it would be an A+.


Thank you so much, LEGACY, and hopefully you could be a judge one day or a character admin, or something. You are a pretty great member on this site.

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Epic set-up, Boratz. This just may make it to the Outstanding Match Set-ups Thread whether you win this month's Challenge or not.


As for this match, from what I've seen and read on Philip, while he may be a very good shot, I somehow doubt he has the overall skill to match someone as highly skilled as Bauer.

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Match Final Results


AVP vs The Terminator gives it a grade of: A

leroypowell3 gives it a grade of: A

corvette1710 gives it a grade of: A The paragraphs are even text walls on my massive monitor. Wow. Minimal grammatical errors, a very good match. :)

sirmethos gives it a grade of: A

DSkillz gives it a grade of: A An epic Challenge entry!

FoxFingers gives it a grade of: A Have you considered a career in novels?

patrickthekid gives it a grade of: A


Jack Bauer: 19

Philip (The Governor): 6

FPA: 4.0


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