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Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

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Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

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Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

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Lori Quaid: 1

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Klaus (BOOM!) vs. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

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Match 13601 Hammerhead (Marvel) vs. Penguin

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Note: This is the Noir version of Hammerhead who first appeared in Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and the Arkham universe version of Penguin.


Hammerhead was walking through the dark alleys of 1930s New York. It was a cold night, and fear was in the air as Hammerhead and his two Enforcers brought the piece of the Tablet of Order and Chaos to the trainyard where Normon Osborn told them to go. They all knew that Spider-Man was following their every move. The two Enforcers constantly twitched and reacted to any sudden movements in the shadow, just in case it was Spider-Man creeping around in the dark, waiting to strike. Hammerhead turned to face his comrades.


"Right. The boss wants us to drop this thing off here so some more men can pick it up. Protect this thing at any cost, and if you see anything that looks even a little bit like a spider, shoot to kill," ordered Hammerhead in his usual thick Brooklyn accent.


"Uh... OK, Hammerhead!" said one of the Enforcers nervously.


Hammerhead picks up the fragment and begins walking around mockingly.


"You hear me, webhead! I know you're here somewhere! Hiding in the dark like the little wimp you are! I hear you're after this little rock I have here. Do you want it? Well, you're not getting it. Ha ha ha!" laughed Hammerhead.


"Uh... Boss..." said one of the Enforcers.


"What?" asked Hammerhead.


"While you were talking, Spider-Man got Jack," The Enforcer points to the wall, with the unconscious body of the second Enforcer wrapped in webs.


Suddenly, without warning, Hammerhead pulls his tommy gun from his backpack and whacks the conscious Enforcer round the face with it.


"IDIOT!" screamed Hammerhead.


Meanwhile, Spider-Man was watching from behind a stack of cardboard boxes. Peter began pondering whether he could simply use his web to snatch the fragment right out of Hammerhead's hand while he's not looking. But could he risk getting caught and shot dead on the spot?


"Meh, what the hell. He's just a guy with a gun. OK, a really, really ugly guy with a gun, but still. I've fought people like him before! He's not that tough by the looks of him!" Peter thought to himself.


As Hammerhead turned around again, Spider-Man uses his web to pull in the last Enforcer so he could knock him out. Amazingly, Hammerhead doesn't notice. As Spider-Man punched the helpless goon in the face before slamming his head against the floor, he turns around and without thinking, uses his web to grab the fragment from Hammerhead's hand. But Hammerhead somehow anticipated this and grabed the web as it hits his hand. He then tried to pull Spider-Man in so he can shoot him at point blanc range.


"God he's strong! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!" Peter thought out loud.


Hammerhead dropped the fragment and his gun to pull Peter in. Peter completely lost balance and flew right into Hammerhead's fist.


"You don't know the half of it, punk!" said Hammerhead as he began stamping Peter's face into the ground.


As Spider-Man attempted to grab the fragment, Hammerhead accidently slipped and stamped on the fragment, breaking it in two.


"Oh no!" gasped Spider-Man as the fragment began glowing yellow.


"What's going on!?" asked Hammerhead.


"You moron! The fragment's powers are growing unstable! It's going to expl-" explained Spider-Man as he was cut off mid sentence when the fragment exploded in a blinding aura of light.


Both Spider-Man and Hammerhead were knocked out during the explosion, but Hammerhead awoke much earlier due to his thick skull.


"Where the hell am I?" wondered Hammerhead as he stared at the walls of Arkham City.


Hammerhead and Spider-Man had awoken in an alternate dimension, completely unlike anything else in the Web of Time. Hammerhead stared around, and heard a speaker with Hugo Strange's voice.


"Protocol 10 will commense in 3 hours..."


"No wonder Osborn wants that rock!" said Hammerhead in awe.


Hammerhead looked down and saw Spider-Man still unconscious.


"Heh heh. No one's around. Guess I'll just have a peak and see who you really are, Spider-Man..." said Hammerhead in a creepy monotone voice.


Suddenly, he saw a lone, dark robed figure gliding around the rooftops with his cape. Hammerhead turned around and saw the man gliding down onto the street, about to knock over a man. Hammerhead then saw that the dark robed man was actually saving the man from getting shot by a sniper rifle. Hammerhead saw the man with the sniper on another rooftop and shot him dead with his tommy gun. The dark robed man turned and saw Hammerhead shooting the sniper.


"No!" yelled the dark robed man.


"You maniac! You almost shot me, you crazy fool!" yelled Hammerhead to the now dead sniper.


"Who are you?" asked the dark robed man.


"I'm Hammerhead, and who are you?"


"I am Batman. You just shot Deadshot!"


"I just did you a favour, you ungrateful bastard!" said Hammerhead, enraged.


"There is too much criminal scum in this place as there is! You're going down!" yelled Batman.


Batman charged at Hammerhead, only to be headbutted with considerable force by Hammerhead. The impact left Batman dazed, as he was mowed down by Hammerhead.


Meanwhile, a few of Penguin's goons were patrolling the streets and saw Hammerhead kill Batman. The goon pulled out a communicator and called the Penguin.


"What the bloody hell is it! I'm busy right now!" yelled Cobblepot.


"Boss! Boss! The Bat is dead! Some guy with a huge head and a tommy gun just killed him right in front of me!" said the goon.


"You shitin' me, son?" asked Cobblepot, in a jokey manner.


"No! No! I'm freakin' serious!" said the goon.


"Can't've been just some street thug. Was it the Joker? Or Two-Face?" asked Cobblepot, now with a more serious tone.


"No, he doesn't look like any other crook around here," said the goon.


"Alright. I'll send a few more boys down there to pick him up. He sounds like he'll be needed in my crew..."


And as quick as a flash, twenty more mooks working for Penguin showed up. They kidnapped Hammerhead and took him the Penguin's base, the Iceberg Lounge.


Hammerhead woke up inside a huge arena. There were cages full to the brim of raging psychopaths ready to fight him.


"Guh... That is the last time I'm being knocked unconscious today!" said Hammerhead jokingly.


He looks up and sees a short, well-dressed man smoking a cigar looking down on him.


"I don't know who you are, mate, but if you wanna be in my crew, you gotta fight all my goons. If you win, you'll be part of my crew, and if you lose, well, you die. Ha ha ha ha!" coughed Penguin.


"But I don't wanna be in your stinin' crew, midge! Hey! Where are my guns!?" asked Hammerhead.


"In my collection. Not that I really need them, but you did use them to kill Batman did you not?"


"What, that joker in the black mask and costume? Yeah, I killed him!"


"Enough talking now! Get ready to fight!" yelled Penguin.


The gates opened and a flood of goons came out. Hammerhead was more than ready to take them all on.




So, it's an unarmed Hammerhead vs. around 15 Penguin goons. If Hammerhead beats them all, he gets to go to the top and fight Penguin. Who will win?

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Well this sucks. >_> I was gonna use Penguin against 47. I have to change the fight now, as for the match well.....Hammerhead really isn't the brightest color in the box dude is more stupid than a box of crayons. But I think he can go through the 15 goons if they have no guns. After that he'll just murder Penguin.

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Pretty good set-up, potter. Nice story, though I'm not sure Hammerhead would be able to kill Batman and Deadshot so easily and at once. Also, how was he knocked out by the Penguin's men? The set-up doesn't say.


As for the match, if Penguin's goons are unarmed, I think Hammerhead can take them. Facing off against Penguin and his umbrella gadgets, though, may be another matter.


Why can't you still use penguin?


If a character's being used in a CBUB match, it can't be put into another match until the match it's currently in wraps. I don't really see the problem with waiting a few more days for Penguin to free up, though.

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If the goons are unarmed, which I'd assume they are, Hammerhead should be able to deal with them rather quickly. He do a running headbut into the group of goons and finish the rest of them easily in close combat. There's a reason he is the head of the Maggia and his own goons fear him. Penguin might give some trouble but I don't think Penguin will present much of a problem.

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The Noir Hammerhead is definately much smarter than his mainstream counterpart, and put up a good fight against his universe's Spider-Man. I figured Hammerhead would kill Batman because of the lack of prep time on Bats' part.

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