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Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 14683 by Gronaldra
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Scandal Savage vs. X-23

Scandal Savage: 0
X-23: 14

Yang Xiao Long vs. Joe Fixit

Yang Xiao Long: 13
Joe Fixit: 9

Jason Voorhees vs. Mr. Hercule Satan

Jason Voorhees: 4
Mr. Hercule Satan: 12

Accelerator vs. Dio Brando

Accelerator: 9
Dio Brando: 3

Samurai Jack vs. Furher King Bradley

Samurai Jack: 7
Furher King Bradley: 6


Match 13598 Mario vs. Link

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ADMIT EDIT: Attention, CBUB. This match was plagiarized from another site, so disregard this as something original from this user. Here is the original: 





Link made the first move, sprinting to cross the distance between himself and Mario, and swung his sword in a horizontal slash. His attack only hit air, though, as Mario jumped clean over his head. The minute Mario landed, Link followed up with another slash only to see Mario backflip out of its reach.

Mario fought back and threw a solid punch aimed at Link's face only for his hand to hit the steel face of Link's Hylian Shield. He recoiled, clutching his hand, but quickly ducked under another slash aimed to take his head off.

Mario jumped back a good distance, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a flower the color of open flame. His shirt and hat turned white while his trousers turned red. He pointed his finger at Link like he was holding a gun, then unleashed a barrage of fireballs at Link.

Link rolled away from a few, then swapped out his Hylian Shield for a glossy, silvery shield with a red outline. When one fireball hit the face of this shield, the coat began to flash a bright red. Link's shield took the barrage of fireballs until about the tenth one.

Link aimed the front of his shield at Mario just as the energy stored within the shield was at its limit and a worm of flames erupted from the surface. Mario jumped over the blast, landed behind Link, then seized him by the tunic, spun him around three times, then tossed him like a paper wad.

Link cried out in surprise, landing on the ground and catching himself in mid-tumble. Mario, wanting to finish this fight, gathered all the fire he could in his hands, thrust both forward, then unleashed a spiraling blast of fire at Link.

Link acted fast, took out his bow, knocked an arrow, and aimed it right at the oncoming inferno. The arrow glowed bright blue before Link let it loose.

Right when the arrow touched the fire, the flames crystallized into solid ice before plummeting to the ground and shattering into millions of tiny pieces.

Link acted fast, raising his sword skyward as blue energy gathered inside of it. When the blade had turned electric blue, Link unleashed two slashes, each creating an energy disc in an "X" formation.

Mario yelped, then slid under both attacks before pulling out another item. This one was a blue flower in comparison to the red fire flower. When Mario absorbed this one, his white clothes turned sky blue. He threw a hand forward and a ball of ice flew from his palm.

Link raised his Mirror Shield again, catching the ice attack just as he did the fire one, his shield glowing white instead of red. Mario, though, was on to him this time. He quickly closed the distance between himself and Link and hit him with a ball of ice.

Link was encased in a block of ice, which Mario proceeded to pick up and toss like it was weightless. The block of ice slid across the ground until it ran into a tree, sending Link sprawling to the ground. Catching his breath quickly, Link took out his bow, enchanted a freshly-knocked arrow with a red hue, then fired.

The minute the arrow flew from Link's grasp, it burst into flames. When it hit Mario, the plumber burst into flames, his ice upgrade vanishing and returning his clothes back to their normal color.

Mario reached into his pocket again, this time pulling out a mushroom with what looked like a boulder on its head. His traditional shirt and hat turned into jagged stone, turning him into Rock Mario. Mario jumped into the air, rocks gathering around him until he turned into a stone sphere. And with a "whoa", Mario rolled towards Link at what could only be described as near-terminal velocity.

Link wasn't worried, though, for he quickly hopped in the air, his normal boots being replaced by a pair made entirely of metal, and put away his sword and shield, revealing his golden-plated gauntlets. Link held up his hands as Mario's rolling form made his way toward him.

Mario was expecting to crush Link underneath his stone form like a cockroach, so one could imagine his surprise when he actually stopped in his tracks. Link's hands had a firm grip on his stony surface and hadn't even budged an inch. The combination of the Iron Boots' weight and the strength given to him by the Golden Gauntlets had halted Rock Mario.

With a roar, Link took a firm hold of the giant, spherical boulder, adjusted his footing, and tossed Mario behind him, sending him rolling away.

Mario dispelled his rock form, growled in frustration, then turned into the stone juggernaut again before charging.

Link didn't stand his ground this time, rather he took out his bow and knocked an arrow with a smoking arrowhead. He let the arrow loose and, when the arrow hit…


The juggernaut exploded in a shower of pebbles and Mario flew forward, screaming as his power-up flashed out of existence.

Link took his sword and shield in hand, dispelled the Iron Boots, then sprinted at Mario. He leaped clean into the air, his sword aimed down for the kill. However, Mario rolled away and Link ended up stabbing the ground. Link jerked his sword free from the ground and was about to swing at Mario when the plumber took out a yellow cape and swatted Link with it, flipping him the other direction and leaving him swiping at the air.

Mario proceeded to spin like a tornado with his fists outstretched, barraging Link with a hail of blows before landing a solid punch to Link's midsection that sent the Hero of Hyrule flying backward. He got to his feet in time to see Mario performing a similar attack to his own. The plumber sprinted towards him, then sprang into the air and pulled back a fist, ready to punch Link into next year.

Link mirrored Mario in return, rolling away to avoid the attack before lashing out with his sword only to see Mario duck under it.

Mario pulled out a new item, this one a set of colored particles gathered in the form of a hat, then put it on his head and…disappeared.

Link looked back and forth for his enemy, eyes and ears focused for anything that could give him. He didn't have much time to think, though, because an invisible object collided with the side of his face, sending him tumbling across the ground. Link got up, his tension even higher now.

Then Link got an idea. He took out what looked like an ornately-designed magnifying glass and fastened part of it to his eye. And in an instant, Link's invisible adversary became known to him with just enough time for Link to avoid getting his nose broken by a punch.
Link ducked away from a punch and swung his sword in retaliation only to see his blade pass right through the transparent Plumber. How Mario had landed a solid blow on him was anyone's guess.

Link performed an agile backflip away from Mario, then gathered power in his Master Sword and planted the tip into the ground with a grunt. The second the blade's tip came in contact with the ground, a tremor pulsed through the earth and was enough to shake Mario up until he fell on his seat. Apparently, he was still vulnerable to changes of footing in his Vanish form.

Soon enough, the Vanish cap's abilities wore off and Link took that moment to remove the Lens of Truth and advance his attack on Mario, who took out another item, this one looking like a small, stuffed raccoon.

In a puff of smoke, Mario was clad in a raccoon suit complete with ears and a tail. He focused and, in yet another puff of smoke, had transformed into a statue just as Link swung his blade. The Master Sword's silver surface bounced off Mario's stone form and the plumber took advantage of the situation by turning back and smacking Link across the face with his tail.

Link staggered back and swung again only to see Mario take off and, for some unknown reason, fly off into the distance. Mario was about to come in for a dive bomb when he screamed and lowered his altitude enough to avoid an arrow.

Link fired another arrow, shooting at him like he would a gamebird, but Mario would either move to evade the arrow or fell out of range. Link, not wanting to waste more ammunition than necessary, took out a boomerang and tossed it at Mario.

The angular projectile whirled through the air until it hit Mario square in the head, downing him before spinning back to its master.

Mario's raccoon costume vanished the minute he hit the ground and when he got up, he saw Link perform a sort of dance before hitting the ground with his fist. Mario's eyes went wide as he saw a fireball emerge from where Link stood and expand outward, incinerating all in its path. It was the flame of the Goddesses: Din's Fire.

The plumber took out a metal hat, placed it on his head and the minute it touched his head, Mario's whole body had turned into living steel. He didn't move, even as the wall of fire engulfed him.

The super plumber got up and advanced towards Link, glowing bright red, but still very much alive. Link's immediate instinct was to put up his shield, but when Mario's fist collided with its surface, it almost knocked Link off his feet. He stumbled, then quickly rolled around Mario's next punch and got up behind him before pulling his Roc's Feather out and jumping clean over Mario's head on his next punch.

Mario got an idea. He moved at Link, as though ready to jab him. However, Link was in for a nasty surprise when Mario jumped, fist extended, and nailed him right in the gut, causing a stream of coins to emerge…for some reason.

Link fell to the ground in a crumpled heap, then saw Mario jump into the air to attempt to land on him, feet-first. He closed his eyes in concentration as a red energy flashed from his tunic.

Mario landed on Link with the force of a cinderblock being dropped from a five-story building, but he found it odd that Link's body did not crumple and, in fact, remained pretty intact. The evidence came when he saw that Link's clothes were no longer green, but red with gilded plates of armor.

This was the Magic Armor, armor that would keep him safe from harm at the cost of a steady supply of rupees.

It was fortunate, then, that he had at least two-hundred rupees on him.

Link seized Mario by one of his ankles and actually threw the steel plumber off him with the help of his Golden Gauntlets. Mario may have been very heavy in this form, but it wasn't anything that his gauntlets couldn't take.

The Metal Cap wore off, but Mario still had a few tricks up his sleeve. From his pocket (which had to be at least as deep as Link's) emerged a colossal mushroom that was orange with red spots. The minute it touched Mario, the plumber grew into a fifty-foot colossus.
Link's initial response was any human's: sheathe his sword and run. But Mario's new stature meant that every step he took was at least ten of Link's. He caught up to Link in no time, raised his foot, and brought it down on Link like the hero was a bug.

What Mario didn't see was that Link, with the aid of the golden gauntlets, was actually holding up his foot and preventing himself from getting crushed. With a mighty grunt, he pushed and pushed harder against Mario's foot, then actually lifted enough off him so that he could free his hand, pull out the Master Sword, and bring it stabbing up into Mario's shoe.

Mario yelped at the sudden pain in his foot, hopping up and down while clutching the foot that Link had stabbed with his sword.

Link got clear of Mario's form, which was now big enough to create small tremors in the ground, but saw that he hadn't averted Mario's attention for long. Mario had noticed and given chase.

Link clicked his heels and a pair of white-feathered wings appeared on the sides of his boots. With a quick buildup, he dashed away as fast as the Pegasus Boots could carry him.

It was a close chase, though, as the hero was only barely outrunning Mario. The plumber was only a close second to Link in speed, but that was fading fast as Mario was returning to his normal size.

Mario stopped to catch his breath and Link seized his chance. He stopped, then realized that his wallet was almost empty. He did NOT want the magic armor on while he was broke. With a quick flex of concentration, the armor vanished in red light, leaving Link in his traditional green garb.

Using the Pegasus Boots again, Link charged Mario with his sword outstretched only to see him evade it with an agile flip to the side. Link screeched to a halt, then took out his Hero's Bow and knocking a bomb arrow and firing.

Mario pulled a yellow star with beady, black eyes from his pocket and the minute he touched it, his whole body flashed with bright colors. When the bomb arrow hit him, Mario sprinted from the smoke, completely untouched.

Link fired a second and third bomb arrow only to see similar results as the first one, then it clicked in his mind that this wouldn't go anywhere. Not wanting to find out what would happen when he touched Mario, he performed another magic dance, this time putting his hand over his heart. In a burst of blue light, Link was encased in a blue energy crystal.

Mario pulled back his fist and threw it right into Link's midsection. The blow sent Link tumbling across the ground like a skipping stone and, with a dull "thud", Link lay on the ground.

Mario nodded in satisfaction, but his eyes went wide when he saw Link get back up, completely unscathed from his attack. Nayru's love was shielding his body from harm in a manner similar to the Magic Armor. Mario could pummel Link and toss him around and still to no damage whatsoever.

Mario's Starman wore off faster than he thought, but Nayru's love was still in full effect. Mario would have waited it out, but Link was soon in his face, sword raised. Mario ducked under swipes as well as back away, jump over, and sidestep.

Mario seized an opportunity when Link took a downward swing, grabbing Link by the collar and tossing him backward. He hit the ground hard, but still got back to his feet and kept his weapon in hand.

Nayru's love dissipated and Link knew that now was the time to finish this and finish it NOW. He took out his boomerang and lobbed it at Mario only to see him jump clean over it.

Mario took a hammer from his deep pocket and swung just as Link swung his sword at him. The hammer, being heavier than the sword, smashed the blade right out of Link's hand. The indigo-hilted blade landed a full ten yards from Link. Should he run to get it, Mario would easily catch up and attack.

Link, instead, opted for keeping his shield up. The Hylian Shield took whatever blow Mario could dish out with his hammer, even when Mario spun like a tornado and rained repeated blows on it.


Link's Boomerang made its return trip, hitting Mario right in the back of the head. The blow was enough to stun Mario and Link seized his chance.

The hero took from his vast arsenal, a gauntlet-shaped device with three claws and aimed it at his fallen blade. With a pull of the trigger, the claws shot out on a long chain towards the hilt of the Master Sword. On impact, the claws closed shut and the chain retracted, pulling the sword out of the ground and landing it just in front of the hero.

Link put away the Clawshot and picked up his sword just in time to see Mario come out of his stunned state and attempt another hammer shot. Link put up his shield again, but actually pushed suddenly. The result was that Mario's attack both bounced off the shield and the face of the shield hit Mario right in the face, stunning him once again.

Link positioned his sword behind him and, with a roar, spun in a full three-sixty-degree circle with his blade extended. A wave of blue energy flew from the circle and knocked Mario flat on his back. Link acted swiftly and jumped after him before Mario could recuperate. In midair, he put both hands on the hilt and aimed the sword down.

The Master Sword embedded itself right in Mario's abdomen, a dark stain appearing on his shirt and overalls. The plumber emitted a choked cry before finally slumping down to the ground and remaining motionless.

Link removed his blade, then sheathed it on his back before striding off into the distance. One less rival, one more victory for him.


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Uhh... What's the point in debating when you've literally just said who won in the set-up?

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You're doing alright in writing your setup, except that you need to leave out the actual battle, especially the part where LINK KILLS MARIO. The point isn't to write a match where someone wins, it's to present a battle between two very fairly even competitors and let the people decide who comes out on top.

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This would've made a kick-ass match recap, but as an actual match...


Yeah, one of the main purposes of writing a CBUB match is to make a scenario that allows others to debate on who they think would win in a conflict. By writing out the actual fight itself, ending and all, it really defeats all purpose of debate. Also, we have no idea why Mario and Link are fighting to the death.


I get the feeling, though, that you knew all of this already, right?

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if this was a match that doesn't already have a victor, I would vote Mario. Well it depends what version of Mario. If this is SSBB Mario then he wins, but if this is any other version of Mario, then he loses so bad.

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I get the feeling, though, that you knew all of this already, right?






This is both Composite Mario & Link.







Rescued an entire galaxy

Saved various kingdoms

Defeats a variety of villains



Jumps several feet

Good with flips and wall jumps

Punches can shatter brick

Can lift and throw very heavy objects

Expert swimmer

Competes in several sports



Normal Mushroom

-Increases health and stature

Rock Mushroom

-Turns into a giant stone boulder

-Crushes enemies underneath

Mega Mushroom

-Turns Mario into a giant colossus

-Destroys most enemies and terrain



Fire Flower

-Shoots fireballs

-Various other pyrokinetic abilities

Ice Flower

-Fires enemy-freezing snowballs

-Can walk on water by freezing it



-Allows the user to hover

-Can turn wearer into a statue

-Statue form stops when user moves




-Gives Mario flight capabilities

-Can reflect projectiles and strike enemies

Metal Cap

-Turns Mario into indestructible steel

-Heavy, yet still mobile

Vanish Cap

-Turns Mario intangible

-Makes him Invisible to most enemies



-Born from the stars

-Grants Mario invulnerability

-Increases Speed

-Lasts 15 seconds



Mario's oldest weapon

Can crush almost anything

Mario has utilized it as a projectile weapon







Reincarnated for over 10 generations

Saved Hyrule and various other lands

Defeated dark lords, demons, and monsters



Expert swordsman

Practiced wrestling and boxing

Runs long distances

Can perform backflips and rolls to evade

Rides horses, giant birds, boats, and trains

Extremely sharp reflexes





Crafted by Hylia

Repels evil

Reflects energy-based attacks

Powerful energy attacks

Utilizes Three Medallions

-Bombos: Emits fire

-Ether: Emits ice

-Quake: Creates earthquakes




-Can attack multiple foes

-Stuns enemies

-Comes right back when thrown


-5-second fuse

-Bombchu scales walls and moves

-Water Bomb works underwater

Hero's Bow

-Regular Arrows

-Fire Arrows

-Ice Arrows

-Light Arrows

-Silver Arrows

-Bomb Arrows




Chainmail shirt

Golden Gauntlets

-Grants him superhuman strength

-Does not increase punching power

Special Boots

-Iron Boots

-Hover Boots

-Pegasus Boots


-Hylian Shield

-Mirror Shield



Magic Armor

-Makes Link invulnerable

-No health will be lost even if he's tossed around or struck

-Uses Rupees

Roc's Feather

-Increases Jumping Ability

Din's Fire

-Creates a sphere of fire

Nayru's Love

-Creates a protective diamond field

Lens of Truth

-Allows Link to see invisible objects/enemies



Connected to the Triforce of Courage

Bonded to Zelda and Ganon

Repeated countless times

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Posting the stats after the fact is really pointless, too, since most of that's already mentioned in the set-up.


Heh, I might chuckle a bit if Mario and Wario actually win the final votes in these matches.

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Match Final Results


C Great as a match recap, but you can't debate on a match where the story already decides the outcome.


Mario: 12

Link: 11

FPA: 2.0


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Alright, so I get a half-chuckle. :D

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Hmmm... very interesting...

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Yeah, the set-up already spells out as much.

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