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Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Leonardo (Mirage): 14
Ryo Sakazaki: 2

Sarah Bryant vs. Mature

Sarah Bryant: 1
Mature: 14

Odin (Mythology) vs. Randall Flagg

Odin (Mythology): 7
Randall Flagg: 3

Fox (Gargoyles) vs. Diao Chan

Fox (Gargoyles): 7
Diao Chan: 2

Ayane vs. Kunimitsu

Ayane: 7
Kunimitsu: 6

Mass Effect Universe vs. The Elder Scrolls Universe

Mass Effect Universe: 5
The Elder Scrolls Universe: 4

Time Force Power Rangers vs. Choriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Time Force Power Rangers: 0
Ch?riki Sentai Ohranger: 2
MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 6

Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things) vs. G'mork

Hawkins A.V. Club (Stranger Things): 1
G'mork: 4

Mandalorian Supercommandos vs. Aslan's Army

Mandalorian Supercommandos: 6
Aslan's Army: 3

Caesar vs. Sun Wukong The Monkey King

Caesar: 6
Sun Wukong The Monkey King: 1

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Match 13572 Soundwave vs. Machine Empire

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Previously: With Megatron joining with Rodimus Prime to take down Nemesis Prime, Starscream rallied the Decepticons under his leadership. He also created an alliance with Cybertron’s sister planet Gobatron. Specifically, his merged with the Renegades faction. His first objective was to destroy those still loyal to Megatron, thus posing opposition to his governance. The target was easy, Soundwave. As a token of their alliance, the Renegades Cy-kill, Crasher and Coptur attacked Soundwave.




Crasher made the first move. She stomped her foot on the ground and an energy spark trailed its way to Soundwave like a heat seeking mine.


To his defense ejected Rumble. The mini bot saw the energy spark and tried to crack the ground to keep the trail from reaching Soundwave. He succeeded.


As Coptur came with his whirling blade, Cy-Kill transformed into motorcycle mode and sped toward Rumble. He blasted the mini bot with his forward gun and then transformed back into robot mode and tackled Soundwave at his former driving speed.


Attempting to hold him, so that Coptur’s whirling blade could decapitate him, the Renegades found that Soundwave was tremendously strong and hard to keep down. Buzzsaw who immediately attacked Crasher so that the crazed female bot couldn’t join in the dog pile while Soundwave struggled against Cy-Kill. The Renegades leader was resourceful, transforming into motorcycle mode and slipping out of Soundwave’s grasp.


Coptur, accustomed to his whirling blades protecting him from blasts, found that they were useless against white noise. So powerful was the blare that Coptur was thrown off of his feet.


To protect himself from rear attacks, Soundwave ejected Frenzy. His psychotic disruptor was known and feared amongst all Decepticons. The mini bot directed his disruptor at Crasher. But the bot was so mad that she actually seemed to enjoy seeing horrors. She created another energy mine and blew Frenzy to pieces.


If there was one thing that could affect Soundwave emotionally, it was the demise of one of his cassettes. But even if he destroyed the three Renegades as he wanted to do- as he knew he could- Starscream wouldn’t let him leave this place functional.


Withdrawing was the only logical option.


Even then, he had to make it convincing. Taking to the air, Coptur and Cy-kill followed him. They exchanged fire and continued to fly out of visual range. Another circuit wrenching loss came over Soundwave as he felt Buzzsaw’s spark fade. Crasher had killed two of his cassettes.


In his distraction, Cy-kill and Coptur blasted Soundwave together. He unleashed one last sonic disruption wave and the resulting mix of energies made them loose track of eachother. Cy-kill and Coptur returned to the others and reported successfully destroy the Megatron loyalist.




When Soundwave revived, he found himself in a chamber.


“Welcome to the Machine Empire! I am King Mondo!â€


Soundwave accessed his memory banks. The Machine Empire was a small kingdom. Megatron already had plans to destroy them when the time came.


“You were found lost and were brought to me! For repayment, you may serve me!â€


Cold as ever, Soundwave offered his response. “The Decepticons supreme to the Empire of Machines!â€


“How dare you!†King Mondo exclaimed. “Cogs! Teach him a lesson!â€


A group of Cogs surrounded the Decpeticon, but Soundwave already had his move in mind. As mentioned, Megatron already had plans on dealing with the Machine Empire.


A shrill blare renders the Cogs inept.


King Mondo rose to his feet. “I see I’ll have to be the teacher myself! Prepare to be humbled Cybertronian!â€



Fight Parameters


Straight up fight. Submission, Knock out or death.


Because King Mondo can grow to Megazord size he has grown himself to match Soundwave’s regular size for fairness.

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Just some quick info on King Mondo (so people don’t just discard him).


-When the Machine Empire came to Earth, Zedd and Rita ran away, knowing that they couldn’t fight them. That says a lot about how powerful the machine empire is if they make the best Power Ranger villain make a break for it just by showing up.


-King Mondo was finally defeated in battle with the Super Zeo Megazord, definatly one of the most powerful Zords they ever had (right there with the Shogun Megazord).

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Good set-up, leroy.


I actually missed the Machine Empire saga of the Zeo Ranger era, so I looked up some vids of King Mondo, as well as his bio on Ranger Wiki.




Given what I've seen, I think Soundwave can take him. Yes, Mondo is a skilled fighter and can fire electric bolts, but he doesn't seem all that durable. I think Soundwave can distract him with his remaining cassette sidekicks, then move in for the kill.


BTW, leroy, if you see any unused Transformers characters in the Anime section, don't use them for the time being. I'm going to see if I can get the reviewers to delete them soon so they can be re-added in the Toons section.

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Match Final Results



B Interesting matchup.

A Good Setup, Well written.



Soundwave: 15

Machine Empire: 3

FPA: 3.5


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