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Sesame Street: 4

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Anthony Gallen: 7
Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto): 2

Sir Dan Fortesque vs. Brook

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The Minions vs. Mini-Me

The Minions: 5
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Dinsdale Piranha

Match 13329 Black Widow vs. Robot Spy

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This is the continuation of an arc. The last installment is at Nightwing vs. Wolf vs. The Lizard.




This is the wrap-up from DuncanMacLeod vs. Macbeth. Mac and MacBeth are fencing in the depths of a large park in Metropolis. Demona (in her human form of Dominique Destine) is watching from nearby.


Duncan made a couple of passes at MacBeth, feeling out his defenses. As he expected, the older immortal was fast, strong, and an excellent swordsman. had excellent defenses. He was unpredictable on the offense too, Mac learned as the greybeard launched a blinding series of cuts and thrusts that he was hard pressed to parry.


As they moved off the path, Mac shifted to Bonetti's defense, which was fitting considering the rocky terrain. As he expected, MacBeth attacked with Capa-Ferro, and he countered with Thibault, whick cancels out Capa-Ferra… unless your enemy has studied his Agrippa, which MacBeth obviously had. His sword disengaged the Highlander's and cut a gash across his cheekbone.


"First blood, laddie," MacBeth said. "Stand aside and it need go no further."


"I'll not surrender," Mac replied.


"An answer fitting a MacLeod," MacBeth said. "More's the pity."


He thrust but Mac had anticipated the attack. He sidestepped, using a small move of his katana to brush MacBeth's sword aside. As the big man continued forward, propelled by the force of his attack. As he passed, Mac slashed across his back with a diagonal cut. MacBeth's armor absorbed part of the blow but it still sent him to his knees with a deep cut across his ribs. Before Mac could press his advantage, he was distracted by a woman's scream. Dominic had fallen to all fours and reached for her back in obvious pain.


The distraction lasted only an instant but it allowed MacBeth to do a diving roll out of range. He came to his feet with his sword in a ready position. He rushed forward with an overhead cut that Mac easily parried, but managed to lock sword-guards. He made a twisting motion with his left arm and a hidden blade slid out into his hand. He thrust the long dagger and only Duncan's agility and reflexes saved him. As it was, MacBeth's blade slit his shirt and drew a bloody line across his chest.


With a cry of pain and anger, Duncan MacLeod freed his katana and slid it forward in a tsuka-ate technique, slamming the carved ivory pommel into the older immortal's forehead. In a corner of his mind he heard Dominique cry in pain as MacBeth staggered back. Ignoring the strange phenomenon, he twisted his body into a spinning side-kick. His foot caught MacBeth in the solar plexus, stunning him and dropping him to his back. The gray-haired immortal landed hard and lost his grip on his weapons. Before he could move, MacLeod stood over him with the blade of the katana at his throat.


"You've won, highlander," MacBeth said. "You are the finest swordsman I've faced since King Arthur himself. My life is yours if you want it."


"What I want," Mac said, "is some answers. Who are you? Why are you stalking this woman? And what's this about King Arthur?"


"No!" Dominique had risen to her feet and produced some sort of futuristic looking pistol. "You can't let him live. He'll never stop trying to kill me."


"There's no need for that," Mac said. "I have this under control."


"You don't know him," Dominique said. "You have to kill him or he'll kill both of us."


"Just calm down and put the gun away," Mac replied turning toward her.


That was all that MacBeth needed. He slammed a handful of smoke capsule to the ground and kicked Duncan from behind, thrusting him at Dominique. Mac saw the flash as the gun went off, then the pain of electrocution as he died.




Duncan awoke from death with a loud gasp. He found himself lying on a secluded hillside with his head cradled in Dominique Destine's lap.


"Thank God you’re alive," the rad-haired woman said.


"What happened?" he asked, sitting up.


"That man ran off," she replied. "I can't thank you enough for saving me."


"You shot me…"


"I'm sorry," Dominique said. "I tried to stun him with my TASER but you got in the way."


"TASER?" he asked, remembering the deadly power of the electrical bolt.


"It's an experimental model," Dominique said, handing him the weapon. "I work for LexCorp. I think it's more powerful than they realized. But, here, you look like you could use this."


She offered Mac a flask from which he caught the aroma of a quality single-malt Scotch. He took it gratefully and took a swallow. As the warmth flooded his limbs, Mac felt another feeling fill him. He loved this strange woman. They might only have just met, but he felt something for her that was deeper and more powerful than his feelings for any woman since Tessa's death.


As if reading his thoughts, Dominique smiled. Her potion was working and she had gained a valuable ally.




Later that afternoon; Mac had left, needing to attend to some personal business, which left Dominique free to make a secret rendezvous in one of LexCorp's warehouses.


"You're satisfied with your creature?" Kraven asked, gesturing to the tranquilized form of Anthony Romulus, restrained and still in his werewolf form. "I must say, he gave me an entertaining hunt."


"The next one may even more so, though much closer to home. I'm sending you to Manhattan to face a whole clan of creatures… you will need help."


"Kraven needs no one!"


"You're welcome to prove me wrong, but I am sending you with a partner nonetheless."


The door opened and a huge man with a mane of blonde hair entered. His eyes widened slightly as he smelled the animal aroma and noticed the claw-tipped fingers.


"Another of your mutates?" he asked.


"Another of my employees," Dominic said. "Meet your partner for this hunt."


"The name's Sabretooth," the big man said.




"This is Silvio Manfredi," Captain Stacy said as the slide of the distinguished gray-haired man projected behind him. "Better known as Silvermane, He was the leader of the New York Maggia until he stepped down eight years ago in favor of his grandson, Anthony Drakon."


Elisa Maza winced as Drakon's image replaced Silvermane's. She had spent a lot of time and effort putting the young gangboss away, and hoped that was the last of it. She would much rather be investigating Lex Luthor--who had nearly killed her, only to get away scott free--than revisit this territory.


"With Drakon in prison and the mysterious 'Big Man' moving in on New York Crime, Silvermane has come out of retirement to defend the Maggia's turf," Stacy continued. "That means we're looking at an impending gang war."


Elisa struggled to focus on the briefing but found herself distracted by a dozen small things. After the meeting ended, she cornered Margot Yale, the representative from the DA's office and introduced herself.


"It's good to have you on-board," Elisa said, "but I'm a bit surprised. I thought Cathy Chandler was going to represent your office."


"Chandler's gone missing," Margot replied. "We don't know what's happened to her."




The silent children trooped through the tunnels staring in wonder. They were used to the underground world of sewers and subways, but this was something new. This new section was clean and the caverns and tunnels seemed more the work of nature than of man. It was the sort of place you only read about in library books, or saw in Harry Potter movies.


The woman and the scaly man seemed to fit that mold somehow. With her eyepatch, she seemed like a beautiful (though scarred) pirate queen, and the man was like a human alligator--even more fearsome than the ones their former master had kept as pets. Peter, one of the older boys, thought of them as characters in an old movie he'd seen. They were (a female) Captain Hook and the (now human) Tick-Tock Crocodile who had reconciled and become a couple.


They reached a huge subterranean chasm, that descended farther into the earth than they could see was spanned by a rickety rope and wood bridge. They paused and the Crocodile-man set the man he carried over his shoulder on his feet and removed his gag and blindfold.


"Fools," she prisoner snarled. "Don't you know who I am? I am the Sewer King! Invading my realm, meddling with my subjects, it won't go well for you."


"I still don’t know who you are," the one eyed woman said.


"I do, Callisto," the Crocodile-man said. "He used to be a small timer in Gotham… at least until he crossed the Bat. He had the same racket them, usin' homeless kids to snatch purses and stuff."


"Thank you, Croc," Callisto said. "Now that I know who he was, why don't you show him where he's going?"


Killer Croc grinned. He caught the front of the Sewer King's cloak and held him out over the lip of the chasm with one hand.


"Say goodbye to your former master," Callisto said to the children. "You're mine now and nobody will ever hurt or use you like he did again."


"Please…" the Sewer King pleaded. "I… I was good to my children. I love them."


"Shut up!" Callisto snapped, her voice suddenly venomous.


"Don't be an idiot, Croc," the man continued. "I work for the Big Man; you've heard of him, I know. If anything happens to me, he'll see that you pay."


"Show him how frightened we are," Callisto said.


Croc grinned and opened his hand. The Sewer King's screams lasted long after he vanished from view into the chasm.


"You sure about this, Cal?" Croc asked, nodding his head at the children.


"It'll buy us a lot of credibility with Father and his people," she replied.


"Whadda we need that for? They'll do what we tell them, if they wanna stay healthy."


"Fear is a limited tool," Calisto replied. "Common cause is much better. Knowing that we care as much for the people the World Above considers freaks and outcasts as they do makes ruling them a hundred times easier."


Croc shrugged. "You're the brains."


They fell silent after that and the Pirate Queen and the Human Crocodile led their new tribe of Lost Boys across the bridge and into Neverland.




Natasha Romanov was running a late evening sweep of Stark Tower when she saw the unconscious guard outside Tony Stark's private lab. The man was in a deep state of unconsciousness with a strange, circular mark on his forehead. She tried her communicator but discovered it was jammed. Natasha heard a faint noise from inside the lab; moving silently, she entered. She saw Tony Stark on the floor, the same mark on his head. Nearby a strange device, like a mechanical spider, stood over Tony's desk. Two flexible antennae extruded from the thing's spherical body and had attacked to one of JARVIS' terminals.


"JARVIS," Natasha said, "what is that thing?"


"Ro…bot spy…" the computer replied. "Down…loading data… overriding safeties on ARC generator… explosion imminent."


Natasha drew her twon 9mm pistols and fired at the robot but the bullets ricocheted harmlessly off the thing's heavy armor.


"Can you stop the explosion?" she asked.


"Robot generating inter…ference," JARVIS replied. "If… stopped… I can shut down…"


The robot Spy disconnected from the computer and began to stride toward Natasha…




The robot (which was sent by Lex Luthor) has downloaded a huge amount of sensitive SI data and plans to transmit this to its master. It cannot do this from inside the building because of Stark's defenses. It will go to the roof (15 floors above its present position) and transmit, then will trigger an explosion in the ARC generator that will destroy the building.


The Black Widow needs to find a way to disable the powerful machine before it can accomplish its mission. She has the full resources of Stark Tower at her disposal, though the robot has taken down communications. Tony stark will be unconscious for hours.

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DSkillz had asked about where this fits in continuity so here goes my best shot...


GARGOYLES - Everything that happened in Seasons 1-2 has happened with a few exceptions:

- Oberon's Gathering has not yet occurred

- Xanatos and Fox have not yet reconciled with the Gargoyles

- Fox is not yet pregnant

- The Hunters have not yet exposed the existence of gargoyles to the world (there are no Quarrymen)

- The Gargoyles are still living in the clock tower over Elisa's precinct house

- The Avalon Travelers have returned and Angela has joined the Manhattan clan


SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN - This comes early in the first season.

- Dr. Conners has already become the Lizard

- Pete and Eddie Brock are still close friends

- Montana has not yet become the Shocker

- There is no symbiote yet


BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES - Somewhere in season 3:

- Dick is Nightwing

- Tim is Robin

- Batgirl is a regular partner with Batman & Robin


SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES - Sometime before Season 1:

- Clark Kent is not yet working for the Planet

- There is no Superman as yet


JONNY QUEST - This is shortly after the end of the original series. The Quests are still living on Palm Key and the only difference from the original show is that Jessie Bannon is also living with them


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Sometime in the second season and Catherine is still alive


HIGHLANDER, THE SERIES - Sometime shortly after the end of the series but before the events of HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME. Connor is alive but hasn't been heard from in some time.


IRON MAN - This one is the real muddle. Tony Stark is Iron Man and his identity is known to the world. Tony and Pepper are not yet a couple. Tony is using the early MK III armor from the comics, though he does have JARVIS

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Another good set-up, Dinsdale. Your Gargoyles crossover arc has already become much more expansive than mine. :D Nice effort with establishing a sense of continuity with all the various mediums involved in this arc. too.


As for the match, in Black Widow's time working with S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers, she's probably seen tougher bots than this Robot Spy. With much of Tony's arsenal at her disposal, I think she can take it down.

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Black Widow is pretty talented and with the technology at her disposal i say she finds a way to win

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Just to play devil's advocate for a second; in the JQ episode the robot spy shrugged off rifle fire, heavy machine guns, flame throwers, and even a tank shell. It's much more durable than it looks. I'll post video later.

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Match Final Results



A Another great job here with the recap and working in various storylines here!


Black Widow: 14

Robot Spy: 9

FPA: 4.0


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