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Tommy Vercetti and Umberto Robina and Anthony Gallen vs. Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto) and Haitian Gang (GTA Vice City) and Vice City Police Department

Match 14754 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Pac-Man vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Match 14753 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Kingpin vs. Heihachi Mishima

Match 14752 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Count Marzo vs. Zasalamel

Match 14747 by Buzz Line
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Match 14745 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Mokujin: 7
Pac-Man: 0

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Hulk Hogan: 9
Ivan Drago: 8

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Bruce Lee: 11
Rocky Balboa: 1

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Shrek: 12
King Bowser: 5

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Apocalypse: 8
Wildcats: 0

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The Blue Flame

Champion Of Heroines Tournament

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Who is the strongest? Who has the most skill? And who has the most knowledge of combat? Who is the greatest female warrior in the Multiverse. These are all questions the warrior princess Ruby Brightstar wants to know. Ruby has been all over the Multiverse along side her mother Emerald and The Doctor himself. She has seen many powerful Heroines and now she wishes to have the answer to who is the most powerful Heroine. With help from The Doctor and many powerful goddess's Ruby is hosting the first ever Champion Of Heroines Tournament. The winner will get the title of the most powerful Heroine in all the Multiverse. Only the strongest female warriors have been invited to take place in the tournament and others invited to watch the grand tournament take place.


This Role Play isn't just about battling even though the main focus is the Heroine Tournament. It's also about character interaction. To be in the tournament itself your character must be a female if it wasn't clear enough already. Your allowed one character in the tournament itself however you can play more than just that one character but the other ones will be just spectators, also you can be a male character as one of the spectators. The battles in the tournament will be judged by me there will be a set time limit (Like a few weeks or a little longer) on the battles, and when the time limit is reached the battle ends and I will judge the victor. There will opportunity's to rp battle outside of the tournament itself as well.Those battles may have a time limit as well so the characters will have more opportunity to interact with other characters. Power limited for characters in the Tournament specifically no stronger than around Katrina's power level (Katrina G4's character from UWT) If you don't know who that is, just sign up as your character, and I will tell you if there to strong or not. Also you may use Original Characters which in my opinion is funner.


Character Sign Up Sheet










Weapons and Equipment:



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Name: Ruby Brightstar

Age: 16

Appearance: lonely_anime_girl-1.jpg

Powers/Skills: Minor knowledge of the Ancient Language, Weapon master of all weapons of her time. 

Weapons and Equipment:
Ruby Necklace: Stores items magically inside ruby gem in necklace.
Sapphire Sword: Stores stamina into the gem of the sword as she sleeps. Has a day full of stamina stored.
Cobalt Shield: Magically Indestructible because of Cobalt gem in the center of the shield.
Topaz Spear: Returns to hand magically.
Emerald Quiver: Unlimited arrows.
Amethyst Bow: Magically Lunches arrows five times as fast as a normal bow.
Amber Gauntlets: Magically triples upper body strength.

Bio: Born from a kiss between a goddess and a brave heroine. The goddess Athena the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. The heroine Emerald Brightstar one of the most skilled warriors in the Multiverse. The kiss happen during Emerald's mission to save the Multiverse from the evil Kronos, who kidnapped the Doctor, to use his body as his new host. During Emerald's mission she travel to ancient Greece in the TARDIS to get the help of the gods to stop Kronos. They didn't believe her that he had awaken besides the wise Athena. 


Once Emerald's team of hero's went back to the TARDIS to find the Doctor, and stop Kronos by themselves Athena appeared. She told the group that she believed them, that Kronos was attempting to use the Doctor as a host, to take over the world. She also commented on Emerald's intelligent's and gave her a goodbye kiss. Once Emerald and her team left the Goddess give birth to a baby from her brain, literally Ruby is a brain child. Just like Athena was born from Zeus's head, and like all of Athena's other children. The goddess couldn't keep Ruby in Olympus with her, nor would robbed Ruby of a mortal life from her demigod child. So she left Ruby in the care of the king and queen of Athens.


Growing up in Athens as daughter of Athena, and princess was a good life. She was wise beyond even other children of Athena. And with a even more kind heart. Ruby was born to lead. She was happy but always longed to see her mother Emerald. One day when Ruby was 13 Athens was over run by monsters because of Kronos. Ruby helped all the citizens out of Athens with the help of the army of the city. Ruby went back to the over run city to see if anyone was left behind.


Then Ruby seen her being over powered by the number of monsters. It was her mother Emerald and she knew what she look like because of story's from Athena. Ruby saved her mother, then joined her group t stop Kronos, and save the Doctor. And that's exactly what they did. After wards Ruby made up her mind to travel with her mother and the Doctor. Three years later and a new cheaper has began.  

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Name: Minerva "Owlgirl" Rajom

Age: 15

Powers/Skills: Pyrokinetic, expert robotic programmer, crafter, martial artist and pizzamaker.

Weapons/Equipment: essentially a batman suit, but with an owl theme, which has the following:

A jetpack

Flamethrowers on the wrist

leather padding to protect her when pulling off martial arts moves.

soda machine

keys to the owl ship

wi fi


Bio: will write it up later. or copy and paste from reach.

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Name: Katie Marek


Age: 20


Appearance: 5'5" with pale white skin, shoulder length black hair and blue eyes. Normal attire consists of a black unitard, miscloak and a utility belt to allow her to carry her weapons and equipment. Katie typically walks barefoot.


Power/Skills: A skilled Mistborn Allomancer with knowledge of and access to all sixteen basic metals. A powerful Dark Jedi skilled in the use of the Force. Skilled in all seven forms of lightsaber combat, prefers Form IV for it's acrobatic style. Is a decent shot with a ballistic gun and is stealthy.


Weapons and Equipment: Two shotos with beads of the God Metal Lerasium as the focusing crystal, (Each one when active. doubles the strength of her Allomantic burn.) two glass daggers, to cortosis daggers, a coin pouch full of copper boxings, two aluminum revolvers, modeled off of Colt .45's each able to carry six shots, She carries 50 aluminum bullets nd 50 steel bullets on her person at all times and enough gupowdder to use them. See also carries supplies to clean her guns and an MP3 player and earbuds.


Bio: Born in the year 2010 of an alternate timeline, Katie is the daughter of Vin Venture and Galen Marek aka Starkiller. In her native timeline she was born and raised in the Earth city of Philadelphia. The true identity of her father was hidden from her. In her native timeline Earth was nder siege by the Galactic Empire and thus he was trained in the use of her natural abilities and became gurilla fighter in the resistance.


At the age of sixten she became a companion of the Tenth Doctor for two years going on may adventures. By the time she had returned the war was going extremely badly for Earth, even by their standards. The resistance built a time machine an elected to send her back. The last sight of her native timeline was seeing the Earth be destroyed by a Death Star.


Arriving in the year 2009 using her future knowledge and teaming up with her parents and their allies Katie was able to chance history, defeat Darth Vader and the Emperor and spare herhome its terrible fate.. A short time after that her true parentage became known via a DNA test. She forced her prents to marry. She then once again became a companion to te Tenth Doctor, accompanying him on many adventures, notable excursions include a trip to the planet Messaline where The Doctor's daughter Jenny was born fully grown out of a progenation machine. Katie and Jenny would fall for each other over time. And of cours help in the later battles against the Cult of Cthulhu. She's currently traveling the universe with Jenny as a secret heroes.

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Wallllllah I see a Mary Sue.


I'd join but that kills the fun of it.


I'd interact purely but can't join if it's required to tourney. :o


EDIT: I'll tender signing up with Kelda Stormrider or Melissa Gold aka Songbird. I'll understand if Kelda's denied as she's pretty powerful but I do adore interacting with her while Melissa's pretty fun overall.

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I'm actually not a huge fan of combat myself, I've considered giving up in rond 1 and just ineractimg, probsbly won't bt it's temping. We need a non-combat RP.

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