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12:8 - Shan Yu vs. Bill Cipher

Shan Yu: 2
Bill Cipher: 8


12:8 - Abra Stone vs. Fortnite Island

Abra Stone: 4
Fortnite Island: 6


12:8 - Richard O'Connell vs. Warworld

Richard O'Connell: 5
Warworld: 7


12:8 - The Star Wars Fanatics vs. The Foot Clan

The Star Wars Fanatics: 4
The Foot Clan: 9


12:8 - Beta Ray Bill vs. Captain Marvel / Shazam

Beta Ray Bill: 9
Captain Marvel / Shazam: 3


12:8 - Trevor Belmont (Netflix) vs. Domino (Marvel Comics)

Trevor Belmont: 4
Domino (Marvel Comics): 8


12:8 - Ashley J. Williams vs. Predator Pyramid

Ashley J. Williams: 5
Predator Pyramid: 9


12:8 - Mr. Peanut vs. Wendy

Mr. Peanut: 5
Wendy: 6


12:8 - Lt. Ellen Ripley vs. New York City Penitentiary

Lt. Ellen Ripley: 14
New York City Penitentiary: 3


12:8 - Shocker vs. Rhino

Shocker: 8
Rhino: 3


12:8 - The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns) vs. Orcs

The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns): 3
Orcs: 9


12:8 - Bragi vs. Zeus

Bragi: 6
Zeus: 3


12:8 - George Volcano vs. Ronald McDonald

George Volcano: 4
Ronald McDonald: 5


12:8 - Angar the Screamer vs. Trapster

Angar the Screamer: 9
Trapster: 2


12:8 - Magpie vs. King Shark

Magpie: 3
King Shark: 9


12:8 - Ninjas vs. The 300 Spartans

Ninjas: 6
The 300 Spartans: 7


12:8 - Thor vs. Anubis

Thor: 7
Anubis: 2


12:8 - Apocalypse vs. Ultron

Apocalypse: 10
Ultron: 0


12:8 - Doomsday vs. The Hulk

Doomsday: 7
The Hulk: 5


12:8 - Demona vs. Lord Dominator

Demona: 7
Lord Dominator: 4

Starfire Legacy


Recommended Posts

Welcome to Starfire legacy the sequel to the original Starfire squadron RP, let me first state that you do not have to have participated in the original RP to play this one. This is a brand new adventure with an all new storyline. However if you’d like to learn more about the universe feel free to check out the original






Or read some of my stories set in this universe:http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2939546/1/Derek-and-Shmirdra



This RP is set in the far flung future humans have achieved miracles like FTL travel, directed energy weapons, and colonized several planets as well as made friends and allies of other species forming the Planetary Alliance a loose confederation of allies and trading partners and their colonies.



16 years ago the Planetary Alliance was at war with the Sh’ra Empire a race of raptor like beings. It was one of the largest conflicts ever seen which finally concluded with victory for the Alliance but only after many lives were lost. Afterwards the Sh’ra were forced to demilitarize. Many felt that the demilitarization was too soft on a violent and aggressive species that was known to use POWs as a food source and committed various war crimes, not to mention that the Sh’ra started the war by glassing a colony.



Now the galaxy is at peace, and the people have turned to rebuilding and repairing the damage wrought, even after 16 years the galaxy still bears scars of the conflict. And opportunists have struck at weakened settlements, pirates and raiders prowl the spaceways striking at merchant vessels and under defended colonies, and Sh’ra renegades refusing to accept defeat try to fight a war already lost.



It is uncertain times; the Planetary Alliance is striving to become something more than a loose Confederation, and try to maintain a fragile peace.



That’s where you come in the crew of the Ibis class destroyer Starfire named after a highly distinguished fighter squadron that served during the Sh’ra war the ship is charged with the duty of maintaining the peace, protecting the citizens of the Alliance, and defending interests. The galaxy needs YOU!



The Planetary Alliance is made up of many species but for playabilities sake these are the species you can choose from.



Humans: Do I really need to explain this? Not the strongest or smartest species but they are versatile. Humans participated in the Sh’ra war and indeed it was a mostly human colony that was destroyed that started the whole war. The various human worlds are all part of a republic.



Typical humans: http://www.co-optimu...ines%20crop.jpg



Daedalians: A race of Jackal like beings, Daedalians are rather tall usually Six feet or more, and covered in fur. Their mostly jungle homeworld of Daedalia was occupied by the Sh’ra; during the war the people formed resistance groups that fought on till liberation. Daedalia is still recovering from the occupation under the leadership of Queen Retjita. Common fur colors are brown, gray, black, gold or a combination. The most unusual fur color is Red which members of the royal family have. Daedalia is a constitutionalised monarchy.



Additional notes: Daedalians are strong at least twice that of a human, they also posses excellent sense of smell and hearing which is on par with a dogs. Daedalians are noted for being brave in combat and also for being masters of the Daedalian blades, short chopping swords which every Daedalian is at least familiar on how to fight with.



Male: http://www.swagonlin...ait.preview.jpg

Female: http://i108.photobuc...frezinx/Red.png



A Daedalian blade: http://www.oriental-...001248/ph-0.jpg (They're based on Bolos)



Pantheurians: The feline Pantheurians were once a fierce and savage race until they realized that their lifestyle was self destructive and after a long period of reforms the Pantheurians changed their ways into more civilized beings. By the time humans made contact with them they had gone from an empire to a republic and were now masters of trade and diplomacy. Though they’re civilized now it is said that it’s never wise to anger a Pantheurian, and they still have a sizable fleet. Pantheurians resemble large house cats usually with short fur that can be a wide variety of colors.

Additional notes: Pantheurians posses fast reflexes, and very good eyesight they can see in low light conditions easily. Their hearing and smell are not as good as a Daedalians but still better than your average human. It’s said that Pantheurians are never unarmed as they have wicked retractable claws.

A young male:http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt29/SCHNIEZEL/feline%20anthro/CatBoy.jpg

Female: http://fc03.devianta...iShikonGirl.jpg



Xyl: An avian species the Xyl are famous throughout the galaxy for being shipwrights and engineers. Xyl pride themselves for being masters of air and space flight though some species regard that as arrogance. Xyl have recently come under criticism as they sent the least amount of support during the war which vexed their allies who usually sent all they could. Xyl are average height and are a variety of plumages, males typically have brighter feathers than females.



Additional notes: Xyl posses great eyesight and can see objects from far away, they have sharp talons and long sharp beaks which they sometimes adorn with metal to make them even more formidable, if the gravity is low enough Xyl can fly in most conditions. Xyl have hollow bones though.

Xyl: http://fc08.devianta...o_by_f0xyme.jpg



Rhysellens: Rhysellen’s actually look very close to humans in appearance, though their skin color is usually pink, and their hair colors include natural, blue, white, purple, green, and pink among others. Rhysell is a planet driven by tourism as it is a range of archipelagos and considered one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy. Rhysellen’s generally have an easy going lifestyle, during the war the planet was the number one spot for R&R and shore leave, and Rhysellens were more than happy to entertain their guests, especially since all those ships kept them safe from the Sh’ra.



Additional notes: As stated earlier Rhysellens are very close to humans, the main difference besides their outward appearance is that living close to the ocean for so long means they have a larger lung capacity, a Rhysellen can hold their breath for a long time. They also have an unfortunate reputation as being rather promiscuous, stereotyping of course.

Male: http://fc09.devianta...artbytravis.jpg

Female: http://images.commun...03.jpg?v=145800



Selurians: The Selurians are a mysterious race of lemur like beings, before the war they were isolationists until they learned of the Sh’ra threat and promptly joined the alliance. Selurians are short usually about five feet but despite their size they are incredibly brave and would not think twice about attacking a larger opponent. The Selurians are a group of united tribes under a high chief. They have a variety of fur colors and prehensile tails which makes them suited for climbing the heavily forested areas of their world.



Additional notes: Selurians have excellent eyesight and prehensile tails which they often use in combat. In Selurian culture the females usually held leadership positions though in recent times males have become leaders too.

Male: http://th00.devianta...bbb-d3dd9f1.jpg

Female: http://us-p.vclart.n...ina001-sh-a.JPG



Jobs classes: There are three types of job classes in this RP they are:



Pilot: Pilots are the first line of defense that a ship has, pilots are all awarded an officers commission upon graduating flight school as well as a callsign. Pilots are always the first to fight, intercepting hostile craft, and protecting their ship and shipmates. They also provide close air support to ground troops. All of you will be flying the same class of fighter, the Wyvern class multi role fighter: http://images2.wikia...a/a6/Mirage.jpg



Marine: Marines are the shipboard fighting soldiers, usually used as boarding parties or to defend the ship from boarding parties. Marines are also ground troops for dirtside operations; they typically are armed with a mixture of blaster weapons and projectile weapons. Marines also sometimes act as shipboard police



Crewman: This is where all the other crew falls under, whether it’s medical, engineering, command, communications, tactical or even the cook it goes here. Though the naval personnel generally are specialists in their respective fields, they have all received basic combat training as everyone is expected to defend the ship with their lives regardless of what they do.

Whichever job you choose will reflect what you do during the RP everyone will have a battle station and you may get picked for an away mission because of your skill set. For example picking medical you may accompany the marines as a corpsman.




Age: (For simplicity sake please use the human standards of age measurement)


Species: Human, Daedalian, Pantheurian, Rhysellen, Xyl, or Selurian. (A few species are compatible, hybrids are possible but not all are compatible)




Appearance: A picture or a detailed description if you can’t find one you like


Rank: We’ll be using a slightly modified version of present day naval and marine ranks, except Naval ranks E1-E3 is spacehand, spacehand apprentice and spacehand first class.

Enlisted (Navy) http://www.officersg...k+Structure.jpg

Officer http://www.officersg...Structure+I.jpg

Marine Ranks: http://midwestyoungm...k_Structure.jpg


Job class: Pilot, Marine, crewman


Callsign: (Pilots only) EX: Iceman, Maverick etc. Callsigns are typically something short and reflects the pilot in some way, either a play on their name or personality. Exception: If you have a nickname and you’re not a pilot it will go here in this slot


Bio: Tell us a bit about your character, what are they like? Why did they join up? Etc.


Weapon preference: Being that all of you are servicemen weapons will be ISSUED to you as needed, however if there is a certain weapon you’re particularly skilled with list it here and it will be taken into consideration. Also if there’s a weapon that is something of a personal effect you can have it, but nothing crazy a knife or sidearm would be acceptable.

Also if you are an officer you can typically have whatever sidearm you want


Home planet: What planet do you call home?


Rules and considerations:


Rule 1: No superpowered beings. The first RP had genetically engineered individuals and they were a GM headache to deal with. There will be none in this RP, well for the most part you’ll have to stick around to find out about that.


2: I know you all love powered armor and such armor does exist; but it’s expensive and a pain to keep maintained, as a result it’s usually reserved for special forces, none of you will likely get any unless plot dictates.


3 GM get’s limited called hits, I can’t have you killed in the first hit, but knocking a weapon away from your hand or wounding is fair game, rest assured you will get a chance to defend yourself, unless it’s in the plot you get knocked out and taken prisoner. And if you fight stupidly you may wind up getting killed.


4: Like AMC story matters here, there will be plenty of opportunities for character development between action sequences. Think about your characters motivations and history and the little things they like to do like hobbies.


5: Your actions will have consequences. Want to start a fight with someone? You’ll probably end up in the brig for assault. Every decision your characters make will have repercussions either on a minor or major level so think before you act.


6: Have fun!


Additional info: The Planetary Alliance is somewhat of an idealistic group, not perfect they don’t always make the right decisions but they are on the right track. No planets that are dictatorships are allowed in, they prefer to expand their borders through making friends in trade and commerce rather than conquering worlds, though the Planetary Alliance will not hesitate to use force against threats to their citizens or interests.


Weapons as mentioned earlier are a mix of blasters and projectile weapons; mêlée weapons include vibroweapons, stun batons, and traditional weapons that have been modified to withstand vibroblades.


If you’re playing as one of the alien races think about how you can remind us that you’re not exactly human, this can be done by simple things such as using different gestures than a human would use like a Pantheurian flicking their tail, or Daedalians twitching their ears; or having a liking for unusual food dishes.


You can have as many characters as you think you can handle.


Also currently we have an opening for a marine squad leader and a flight leader for the starfighter squadron.


Any questions please feel free to ask, and if you want more information on this universe ask me, or feel free to read the original RP or any of my stories, again not at all required; or if you’ve got ideas to run by me feel free to PM me.

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My characters:


Name: Deardra Sphinx


Age: 17


Species: Human/Pantheurian hybrid


Gender: Male


Apperence: cat%20boy%202.jpg



Rank: Ensign


Job Class: Pilot


Callsign: Lynx


Bio: His father was human, and a starfighter pilot. His mother was Pantheurian and was once a space pirate under Captain Kosh’s command. Both his parents had known each other for years but had been separated due to the war, each believed the other dead. When they finally reunited Deardra was the result of their happy reunion. Deardra was raised to embrace both sides of his heritage Pantheurian and human, but sometimes Deardra is still confused about himself. He looks up to his parents as he was raised on their stories of danger and daring and resolved that he wanted to be just like them, so when he was old enough he joined the fleet like his father. And from there to flight school; upon graduating he was assigned to the Starfire named after his father’s old squadron. He hopes to become as great a pilot as his dad was. Deardra has taken on some of his mothers Pantheurian senses and reaction time which comes in handy at times.


Weapons preference: Blaster pistol: Standard issue suits him just fine.




Stun bolas: A throwing weapon much like the ancient weapon and hunting tool except they give off an electrical charge to the target. Both of his parents were avid practitioners of the sport of throwing these weapons and they in turn taught him.



Survival knife: A tool and weapon intended for crashed pilots to use in whatever environment they find themselves in.



Home planet: New Verona




Name: Satheera Marin


Age: 19


Species: Selurian


Gender: Female


Appearance: Satheera, has black fur, and silver eyes, and is the average Selurian height.


Rank: PFC


Job Class: Marine (Sniper)


Callsign: Satheera’s nickname is Spook her dark fur is perfect for hiding in the shadows.


Bio: Satheera’s parents were killed during the war when she was just a child, her closest relative took her in and raised her as their own, as she grew up Satheera found herself longing to venture beyond her planet. She signed up with the marines and found her calling as a scout and sniper. Though the life is tough Satheera has always been one to accept challenges. Satheera is rather kind and warm hearted once she gets to know someone she’ll stick by them through thick and thin. She hopes to climb the ranks.


Weapons preference: Sniper Blaster being rather small of stature Satheera prefers the blaster weapons to the heavy recoil of projectile weapons. http://www.swagonlin...711.preview.jpg


Blaster Pistol: For when the enemy is too close for a sniper weapon to be used effectively. http://images4.wikia...ster_Pistol.png


Vibro blade: Satheera keeps a combat knife sized one on her for a last ditch weapon



Assault carbine: For boarding actions when a sniper rifle would be impractical Satheera uses the short carbine variant of the blaster rifle. http://images4.wikia...lasterrifle.jpg


Home Planet: Seluria



Name: Phillip Jansen


Age: 25


Species: Human


Gender: Male

Appearance: Star%20Wars%20-%20D6%20-%20Weapons%20Stats%20Netbook_img_40.jpg


Rank Lt. Commander


Job class: Crewman (Command section)


Bio: Phillip entered the naval academy almost straight out of high school and managed to leave with an officer’s commission and the top of his class. He is praised as being a rather promising officer and has soared through the ranks quickly however there is one thing he lacks; experience. All of his past assignments have been easy and within untroubled star systems. That has now changed as he’ been assigned to the Starfire. His new job is second in command.


Weapon preference: Projectile pistol: Phillip likes the solid weight and the arm jarring slam of an old fashioned slug thrower, his however has not been used except the firing range. http://fc04.devianta...ull-d34zqr0.jpg

Vibro blade: Phillip was on the fencing team at the academy, he’s quite the skilled swordsman at least in competitions when you don’t have to worry about actually dying. http://www.freewebs....vibro_blade.jpg


Home Planet: Earth

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Example pc characters WWHHHHEEEEEE


Name: Larkin Brown


Age: 21


Species: Daedalian


Gender: Male


Appearance: ShistavanenScout.jpg


Rank: Marine P.F.C.(Private First Class)


Job class:Marine(point man)


Callsign: Showdog- In boot camp, Larkin got alot of flak for his near Metrosexual tendencies; any free time he had was spent keeping his fur and teeth in pristine condition and the rest was constant drilling and training on his part. However when it came time to 'perform' Larkin was always top of his class, his training clearly paying off. If you want to insult this dog, expect a hell of a fight.


Bio: Larkin grew up on a post-war Daedelia, his family and the rest of the planet in the middle of reconstruction. He was raised on many different stories about the time from before he was born. By the time he was able to, be felt that he needed to put his skills to better use than what he was currently doing, so he joined the marines to make a difference. The recruiters found him to be quite overqualified for even the highest entry-level position, but he took it without hesitation. During training he tended to keep to himself, he was friendly but wasn't much of a talker. He evntually grew out of his shell, but give n he training regiment he did his best to not show weakness. Quite a bit of his past is unknown, as he prefers to keep that a secret and look to the future, wanting to do some good. He holds himself as a proud daedalian, in addition he is rather proper in attitude. No matter the situation, afterwards you can usually find Larkin well-groomed and pristine while ready for more. A clean-cut soldier if there ever was one.


Weapon preference:

*Repeating blaster- support/S.A.W.(squad action weapon) type weapon, capable of dishing out high rate of fire. Larkin's first choice when point man, and clearing a room full of opponents.

*Daedalian blade- A treasured item and deadly weapon of the Daedelian's and his is no exception. Compared to even others, molding and ornaments is to a minimum; it's distinguising feature being a blade crossed over a leaf on both the hilt and sheath of his blade. If asked, he'll mention offhandly that it's his family crest, meant to symbolize both strength and wisdom.

*tooth dagger- A personal item he holds dear, always worn on person even when his Daedelian blade isn't.

*Flechette rifle /CQB Shotgun - Deadly deathbringer at close range, Larkin doesn't mind settling for these, actually preffering it over more standard rifles and CQB firearms when in close.


Home planet: Daedalia




Name: Alice Remington


Age: 43


Species: Human


Gender: female


Appearance: Mireille.jpg


Rank: Naval Commander


Job class: crewman


Callsign: Vixen- In her academy days she was known for being quite a looker as well as rejecting any advances toward her, which gave the unfounded rumor she was a tease. In addition to that irony, she was also at several points told she resembled a fox(being initially a brunette and having a slender frame) in passing. The callsign stuck even after leaving the pilot's cockpit, at least to those that can stand on even footing with her; in this time calling her 'Vixen' is something you either can or cannot do.


Bio:Alice 'Vixen' Remington joined the Corsair ship as a raw recruit pilot for Starfire Squadron. She flew several successful missions during the Sh'ra war; such as driving Sh'ra forces away from key locations, repelling several invasions and ambushes, and most interestingly taking part in the mission to kill one Captain Kosh, a legendary space pirate. After an ambush which resulted in the turning point for the war, Vixen eventually ended up as Starfire Squadron's flight leader for the rest of the war. Afterwards she was assigned to handle both renegade and space pirate groups. In the intervening years, Vixen rose through the ranks through her pure bravery and skill. She has recently come under the command of the new destroyer class ship named after her old squad.


Weapon preference:

*Heavy Blaster Pistol- Alice's personal sidearm, carried on her person during the twilight months of the war till now. Has a carbine setting for extra firepower as well as spreadshot alt-fire.

*twin Sh'ra blades- A souvenier from one of Alice's first (unofficial) missions, the very blades that killed the Captain Kosh.

*handgun(ballistic) -backup ballistic pistol, optimized for offensive combat. Uses custom bottleneck rounds for hard armor penetration.


Home planet: Earth

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Rank: "Lieutenant Armand le Diablo, reporting for duty."


Job Class: Medical Officer, Crewman


Callsign: Pastor


Bio: Apparently completely human in every way, the medical officer leads a quiet, calm life outwardly aboard the ship. He serves as both someone to talk to, as well as a healing hand if need be. As to his past, he declines to say unless the urge settles on him, or he trusts the other enough.


Weapons: Blaster pistol: Standard issue. Usually doesn't like to wield weapons of any kind.


Preferred weapon: The Katana he carries on his person everywhere, though everyone has yet to see him use it on anything or anyone.


Equipment: Usually keeps a medical kit with all the essentials on it, as well as a small military bible just in case.


Home planet: Earth

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Hmm, so you finally show yourself :P. We may or may need to get some details straight...which I am game for.

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Hmm, so you finally show yourself . We may or may need to get some details straight...which I am game for.


*Chuckles* Good to see you as well, Kev. *Adjusts Azien's hat on his head before grinning.*


And believe it or not, I missed this RP and wished that I had more time back then to devote to it. Now that its returning....How could I not? Hahahaha! PM me at your leisure.

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Name: Omega Shadow (real name: Axial Stardust- unknown)


Age: Pretty damn old, but modern aging treatments allow him to have the physical abilities of a man in his prime. He physically looks worn down, but more so due to the things he's seen than the effects of his biological age.


Species: Human


Gender: Male





Rank: Contract Mercenary


Callsign: Omega


Bio: Born as a genius on one of his father's private planets, Axial is the son to one of the richest men in the galaxy. At an early age, Axial was soon found to be a tactical genius, and an extremely good problem solver. His father, naturally, wanted Axial to inherit his empire, but alas, Axial grew bored of his sheltered lifestyle. Taking a portion of his father's money, Axial formed the best pirating ring in the galaxy in 2 years from the ground up. He had considerable influence in galactic politics, and his wealth rivaled that of his father's. Suddenly, Axial realized that this fate is no less different than if he had stayed with his father. Abandoning everything he had, including his name, except some credits, Axial became known as Omega Shadow. With his genius and heavily modified starfighter, Omega Shadow became the best mercenary pilot in the galaxy, once taking out an entire naval flotilla by himself for 300 billion credits. After his second "life changing opportunity", wherein he was undercover in one of the greatest slums in the galaxy, Stardust decided that he needed something to believe in and fight for. Enter his time with the now legendary Starfire Squadron


A man empty of purpose, and on the wrong side of moral ambiguity, Omega didn't really get along with Starfire Squdron at first, but after a couple of missions with the squad, he began forming a few relationships. It seemed as though his life was turned around at last, until the death of Ingram, his friend. A man twisted by fate into a visage of rage, he began a personal vendetta against the Sh'ra. He spent everything, lost everything. Partially healed through time, he heard rumors about a new Starfire Squadron, modeled after the first. Now a jaded man, with nothing to lose, on the verge of mental insanity through the things he has experienced, with the darkness constantly pressing against him, he's hoping the Squadron will finally finish the job. Permanently.


Weapon preference: Hard Light Rifles, but seeing as though these kind of weapons are ridiculously expensive and rare, projectile weapons are acceptable. Doesn't like melee weapons.


Personal Sidearm: Darkness and Vengeance, two hard light-firing machine pistols made exclusively out of gold. Vengeance has white ivory insets, while Darkness has ebony inserts. An artifact of his old life he keeps for an unknown reason. Energy source- controlled antimatter reactions. They're deadly, but they're nearing the end of their 50 year lifetime.


Home planet: Planet privately owned by the Stardust Corporation, a galaxy renowned firm.


Job Class: He was a galaxy renowned pilot, one of the best, as evidenced by his time on Starfire Squadron. But he lost his signature fighter, and he has never been able to cope with the inevitable lower tech, less sophisticated fighters in the modern military, as they don't fit with his flying style. for this reason, he applied with his mercenary profile to be put on Marine Duty.

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Name: cuatextli (just call her martyr or get stabbed)

Age: 22

species: selurian


Job class: Crewmember (tactician)

Callsign: Martyr

Bio: She grew up on the streets, due to her resourceful behavior she not only survived, but thrived. She grew tired of her lack of communication with others and went back to civilization where she went to school and tried to find out more about her past and her family. She found something interesting, as far as history went, each of her family members had died for some cause or another, they were all martyrs. She studied tactics and weapons and dreamed of dying gloriously in battle for some cause. She dreamed of making her parents and ancestors proud. After she had studied every weapon Seluria had access to, she decided to seek out more knowledge. She spend much of her reading about wars and studying the many brilliant plans used by generals. She learned of many weapons throughout the galaxy, their strengths and weaknesses. Once she finished her teachings she decided to travel the world in hopes of using her knowledge and aquiring more. She now dreams of being the first in her family to not die in battle.

Weapon preference: knives. Preferrably small sharp ones.

Home planet: Seluria

Jobe role: To give advice or take command on any battle scneario and to know the various weapons aboard the ship well enough to teach others how to use them.

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Name: cuatextli (just call her martyr or get stabbed)

Age: 22

species: selurian


Job class: Crewmember (tactician)

Callsign: Martyr

Bio: She grew up on the streets, due to her resourceful behavior she not only survived, but thrived. She faked some papers and made it into a school, where she studied millitary history and then took courses on tactics and strategy.

Weapon preference: knives. Preferrably small sharp ones.

Home planet: the selurian planet?

Jobe role: She has learned many theoretical tactics and strategies and knows all the basics. She has little experience in actually using it though.


Okay not a bad start, Selurian homeworld is called Seluria.


I'd say her job is tactical, advising command on scenarios, and knowing how to direct the ships weapons. You still need a rank though and might want to flesh her out just a bit more.

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Name: Jake Lonergan


Age: 42


Species: Human


Gender: Male


Class: Marine


Rank: Master Gunnery Sergeant


Callsign(Nickname): Ace


Weapon preference: The bigger, the better


Home Planet: Deralia


Bio: He'd rather not talk about his past...



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Name: Tora Zaraki


Age: 26


Species: Pantheurian


Gender: Male


Appearance: tiger_warrior_by_hightech2-d381bk8.jpg


Job Class: Marine


Callsign: Kitty (just for the lulz, of course)


Bio: A small detachment of Pantheurian warriors landed on Earth some twenty-odd years ago. Among them were a nameless male and female Pantheurian couple. They had a child (or cub) on the way, and of course you can't have a child on a military ship or much less bring it home and take such a massive detour from their mission. They left it on a porch in Japan, where minutes later a Japanese family found him.

They took him under their care, feeding and nurturing them. Soon he was a kitten, and after that a child (as he began to walk bipedally). From then on, he was only known as Tora, which meant "tiger" in Japanese. He quickly grew to be a hulking mass of writhing muscle and sinew like steel cables and wire. He was big, even by Pantheurian standards. Clearing seven feet, he was a giant. He was taught basic self-defense in hand-to-hand by his father. He'd have learner more were his father not killed in a bank shooting.

He was the first to the scene of his family. He sniffed out the scent of the killer and tracked him down. Knowing he'd be in nearly as much trouble as the man, he beat him to a pulp instead, and when the police found the man, strung like meat in an alleyways a short distance away, he was bleeding from tons of heavy-duty punches to the face, ribs, and stomach. He died in the hospital three days later in an ICU.

When Tora found out, he was drowned by grief. Although it was his own fault, he vowed to find a way to block it. So, he ran from home, living in the few wilds Japan had left. He meditated, and thought on his past actions during this. He hunted for food, soon finding no remorse in killing something, whether it be the odd Asiatic Black Bear or the common ground squirrel.

He simply rejected hikers. He did it politely though, inviting them in for tea before ushering them away.

He joined the JLDF (Japanese Local Defense Force) at 20, learning advanced martial arts and how to shoot a pistol (as that was pretty much the largest arms the local force carried). He had one custom made for him by the Force, with a larger grip and using slightly larger rounds.

During his foray into law enforcement, he met a girl during a hostage situation at a national bank. After the situation was diffused, he kindled a relationship with her. She was perfect in his eyes. He lived with her or rather she lived with him as his pagoda was where he had lived. It was where he once meditated. It held history with him. So he stayed. But they needed money. Police work wasn't paying enough to keep them in the pagoda.

Ergo, he enlisted in the military and was chosen for the new Starfire Squadron as a military operative. The pay is high, and the crew gets along with him well enough.

He sends 90% of his checks back home to pay for her needs with a note telling her how he's doing. Sometimes he gets letters in return.

Sometimes not.


Job Role: He's quite intelligent despite minimal schooling, and can wield a gun and swing a sword. This makes him quite an optimal soldier in most cases. Tactics elude him as they're made on the spot, but strategy is something he grasps well. He isn't good with most electronics and usually avoids it if he can.


Weapon Preference: Semi-Auto modified pistol from police days, shoots slightly larger slug rounds.

Double vibro-daggers personally made for him. Though he does despise most technology, he accepts these as suitable weapons.

Slug-thrower automatic assault rifle fires rounds slightly larger than normal (again, due to his size).

His claws can also function as dangerous and lethal weapons, as they're seven inches long and razor sharp.

His teeth count for the same reason, though they're three inches long.

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Name: Hank Garrigan


Age: 47


Species: Human


Gender: Male


Appearance: 250px-MaxPayneMP3.jpg


Hank has black, somewhat untidy hair and is considered handsome by most women. Though aging, he is in very good shape physically and is muscular.


Job Class: Crewman (Security Guard/Peacekeeper)


Bio: Hank Garrigan grew up in a fairly privileged family, receiving a comprehensive education and completing college with a doctorate in psychology. He was also an extremely talented boxer, and won several awards in boxing competitions throughout his high school and college years. Rather than put his college degree to good use, however, he opted to join the Human military as a marine when the war with the Sh'ra kicked off, earning the scorn of his parents, who he lost contact with during the war. Known for his resilience, determination, and tactical intelligence, along with his considerably above-average marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat skills, he achieved the rank of Master Sergeant mid-way through his career. Having lead several successful ground operations during the war, Hank retired when it ended, feeling he was no longer needed. For a time, he drifted from place to place, operating as a freelance bounty hunter, until he heard about a reincarnation of sorts of the famous war ship, Starfire. His interest piqued, and eager to do some good in the galaxy again, Hank enlisted once more, and personally requested to be assigned to the Starfire as a security guard.


Weapons: Standard issue security guard weapons-- Blaster pistol, customized for better accuracy and less chance of overheating (http://starwarsrpg.pettycomp.net/Images/Pistol2.JPG ), Stun baton


Home planet: Earth

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Just as I return from the depths of the EF unknown, I see this. Sadly, his original bio is lost to the ether of old forum formats, but lets see what we can dig up.


Name: Charles Godfreid


Age: 44


Species: Human


Gender: Male


Appearance: SoldierDune-thumb-330x258-39745.jpg

Did you expect something else? :P


Rank: Lieutenant


Job class: Pilot


Callsign: Excalibur


Bio: The only son of two wealthy business executives, Charles had a natural inclination towards the skies, greatly enjoying it whenever his parents would take him on a starship to their business meetings. However, his father did not. James Godfreid was part of a long line of Godfreids who had served aboard British Naval ships, a lineage stretching well over 400 years. However, Charles had never been fond of the sea, and as he grew his goal became to become a fighter pilot in space. At the age of 18, when he announced to his parents his intention to join the premier officer academy for the new astro branch of the navy, his father disowned him, and his mother was only able to look on as her two greatest loves fought each other.

Depite losing out on his family fortune, Charles went on to graduate 3rd in his class, and chose the up and coming Starfire Squadron for his first posting. Charles quickly felt at home with the warm crowd, and made lifelong friends with some of the crew. After the war, he met up with Sharean, a beautiful girl whom had first kidnapped, and then helped Charles escape. The two married at a quiet ceremony paid for by $30,000 dollars which had mysteriously appeared in his name after a few zeros were rearranged at Godfreid Ind. The two enjoyed a happy honeymoon and lived out 5 years of peaceful bliss on the out-of-the-way jungle planet called Zythra.

However, this changed when he was called back to active duty, and a so-called 'promotion' was granted to Charles, and he was announced squad leader of a rambunctious squad of fighter pilots stationed at a backwater space station. Sharaen and himself were seperated, and he quickly felt unwelcome. His relationship with the pilots continued to delvolve, until one day where they erupted into a full on brawl. Charles was badly bruised, but the commander of the station, who had gotten involved in the fight, was killed by on of the brawlers. For being involved in the fight, Charles was demoted to Lieutenant, and his life suffered. He was moved back to reserves, but his alcholism, which had plagued him as a young man, rose again, and after a shouting match with Sharaen, she left him.

Charles became a hermit for a good 9 years. Living alone on a jungle planet, he revived his rusty marksmanship and sword fighting abilities. He had almost transcended the border between human and animal when he recieved news that his mother had passed away. The memories flooded back to him of how she had always helped him even after the schism with his father. He knew that she was the one who had 'misplaced' the funds. Instantly, he sobered up. He knew that his mother's spirit would not approve of the state he was in. He voluntarily returned to active duty, and found that the Starfire destroyer was accepting recruits. Awakened by his mother's death, he signed his name on the duty roster, hoping to reunite with those who had had a similar calling



Weapon preference:

Projectile Sniper Rifle

Replica M1911 pistol (For the nostalgia)

Standard issue military knife

A genuine katana, born of firey furnaces in early 17th century Japan, and given as a gift to Captain John Godfreid. This katana has been kept vacuum tight for hundreds of years, and has accompanied Charles aboard his old ventures on the Corsair. It was a gift given to him by his father upon his graduation, the only communication the two have had since he was 18. It currently rests on a stand in Charles's quarters.


Home planet: Earth

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Buckle up.


Help is on the way.


Oh shit, it just got real!.


The only question now is how many are being brought to the party :P

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I meant the sword wielder, not the person on the receiving end. In any case, we have a bunch of veterans. Depending on whether Redfield takes on his old handle.


EDIT: Does anyone remember that fic that HWFM did? or Merc's fic?

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