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Agent Carter S03E05 Match 17558 Black Terror vs. Stilt Man vs. Daredevil (Golden Age)

Black Terror: 3
Stilt Man: 2
Daredevil (Golden Age): 0


12:6 - Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn) vs. Polka-Dot Man

Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn): 7
Polka-Dot Man: 2


12:6 - Queen La vs. Jafar

Queen La: 6
Jafar: 7


12:6 - The Overlook Hotel vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

The Overlook Hotel: 9
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 6


12:6 - Jonah Hex vs. Red Sonja

Jonah Hex: 6
Red Sonja: 5


12:6 - Battle-Beast vs. Doctor Doom

Battle-Beast: 1
Doctor Doom: 11


12:6 - Alice (Resident Evil) vs. Geonosis

Alice (Resident Evil): 8
Geonosis: 4


12:6 - Mirage vs. Gaston

Mirage: 8
Gaston : 6


12:6 - Captain Marvel / Shazam vs. Thanos

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 11
Thanos: 3


12:6 - Martians (Mars Attacks) vs. Necrons

Martians (Mars Attacks): 3
Necrons: 8


12:6 - Plastic Man vs. Doomsday

Plastic Man: 2
Doomsday: 11


12:6 - Rat Catcher vs. Clock King

Rat Catcher: 6
Clock King: 7


12:6 - The Kangaroo vs. Calender Man

The Kangaroo: 1
Calender Man: 8


12:6 - Segata Sanshiro vs. Count Chocula

Segata Sanshiro: 5
Count Chocula: 4


12:6 - Martian Manhunter vs. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Martian Manhunter: 7
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell): 5


12:6 - The Gregory House vs. John Connor

The Gregory House: 4
John Connor: 6


12:6 - The Matrix vs. Alexa "Lex" Woods

The Matrix: 4
Alexa "Lex" Woods: 10


12:6 - Skull Island vs. Alan Grant

Skull Island: 3
Alan Grant: 12


12:6 - The Frieza Force vs. Phalanx

The Frieza Force: 4
Phalanx: 7


12:6 - The Flood vs. Tyranids

The Flood: 2
Tyranids: 8

Match 12869 Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord and Q-Rex vs. Shogun Megazord and Ninja Megazord and Titanus

Venom 2009

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Zombie Power Rangers: Part 3




Previously: While the White Ranger and Ninjor were fighting the Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Goldar, the rest of the Power Rangers had destroyed all of the Zombie Tenga Warriors. However, during the fight, the zombie birds were able to bite through the Power Rangers’ suits, and infect them with the zombie virus. Soon Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kat, and Rocky became the Zombie Power Rangers. It looked bad for the White Ranger and Ninjor as they were out numbered by the zombies, until the Time Force Power Rangers showed up and saved them. The Future Power Rangers had come to the past to stop the zombies from starting a Zombie Apocalypse that would destroy their future. Knowing the stakes, the White Ranger and Ninjor teamed up with the Time Force Power Rangers, and together the heroes engaged the zombies in a second battle.




At Angel Grove Park, the Time Force Power Rangers, the White Ranger, and Ninjor were having trouble fighting the zombies. Every time the heroes would knock down a zombie, that zombie would immediately get back up. But then the Red Time Force Ranger used the Battle Warrior Armor, the Quantum Ranger used the Quantum Mega Battle Armor, and the White Ranger used the Metallic Armor to help them fight the zombies. With the Three Powered-Up Rangers, the heroes were winning against the zombies, until the Zombie Power Rangers also used the Metallic Armor, turning the tables on the battle again.


Soon all the heroes regrouped. "It’s no good. Every time we knock them down, they just get back up again." Ninjor said.


"Face it you chumps, you’re no match for us." Spider-Man said as he and the rest of the zombies got together as well.


"Yea, you’re good as dinner." Rocky said.


"That’s what you corpses think." The Quantum Ranger said as he held the Quantum Morpher near his mouth. "Q-Rex Arrives!" Soon a giant portal opened up and stepping out of it was the Q-Rex in it’s Dinosaur Mode.


This shocked the zombies as well as the White Ranger and Ninjor. "Those Time Force Power Rangers also have a Zord!" Goldar yelled.


"Q-Rex Attack!" The Quantum Ranger yelled. The Q-Rex opened its mouth and fires a laser down at the zombies. However, the zombies jumped out of the way, which made the laser miss them and explode against the ground. But the aftershock from the attack blew the zombies away and knocked them down to the ground.


"Not so tough now." The Yellow Time Force Ranger said.


"Grrr... These Time Force Power Rangers are getting too hard to eat." Goldar said as he and Spider-Man got back up. Goldar looked at Spider-Man and said to him, "How about we go somewhere else to eat."


"Good idea." Spider-Man said. Goldar put his hand on Spider-Man’s shoulder and the two zombies teleported away.


"NO! Come Back!" The White Ranger yelled.


"They got away." Ninjor said.


"Cowards." Kat said.


"Looks like your friends abandoned you all." The Blue Time Force Ranger said to the Zombie Power Rangers.


As the Zombie Power Rangers got back up, they powered down their Metallic Armor. "We don’t need those losers to help us win." Aisha said.


"Yea, especially since we got our own Zords." Billy said.


"We need Shogunzord Power now!" Rocky yelled.


As the Red Shogunzord, Black Shogunzord, Blue Shogunzord, Yellow Shogunzord, and White Shogunzord appeared in the park, the Zombie Power Rangers each jumped inside their Zord.


"Ok, that’s bad." The Green Time Force Ranger said.


"Shogun Megazord Power Now!" Rocky yelled.


Soon the five Shogunzords combined into the Shogun Megazord.


"Lets make it worst for those Time Force Power Rangers." Billy said as he used the Falconzord-Remote to control the Ninjazords.


As soon as the Falconzord, Bear Ninjazord, Crane Ninjazord, Wolf Ninjazord, Frog Ninjazord, and Ninjazord Ape arrived in the park, they combined into the Ninja MegaFalconzord.


"And to make it even more worst, we need Titanus." Rocky said.


Soon Titanus arrived in the park as well. The three Mighty Morphin Zords stood next to each other, and were facing the Q-Rex. The Time Force Power Rangers along with the White Ranger and Ninjor were shocked by this.




At the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha had been watching the events on the Viewing Globe. It hurt both Zordon and Alpha to see what has happened to their friends, but they also knew that these zombies needed to be stopped.


"Alpha, we need to shutdown our Zords." Zordon said.


"Yes, Zordon." Alpha said as he went to the controls. As Alpha tried to shutdown the Zombie Power Rangers’ Zords, nothing was happening. "Oh No! For some reason the Zords can’t be shutdown!"


"Then let’s try to teleport the zombies out of the Shogun Megazord." Zordon said.


"Right." Alpha said as he worked on the controls. But... "I can’t do that either! It’s like something is blocking us!"




"I have entered a code in all the Zords’ system that stops the Command Center and Tommy from taking over the Zords. Also, I have entered another code in the Shogun Megazord’s system that blocks Zordon and Alpha from teleporting us out." Billy said.


"Now nothing can stop us." Aisha said.


"Let’s crush that lizard." Adam said.


As the three Mighty Morphin Zords were about to attack the Q-Rex, the Pink Time Force Ranger yelled, "Circuit! We need the Zords!"


Setting on a tree branch was the blue mechanical owl, Circuit. "There on their way." Circuit said.


Soon another portal opened up in the sky, and coming out of it were the Time Flyers and the Shadow Winger.


The Red Time Force Ranger powered down his Battle Warrior Armor, and he along with the Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Time Force Ranger each jumped inside their Time Flyer. "Time Force Megazord: Mode Red!" The Red Time Force Ranger yelled.


Soon the Time Flyers combined into the Time Force Megazord: Mode Red.


Then the Shadow Winger transformed into the Time Shadow Megazord.


The Time Force Megazord and Time Shadow Megazord got together with the Q-Rex, and the three Time Forces Zords were ready to fight the Shogun Megazord, Ninja MegaFalconzord, and Titanus.


"Wow, those are some awesome Zords!" The White Ranger yelled.


The Quantum Ranger looks at the White Ranger and Ninjor, and tells them, "We can handle things from here. You two need to go and find those two other zombies."


"Your right, we need to find Goldar and Spider-Man." The White Ranger said. Then he looked at Ninjor, "Let’s head back to the Command Center. Hopefully Zordon and Alpha can find them for us."


"Right." Ninjor said as he and the White Ranger teleported back to the Command Center.


"So those Time Force Power Rangers got more Zords." Kat said.


"Lets break them." Adam said.




So there you have it.


Who do you think will win?

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Decided to post some videos of the Time Force Zords. These were the best videos I could find.


Time Force Megazord:




Skip to 05:20 to see the Megazord.



Time Shadow Megazord:




Skip to 05:23 to see the Time Shadow Megazord.

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Pretty good set-up, Venom.


I think the good Rangers are in trouble here. The Ninja and Shogun Megazords are probably almost in another league of power from the other Zords. The only chance the Time Force Zords may have is if they take out Titanus first and gang up on the remaining two, but that's gonna be pretty tough. If either of Team 2's Megazords is allowed to merge with Titanus, Team 1 may be all but finished. Also, with zombie Billy having so much control over all the Rangers' tech, he may also eventually be able to hack into the Time Force Rangers' Zords as well.


I think I'll give this one to Team 2.

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If I remember correctly the shogun zord was not only powerful but it was bigger than the other zords as well. Also the ninja zord is the only one with flight capability while transformed.


Also like Dskillz said team 1s only real chance would be to destroy Titanus before the others can combine with it

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I know the Zords were supposed to get bigger and tougher as the seasons progressed, but was it ever implied that trend continued after Zordon's story super-arc ended and the settings started changing?


If I remember correctly the shogun zord was not only powerful but it was bigger than the other zords as well.

A little, I think. It was burly, slow, and heavily armored.


Also the ninja zord is the only one with flight capability while transformed.

Hm. Good point.

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Match Final Results


A Please continue. leroypowell3

B Good set-up, even if the matchup's a bit lopsided.


Q-Rex and Time Shadow Megazord and Time Force Megazord: 10

Titanus and Ninja Megazord and Shogun Megazord: 15

FPA: 3.5


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