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Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Match 14743 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Match 14742 by SSJRuss
in progress now...

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Match 14738 by comic_book_fan
in progress now...

Ashley J. Williams vs. Negan

Match 14737 by comic_book_fan
in progress now...

Teletubbies vs. Sesame Street

Teletubbies: 7
Sesame Street: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto)

Anthony Gallen: 7
Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto): 2

Sir Dan Fortesque vs. Brook

Sir Dan Fortesque: 3
Brook: 9

Tracer vs. Din Djarin

Tracer: 2
Din Djarin: 8

The Minions vs. Mini-Me

The Minions: 5
Mini-Me: 4


Match 12620 Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye

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There is no question of remorse here since both do not hold back. One comment stated that Hawkeye will strike first. Lets all remember that Queen killed even against the wish of his teammates. So, there is no advantage there to any one.


What it will really come down to is experience, and opponent quality, since both have set aim, and almost identical mechanism in terms of combat : bow and arrow and other randomly used projectiles, if any.


In that regard, I would have edge towards Queen, chiefly due to his experience with one opponent, Deathstroke. While Queen did not 'technically' beat him, he did match wits with him, (even though it was Stroke's insane ploy all along). Also, Queen was trained by (probably) the most combat-sound assassin around.


However, since this is not your regular urban setting, a backdrop where Arrow operates best, I will call it fairly, and call it either a draw, or flip a coin.


Hawkeye's up and close combat skills do outdo Arrow's, unless Arrow demonstrates them extensively in a future issue. Even though I believe Hawkeye won't be able to kill him, I do believe Arrow will take more licks, in part due to his setting in a terrain he knows full well, but can not do much to improvise in, leave for using weaponry.


Hence, in a true benefit of doubt scenario, I will rather flip a coin, simply because this is an island setting and one fighter has an advantage by a hair over the other, and vice versa.

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Guest stargazer69

I think they will both shoot each other in the face xD. is there any good fights this week?

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