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Match 12250 Lara Croft vs. Grendel's Mother

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After a long journey, Lara Croft and Bryce finally arrived in Lejre on the island of Zealand in east Denmark.


Lara looked down at her winded assistant. “You know you didn’t have to come with me. I told you to stay at Croft Manor.â€


“And miss the chance to see Blackbeard’s legendary treasure hoard for myself in person. No way.â€


“Do you really think we will find it here?†asked Lara. â€Why would it be in Denmark?â€


“If you would have asked me a few years ago I would be skeptical. But, after the Illuminati triangle and Pandora’s Box...†Bryce smiled. “I am willing to believe just about anything.â€


Lara nodded.


“I would appreciate it if our lives weren’t put in mortal danger this time. Although, I’m starting to believe that just comes with the territory,†said Bryce.


“Afraid so,†Lara agreed.


“Where is Kenneth?†Bryce wondered.


“He said he would meet us here.â€


“I don’t trust him,†said Bryce.


“You don’t trust anyone. If it wasn’t for Kenneth, we wouldn’t even be this close.All the work we put in to getting to this moment, now is not the time for second guessing,†said Lara.


“I think you did most of the work,†said Bryce.


A blonde haired man in a white suit joined them. “Sorry I’m late. We are so close now. No need to waste anymore time. Pack your bags.â€


“I thought it was supposed to be in Lejre,†said Bryce.


“It’s a small village just outside Lejre,†Kennetch corrected. “The only way to reach it is on foot.â€


Bryce sighed. “Of course.â€


The three reached a small village with a large lake in the early evening. The eyes of every local pierced them with disgusted glares.


“I have the distinct feeling that we are not welcome here,†said Lara.


“What was your first clue,†whispered Bryce.


“No one stumbles upon this village by mistake, they are suspicious of our motives,†said Kenneth.


Kenneth stopped in his tracks and looked out onto the lake intently.


“Something on your mind, Orion?†asked Lara.


“I was just thinking that we are all tired from travel and we will need to be of sound mind and body to find Blackbeard’s treasure. Perhaps we should sleep through the night and begin our search in the morning.†Kenneth looked directly at Lara. “How is your conversational Danish?â€


“It is...ok.â€


“Do you think you can get us a place to stay for the night?†asked Kenneth.


“I have a portable translator if we need it,†said Bryce.


“I think I can handle it,†said Lara.


Lara found lodging for herself and her two companions at a cabin belonging to an older couple and the three agreed to call it a night early so that they could get a good start in the morning,


Several hours later, Lara’s peaceful slumber was interrupted by screams of terror and a loud roaring. She jumped out of her bed.


“Lara, are you alright?†called Bryce.


“I’m fine,†Lara replied. She grabbed her Heckler & Koch USP Match 9mms from under her pillow. “What’s going on out there?â€


“I don’t know. It just woke me up. I’m afraid to look,†answered Bryce.


“Is Kenneth out there with you?†asked Lara.


“No. I don’t know where he is.â€


Lara left her room and joined Bryce. “He must be out there where the action is.â€


“Hasn’t the lesson always been not to run toward the screaming,†said Bryce.


“It sounds like these people need our help, from whatever is out there.â€


“It’s the ‘whatever’ part that scares me,†Bryce clarified.


Lara readied her pistols and exited the cabin. The first thing she noticed was that part of the village was on set ablaze. Another scream echoed through the air. Lara raced toward the sound.


Lara arrived at the scene and saw a cowering woman at the feet of a large hideous humanoid monster covered in scales. Lara fired her pistols at the beast. The beast stumbled back with each shot, but did not go down. The beast made its way to Lara, who did her best to avoid its attacks while continuing her assault of bullets. Suddenly, Lara heard Bryce screaming behind her.


“Take this!†Bryce tossed a sword to Lara.


Lara took the sword and jammed in to the creature’s chest. She pulled it out, spun behind the beast and sliced at its back. The beast howled and fell to its knees. Lara swung down violently and beheaded the beast. The beast fell dead to the ground.


“Wow! Nicely done, Lara. Didn’t know you had the medieval barbarian gene in you,†said Bryce.


“Where did you get this sword from?†asked Lara.


“The old man who let us use his cabin gave it to me.â€


“Any sign of Kenneth?â€


Bryce shook his head no. He looked down at the decapitated monster. “You don’t think that Kenneth....â€


“That Kenneth what?â€


“That Kenneth was like a werewolf, but instead of fur he grew scales,†Bryce hypothesized.


Lara rolled her eyes. “Bryce, don’t be ridiculous. Use that translator of yours and see what you can find out about this creature or what happened to Kenneth. I’m going to check around the lake.â€


Lara grabbed a flashlight and circled around the lake. After awhile, she returned to the village having found nothing. Bryce immediately approached her. His eyes were a mix of confusion and apprehension.


“What’s wrong? What did you find out?â€


“It appears things have gone from bad to worse,†said Bryce.


Lara waited expectantly.


“I found out what happened to dear Kenneth. He was spotted making fast tracks out of the village with one of the local youths about an hour and a half before the monster showed up. Both of them were carrying large amounts of gold.â€


Anger started to build in Lara.


“Wait, it gets better. According to the village elder, the monster that you decapitated was Grendel.â€


“Grendel? Beowulf Grendel?â€


“That would be the Grendel.â€


Lara shook her head in disbelief. “That’s not possible.â€


“The village elder says that Beowulf was actually a coward and that he and his family were also notorious liars. Beowulf was afraid to fight Grendel. In a last ditch attempt to spare his life he offered Fafnir’s legendary treasure to Grendel and his mother,†explained Bryce.


“Treasure that includes the cursed gold of Advari,†said Lara. “Gold that intoxicates even the most generous of men with rampant greed and paranoia, and eventually leads to death. Magical beings like Fafnir and Regin were not even immune.â€


“Beowulf may have been a coward, but apparently he was very smart. Grendel and his mother took the treasure and retreated to their cave to protect it, effectively being trapped by their own greed. Beowulf, however, wanted to be remembered as a mighty warrior so the story changed and was passed on from generation to generation with a few of the facts changed. And no one knew any different outside this village because...â€


“Grendel’s cave is in this lake,†Lara concluded. The enormity of her realization almost paralyzed Lara .â€When Kenneth stole the treasure from the cave it brought out Grendel. The question is did Kenneth know it was Fafnir’s treasure or does he think it is Blackbeard’s?â€


“No way to know for sure. The elder believes the treasure called to Kenneth, sensing the greed already in him,†said Bryce.


Lara snapped her fingers. “Which is why he was fixated on the lake when we arrived.â€


“At any rate, we have more pressing matters. Grendel’s mother is still down there and the village is afraid she will strike any minute. Especially once she realizes her son is dead.â€


“Well then I will have to go down there and kill her myself,†Lara declared.




“Bryce! We brought this terror upon this poor village thanks to Kenneth’s actions. I will not leave them to suffer for what we did,†said Lara.


“Listen, I know you are probably feeling very confident because you took down Grendel. But let me give you a refresher in Old English literature, Grendel’s mother is a water demon.â€


“That depends on your interpretation of the words used in the poem. It has been a constant debate for decades,†countered Lara.


“This is not a time to joke,†said Bryce. He looked back at the village elder. “Trust me the debate has been settled.â€


“Regardless, I will not leave these people to be slaughtered by some sea hag,†insisted Lara.


“They could come with us,†suggested Bryce.


Lara did not respond.


“Fine. If you are so intent on being the hero, at least take the sword with you,†said Bryce. “That is the one piece of information I have that isn’t completely horrific. It is Ridill, the legendary sword of Norse mythology once owned by the dwarf, Regin. Beowulf left it behind should anyone need to it against Grendel and his mother. It apparently had never been used until this night.â€


Lara took the sword and her pistols and made her way back to the lake. She stopped briefly. “Wish me luck.â€

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Great set-up. And I actually know both characters, for once. :P I'd say Lara's got this. After taking down that goddess bitch in Legend/Underworld, I'm pretty convinced. ^_^

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