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Spider-Man vs. Izuku Midoriya

Match 14692 by SSJRuss
in progress now...

Class 1-A vs. Class 3-E

Match 14689 by I_KNOW_ALL
in progress now...

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl vs. Hippies

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl: 3
Hippies: 1

Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Homer Simpson: 5
Stewie Griffin: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Forelli Crime Family

Anthony Gallen: 7
Forelli Crime Family: 0

Anakin Skywalker vs. Reptile

Anakin Skywalker: 6
Reptile: 1

Gambit vs. Afro Samurai

Gambit: 4
Afro Samurai: 7

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Match 12186 Cloud Strife vs. Ash Ketchum

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Announcer 1: Hello everyone! It's a wonderful afternoon live in Pallet Town! I'm Professor Oak, It's also a wonderful day for the event that's in store for us.


Announcer 2: Indeed Professor Oak, It is a wonderful clear sunny day perfect afternoon for the big race that's in store for us. I'm Tifa Lockheart.


Professor Oak: That's right folks just moments from now our two challengers will be racing against each other. Tifa...Would you please explain.


Tifa: Of course, this match up isn't a normal fight, it is a race, not a foot race but on creatures. The race track is all around Pallet Town with difficult obstacles in the way. Each contestant must use their creature's abilities to overcome the obstacles a total of five laps. Now let's see the contestants. Contestant number one, is the very famous, Cloud Strife riding his trusty Chocobo!


Cloud Strife appears on a yellow Chocobo at starting line. The crowd cheers him on as he waves to the crowd.


Tifa: Chocobos are known to be fast on their feet and I tell you from experience that Cloud here has experience in training his Chocobo. It's a very smart idea for him to be racing against an opponent with the Chocobo.


Professor Oak: Interesting contestant. Anyway let's meet the second contestant...Ash Ketchum and he's riding a Rabidash that he's borrowed from another Trainer.


Ash appears riding Rabidash. All of the people in Pallet Town shout Ash's name and Ash waves to the crowd. Both contestants are at the starting line.


Professor Oak: Just like a Chocobo, Rabidash are extremely fast, and they are Fire Type Pokemon meaning they can unleash fire attacks.


Tifa: The contestants are allowed to use attacks but only on the obstacles. Some of these obstacles might be piles of wood, or a walls in the path. Even ambushes from enemies such as Team Rocket are even are expected.


Professor Oak: It should be interesting to see which of these two speedy contestants win.


Tifa: Please note that even though the Chocobo or Rabidash were introduced into the race, this is merely a race between skill. Which of our two contestants can successfully win the race using their training skills.


Professor Oak: I see the flag and the race is about to begin.


A gun shot goes off and the race begins

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I wonder if somebody's giving out "F"s, like, minutes or seconds after a match posts. If that's the case, they need to realize that some still type out their matches on the spot and will need time to finish them.

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Mmm.. Damn.. I forgot to rate this one. Only thing wrong that I noticed: Rapidash, not Rabidash. That's certainly not enough to give the match an F, though...

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