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7:1 - Imhotep vs. Azazel (Fallen)

Imhotep: 9
Azazel (Fallen): 4

7:1 - Barney Stinson vs. Scott Pilgrim

Barney Stinson: 5
Scott Pilgrim: 6

7:1 - The Thing (John Carpenter) vs. The Djinn

The Thing (John Carpenter): 9
The Djinn: 5

7:1 - Arya Stark vs. Son Goten

Arya Stark: 8
Son Goten: 3

7:1 - Zabu vs. Abu (Disney)

Zabu: 2
Abu (Disney): 10

7:1 - White Tigerzord vs. Hedorah

White Tigerzord: 3
Hedorah: 10

7:1 - Medamatcha vs. Magneto

Medamatcha: 6
Magneto: 7

7:1 - The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka) vs. Michael Myers

The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka): 11
Michael Myers: 2

7:1 - Emperor Palpatine vs. Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne)

Emperor Palpatine: 4
Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne): 10

7:1 - Biollante vs. Gipsy Danger

Biollante: 10
Gipsy Danger: 2

7:1 - Lelouch Lamperouge vs. Brainiac 5

Lelouch Lamperouge: 2
Brainiac 5: 11

7:1 - Hellhounds vs. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

Hellhounds: 8
Santa Claus (Santa's Slay): 4

7:1 - Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot vs. Space Godzilla

Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot: 3
Space Godzilla: 7

7:1 - Michael Jackson (Moonwalker) vs. Penn And Teller

Michael Jackson (Moonwalker): 9
Penn And Teller: 3

7:1 - Stewie Griffin vs. Dexter

Stewie Griffin: 5
Dexter: 8

7:1 - The Invisible Woman vs. Carol Danvers

The Invisible Woman: 10
Carol Danvers: 4

7:1 - Lip vs. Jack-Jack Parr

Lip: 4
Jack-Jack Parr: 6

7:1 - Ruby (Supernatural) vs. Lestat de Lioncourt

Ruby (Supernatural): 1
Lestat de Lioncourt: 9

7:1 - Invincible vs. The Death Star

Invincible: 9
The Death Star: 4

7:1 - Haggar (Voltron) vs. The Silver Surfer

Haggar (Voltron): 3
The Silver Surfer: 10

7:1 - Ultraman vs. Dragonzord

Ultraman: 8
Dragonzord: 5

Eliot vs. Josie Rizal

Eliot: 6
Josie Rizal: 0

All-New All-Different Avengers vs. The Daleks

All-New All-Different Avengers: 4
The Daleks: 1

Katie Ka-Boom vs. Minerva Mink

Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

Bo-Katan Kryze vs. Pre Vizsla

Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0


Fallen Academy - Chapter 1

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I nudged at Richter's leg as I saw the duo stare directly at me. It made my spine crawl. It really did...because I know exactly what their thinking, and to be honest I know I taste good. "Uh..Whatever we are gonna do Mr. Patches. We better do it fast." I mewed uneasily, drifting my gaze from the menacing duo to the hut. My eyes widen, I almost forgot what I have done not a few moments ago:


While I was actually searching for cameras in "EVERY nook and cranny" I also left a little present in each place I searched. I got the idea when the other hut blowup. Though, I really kinda had the urge to one up it. So I layed down enough presents to take out two, tree, maybe even four of the huts in one go. I smirk inwardly, gauging the distance, I wasn't really sure how close they were, I just hoped they were close enough..


I was still in my battle stance. The worry slowly going away for I had a trump card. I can ping the explosives from this safe distance, But I then remembered the people inside the hut. I can probably go into a rant about morality, but I'm just a cat. What do I really know?


Regardless of what I do, it will only happen after Richter makes his move. So I nudge him once again, hoping he would decide on something.

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Richter takes a second to recognize the threat, much as he was suprised killer wasp swarms were a new thing to him. Sprinkles snaps him back to reality.


"Right, right, good call." Richter says, getting a plan in his head. A stupid plan, he really felt sorry for those bugs. "Sprinkles, keep an eye out for that plant, if we survive this we might still need it." Richter says as he moves over to the closest thing to a clearing in the forest, in the blink of an eye the spook brought out "ol' one shot"(ranged fire + marksman). He aims at the gun at the incoming swarm before moving it ahead a bit to lead into where they're heading. Then he twists the gun oddly, knwoing that the trajectory of the flare shot was gonna be a hell of a thing. He was aiming right for the center of the swarm to disperse the f*ckers, or set them on fire, whichever was the better deal.


Shoo flies, don't bother them, was the first thing that came to mind, however he still had some dignity to him, so he didn't say it out loud. He fires off the shot which spirals a bit before more or less taking the trajectory he plotted out...so far anyways. Without skipping a beat or waiting to see his handiwork, he ejects the shell before swithcing it out for a fresh one. He really wished he had his shotgun, right now that seemed like a preffered weapon to combat this type of enemy. Nonthless he also had his AK and a pistol or two on backup just in case things got heated.


"This is probably gonna suck, isn't it?" Ricther mutters to the cat, wondering if he had any kind of devious plans. One would do nicely about now. After a seconds pause, he figures he probably should've made the shoo fly quip instead.

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Donny kept his distance. This figure looked like someone he didn't want to mess with, not in a close physical fight, anyway. He looked around, and it seemed everyone else had come to the same conclusion: They weren't going first. He nodded. There was only one thing to do.


Donny took a careful step forward, slowly making his way towards the figure. He still maintained a good distance, 25 feet at least, but the figure was now within range. At the first sign of movement, Donny would instantly start leeching off his energy (Superior Bio Vampire). He would power up his mind, and, if the other came, work on mind controlling him.


Donny stood completely still, waiting for the others

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The Reaper wandered the path seemingly in his own world, listening to the the shadow's heckle him.

"Reaperrrr, Kill. Kill you're rivals...KILL THEM ALL!" He couldn't shake the voices in his head, the increasing volume of their speech becoming more and more of a nuisance the further down the path he'd go. If he hadn't filled the insatiable appetite for bloodlust that the shadows craved, he feared he may be driven to madness, killing all those standing nearby.


His focus shifted elsewhere away from the madness in his head, hearing something new. Rustling in the woods beside him, and then a figure exiting the brush. He was big, yet seemed to not be hostile. When he drew the line, the only thought in the Reaper's head was a challenge, the shadows seemed to enjoy this. "Reaperrrr, here is your chance to kill. Kill this man, and we will feel much betterrrrr. Kill him and show the world our power!" The Reaper felt the shadows in his blood boil, he felt them hovering overhead, and around him. He smirked with his devilish grin and felt the shadows take over. (Berserker) He hadn't resisted this, he wanted to kill as much as the shadows did at this point, and now he had a likely target. The Reaper charged, getting close enough for his shadow tendrils to get within range for a lethal piercing blow. (Piercing Weapon)

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Matthew looked at the other two, they seemed to have reached the same conclusion as himself. Wait and see.


With that, he simply slipped into a ready stance, keeping his eyes on the person ahead of them.

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Choice A – Knox


As the four villains postured defensively, the figure in the distance shook his head slowly in response. Nobody moved as he chuckled threateningly to himself. The figure took one step forward into a dim light projecting from an opening in the jungle canopy. He wore a military campaign hat like the one in front of the previous hut. He also wore camouflage pants and a white tank top. When he spoke, “The horror.” he said gruffly; his voice was a low grumble that sounded more like a muffled car engine than a man’s voice. Amazingly, his voice carried all the way across the path, though he seemed to be barely whispering. He continued…


“The horror I’ve seen. It is the horrors that you must see. It is the horror that you must become. That we all must be in order to be men, to be soldiers. You boys are green. I can see it in your eyes. You think you know horror. You think you know nightmare. You’re weak little green boys. You think because you’ve done a little bad in your time, that you know horror. Heh… You don’t know shit.” The figure eyes the group with a probing scowl as he spits the words out. His unsentimental crow’s feet tighten as he growls his next words.


“What you see before you is a Sentinel of Liberty and Justice.” The villains visibly act in response at the shocking revelation, growling and blustering fiercely. “A Sentinel… Let’s get him.” Wendigo begins to yell. Before he can take a step forward, “Please…” the figure continues, “Get your wet fingers out of your ass and stand down before I take you down. Hell, I’ve seen bigger girl scouts than the three of you.” Rothchild smirks as he realizes the man only mentions three. “Listen up and listen good ladies, I came to the Fallen. I found them and stood right in their big, ugly faces. I came to them as a Sentinel first and foremost… but what I left behind… that pissant Mary’s choir of school girls… that ain’t the SLJ anymore. I came to the Fallen to make a deal. See maggots, in order for a man to become a brave fighting man, he must witness the face of horror. True hell-bent horror. I’m not here to help the Fallen. I’m here to make men out of the SLJ - the lost boys back home. A brave fighting man ain’t nothin’ without a villain that can show him the true face of horror. So, the Fallen have allowed me to make horrors out of the lot of you privileged, mealy mouthed, whimpering knobs. There are three of you here and today at least a few of you are not going to walk away alive. The other half will run through this jungle with their chest out, balls to the wall, punching any gawdamn thing that gets in your way.” The villains laugh mockingly. “We’re going to kick your ass, pappy.” Wendigo yells.


“You wanna kick my ass. Yeah. Well, here I am, all by my lonesome. Three of you boys against me. Heh. I’ll shit on all of you. When I drew the line in the sand here, you boys should’ve been on me like wolves on sheep. It’s easy to see who the sheep here are. Come on. Let’s see how you namby pamby princesses last in the School of Hard Knox.”


With that, Harvey D. Knoxville, also known as Hard Knox, lifted his right hand and revealed a smallish remote. He clicked it and there was a rustling on either side of the woods. Trace scrambled higher into a tree as he noticed several loud speakers rising from the ground. “What the hell?” He thought. Knox clicked another button and a loud screech of feedback came from them. The villains looked confused. Lastly, Act III of the opera Die Walküre blared from the speakers. Trace nearly fell from his perch as the sound blasted his ears. The other villains similarly clutched their ears at the piercing sound.


As the music grew in resonance, the villains looked on in amazement as the man before them began to grow in size, doubling by the minute. Before long, he stood shoulder to shoulder with the towering tree-line. A sadistic laugh burst from his booming voice. Again, the villains fell back from the sound. “I’LL SHOW YOU BOYS HORROR!” Knox bellowed and began to run forward like a charging elephant.



Choice A - Harvey Knoxville??? – Growth increases strength to Supreme/ Decreases agility to weak. 6 Speakers. Defeat Knoxville and reveal his brand new secret evil origins into the Database.


Action Results


Knox has grown to his full height without over exhausting himself. This puts his strength at Supreme and his Agility at Weak. He can only hold this form for one round before having to expel energy. The music is causing his form to stay pumped up even if he expels energy however. He is currently lumbering (Weak Agility) towards you guys with full intent on stepping on you.


All die rolls are 2d6. Maximum of a 12, Minimum of a 2. Total of 7 being "average."


Trace: Attempts to sneak by (Superior Agility + Superior Invisibility). Non-Fighting action.


Judgment of Actions: Reasonable. Knox is not aware of his presence. +1 bonus for being reasonable in this situation.


Difficulty: Trace easily has the ability and the invisibility, plus Knox is otherwise occupied. This should be cake walk. Consider this "Well Below Average" difficulty. Needs a total of 3.


Results: 5 + 1 - 1 = 5. Trace gets behind Knox and closer to the exit, but has a little difficulty in the trees. There is a little noise.




Wendigo: Attempts to leech off the incoming giant-Knox (Superior Bio Vampire).


Difficulty: 5 out of 12. 12 being the most difficult. Wendigo must roll a five. Knox is coming straight at him from a distance and Wendigo has ranged. He doesn’t have seeker, but Knox is big as a house. Fairly easy shot.


Wendigo’s Offense: Superior Bio Vampire: Ranged +3/ Weak Agility -1/ Speakers -1


Knox’s Defense: Weak Agility +1


Results: 5 + 3 – 1 – 1 +1 = 7. Wendigo hits Knox. Drains two levels of Knox’s Strength. Boosts Wendigo’s mind two levels to Supreme. This will increase Wendigo’s probability percentage for success on next round. Knox regains one level of strength automatically due to regeneration. Knox’s Strength: Superior one round. Will return to Supreme unless speakers are destroyed.




The Artificial Reaper: Goes Berserker and uses Piercing attacks (Standard Berserker/ Superior Piercing: Ranged, Multi).


Difficulty: 4 out of 12. 12 being the most difficult. Bout the same difficulty as Wendigo, except Reaper has multi-attack giving him a slight advantage on the shot. Needs a 4 to hit.


Reaper’s Offense: Berserker: Superior Strength +2/ Superior Piercing: Ranged, Multi +4


Knox’s Defense: Weak Agility +1 to Reaper/ Speaker - 1


Results: 4 + 2 + 4 + 1 – 1 = 10


Direct hit. The Artificial Reaper hits Knox two and a half times. Reaper hits with 130% damage. Regeneration heals 60%. Iron Will ignores 40%. Overall damage to Knox: 30%




Knox vs. Wendigo: Rampaging forward with intent on squishing.


Difficulty: Below Average. Needs a 6. Wendigo has low agility, but so does Knox. He’s concentrating on attacking right now, so he’s in a bad way.


Knox’s Offense: He attacked at Supreme, but will be Superior next round due to Wendigo’s Bio drain. As for right now, +3/ weak agility - 1


Wendigo’s Defense: Not much. Weak agility works to his disadvantage. Next round he’ll be extremely smart due to bio drain, but that does nothing now. +1 to Knox.


Results: 5 + 3 – 1 + 1 = 8. Knox Smash! 40% Damage to Wendigo.




Knox vs. The Artificial Reaper: Rampaging forward with intent on squishing.


Difficulty: About average. 7. He’s concentrating on attacking as well. Reaper is standard agility, this helps him tremendously against Knox’s hulking walk.


Knox’s Offense: Supreme Strength + 3/ Weak agility – 1


Reaper’s Defense: Standard agility gives him a 50/50 shot. No bonus.


Results: 7 + 3 – 1 = 9. Another smash. 40% Damage to Reaper. Armor protects 20%. Overall: 20% Damage to Reaper.




Knox vs. Matthew Rothchild: More squish.


Difficulty: Rothchild took a ready position, so was prepared for anything. He is very fast and has great reflexes. Knox is going to have a hard time squishing. Knox will need a 10 to hit.


Knox’s Offense: Supreme Strength + 3/ Weak agility – 1


Rothchild’s Offense: Standard Reaction Speed – 1/ Standard Super Speed -1/ Tactician – 1


Results: 8 + 3 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 = 7. Rothchild gets away Scott clean at such a low rate that he will get + 1 on his next action.


Surrounded, Knox smirks at the trio as he stands directly in their center. “Look at that one.” He says pointing at Wendigo, “He’s already bleeding to death. Get your stinking carcass up and die like a man. The music blares, but he decides not to use it to replenish strength. “I said get up.” He yells. Instead, he absorbs the energy and opens his mouth and lets out an ear-drum busting sonic blast in every direction, “



Fellas, you may interact however you choose. For some of you, if that means getting the hell out of dodge, that is fine. I understand. Keep in mind that your body is your endurance. You guys haven't had a long fight yet. I'll give you a hint: Standard body is two rounds of good hard fighting without fatigue.


Wendigo - Health: Critical

Reaper - Health: Very Good

Trace - Health: Very Good

Rothchild: Okay


Choice B – Plant


Action results


Richter: Fending off the bug attack on the huts. This isn’t a fight…yet. Just Richter trying to keep the bugs away from the hut.


Difficulty: It’s a good plan. Richter is a good shot. However, it’s two against one if he screws up and the brother’s decide to get violent with him. However, that isn’t the problem now. Richter has the skills. Gotta admire his guts. I’d say this is an average chance. 7.


Richter’s Offense: Superior Piercing: Multi/Ranged +4/ Superior Marksman +2/ Multi +1


Apocrita’s Defense: Superior Energy Body – 2 to Richter’s attack/ Reaction Speed – 1/ Inhibit Senses – 1/ Ranged – 1/ Area - 1


Results: 3 + 4 + 2 + 1 – 2 – 1 – 1 – 1 - 1 = 4 . Richter! Richter! Richter! Extremely bad roll. Gun misfires. Apocrita gets him some hut action. Each individual in the hut takes 20% damage.




Sprinkles: The duo has split up. Sprinkles easily retrieves the plant while the fallen trio in the hut awakens and the battle outside ensues. Suddenly, a flood of insects fly into the hut stinging everything in sight. After it passes, the trio awakens in pain. Currently they are groggy, but can talk and move slowly. Sprinkles returns. He has retrieved enough of the plant for 2 (luck of the roll fellas) people. He must decide which two villains to give it to.


Sprinkles Choice – Sprinkles must choose two villains in the hut to save. Nuff said. The last will take a health hit.


Pagan – Health: Very Good

Dr. Arctos – Health: Weak

Sprinkles – Health: Perfect

Richter the Spook – Health: Perfect

Icarus – Health: Weak




Dosaz Brothers


Choice A: Beat up Richter for shooting at you (if so, pick an attack).

Choice B: Continue on to Black Circle Path

Choice C: Continue on to Knox Path

Choice D: Wasn’t there another path?


Richter the Spook


Choice A: Join the others in the hut

Choice B: Continue shooting at the brothers until your friends come out (If so, pick an attack).

Choice C: Ditch em all and run to Knox path

Choice D: Ditch em all and run to that other path that nobody picked.

Choice E: Ditch em all and run to the Black Circle Path (What is Black Circle? See below)


Choice C – Project: Black Circle


The floating figure’s head cocks slowly to the side as if contemplating the figure before him. His eyes are a glazed over opaqueness. “Necromancer…” He says reflectively, his voice drifting on the wind with an eerie hollow tone. His face is flat and reveals no trace of ill intent. His eyes waft towards the undead creatures raised by the Blood King. “I too have the blessed ability to raise the dead. Would you like to see my newest achievement?”


Blood King – You may interact anyway you choose sir.

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Icarus's body stung. His head swam with the paralyzing affect of the poison running through his veins. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Sprinkles the cat, returning with two sprigs of the cure in its jaws. Beside him, the other angel and the were-bear were coming to. He stumbled over toward the cat and pointed at himself then at Pagan then back at himself and nodded slowly.


The pain was starting to get to him as he had never imagined it could. He needed this cat, and that need made him feel desperate, broken, and angry.

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The swarm that was Apollo Dosaz shifted in place, shifting out of the way from the rain of fire. A gaping hole opening itself in the mass for every burst of flame and bullet even as it swirled it's way around the hut full of the poisoned and dying. Adjusting it's position and drawing away from the structure even as the well-armed feline bound it's way inside.


Looming, droning loudly now, a great dark wave of humming shapes rising it's way higher and higher in the air above Richter. Every buzz echoing in the air until it begins to form a semblance of a voice.




With that, the wave breaks. Pouring it's vicious mass over the man.


Choice: A


Attacking Richter with Poison.

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Blood King looked at the figure as that wasn't the response he wanted nor cared for. However something inside of him told him to still bide his time and not attack yet. The figure didn't seem to want to battle from his body expression and manners. However it could just be because the figure had a good game face on. Although the figure being a necromacer like him and probably more powerful did appeal to Blood King. Blood King made a decision he would see what this figure had to show him as far as the figure's necromacer abilities. This would be a great way to know what he was dealing with in order to come up with a battle plan in case the figure did decide to attack. He wouldn't however attack the figure until the figure actually went to attack him first. If the figure attacked him first he would teleport away behind the figure and go for a killing blow. Until then he wanted to see what the figure had to show him.


" Yes go on and show me your newest creations"


Blood King said to the figure as he waited.

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"Oh this is just *vulgarity*ing IT!" Ramirez was livid. Not because he and his brother were ambushed for no apparent reason, but a cursory evaluation of the situation suggested that there was an apparent reason. And said apparent reason was that somehow, his brother's randomly malicious behavior was detected by this Richter fellow, or perhaps that cat, and for some utterly inconceivable reason, they decided to be *vulgarity*ing heroes. Granted, many of the Fallen were former heroes, and not everyone was a psychopath, but this virginal goodie goodie attitude somehow pissed Ramirez off more than if he were simply ambushed out of spite or self interest.


"Listen up you wankers! I know you can somehow hear me. Richter here's just went spastic on us and is pulling off the biggest *vulgarity*ing mistake of his *vulgarity*ing life. But you lot, you have ONE CHANCE. Stay out of our *vulgarity*ing way! You come to us, and we'll "bring it" to you. Stay where you are or run away, I don't care. But try playing a *vulgarity*ing hero and we'll grind you into paste. I know most of you are in a bad way, or else you'd be out here already. So, let me say it again, just so we're all clear. You interfere, you WILL *vulgarity*ing die. So run away children, run away."


Preamble aside, Ramirez stalks grimly toward Richter.

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The music was overwhelming. Trace covered his ears as he made some distance from the loud speaker that rose up beside him. Once he was far enough away to not lose his hearing. He turned his attention back to the path. They had begun fighting, but Knox had grown. He was, without a doubt, a giant now. The group he had traveled this path with also wasn't looking to well, but were holding their ground nonetheless. He looked to the exit of the path. He had half a mind to leap down and stab Knox in the back, effortlessly claiming the title of Sentinel Killer, but the other helf told him it would easier to leave these few to die and move on, closer to his goal.


He thought for a moment. He may need them if another, more intimidating foe were to reveal themself. Sure, he can stay invisible, but it wouldn't help much if he were to step on a pressure plate, even with his light footwork.


He looked to the speakers. Knox didn't grow until the music started playing. He would have to take them out if he wanted to have a chance at running his blade at his neck.


He deduced that he'd rather have these men half dead than dead. He still needed them around, at least for the moment.


Move: Stealthily Destroy the Speakers.

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"Dammit. I hope my beast blood helps me heal through this one. I don't feel so good---so hungover."


Arctos felt as if he was pissed drunk. "I need to sober up soon. I shouldn't touch the brandy tonight."


He attempted to position himself so his beast blood can counter the poison. And transformation may help, but once he sobers up, he will transform for sure! It was sooner or later though. "A little assistance would be much appreciated. Please get me the herb. It'll help me sober up."

Edited by He who fights monsters

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Good news, I got back to the hut with the cure. Bad news, I only have enough for two people. Really bad news, I have to choose and Richter is in big trouble, the guy outside said so. I squirm in place as I think of who to give too. You see, I'm not really good with decisions. I always tend to make bad ones and the consequences were always pretty much dire. Ever heard of the saying that cat's have nine lives? Well, I'm on my last one.


I quickly look them over. Trying to gauge on their respective health:


The lady that carried me into the hut seemed all right, well as all right as you would be after being poisoned and stung by stinging insects.


The other lady...or is that a guy? I'll just call him, Feathers. Now, Feathers, looks really bad, he or she could barely manage to point at the nice lady and back at him or her self. I give Feathers a nod, to show that I understood.


I then notice Mr. Bear. Though something was very off with him. He was mumbling to someone or something...It kinda put me even more on edge, but I deemed him to be well enough.


So I follow Feathers advice and give it to him or her and the lady. I then remembered about Richter. I quickly dash outside and I hesitate, remembering what the dinosaur guy said. I got chills, I knew he wasn't kidding, but, what can I do? A cat? Maybe I should just leave him, he can take them on, just enough for an escape route. Though the others might help him, which would make this a gaint fight. Let's see how this will play out.


Choice: I choose Icarus and Pagan.

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Ughhh my head... my stomach... my, ugh, head again....


Then the cat came back in with two sprigs of something in his mouth. He laid one by my feet and the other by the silent feathery guy/gal's. It was some sort of foreign plant, an antidote perhaps?


An antidote? What kind of a logical jump is that? This cat comes in with some sort of weird herb and your immediate thought is to eat it? Sure Richter said he was going to look for an antidote, but this cat hadn't said anything of the sort. I mean, its a cat, it wouldn't have said anything at all. As far as I know this is some strange form of catnip and it just thought I should have some.


Then again, logically there are 3 possibilities. It is more poison, does nothing, or cures me. The first two options leave me poisoned, but that is my state already, so I wouldn't be losing anything if I tried it.


I take the herb and gnaw on it, hopefully I can trust a cat.


I look out the door of the hut... well I say door, but there is no door. I once heard someone say huts have no doors, but this one did. At least it did till whatshis/hername blasted through it. But through the space where you might conceivably put a door on a hut if you were so inclined, I could see some sort of battle going on. There were a lot of bees, I could tell that for sure. Some sort of dinosaur man as well... wait, no, he may just be a normal man with big spikes coming out of him. Perhaps the poison is affecting my vision. And then there was the gun fire shooting into the amorphous mob of bees. Logically it had to be Richter, since he's the only one who brought a gun, and though I've only known him very briefly, that seems like something he would do.


So Richter was firing at the swarm of bees and the angry dino man. The bees seemed to be peppering him with poison while their energy-like body consumed him. Perhaps I could, uggggh. No. No, I can't. Too sick. Oh God my head. Maybe it would be best to just wait this one out.


I start watching, carefully mind you. Hopefully I can pick up on some weakness in the enemy or at the very least find and escape route for later. I even watch Richter, if I can observe the nature of his injuries I can probably do a better job of healing his chivalrous ass. I just hope he isn't killed by those two sort of 'planetary threat' like fighters before I, well possibly we, can save him.


Choice whatever: Pagan: Mind uses Weather Control and just Detective.

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"Reaperrrrr, you lack the strength to defeat this man. We can provide you said power, let us take the reinssss and feasssst!" The shadows were bargaining with the reaper. His free will, for the full extent of the shadows power. The reaper came to the realization, that he didn't need to find purpose or a master to find the incentive to kill. The shadows were his true master, all he needed to do was let go of himself, release the shadows restraints from within, and become a true Reaper. The shadows were now in charge.


The Reaper dropped to his knees, as his body adjusted to its new host. His presence became one of an overbearing darkness, he could feel nothing, hear nothing. His fellow villains seemed to disappear, the tunnel vision drew in on its target, Knox! The reaper charged in once more tendrils prepared to penetrate the mans exterior, he was ready to finish the fight.



Choice: With Berserker still in effect, Reaper charges in with Piercing Attack (Ranged, Superior, Multi) oblivious to pain.

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Everything hurt. Icarus was angry. he wanted to kill and kill and break and destroy and hurt. The Wrath bubbled up inside him causing his eyes to shine ichor gold. The blood of the Gods boiled within his veins. He took a bite of the sprig that the cat had handed him and felt automatically better. Quickly he consumed the whole thing, ravenously.


Whatever happened, he wouldn't be able to control it. The wrath of the gods would soon spill out and burn into the heart of anything like a thermite charge.

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Ricther curses as his gun jams. As everything and the kitchen sink happen right in front of his eye(s), he was busy trying to clear his weapons jam. He knew this was a real bad time to be having malfunctions. He was aware of the brothers Dozas coming his way, but for better or worse it wasn't at the forefront of his mind quite yet. He had something else on his mind as he tried to fix the problem.


The AK-47, the single most reliable firearm on earth. Any well made one can be dragged through mud a mile and a half and still shoot straight....AND OUT OF ALL OF THOSE IN THE WORLD I TAKE THE ONE WITH A DEFECTIVE-ASS RECIEVER TO THE ISLE OF DEATH!!!


Richter was a bit panicky about the concept of trying to rifle butt a mass swarm of bugs that wanted to painfull sting him to death, so when he heard the jam clear he was all the more happier, uttering a 'Hah' as the gun was ready to fire. It was around then he heard the two brothers give out their ultimatums. As Apollo's hivemind spoke ominously about choices, he visibly shrugs, all the while he tries to think of something clever. Dosaz #1 had a good, if bias according to Richter, point given the situation. As for a clever thought about how to come out of this alive, no dice. When Ramirez started to give his little speech though, that got a bit of a different reaction. Ramirez got most of the way done, but as a showman the ex-spook did his best to show up the big guy.


"I've made far worse mistakes than this!" Richter roars as if it was his battle cry before once more trying disperse the swarm with a mass amount of weapon fire. He'd (grudgingly)give the it to the bug(s) man for being hard to hit moving perpendicular to him and at a fair pace, but hobbling straight towards him? Ricther would have to return his marksmanshp patch if he screwed up this shot regardless of any circumstances. He knew this might not stop him in his tracks, but hey maybe if he crashed the Dosaz mode then it's aim would get sloppy and he could avoid the initial Class 4+ stinging sensation by dodging the f*ck to the left of the cover up attempt. You can disrupt hive minds by shooting it like that, right?


This is gonna suck so hard, went right through his head as he looked for the opening he wished would come.


Choice B: Continue shooting at the brothers until your friends come out (piercing+marksman).

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"Dammit!" Donny screamed. "You old bastard! Damn you!" Donny's entire body rang with pain. He had never been hurt this much in his entire life.


Donny knew this was a bad plan. Charging toward the titanic bastard was a terrible plan. He should have stayed further away, or just run away all together. He was in real trouble now. He needed a way out, but thanks to the bastard's own strength, he might have a way out. A faint smile cracked his face, briefly.


He focused all of his thoughts on one thing: Running away. He screamed it with his mind, as loud as he could. "Let me go!" He was yelling it in his mind at Knox. Then he did the same out loud. "Let me go!" Donny took off running.


Choice: Mind Control to escape the fight

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Seeing the Reaper's charge, Matthew smirked lightly to himself. "This seems like a good opportunity to earn a little goodwill, without putting myself in too much risk."


With that, he quickly launched an attack against Knox's legs, hoping to catch him distracted from Reaper's attack.



Choice: Attack Knox's legs/knees. (Superior Martial Arts)

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The thing with Ramirez is, he's all about misdirection. At 5'3" with a wiry frame, no one expected him to be a powerhouse, so they're surprised when he displays feats of superhuman strength.


Due to the way he keeps differing to his brother and coupled with the idea that he's a muscle-head, people figure that maybe the elder Dosaz is a bit slow on the uptake and not too independent. Which makes them feel a little more safe.


And finally, with the spikes and the tattoo and the dyed hair, people think Ramirez is a through and through bad egg, but then they see how much he loves and wants to protect his brother, and they think that maybe, deep down, he's not a total bastard.


All these are of course, misconceptions that Ramirez is all too happy to perpetrate. The truth is this, while he's stalking toward Ricther, that's not his actual target. His target has always been that hut full of weak and defenseless good for nothing heroic wannabes.


You see, some things just didn't match up. When Apollo decided to go for Blood King and do so in a way that'll bloody the nose of anyone who got in their way... suddenly, Ricther and the cat dropped what they were doing to help those in the hut. Why? That made no sense. They were BAD GUYS, but why were they behaving like goodie two shoes? Did he and his brother get dumped into some weird hero-trap? No, that made even less sense. Heroes wouldn't set things up so... villainously. So, did the Fallen flub and got a bunch of good guys together? Nope, that didn't quite add up either. It's possible the Fallen wanted to corrupt some good guys by putting them in a dog eat dog situation, but then it'd make no sense to have such a weird ratio of goodies and baddies.


The only explanation was that somehow, someway, the jig was up for his brother and him. Somehow, everyone knew their big secret. And they were banding together for survival. That explained why everyone were acting like boy scouts. It could even explain why no one seemed to be running despite presumably knowing the big secret. Perhaps those people in the hut WERE villains, and bad guys tend to be a suspicious lot.


Well, too bad for them.


Okay, so... you remember how we all think that Ramirez is a powerhouse and that he follows what his brother does (which in this case, is attack Ricther) and how he might not be an evil scumsucking bastard? Well, you're wrong...

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"Die, you stupid *vulgarity*ing wankers."


Suddenly stopping in his tracks, Ramirez thrust his arms into the earth and pulls up a huge chunk of earth. Seriously, it's bigger than the hut. Oh, and speaking of the hut, he lobs it directly onto it. Too bad for the cat that it didn't run away when it had the chance, oh well. Hope there weren't any bombs that might go off inadvertently either.


Choice: Ramirez attacks the HUT with his primary attack power (treach should know which, already PMed 'em awhile back)

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Choice A – Knox


Action Results


Knox has taken a few hits, but continues to be pumped by the surround sound. He has also squished a few enemies. Weakened by a bio-vampire attack, he sacrifices a little more strength in an effort to deafen his foes with a sound blast.



All die rolls are 2d6. Maximum of a 12, Minimum of a 2. Total of 7 being "average."



Knox vs. Trace: Knox releases Sound Blast (Superior Sonics + Area + Ranged). Trace is out of sight, but still within hearing range, plus closer to the speakers.


Difficulty: 4. Trace is a little further away, but has nothing to protect. It would’ve helped if Trace had left all together (Could’ve been long-ranged by now).


Knox’s Offense: Superior Sonic (Ranged/ Area) 2 + 1 + 3. Speakers still blaring and that is going to intensify the effect. +1


Trace’s Defense: Nothing.


Results: 10 + 3 + 1 = 14. Trace is hit hard. Like forgetting you left your MP3 player at full volume and then coming to listen to it the next day. He takes the full brunt of the attack and a little extra from Speaker feedback. Sound waves cause 20% Damage. He is completely deaf, ears ringing and his agility will go standard on next turn. – 4 on his next round attack.





Knox vs. The Artificial Reaper: Knox releases Sound Blast (Superior Sonics + Area + Ranged). Reaper is coming right at him.


Difficulty: 2. It would be extremely incredible If Knox missed this attack. Everyone is in close range and everyone can hear.


Knox’s Offense: Superior Sonic (Area/ No need for ranged) 2 + 1. Speakers still blaring and that is going to intensify the effect. +1


Reaper’s Defense: Nothing. His ears are going to get it.


Results: 3 + 3 + 1 = 7. Knox barely got the attack on the roll, but the extras succeed. Average hit. 20% Damage. The attack is akin to a subway train passing within feet of him. Reaper is dazed, half deaf for one round and his equilibrium is off. – 2 on his next round attack.




Wendigo: Attempts to get the hell out of Dodge (using mind control)!!


Difficulty: 7. You have an average chance at this. You are meeting Knox’s Iron Will of smashing maggots with your power trying to force his mind to not smash. Good luck. Wendigo probably could’ve used that mind control to a more dangerous effect, but getting the hell out of that fight was a nice self-preservation move. Heh. +1 for being funny to me.


Wendigo’s Offense: Superior Mind Control +2


Knox’s Defense: Uh oh! Guess who has Superior Iron Will? This guy! – 2 So, these two sorta cancel each other out.


Results: 11 + 1 = 12.Great shot! You hit Knox so hard that he might struggle on one of his other attacks. – 1 to his next attack. You are free to leave, but know that Knox knows that you did this to him and you are leaving. Better hope he loses this battle.





Knox vs. Matthew Rothchild: Knox releases Sound Blast (Superior Sonics + Area + Ranged). Matthew aims some chop suey at Knox’s legs.


Difficulty: 2. No problemo. Sound nothing blocking the sound here. I give a 2 because hey! You never know.


Knox’s Offense: Superior Sonic (Area/ No need for ranged) 2 + 1. Speakers still blaring and that is going to intensify the effect. +1


Rothchild’s Offense: There just isn’t much that can stop a sonic attack, perhaps if he’d used Superspeed to get distance from Knox. But alas… Oh yeah, -1 because Wendigo F’d up his mind.


Results: 11 + 3 + 1 – 1 = 14. Youch! Full force hit here. Just like Trace. Sound waves cause 20% Damage. He is completely deaf, ears ringing and his agility will go weak on next turn. – 4 on his next round attack.




Trace: Attempts to stealthily destroy a speaker (Superior Agility + Superior Invisibility + Martial Arts). Non-Fighting action.


Judgment of Actions: Good idea. Sucks that Trace doesn’t have any multi-attack or this would’ve been a great idea. Knox is still not aware of his presence, but a failed roll could ruin that. +1 bonus for a good idea.


Difficulty: Same as last time. This should be easy as Trace is well hidden. Needs a total of 3. -4 due to Knox's scream and speaker effect.


Results: 11 + 1 - 4 = 8. Easy Peasy. One down. Knox doesn’t even notice. Five more to go.




The Artificial Reaper: Still all Berserker and uses Piercing attacks again (Superior Piercing: Ranged, Multi).


Difficulty: 3 out of 12. He’s in close, so he’s got no problem hitting Knox. However, Knox simultaneously unleashed that healthy dose of sound wave, plus the speakers are still loud as crud. – 2.


Reaper’s Offense: Berserker: Superior Strength +2/ Superior Piercing: Multi + 3


Knox’s Defense: Weak Agility +1 to Reaper/ Speaker - 1


Results: 8 + 2 + 3 + 1 – 1 = 14


Direct hit. The Artificial Reaper hits Knox an astonishing five times!! Reaper hits with 300% damage. Regeneration heals 60%. Iron Will ignores 40%. Overall damage to Knox: 200%




The Reapers tendrils strangulate and squeeze the life out of Knox who is helplessly caught until the sonic blast hits Reaper. Reaper falls back from the blast. Knox crumples to the ground, unconscious. The sonic blast leaves the group with ringing ears and on their knees for several minutes. Meanwhile, they look on in astonishment as a dead on his feet Knoxville rises slowly. Before they can put him down again, he reaches in his pocket. There is an audible clicking sound. With a flash, he disappears. Dazed and confused from the sonic attack, the group may compose and shut off the speakers. You have two choices:

A: Go back to the Huts (Get into a fight, earn some Exp, join forces with someone, who knows what will happen)

B: Continue on the path (Note: Knox is gone)


Achievement Unlocked!




GOOD JOB FELLAS. Please see here for your reward!


Wendigo - Health: Critical, Exp: 7 out of 9

Reaper - Health: Good, Exp: 9 out 9 for delivering the killing blow

Trace - Health: Good, Exp: 7 out of 9

Rothchild - Critical, Exp: 7 out of 9



Choice C – Project: Black Circle


The Blood King agreed and the floating specter’s glazed eyes gazed upwards. There was a loud crack and just as suddenly, a figure came bursting from the clouds. With a trail of mist behind him, he flew towards the duo with unimaginable speed. Before Blood King could blink, the figure was on them. The Blood King’s eyes widen and his mouth dropped. Before him once again stood the monster that had hammered him to the ground previously. “You.” The Blood King whispered.


With a roar, the monstrous figure flung him self into the surrounding zombies, tearing them limb from limb. “Man hurt Graugh!” He yelled. “Man die!” He bellowed as he easily shred his way towards the Blood King. His costume was that of a hero, yet it was torn, frayed and darkened as if unkempt. His skin was decayed and wreaked of death. His eyes were maddened and filled with insanity. Blood King knew the smell all to well. The thing was undead. Likewise, the cat-like beast took the opportunity to attack the zombies. The Blood King took one step back, his hand on the sore spot on his chest where he had been hit earlier. He grimaced in anger as the creatures took his zombies with ease. Simultaneously, the zombies tore and bit to no avail as the giant ripped them asunder. His skin was impervious. Before Blood King could fully prepare the creature was on him.


“Stop.” The floating man called calmly, “Enough Hal-ak, he will not die by your hands today.” The Blood King turned in fury towards the levitating man. “What is this effrontery?” The man looked at his creation that loomed over the Blood King, who himself was an intimidating height. “This is my creation. You will have to forgive him. Some of your friends injured his pet.” The man’s gaze turned to the cat that rested by his side, “The creature is called a Graugh.” The Blood King’s eyes tightened as he looked at it wearily. The creature was pitch-black. It was nearly hairless. Its body resembled a cat, but its face was that of a bird, complete with beak. On its feet were elongated and very deadly looking talons. The creature was sleek and seemed to be a capable predator. “They are indigenous to this land. They are fierce predators here. Normally, they are not tamed. Hal-ak however, has a way with the creatures.” Blood King snorted in frustration. He was not pleased to see the man-thing that nearly caved in his chest, nor was he interested in discussing wildlife or trading blows with three enemies. “I need directions. Can you provide me with this? If not, I must be on my way.”


The figure did not speak, but merely looked away as if contemplating. Meanwhile, the large man’s putrid breath huffed into the face of the Blood King. Each whiff of the stench was like an offensive slap to his proud face. His blood boiled as he waited. “Living or dead, you may be of use to me. But like everyone here, you must survive.” The floating man said impassively. As he did, the sound of music could be heard in the distance. Likewise a thunderous stomping shook the ground. “Presently, I have other things to attend to. My creation will not harm you.” With that, he walked off in the air into the distance as if it were as solid as stone. Likewise, the gigantic man drifted calmly behind him. Finally, the Blood King’s fury seethed to its boiling point. His mouth came together to utter his opinion when… “I cannot say the same for his Graugh.” The figure finished. Without warning, the beast leapt for the Blood King’s back with all intentions on ripping off his head.


Fight or Flight, Blood King? What do you do?


Choice B – The Huts


Apocrita vs. Richter: The swarm seeks to poison the mercenary Superior Poison (Ranged/Multi/Seeker).


Difficulty: Not very difficult at all. Apocrita’s poison attack has seeker, ranged and everything else. It’ll be damned near impossible for him to miss, Richter is shooting back though. 4.


Apocrita’s Offense: Superior Poison (Ranged/Seeker/Multi) +2 + 3, Standard Tactician + 1


Richter’s Defense: Not much going here. We’ll say tactician gives him some sort of chance, but he’s got no agility. No bonus.


Results: 11 + 2 + 3 + 1 = 17. Not good. Not good at all. I almost don’t want to figure this up. Richter is relentlessly poisoned with 7 hits (Multi). All attributes (Strength, Agility, etc) are completely nulled. Richter is comatose for two rounds.




Richter vs Apocrita: Shoots like a mad man at Apocrita (I would’ve allowed you to shoot at both, but your Piercing attack does not come equipped with area)! Superior Piercing (Ranged/Multi)


Difficulty: Well, you are shooting someone with an energy body (Plus they are little bugs), so there is a little inherent difficulty. However, you are an expert marksman with multi. Problem being, his energy body (Supreme) is higher than your marksman (Superior). Yep. Plus Apocrita has reaction speed on par with your shooting. Tough call. I’m going to say 9


Richter’s Offense: Superior Piercing (Ranged/Multi) +2 + 2, Standard Tactician +1, Marksman +2


Apocrita’s Defense: Let’s see – Superior Energy Body -3, Standard Reaction Speed -1, Standard Inhibit Senses -1


Results: 7 + 2 + 2 +1 + 2 – 3 – 1 - 1 = 9. Wow, just wow. Just made it. A nine is right on target, so no multi bonus shots. The shot delivers 40% damage. 20% is negated by Supreme Energy body’s inherent standard defenses. 20% Damage to Apocrita.




Arctos: Takes 10% Damage from poison as he was not administered the antidote.





Pagan: Attempts to detect anything worthwhile outside the hut.


Judgment of actions: Smart move. I’m giving a +3 for thinking outside the box.


Difficulty: 4. Simple enough. She’s a little groggy, but she’s smart and should be able to assess a situation.


Results: 6 + 3 = 9. Pagan gains +2 chance of success to any move on the next round.




Chelsea Red vs. Pagan: Chelsea (who has been revealed as a Global level villain) just shocked the crowd with a surprise attack on the hut folk. He’s tossing a bit of the terra firma towards the crowd with intentions on crushing them all. This might leave a stain.


Difficulty: 2. These guys are sitting ducks in here. I should just give a -1 for the sheer evil of the idea and follow thru. But a 2 is fine.


Extra evil Chelsea’s Offense: Global powers hidden: unless someone reveals it. Hint hint to that someone!


Pagan’s Defense: Nada currently.


Results: 9 + 4 (hidden powahs) = 13. Ouch. Pagan is hit with 60% Damage. Healing is not automatic, but I’m going to assume that she would automatically heal herself. See if I were mean, I’d go by the Rhek definition and make you lose a turn:


“While Healing generally requires that the user stop what they're doing to focus on the effort”


But, I’m going to let this one go since you guys have been out of it for like a million rounds. Further healing requires loss of a turn though. It is not regen. Anyway, healing takes care of 30% damage.




Chelsea Red vs. Sprinkles: Chelsea (who has been revealed as a Global level villain) just shocked the crowd with a surprise attack on the hut folk. He’s tossing a bit of the terra firma towards the crowd with intentions on crushing them all. This might leave a stain.


Difficulty: 2. Sitting ducks.


Super evil Chelsea’s Offense: Same as previous.


Sprinkle’s Defense: Cats having nine lives may have something to do with this cat’s plethora of automatic defense powers. Danger Sense – 1, which allows for Reaction Speed – 2, which allows for numerous reactions: Digging – 1 or Flight – 1, but your agility sucks + 1


Results: 6 + 4 (hidden powahs) – 1 – 2 - 1 – 1 + 1 = 6. Nice try Sprinks. All of that defense fought the good fight, but you get some of this action too. 60% Damage. Ouch I say. Should’ve took some armor in there. Ouch.





Chelsea Red vs. Icarus: Chelsea (who has been revealed as a Global level villain) just shocked the crowd with a surprise attack on the hut folk. He’s tossing a bit of the terra firma towards the crowd with intentions on crushing them all. This might leave a stain.


Difficulty: 2. Same as previous.


Big evil Chelsea’s Offense: Same as previous.


Icarus’ Defense: Nada Mucho. Weak Agility though. +1


Results: 8 + 1 (hidden powahs) = 9. 60% Damage. Iron Will ignores 40% of that weak shite all like, “Get that shite out of here! I’m angry and stuff!” Heh. 20% Damage.





Chelsea Red vs. Mr. Arctos: Chelsea (who has been revealed as a Global level villain) just shocked the crowd with a surprise attack on the hut folk. He’s tossing a bit of the terra firma towards the crowd with intentions on crushing them all. This might leave a stain.


Difficulty: 2. Same as previous.


Lord of evil Chelsea’s Offense: Same as previous.


Mr. Arctos’ Defense: Hyper Senses - 1


Results: 5 – 1 = 4. 60% Damage. Regeneration which luckily did not get spent in the last round!!! Covers 40% Damage. 20% Damage Overall.




Pagan – Health: Good

Dr. Arctos – Health: Very, very not good!

Sprinkles – Health: In one shot, Sprinkles is reduced to Weak

Icarus – Health: Critical


At this point, you guys better start making some life or death decisions. Question is, whose advice you gonna take? Your own? You going to finally give in and PM me for help (Exp must be taken)? Or are you going to listen to Updatedude?


Moral of the story? Stop having morals!


I can still see this ending without having the entire group wiped out, but certain characters will probably need to die. The question is, are any of y'all EVIL enough to let that happen?


So, come out from under the rubble and decide your fates.

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"The *vulgarity*? Well well well, maybe some of you have what it takes to be in the Fallen after all. You certainly have the devil's own luck. Because unless my baby blood shot eyes are *vulgarity*ing deceiving me, I spy some movement. Signs of life as it were. So listen up you tossers, here's how it goes. You want to live? You want to choose LIFE? Then you'll have to give me some *vulgarity*ing DEATH! Follow your instincts lads and lassies! The first one of you's to pull yourselves together, I want you to pick a target and go for the KILL. You do this, you PROVE to me you have the balls and the temerity and the *vulgarity*ing guts to do what it takes... I'll back off. Whoever has it in him or her to do the job, I'll let go... for now. Hell, I might even take you under my wing, and we can all get off this *vulgarity*ing island as the Fallen elite we were meant to be."


"Just remember, anyone play a *vulgarity*ing hero again? You're *vulgarity*ing DEAD."

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Blood King looked at the site of the the floating figure and his creation going off in anger. His temper was hot and at the point he wanted to kill somebody. Blood King wanted revenge against Hal-ak and even more he wanted to know just what the hell was up with the floating man's words that he had told Blood King. Did he have plans for him? It sounded like he had his own agenda. Blood King hungered for blood and for a fight as before he could continue thinking he heard the Graugh behind him. He heard a loud growl as it seemed to moved toward him from behind. Blood laughed as he smiled. If he couldn't have his revenge against Hal-ak he would kill his creature.


Fight- Teleport behind Graugh and attack (Martial Arts Standard) from behind.

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