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Homer Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

Match 14683 by Gronaldra
in progress now...

Scandal Savage vs. X-23

Scandal Savage: 0
X-23: 14

Yang Xiao Long vs. Joe Fixit

Yang Xiao Long: 13
Joe Fixit: 9

Jason Voorhees vs. Mr. Hercule Satan

Jason Voorhees: 4
Mr. Hercule Satan: 12

Accelerator vs. Dio Brando

Accelerator: 9
Dio Brando: 3

Samurai Jack vs. Furher King Bradley

Samurai Jack: 7
Furher King Bradley: 6

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War of the Avatars!

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Oh, now my avatar changed! Is this better?

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My avatar: Myself




The teleportation machine makes a loud noise as I'm sent to the battlefield clad in jeans, a t-shirt and my trusty cap. I unsheath my katana and chew on a toothpick for a while as I concentrate to examine the scenery.


When I see Deadpool, Hal Jordan and the Necron Lord Skirmisher, I push the button on my watch to be teleported back to the office of my employer. Upon arrival, I punch him straight in the nose and resign. As I walk out of the building to the glorious boredom of the familiar world, I start thinking about less risky ways to make money. Maybe that office job I had before wasn't that bad after all.



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