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Mokujin vs. Pac-Man

Match 14745 by Confession FPT
in progress now...

Hulk Hogan vs. Ivan Drago

Match 14744 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Bruce Lee vs. Rocky Balboa

Match 14743 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Shrek vs. King Bowser

Match 14742 by SSJRuss
in progress now...

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Match 14738 by comic_book_fan
in progress now...

Apocalypse vs. Wildcats

Apocalypse: 8
Wildcats: 0

Ashley J. Williams vs. Negan

Ashley J. Williams: 2
Negan: 7

Teletubbies vs. Sesame Street

Teletubbies: 7
Sesame Street: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto)

Anthony Gallen: 7
Colombian Cartel (Grand Theft Auto): 2

Sir Dan Fortesque vs. Brook

Sir Dan Fortesque: 3
Brook: 9

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Guest Ivan

#cbub quotelog

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Yeah, we're actually going to do something like that. Troll a couple's therapy shrink and make it on YouTube.

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That wasn't funny at all. #IronicEcho?

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Eh, I suppose. Can't impress everyone.

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Twitter speak and the face the irony came from spouting IDFC after I had said it.


Anyhow, the whole purpose is to troll the shrink - this is practice. :D

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The one whom I'm cheating on with that has incurred Evan's anger:


22:31 Ethan Evan is aware I'm cheating on him with you. OHHH WELLLLLLL

22:32 Opalord lol

22:32 Opalord he just mad cuz I'm fabulous

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Phenomenal John Mayer is now banging Katy Perry. That dude has *vulgarity*ed so many sexy famous chicks it's not even funny. I need guitar lessons.


23:58 Kain of course, then you also need to write a couple of songs that are super hits


23:58 Phenomenal That's the easy part...


23:58 Phenomenal I'm good at rhyming and cheesy things.I got this in the bag


23:59 Phenomenal Tell them how their soul is as beautiful as their eyes at some point during one of my songs and the panties drop....it's niceeeee


00:00 HWFM Back.


00:00 HWFM What did I miss?


00:00 Kain phenomenals "sure fire" plan for getting a lot of celebrity pussy


00:00 Phenomenal mayer banging katy perry, I have skunks, and Kain and I are creating a band with cheesy lyrics and we're getting laid


00:01 Phenomenal you're in on this now Kain


00:01 Phenomenal you can play bass


00:01 Kain heh, sure, that's an easy gig


00:01 Ham Phenomenal...can you actually sing? O_o


00:01 Kain autotune


00:01 Phenomenal ^^^^lolz


00:02 Phenomenal damn right

00:02 Ham Ewww!

00:02 HWFM Pass the popcorn.

00:02 Phenomenal autotune will make me sound like whitney houston!


00:02 Phenomenal without the crack...

00:02 Kain

we need to come up with a name

00:02 Phenomenal hmmm

00:02 Kain let's make autotune part of the gag, so we're the autotune somethings

00:03 Phenomenal lol hell yeah!


00:03 Phenomenal how do you say male whores in your language? I hope it sounds sexy....

00:03 Kain not really, danish isn't a very sexy language

00:03 Phenomenal i like it ham! you can play recorder or tambourine

00:03 Kain mandlinge ludere

00:04 Kain mandlige*

00:04 Phenomenal dude...

00:04 Phenomenal that will work

00:04 Kain eh, i've got a slightly different idea, autotune addicts, it can be shortened down to AA

00:04 Phenomenal in the states people will eat it up. We need band picture but someone has to be shirtless and we cant look at the camera!!

00:05 Kain we're on the way to greatness yel02.png

00:05 Phenomenal AA is too big here. Will make people think we're a christian abstinence band yel22.png

00:05 Phenomenal we are!

00:05 HWFM Phenomenal, just how old are you?

00:05 Phenomenal 52

00:05 Nesh Or recovering alcoholcs

00:05 HWFM Right...

00:05 Phenomenal 27

00:06 Kain recovering alcoholics, it's a character development plan

00:06 Phenomenal orrrr.... the autotune alcoholics!

00:06 HWFM This oughta help you recover, Phenomenal!

00:06 HWFM smacks Phenomenal on the head with a shovel.

00:06 Phenomenal Thank you. I was getting out of hand and letting the fame get to my head

00:07 HWFM That oughta make you act your age too.

00:07 Kain pfft, there is no "letting the fame get to your head"

00:07 Phenomenal ^^^ we're starting a band

00:07 Kain actually, that's not true, there's charlie sheen...

00:07 Phenomenal with that attitude...i *vulgarity*ing love it

00:07 Kain but there's a Loooong way to go, before we end up like charlie sheen

00:08 HWFM Let me guess the name of that band...the Three Stooges.

00:08 Phenomenal lol we need a song called charlie sheen

00:08 Kain well, that's a given

00:08 Phenomenal about how our love for a girl is as strong as sheen's drug addiction and then we become addicted to drugs by the end of the song

00:09 Kain damn, that shit just writes itself

00:09 HWFM Good luck explaining to the FCC.

00:09 Phenomenal I TOLD YOU KAIN!

00:09 Phenomenal *vulgarity* the FCC

00:09 Kain bah, the FCC aren't invited to the party

00:09 Phenomenal *vulgarity*ing Crusty Cocks= FCC

00:10 Phenomenal i had something but couldnt come up with another c lol

00:10 HWFM I expect pot heads and hecklers to be at your concerts.

00:10 HWFM points to his "sarcasm mode on" switch.


00:11 Kain that sounds like the title of another song

00:12 Phenomenal lol! yes!

00:12 HWFM Phenomenal, are you sure you took your meds today?

00:12 Phenomenal I scared my dog because i seriously lol'd at that

00:12 Kain one where we're apologizing for our horrid behaviour and promising to do better, bitches love a bad boy trying to be good

00:13 Phenomenal yes they do!!!

00:13 HWFM Please don't tell me my sarcasm is adding fuel to the fire.

00:13 Phenomenal HWFM, i take it every other day

00:13 Kain okay, i won't yel06.png

00:14 Phenomenal The fire can't get any bigger with a little bit of fuel. We are a full fledged wildfire muh fuggie!

00:14 Kain hmm, ham, can you keep a rythm?

00:14 Ham I'm a musician...>_>...SO...YES!

00:15 Kain sweet, you're drafted as our drummer

00:15 Phenomenal WHAT DO YOU PLAY??!!!

00:15 Phenomenal ok drummer it is

00:15 Kain well, now he plays the drums

00:15 Kain yel06.png

00:16 Ham Yay!

00:16 Phenomenal There's... The Strokes...The Killers....The Who...The Beatles.....and now....drum roll please Ham

00:16 Ham


00:17 Phenomenal The Ferrets!

00:17 Phenomenal ? maybe?

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While this is not from #CBUB, but from our own IP Chat right here on the forums, this was funny enough that I figure it deserves a post ^^

  • Nova Force Nova
    has left the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    has entered the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    Damn this stupid *vulgarity*ing piece of shit
  • Nova Force Nova
    has left the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    has entered the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    has left the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    has entered the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    I don't know what the heck it is about this chat. Mibbit works fine
  • Nova Force Nova
    has left the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    has entered the room
  • Nova Force Nova
    Now it says no one is here. Stupid thing. I'm not going to let it get the better of me again.
  • Nova Force Nova
    Phone: 2 , Nova: 0
  • Nova Force Nova
    has left the room


Edited out my own messages, to stick with the rules of the thread Nova's input was the hilarious part anyway.


Both RakaiThwei and Myself were on the chat at the time.

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21:37 omfg can you believe I have a pimple on my lower eyelid?


21:38 Jesus Yes, give me a minute to laugh at that


21:39 Jesus so sup?



21:40 omfg It just burst and I'm currently having an eye period


21:40 Jesus ouch


21:41 omfg No pain though


21:41 Jesus oh, ok then


21:41 omfg Just blood


21:41 Jesus ouch


21:42 omfg bloody blood


21:42 Jesus you'll be ok soon enough


21:43 omfg Yes


21:43 Jesus so, what's up besides your eye period?


21:44 omfg That was a sentence I would have never imagined hearing in my life


21:44 omfg And Not much


21:45 Jesus welcome to the EF then


21:45 omfg Where eye periods run rampant

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01:41 *** Hamu joined #cbub

02:09 jesus sup hamu?

02:13 Hamu Wacking it

02:13 Corvette ...lol

02:13 Hamu He asked. *Shrugs*

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Sherlock_Zreth: Some Icelandic guy made a Jeep with the power of JEsus

Jesus: ?

Sherlock_Zreth: Not you jesus

Sherlock_Zreth: Other Jesus

Jesus: oh

Jesus: cause making a jeep with my power seems tough

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09:19   Ethandepressed places depressingly transparent lego blocks by the hundreds all over Kain's apartment


09:19 Hugo You /monster/



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23:51 *** AvP joined #tgchat
Welcome to #tgchat (http://www.tgchat.co.uk/) | Come on in and be yourself | If no one is talking, don't be scared to hang around. People come and go all day | Happy 10th birthday to tgchat.co.uk!
Topic set by Dee on Fri Feb 01 2013 22:11:57 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)
23:51 Marko Sup?
23:51 amelia Hey
23:51 AvP Yello
23:52 Caboose Hi!
23:52 AvP Caboose is quite a unique name
23:53 Caboose I know. I can tell you it again...if you forget
23:53 AvP Shush ya weirdo
23:53 Marko I'm The Outbacker
23:53 AvP Polo
23:53 amelia So what brings you three to appear here?
23:54 AvP We're invading
23:54 AvP Just a bit
23:54 Caboose I came here to fill out job application
23:54 Caboose This is the college career center, right?
23:54 amelia Hilarious.
23:54 AvP no this is patrick
23:55 Marko It's nice to meet you amelia. :3
23:55 AvP Mine was the truth btw
23:55 Caboose Do they accept them in crayon? I like the pretty colours
23:55 AvP Caboose
23:55 AvP Go back to your corner.
23:56 Caboose I don't understand. Are you hungry? AvP, do you want hot dogs? Pig in blanket?
23:56 AvP Caboose. Caboose.
23:56 AvP No.
23:56 Marko AVP. I love you
23:57 AvP I'm here, trynna be all nice and invade politely and I got you spouting nonsense and Clint McClingyton grabbing on to my trouser leg.
23:57 illiath Just so I know, did any of you come here to actually talk, or ask about the topic for the channel?
23:57 Caboose I like talking
23:57 AvP This is talking. To an extent. But what is the topic?
23:58 illiath You chose this channel to visit, you should have seen the channel topic when doing so.
23:58 AvP Then why would we ask?
23:58 Caboose I see a room
23:58 Caboose It has some walls...and some ceilings.
23:59 Caboose Wait
23:59 Caboose Only one ceiling
23:59 illiath Ah.... I see. I'm not licensed for child psychology.
00:00 Caboose AvP...I'm scared of our new friends.
00:00 AvP Now now, they're more scared of you than you are of them.
00:01 illiath I mean, developmental Psychology does have a lot of interest for me, but it's just such a narrow field, as discussing details regarding the existential nature of human existence, or explaining the phenomenological approach to their issues is really wasted on those too immature to understand the words, let alone the core ideals of the concepts.
00:02 Caboose I have a plan, AvP, but we will have to move quick. Listen: whisper, whisper, whisper. Do you think that will work?
00:02 Marko o.o This is deep stuff
00:02 AvP Oho! We've got ourselves a scholar. You, sir, should be publishing books.
00:02 Caboose I read a book once. The pictures popped out. Then it caught on fire. I was confused.
00:03 FTMichael Dee?
00:03 illiath Hmmm... you appear to also be suffering from cognitive dissonance. At no point did I say I was male, or female, yet you presume to account me the nomenclature of "sir", without an understanding of who I happen to be?
00:03 AvP I was talking to Caboose. The nerve!
00:04 Caboose Why do they use such unusual words...they should speak English
00:04 illiath You said you words openly, without directing them to a specific person by name, therefore it is presumably acceptable for some to not recognise whom you are attempting to converse with.
00:05 Caboose AvP. I found this key sword thingy. I dunno if it's a sword that functions as a key in certain situations...Or if it's a key all the time, and when you stick it in people, it unlocks their death.
00:06 AvP I'd have thought Caboose's immense mental superiority to all other entities in in this room and, indeed in existence should have been obvious!
00:06 AvP I mean look at this. I think he just invented the shiv.
00:07 illiath I am yet to see evidence of his superiority. All I see from his words is that of a child attempting to garner attention, and doing so in a manner they are incapable of processing.
00:08 Caboose You want me to stab someone AvP? But...I ran out of crayons
00:09 AvP Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you, a true cultural acumen of our time.
00:09 Caboose Just like chiropractors
00:10 AvP Indubitably.
00:10 *** Bray_Wyatt joined #tgchat
00:11 Bray_Wyatt TITLE: FCW Bray Wyatt Promo
VIEWS: 130593
UPLOADED: rotundabrosnet
TITLE: FCW Bray Wyatt Promo
VIEWS: 130593
UPLOADED: rotundabrosnet
00:11 illiath I have doubt, so therefore it isn't indubitable.
00:11 Caboose Is that a sickness? Are you ill? Do you need medicine? I have vitamins.
00:11 amelia Surely you're capable of trolling amongst yourselves in your own channel without nonsensically spouting nonsense here?
00:11 *** Bray_Wyatt left #tgchat
00:11 Caboose I don't understand
00:11 Caboose Do you want a blanket?
00:12 AvP Nothing is indubitable in the minds of the dubious!
00:12 FTMichael Dee?
00:13 Caboose D? Are we reciting the alphabet? I can do that
00:13 Caboose [email protected]
00:13 *** Damien_sandow joined #tgchat
00:13 Damien_sandow TITLE: TruSiaki | Damien Sandow Promo (READ DESC!!)
VIEWS: 4494
UPLOADED: Brian Darby
TITLE: TruSiaki | Damien Sandow Promo (READ DESC!!)
VIEWS: 4494
UPLOADED: Brian Darby
00:13 illiath She's probably asleep, as it is Midnight in her neck of the woods.
00:13 Damien_sandow You ar welcome
00:13 *** Damien_sandow left #tgchat
00:13 AvP Somebody get this man a spoon.
00:14 Caboose Yay. I can eat my cake now
00:14 Caboose Are you hungry, guys
00:14 amelia I've made the point about this happening before *sigh*
00:15 AvP Well I do hope we're superior to the last lot.
00:15 Caboose AvP...why are the people so mean...
00:15 Caboose I don't like our new friends
00:15 AvP Perhaps because we invaded their place of dwelling and clogged it with intolerable gibberish
00:16 AvP I mean, I suppose that's as good a reason as any
00:16 Caboose Gibbermass? Santa? I want a pony
00:18 Caboose So I say to the guy, How're you going to get the tank down to the planet? And he goes, I'll just put it on the ship. And I go, if you've got a ship that can carry a tank, why not just put guns on the ship and use it instead?
00:19 AvP I think you just outsmarted the military. Fan-TASTic job.


*** Caboose joined #tgchat

Welcome to #tgchat (http://www.tgchat.co.uk/) | Come on in and be yourself | If no one is talking, don't be scared to hang around. People come and go all day | Happy 10th birthday to tgchat.co.uk!

Topic set by Dee on Fri Feb 01 2013 14:11:57 GMT-0800 (Pacific Daylight Time)
*** Butters joined #tgchat
*** Butters left #tgchat
17:08 Caboose Hi again friends!
17:09 Caboose Can we partay
17:11 Caboose Please?
17:11 FTMichael Dee?
17:12 Caboose My name starts with a C
amelia sighs
17:12 Caboose Did I do something wrong
17:14 Caboose Can we still be friends
17:16 Caboose FTMichael amelia mousse illiath mewiekitty mquin mutabilis shell
17:19 Caboose With sugar and barbells on top of sundae
17:19 Dee erm?
17:19 Dee Caboose: sorry, but what are you on about?
17:20 Caboose I can't count all the thingys I am on about....sorry.
17:21 Caboose Is that ok?
17:22 Dee Just wondering why you were begging to be friends
17:23 Caboose I'm lonely...
17:23 Caboose The hospital isn't like the playground I'm used to
17:25 Caboose And all my compatriots left for a new mission
17:26 Dee compatriots?
17:26 Caboose Yes
17:26 Dee and can I ask, why here?
17:26 Caboose Leonard, Allison, and Lavernius
17:26 Caboose Why here what? O'malley?
17:27 Dee whya re you looking for new friends here?
17:27 Caboose More people is here than most other places.
17:28 Caboose Thought it would be a good place to go for things
17:29 Caboose Can't cope without hope
17:29 Dee this si a strange place to find
17:29 Dee it's a very specific chat/support channel
17:29 Shell o.o
17:30 Shell hi Dee, btw.
17:30 Dee hi Shell
17:30 FTMichael Dee, they're just a troll.
17:30 Caboose The people here aren't very supporting
17:30 Dee Caboose: I know you foudn the channel through mibbit itself
17:30 Caboose For a support channel
17:30 Dee Caboose: do you know what sort of support?
17:30 Caboose Yes.
17:30 Caboose No.
17:30 Dee I know
17:31 Caboose Combat support?
17:31 Dee as mentioned, this is not a general chat channel
17:31 Dee if you want general chat between your friends nad you, you can create your own channel
17:31 Caboose Ok. But what if I want to make new friends here?
17:32 Caboose Is there another channel available
17:32 Mutabilis type /join #caboose
17:33 Caboose That place is empty...
17:33 Mutabilis of course, you just created it
17:33 Caboose But now I have a star. Is that bad?
17:33 Dee it means you're the boss
17:33 Mutabilis you're the admin of your channel
17:33 Caboose The boss of who?
17:34 Mutabilis just as Dee is the admin of this
17:34 Dee Caboose: if you want o make new friends here, then I suggest you research the term "transgender"
17:34 Mutabilis anyways, you can invite friends to your channel
17:34 Caboose I know what that means! I read it in a dictionary
17:34 Caboose Ah...how do I send the reservations?
17:34 Dee the what?
17:35 Caboose Invitations
17:35 Caboose I meant
17:35 Mutabilis type /invite name #channel
17:35 Dee you talk to them and say "join me in #caboose on Blitzed IRC through mibbit"
17:35 Mutabilis #channel would be #caboose if you went with the example above
17:35 Caboose Thank you
17:35 Caboose Right
17:35 Caboose Ok
17:36 amelia Dee: they already have a channel that they have all been coming here from
17:36 Dee then I know, butters followed a link from mibbit to the website
17:38 Caboose Sweet.
17:38 Mutabilis of course, you can also just talk up a storm at #uwt
17:38 Caboose I just joined there too.
17:38 Caboose They're telling me a lot of the same things
17:39 Caboose Thanks anyways, friends.
17:39 Caboose You are good people
17:40 Mutabilis oh, we know
17:40 Caboose God bless

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09:21 Evan A graffiti conversation, from a college bathroom: "He who has a why to live can accomplish any how". "He who has a what to do does not spend his time transcribing fortune cookies onto restroom walls." "We all need hobbies."

09:21 Evan (this is in the same penmanship as the first line) "Transcribing fortune cookies onto restroom walls is my hobby. It is my passion." (scrawled almost illegibly) "GAY"

09:21 Misae lol

09:23 Evan My school has Harry Potter grafitti too. Someone actually wrote "The Chamber of Secrets Has Been Opened, Enemies of the Heir Beware" on the side of one of the stalls of the upstairs girl's room.

09:23 Misae Heh

09:24 Evan This was one odd conversation this troper saw one day at a coffee shop by the Russian River ---> Why do so many people have pens with them when they take a shit? ---> You had one when you wrote this shit

09:24 Misae lol

09:24 Evan The end stall in the girls' bathrooms at this troper's school was the slowest chatroom in the world. Arguments would build up in different coloured marker pen, and eventually degenerate into GrammarNazi spelling feuds and nitpicking about insults until the janitors eventually painted over it again.

09:25 Misae lol

09:25 Evan So the "chatroom" "moderators" were the janitors, and their "banhammer" was a paint brush? I think I just lol'd.

09:26 Evan This troper went to a boy's school. They drew penises all over the bathroom stalls.For folks who are so quick to boast of their virility and masculinity, teenage boys have a curious occupation with erect phalluses.

09:26 Evan I love TV tropes

09:26 Misae Indeed

09:28 Evan This troper once went into a stall (all the urinals were in use) in a cafe/service centre place just outside Glasgow. Upon turning to leave, I noticed what was written on the door - a very large rant, at how Obama is bad and anglophobic, how 9/11 was done by the US military, the traditional US-dollar has the pyramid on it conspiracy - pyramids = bad, Iraq is

09:28 Evan only the start of what is to come, Blair licks Bush's ass..etc, etc. Also, cartoon sketches of the above mentioned things. Under all this? "Wow, an' I thought I had far too much time on my hands when I took a crap!"

09:29 Misae lol

09:31 Evan This Troper's high school bathroom is full of graffiti.. She has pictures on her laptop, and would be happy to show you one of the exchanges: -->Blue Sharpie: Whoever stole my pencil is a big... sneaky witch-thief! -->Black Pen: How very eloquent. -->Red Sharpie: Where is the cake? I was told there would be cake. That cake is a lie.

09:31 Evan -->Blue Pen: Shepard. -->Red Sharpie pointing to above quote with ??? next to it -->Blue Sharpie: WREX. -->Black Pen: GARRUS! yel02.png -->Pencil: Can it wait? I'm in the middle of some calibrations.

09:31 Evan -->Blue Pen: Don't lie to us. We all know you secretly watch porn. -->Pencil: That's a lie. -->Red Sharpie: The cake is a lie. -->Green Sharpie (Me): I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite Graffiti in this bathroom.

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