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  1. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 9 -------- Previously: Ninjor died at the hands of the Zombie Frankenstein. Tommy was teleported back to the Command Center, where he met the Time Force Rangers again, this time seeing their civilian forms, and was reunited with Jason, Zack, and Trini. Our heroes then found out through the Viewing Globe that Ransik has time traveled to the past as well. Ransik along with Nadira, Frax, Gluto, and 50 Cyclobots found themselves getting into a war with the Zombie Power Rangers, who has an army of 50 zombies. -------- Note: This takes place during the fight between Ransik’s forces and the zombies in Part 8. -------- Back at the area where the Frankenstein Monster was, he was done eating Ninjor. However, he was still hungry. But the zombie knew where he could find more food. ***** Inside the Moon Palace, the Chamber of Command was nearly destroyed. Lord Zedd, Rita, and Master Vile where shocked by what they saw in front of them. Twin Man, Commander Crayfish, and the nine Putties were all on the floor with bite marks allover their bodies, and were missing body parts. Standing far from the beaten monsters and clay humanoids were Spider-Man and Goldar with the Sword of Power. “Ah, so much for your Fake Rangers. Like vegan, it can’t beat the real deal.” Goldar said. “Lord Zedd... Rita... Help us...” Twin Man reached out his arm towards his masters. He along with Commander Crayfish, and the Putties were not only hurt, but sick as they were infected by the zombie virus. Lord Zedd, Rita, and Master Vile nodded to one another before they used their staffs to fire bolts of energy. Twin Man, Commander Crayfish, and the Putties all yelled in pain as they were being electrocuted. One Putty was able to teleport away, while the rest of the Putties and the two monsters became nothing more than ashes. “Damn, one got away.” Rita said. “Wow, here I thought we zombies had cold dead hearts.” Spider-Man said. “Like we would take a chance of there being more zombies.” Lord Zedd said. “You might have beaten our Power Rangers. But now you face us.” Master Vile said. “That’s fine, because you three are the main course.” Goldar said. “You seem to be much dumber than when you were alive, Goldar. Don’t you see how out matched you and your friend are by power and numbers?” Rita said to the golden zombie. But then appearing next to Goldar and Spider-Man was the Zombie Frankenstein. This shocked everyone in the Chamber of Command. “The Frankenstein Monster!” Master Vile yelled in shock. “Frankenstein wants more meat!” The zombie yelled. Goldar smiled and said to Rita. “Well I say things got even.” "It doesn't matter how many walking corpses there are. You fools are still no match for us!" Lord Zedd yelled in anger. “We’ll see about that.” Spider-Man said. -------- So there you have it. It's Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Goldar, and Zombie Frankenstein vs Lord Zedd, Rita, and Master Vile. Notes: -Zombie Spider-Man doesn't have the Cosmic Powers. But he can use veins and arteries as webbing. -Zombie Goldar is using the Sword of Power. Here is information on the Sword of Power: https://powerrangers.fandom.com/wiki/Sword_of_Power -I will post videos of the Frankenstein Monster and Sword of Power under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
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