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  1. Ransik stepped out into a new time alongside his daughter Nadira, robotic servant Frax, and his henchmen Gluto. The only question was did they go back far enough? If things had worked the way he planned... The group walked out of an alleyway and found a police officer. “Fr-Freeze! Angel Grove Police,” the man said as he pulled out his gun, his hands shaking in obvious fear. Angel Grove. That was a name everyone knew, even in the year 3000. Frax grabbed the gun from the officer's hands and examined it. “Colt .45, semi-automatic. Play-Doh.” The robot crushed and twisted the metal as if it were actually made of Play-Doh. The Police Officer got ready to bolt, but Ransik grabbed him by the collar and turned the man around to face him. “What year is it?” the Mutant mastermind demanded. “1993,” the policeman stammered. Ransik tossed the man aside and he ran off in terror. “1993? That means no Time Force,” Nadira said. Ransik let out a long evil laugh. “It means more than that my dear. This is 1993 in Angel Grove. Here we can destroy the original Power Rangers and make it so Time Force never existed in the first place.” Nadira squealed in delight. “You're such a genius, Daddy!” Rita Repulsa pulled her eye away from her telescope. These new arrivals were very interesting. It seemed that they also had a bone to pick with the Power Rangers. Perhaps she could use this to her advantage. It was easy enough for a powerful witch such as herself to teleport them up to her Moon Palace. She approached the man in leather who had half his face covered in a metal mask. “Greetings, Ranisk, I an Rita Repulsa, I have brought you here because it seems we have a common enemy: the Power Rangers.” She'd heard the man's name while spying on his group. The masked man scoffed. “I know very well who you are, and I have no interest in working with someone as incompetent as you.” Rita felt her face redden. “Incompetent? How dare you? I'm the most powerful dark witch in the universe. You've got no room to talk when that tub of lard looks even dumber than Squatt and Baboo.” The blue whale-like being stepped forward. “I'll make you pay for insulting me!” Before he could do anything a kick from Goldar laid him flat. “Sit down.” Goldar growled. “What possible incentive could you give me to work with you, Rita?” Ransik asked, “I'm from the year 3000, I know everything that happens to you. I know that despite all your powerful magic you fail to defeat a bunch of teenagers, and that's not even the worst of it.” “I'll have you know that I'm about to destroy the Green Ranger,” Rita retorted. Ransik walked over to a table and picked up the Green Candle. “This thing, this won't get rid of the Green Ranger. I'll tell you, what I'll take care of your greatest mistake for you. I'll destroy Tommy Oliver It should be too difficult. I've already killed a Ranger.” Jen Scotts crawled out of the rubble of the destroyed time ship and watched as her teammates also made their way out of the rubble. “Good your up, I was worried,” Circuit their robotic owl companion said. “Where are we?” Jen asked. “Just outside of Angel Grove in the year 1993,” Circuit said. “Angel Grove? We could meet the original Rangers!” Trip said excitedly. “Ransik could do a lot of damage here,” Lucas said. “What do we do? We don't have the strength to take on Ransik,” Katie mused. “That was before we had these morphers,” Jen said handing them out. “D.N.A. locked.” the morphers chimed. “We need to go to the Command Center and warn the original Rangers,” Jen said. Tommy Oliver stepped out of his house, he was going to head to Ernie's Juice Bar to hang out with the other Rangers. He had a lot on his mind. There was a dance coming up at school and he wanted to ask Kimberly, but he was too nervous to do so. He barely got out of view of his house before a muscular man with a silver mask covering half his face appeared in front of him. “The famous Tommy Oliver. People call you the greatest Power Ranger that ever lived. Let's see if the legends are true,” the man said. “You don't look like one of Rita's monsters,” Tommy mused as he got into his fighting stance. “No I'm far worse,” the man said. He then pulled a blade out of his knee that looked like it was made from his bone. Tommy flinched, it looked incredibly painful. Tommy barely ducked under the blade as itt swug at his head. Tommy activated his communicator. “Zordon, Alpha, I need back up.” “Don't bother, I've blocked your communicator's frequency. No help is coming.” “Well, then I suppose I only have on choice: It's Morphin' Time! Dragonzord!” Tommy completed his morph into the Green Ranger. Hopefully Zordon would be able to pick that up and send back up, or maybe he'd be lucky and fight this guy off on his own.
  2. Lord Zedd’s Revenge: Part 1 -------- On the Moon at the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa were angry, and they were jumping up and down like a bunch of fools with their staffs in their hands as they saw another one of their monsters having been destroyed by the Power Rangers. "I don’t believe this! We lost again!" Rita yelled. "How is it that the Power Rangers always win?!" Lord Zedd yelled. "Because Lord Zedd you are a loser." Someone said. Both Lord Zedd and Rita turned around and saw someone in the shadows. "How dare you say that to me! Who are you?!" Lord Zedd yelled. As the person stepped out of the shadows, both Lord Zedd and Rita were shocked as they saw that the figure was another Lord Zedd. "Why so shocked?" The 2nd Lord Zedd said. "What is this! How can there be another me!" Lord Zedd yelled. "I’m you. The real you. Your forma self before you married that bitch." The 2nd Lord Zedd said. "How dare you say that about my wife!" Lord Zedd yelled. He looked back at Rita, but saw that she was gone. Then Lord Zedd noticed that he and the other Zedd where no longer in the Moon Palace, but in some place that everything was black, and the ground was covered in a layer of mist. "Lord Zedd: Emperor Of All That He Sees. The name once brought fear to anyone that heard it. Even the Power Rangers and Zordon were afraid of you. But now look at you. You are nothing more than a joke, a clown, a laughing stock, and most of all - a fool. The Power Rangers now see you as a lesser threat than Bulk and Skull." The 2nd Lord Zedd said. Lord Zedd was now getting angry with this other Zedd. "Where do you get off saying those things about me!" Lord Zedd yelled. "Look at yourself. You were once mighty. But now you have fallen in the rank of fools. And you know why? Because of Rita Repulsa. Before you married her, did you ever think you would be in parties, dance like some idiot, use Serpentera to go on honeymoons, and let her father take over a planet that is rightful your’s. Also, why would you marry someone that you have banished before?." The 2nd Lord Zedd said. Lord Zedd tried to think of something to say, but he couldn’t. "Look what Rita has done to you. She has made you weak." The 2nd Lord Zedd said. "No, that’s not turn." Lord Zedd said. "Oh, but it is." Someone said. Lord Zedd turned around and saw Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kat, Rocky, and Tommy. "You’re nothing but a joke. I can’t believe we used to fear you." Tommy said. "Your not the villain like you were when we fought your monsters with the Thunder Zords." Billy said. "We should thank Rita. Because of her and her brother, we got new powers, more powerful Zords, Ninjor as a friend, a new Pink Ranger, and most of all, made you the most lame person in the Universe." Aisha said. "Face it, Zedd. A flower could be more evil than you." Kat said. "Yea, and I bet Bulk and Skull could do a better job in taking over the world than you." Rocky said. Lord Zedd got so mad, he yelled, "How dare you mark me! I’ll show you!" Lord Zedd pointed his staff at the Power Rangers, and was going to blast them, but coming out of the staff was a small white flag that said bang. Lord Zedd was shocked by this. Then the Power Rangers were laughing at him. But they weren’t the only ones as multiple laughs were hear allover the place. Lord Zedd looked up and saw a lot of big eyes looking down at him. Then the laughing was getting louder and louder, forcing Lord Zedd to drop his staff, and fall down to his knees with his hands covering his ears. "STOP IT! Stop Laughing At Me! Let Me Out Of Here!" Lord Zedd yelled. "Then Wake Up!" The 2nd Lord Zedd yelled. ********** Soon Lord Zedd woke up and found himself setting in his throne chair in the Chamber of Command. "Grrr not that dream again." Lord Zedd said as he got up from his chair and was carrying his staff. Ever since Master Vile showed up, Lord Zedd has been having that dream everyday. The more he thinks about the dream, the more he thinks about himself. Lord Zedd remembered that before he married Rita, he was the most evil being in the Universe. But after the wedding, he changed. He felt that he was no longer himself. Like, he was no longer complete. That, he had lost something of himself after marrying Rita. Then Lord Zedd was thinking about why he fell for Rita on the day that she mysteriously came back. Back then when Rita was one of his servants, he never had feelings for her. Hell, he never cared for love. Lord Zedd walked to the balcony and looked at the planet that he and Rita had failed to conquer so many times. "Is the Lord Zedd in my dream telling me the truth?" Lord Zedd asked himself. Then Goldar came into the room and saw Lord Zedd. Goldar was about to say something until Lord Zedd turned around and saw him. "Goldar, good you’re here. There is something we need to talk about." "What is it my lord?" Goldar asked. Lord Zedd walked up to Goldar, and told him, "I haven’t told anyone about this, but every since Rita’s father showed up, I been having the same nightmare." Later, Lord Zedd had told Goldar everything about the nightmare. "Wow my lord. That is some nightmare." Goldar said. "I know that the dream is telling me something. Like marrying Rita was a big mistake." Lord Zedd said. "{You don’t know how right you are}" Goldar thought. "Goldar, I need to know something. The Other Lord Zedd in my dream. Is he right what he said about me?" Lord Zedd asked. Goldar wanted to tell his master yes, but he was a afraid that Lord Zedd would get angry at him. However, Lord Zedd got his answer by Goldar’s expression. Lord Zedd turned away from Goldar, and walked away from him. "How did this happen to me?! It’s like marrying Rita destroyed a part of myself! Hell! Why did I marry her in the first place?! I never liked her before!" To Goldar’s shock, he could see the Lord Zedd he knew before the wedding was coming back. But Lord Zedd was still having trouble getting out of that Love For Rita Shell. Then Lord Zedd thought of something, and looked back at Goldar, "Goldar, on the day of me and Rita’s second honeymoon, you said that Rita Tricked Me Into Marriage With A Love Potion." "Yes. You see I found out that Finster had made a love potion for Rita to use on you. That was after I learned that Rito was foolish enough to send the Miss Chief monster down to Earth with the love potion to use on the humans. I had Finster make an antidote and had him test it on the humans who got infected by the love potion. The antidote worked on them, but when I had Finster use it on you... Well, you were still in love with Rita." Goldar said. Soon Lord Zedd was in deep thought. Thinking about the nightmare, the days before and after the wedding, and the love potion. Soon it hit Lord Zedd, which made him angry. "My lord?" Goldar asked. Soon Lord Zedd was glowing bright red which forced Goldar to cover his eyes. Soon energy-like hearts were coming out of Lord Zedd’s body, and were breaking in half. "That Witch! She did this to me! I would have never married her if it wasn’t for that love potion! Why didn’t I see this before?! She made me into a fool! She has stripped me of my prime! I will have her head for this!" Lord Zedd yelled. After a few seconds, Lord Zedd came down and stopped glowing. "Lord Zedd?" Goldar asked. Lord Zedd looked at Goldar, "I am back, Goldar. I’m back to the way I was meant to be." Goldar saw the old Lord Zedd was back. Goldar had never been so happy in his life. "Master! Your Back! The antidote must have worked. But I don’t understand? Why did the antidote take this long to cure you, while it freed the humans from the love potion right away." "My guess is that since the humans had the love potion in their system for a short time, they were cured right away. But as for me, the love potion was inside my system for a long time, which is why the antidote took this long to cure me." Lord Zedd said. "Oh, Lord Zedd. You’re back to your old self. I could give you a hug." As Goldar was about to give him a hug, Lord Zedd pointed his staff at him. "Do it, and I will kill you." Lord Zedd said. "Oh, sorry. I got lost in the moment. I guess I got soft because of Rita and Rito." Goldar said. "Those two have damaged both of our reputations. I was the most evil person in the Universe, until Rita came back." Lord Zedd said. "So, what are you going to do about Rita? Are you going to put her in a Traveling Vehicle and send her off into space like you did before?" Goldar asked. "No. On that day when I took over, I was soft on her. This time I’m going to kill her." Lord Zedd said. Goldar smiled evilly as the idea of killing Rita made him happy. "But it won’t be just Rita. Her family will pay as well." Lord Zedd said. "So how should we take care of them?" Goldar asked. "Find Rita and have her bring Rito and Master Vile to the Chamber of Command. Tell her that I have something important to tell them." Lord Zedd said. Goldar smiled as he knew where this was heading. "But before you do Goldar, let’s have a little talk with Finster." Lord Zedd said. Later in the hallway, Rita was standing with Rito and Master Vile. As always, Rita had her staff, and Master Vile had his scepter. "Did Goldar say why Zedd wanted to talk to us?" Master Vile asked. "The only thing Goldar told me is that Zeddy wanted to talk to all three of us." Rita said. "Well it better be important. I was in the middle of working on a master plan that will that care of those Power Rangers forever." Master Vile said. "Maybe Ed has a surprise for us." Rito said. "Well we will soon find out. Come on, we don’t want to keep Zeddy waiting." Rita said. As the three of them entered the Chamber of Command, they saw there were eight Tenga Warriors standing around, Goldar was at a corner of the room, and Lord Zedd was standing on the balcony with his staff in his hand, looking at the Earth. "Where here Zeddy. What is it that you wanted to talk to us about?" Rita asked. But Lord Zedd didn’t say anything as he keep on looking at the Earth, which cause Rita some concerns. "Well what is it Zedd? I have you know that I have better things to do right now." Master Vile said. Lord Zedd turned around and looked at all three of them. For Rito and Master Vile, they could see that there was something different about Lord Zedd. But as for Rita, she begin to feel fear. It was the same fear, she felt when Lord Zedd first came here. "Tell me something Rita. Why did I marry you?" Lord Zedd said. This shocked both Rita and Rito, while it caused confusion for Master Vile. "What?" Rita asked, trying to act like she didn’t know what Lord Zedd was talking about. "I said, why did I marry you?" Lord Zedd said. Soon Rita was getting nervous. "Because you love me." "That... or you used a love potion on me." Lord Zedd said. Master Vile looked at Rita and saw there was fear in her eyes. "Hey, Ed. What’s gotten into you?" Rito asked. Lord Zedd pointed his staff at Rito and fired a bolt of energy at him. Master Vile and Rita moved out of the way, while Rito ducked, which made the attack miss him and made a hole in the wall. "My name is Lord Zedd!" He yelled. Rita helped her brother up, while Master Vile yelled at Lord Zedd, "Have you lost your mind!" "I lost it on the day I married your daughter! She used a love potion on me in order to trick me into marrying her!" Lord Zedd yelled. "Zeddy if this is some kind of joke, its not funny." Rita said as she kept on acting as like she didn’t know anything. "Ah! So you’re going to keep on denying it. Well then lets bring someone who knows the truth. Tengas, bring Finster in here. Lord Zedd said. Soon two more Tengas came in and were pulling Finster into the room. Rita, Rito, and Master Vile were shocked by Finster’s appearance. Finster was beaten up and had cuts allover his body. He used his left hand to hold his right broken arm. He was dragging his left foot across the floor. Also, his right eye was busted. "Finster, tell them what you told me." Lord Zedd said. Finster looked at Rita, Rito, and Master Vile, and said, "I made the love potion for Rita to use on Lord Zedd in order for him to marry her." "Very good, Finster. Now for your reward." Lord Zedd said as he pointed his staff at Finster. The two Tenga Warriors moved away from Finster. The Old Monster Maker knew what was going to happen and yelled, "But Master! You Said You Would Let Me Live!" "I Lied." Lord Zedd said as he used his staff to fire a blast of energy that went through Finster’s body. Finster fell down to the floor as he was dead. Rita, Rito, and Master Vile couldn’t believe what they just saw. "Zedd! How Could You!" Rita yelled. "He was a trader. Like the one I’m looking at." Lord Zedd said looking at Rita. "Because of him, I fell for your dirty trick! I would never marry anyone like the likes of you! Because of you, I became a goof ball! You were trying to take over my empire! I bet even if I did destroy the Power Rangers, you would get rid of me!" "Zeddy listen. Yes, I did use a love potion on you, and I was planing to take over your empire. But as we were a couple, I did fall in love with you, and I put that plan aside. Zeddy even though our wedding was a sham, I do love you." Rita said. "Oh, how sweet. That would break someone’s heart. But lucky for me, I don’t have a heart. Sorry Rita, but I’m breaking up with you, and by breaking, I mean killing you." Lord Zedd said. Rita had never felt so scared in her life. But then Master Vile stepped in front of Rita. "Hold it right their Zedd. My daughter maybe a selfish brat, but I’m not going to let you kill someone of my blood." "Yea, that goes the same for me! I’m not going to let you hurt my sister, Ed!" Rito yelled as he got out his sword. "Oh, didn’t I tell you two? I’m going to kill you both as well. To think, I would let Rita’s clown of a brother join my empire. You have given me a bad name! As for you Master Vile, you think you can just come here and take over a planet that I will conquer?! Because of you, the Zeo Crystal is lost forever!" Lord Zedd yelled at them. Then Lord Zedd looked at Goldar and the Tenga Warriors, "Help me take out this trash." "Yes, Lord Zedd." Goldar said as he got out his sword. "I’m going to enjoy this." "Looks like we have no choice but to fight." Master Vile said. "I’m with you, Dad." Rito said. "Rita, we need your help in order to beat these fools." Master Vile said. Rita didn’t want to fight Lord Zedd, but she knew that he wanted her blood, and in order for her to live, she would have to fight him, or even kill him. "Yes father. I guess we’re going to have to destroy my ex-husband and his pets." Rita said. "That’s my girl." Master Vile said. "It’s time for you all to die." Lord Zedd said to Rita, Rito, and Master Vile. Then Lord Zedd ordered Goldar and the Tenga Warriors, "Destroy Them!" -------- So there you have it. It’s Lord Zedd, Goldar, and 10 Tenga Warriors vs Rita Repulsa, Rito Revolto, and Master Vile. Who do you think will win?
  3. Tommy’s Awesomeness vs The CBUB - Part 1 --------- In the CBUB Website at a stadium, crowds of people were in their seats, cheering. "Welcome everyone. We are your hosts, I’m Venom 2009." He said. "And I’m Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." The dragon said. "We’re here to host for you the biggest event in history. Tommy Oliver from the Power Rangers Franchise, has put up a challenge for anyone in the CBUB Website to take him on in matches." Venom said. "That’s right. Tommy will be fighting his way though a gauntlet of opponents." Spike said. "Here is how it works. Tommy will be fighting an opponent, or a team of opponents in a match. And if Tommy wins that match, he will fight again in another match after the other one. Tommy will keep on fighting in matches, until he wins them all, or until someone beats him." Venom said. "Now to let everyone know, Tommy has all his Ranger Forms: Green Ranger, Thunder Coin White Ranger, Ninja Coin White Ranger, Zeo Ranger 5, Red Turbo Ranger, and Black Dino Ranger." Spike said. "However, Tommy is only allowed to use one of his Ranger Forms in a match, and can’t change into another Ranger Form during the fight." Venom said. "Now let’s get this event started." Spike said. "Right. He is the most popular Power Rangers character, give it up for Tommy Oliver." Venom said. The audience was cheering as Tommy was walking down to the arena, and was waving to the people. As Tommy reached the arena, he told everyone in the stadium, "Thanks to my fans for being here. Now that I’m here. Who here wishes to take on my awesomeness." "I’ll take you on." Everyone looked and saw Edward Cullen walking down to the arena. "It’s Edward Cullen from those bad Twilight movies." Spike said. Everyone in the stadium was booing at Edward. The vampire did his best to ignore the audience, and reached the arena. "So you’re my first opponent. I was hoping for a challenge for the first match." Tommy said. "That’s the problem with you CBUB Characters and Members. You think we Twilight Characters are so lame. But with my powers, I will crush you in seconds, and show everyone in the CBUB what I can do." Edward said. "Is that so. Well then I guess I’ll start with this." Tommy said as he got out his Power Morpher with the White Falcon Power Coin in it. "Its Morphin Time! White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled as he morphed into the White Ranger. "So your starting as the White Ranger with the White Falcon Power Coin. But that still won’t be enough to beat me." Edward said. "You maybe right. So let me try this on for size. Metallic Armor Power Up!" Then the White Ranger was covered up by the Metallic Armor. "Ah, you think because you made your suit shine, you can beat me?" Edward asked. "That, and I also got this." The White Ranger said as he held up a sword. "It that...." Spike was saying. "That’s the Sword of Power! This weapon first appeared in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode, ‘The Green Dream’, and was only used once." Venom said. "Like that oversize butter knife is going to make any difference. I’ll still destroy you." Edward said. "We’ll see about. Get ready Edward because I’m going to do all vampires a favor by kicking your sorry butt." Tommy said. "Let’s get this match started." Venom said. Then the bell rings to start the fight. ---------- So there you have it. Notes: -Tommy/White Ranger is powered by the White Falcon Power Coin. -Tommy/White Ranger is using the Sword of Power. Here is information on the Sword of Power: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Sword_of_Power -Tommy/White Ranger has on the Metallic Armor. Here is information on the Metallic Armor: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Metallic_Armor -I will post videos of the Sword of Power and the Metallic Armor under the Callisto Post. Who do you think will win?
  4. Zombie Power Rangers: Part 1 -------- Notes: -Takes place after the Marvel Zombies 2 series, and after the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode, The Sound of Dischordia. -Instead of the Zombie Spider-Man being sent to Earth Z, he gets sent to the Power Rangers world. -------- At Angel Grove park, the Zombie Spider-Man just appeared out of nowhere. "Malcolm don’t do it! Wait a minute. Where am I? This doesn’t look like New Wakanda. I guess Malcolm and Forge perfected Reed Richard’s interdimensional transporter like they said. Malcolm must have sent me to some other world. A vibrant world, too unpolluted by our kind. The world I come from is a ruined husk, like the carcass of some hollowed-out animal, thanks to us zombies." But then Spider-Man saw a bunch of people running. "What are those people running from?" Then Spider-Man saw what they were running from: It was Goldar, Rito Revolto, and 10 Tenga Warriors, who were attacking the park. "Ok, whoever they are, they need to be stopped. Its time for me to be a hero again." Spider-Man ran towards them. "Those Power Rangers better show before we destroy this park." Goldar said. "Yea, and this time we will destroy those teenagers." Rito said. "Hold it right there!" Spider-Man yelled. Goldar, Rito Revolto, and the Tengas looked and saw Spider-Man. "Uh..Who are you?" Goldar asked. "I am Spider-Man." The Zombie said. "Spider who?" Rito asked. "We were hoping for the Power Rangers to show up." Goldar said, "Not some guy in a messed-up costume." "Well that’s too bad, because you’re dealing with me, and if you know what is good for you, you’ll leave this place now." Spider-Man said. "Not going to happen, bug-man. Besides, there are 12 of us and only one of you, there is no way you can beat all of us." Rito said. "Is that so. Well I got one thing that you all don’t." Spider-Man said. "And that is?" Goldar asked. "I have Cosmic Powers." Spider-Man said as he was going to fire a cosmic beams from his hands. But nothing happened. "Is something suppose to happen?" Rito asked. "My Cosmic Powers! What happened to them?! There Gone!" Spider-Man yelled shocked. But then Spider-Man put his hands on his head as he was feeling a pain in his head. Something he thought was gone for good. "No! It can’t be! The hunger! Its coming back!" "Wants wrong with this guy?" Rito asked. "Who cares! Tengas destroy him!" Goldar yelled. Then the Tenga Warriors ran off to attack Spider-Man. "I am so hungry!" Spider-Man yelled as he ran to the Tengas. Within a few minutes the fight was over as Tengas were on the ground, badly hurt, and Spider-Man standing over them. The Bird Warriors had some of their limbs ripped off, and had bite marks allover their bodies. "Hmm.... Tastes like chicken." Spider-Man said. Both Goldar and Rito were shocked. "The Tengas! They are nearly dead!" Rito yelled. "I will take care of this guy." Goldar said holding his sword. "Come and get me." Spider-Man said. With that, Goldar ran at Spider-Man and was swinging his sword at him. However, Spider-Man was dodging him. "You are too slow. My Aunt May could move much faster than you." "Hold still!" Goldar yelled. Soon Spider-Man was backed up to a tree. "Now I got you!" Golder was going to use his sword to slice Spider-Man. But without realizing it, Spider-Man holding his hands like he was going to fire his web shooters, and he accidently fired stick veins and arteries like webbing from his wrists, covering up Goldar’s face. Spider-Man jumped and kicked Goldar in the chest, making him fall backwards. "I didn’t know I could do that. But its very painful. Oh well, at least I got something to replace my web shooters." Goldar got up and removed the arteries from his face. "You’re going to pay for that!" Soon the Tenga Warriors were getting back up. Rito was shocked to see that they could still move. "Hey, how can you guys be up after what happened to you?" "I’m so hungry." One of the Tengas said. "Me too." Another Tenga said. The Tenga Warriors looked at Rito. "Why are you all looking at me like that?" Rito said as he was backing away. The Zombie Tenga Warriors ran at Rito and attacked him. Rito tried to fight back, but he was out numbered and soon was being taken apart. "Rito NO!" Goldar yelled as he saw what had happened to Rito. "You should pay attention to who you are fighting." Spider-Man said as he ran up to Goldar. Goldar tried to swing his sword, but Spider-Man kicked it out of his hand. Then Spider-Man grabbed Goldar’s hand and bit off his fingers, which made Goldar yell in pain. Later at the Command Center, Zordon called the Rangers. As Adam, Aisha, Billy, Kat, Rocky, and Tommy arrived, Tommy asked, "What’s the matter Zordon?" "A horror is happening in the park." Zordon said, "Look at the Viewing Globe." As the Rangers looked at the Viewing Globe, they were shocked by what they saw. On the Viewing Globe it showed Spider-Man, the Tenga Warriors, and the now Zombie Goldar were attacking and eating people. "What has happen to Goldar and the Tengas?! Why are they eating people?!" Rocky yelled shocked. "They have been infected by some kind of virus, which has turned them into flesh eating zombies." Zordon said. "Zombies?! As in moving corpses that eat the living?" Aisha asked. "I’m afraid so." Zordon said. "Who’s that with them?" Billy asked as he notices Spider-Man. "He is called Spider-Man. From what I can tell, he is from another universe. When Spider-Man fought Goldar and the Tengas, he took bites out of them, which is how they got turned into zombies." Zordon said. "We need to stop them. We can’t let them eat anymore people." Kat said. "Be careful Rangers. If you get bitten by them, you will get turned into zombies as well." Alpha said. "Don’t worry Alpha. We’ll be careful." Adam said. "Good luck Rangers and may the power protect you." Zordon said. "Its Morphin Time!" Tommy yelled "White Ranger Power!" Tommy yelled as he morphed into the White Ranger. "Black Ranger Power!" Adam yelled as he morphed into the Black Ranger. "Pink Ranger Power!" Kat yelled as she morphed into the Pink Ranger. "Blue Ranger Power!" Billy yelled as he morphed into the Blue Ranger. "Yellow Ranger Power!" Aisha yelled as she morphed into the Yellow Ranger. "Red Ranger Power!" Rocky yelled as he morphed into the Red Ranger. After they morphed, they teleported to the park. "Stop right there, Goldar!" The White Ranger yelled. Soon the zombies saw the Power Rangers. "Power Rangers, we were hoping that you would come here for lunch. That being you’re the food." Goldar said. "This ends here, Goldar. We can’t forgive you and your zombie friends for eating people." The Red Ranger said. "So you must be the Power Rangers. Your not what I have expected." Spider-Man said. "Well we’re going to crush you like the spider you are." The Pink Ranger said. "Ha! You all think you can beat us?" Goldar said. Then Ninjor appeared next to the Power Rangers. "With me here, yes." Ninjor said. "Nice to have you with us, Ninjor." The Black Ranger said. "Zordon called me and told me want is happening. So I came here to help you all beat these zombies." Ninjor said. "Good, more food for us." Spider-Man said. "We will see about." The Pink Ranger said. "Lets get them!" The Blue Ranger yelled. -------- So there you have it. It’s the Power Rangers and Ninjor vs Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Goldar, and 10 Zombie Tenga Warriors. Who do you think will win?
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