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  1. Previously: The Robotech Masters unleashed their Zentraedi war slaves against the Quintessons. In an effort to distract the Zentraedi from exterminating their race, the Quintessons conned The Shadows into war with The Robotech Masters. The Masters, naturally, sent the Zentraedi to defend them. “Dolza is dead.†That was all of the report that Khyron needed to say. Azonia looked stunned but Breetai held onto a stoic expression. The ach in his stomach more closely matched Azonia’s reaction. Their great leader, the mighty Dolza was no more. Oldest of all Zentraedi. The first created by the Robotech Masters. As a warrior race, The Zentraedi accepted death. They felt emotion but had long ago learned how to stifle it. This however, was too much to bear. They had gathered as many surviving commanders as they could. All aboard Breetai’s flagship. After the long difficult war with The Shadows, that didn’t leave many. “What are we going to do?†someone asked. Everyone looked at Breetai. It was the logical choice. Breetai was the third oldest and second most powerful of all their race. What he said, was how things would be. “This is the Robotech Masters’ fault.†Azonia seethed as Breetai took to long to answer. Her fists were clenched as were here teeth. It was obvious that she was trying to keep from crying. When no one chastised her she ranted on. “They send us against their enemies. We fight so that they can prosper! This is the end of it. I won’t fight for them anymore.†Several Zentraedi looked on with various expectations. Some waited for Breetai to kill her right there for her sacrilege. Others tearfully nodded in agreement. But there was only one who could take charge and focus the Zentraedi in their path ahead. Breetai inhaled deeply. “We will not abandon our creators.†He said heavily. Khyron spoke up. “I don’t know about you, Breetai, but I’m sick of fighting for their causes. If we banded together, we could crush the Robotech Masters and begin to conquer for ourselves. We could decide our own enemies.†“You would never get the chance Backstabber.†Said Exedor. He purposely used Khyron’s subtitle to gain his attention. Khyron the Backstabber had been known to kill his own troops for not performing well. It had been an expectation for quite some time that he would try to lead some kind of rebellion. Exedor, the second clone warrior created, had fallen away from field combat or even command. He was so old and so close to the Robotech Masters that he understood much of the history and relationship. He explained himself. “The Robotech Masters have a failsafe for when such dissonant sentiments arise. Written in our DNA is a self-destruct code. That will immediately kill any or all of us at the first sign of betrayal. It was used once. Breetai remembers. That is the reason why there are so few ancient Zentraedi alive.†“You see?†Azonia bellowed. “We are nothing more than tools for them! They won’t give us the knowledge to repair our own ships and weapons! We barley have enough medical knowledge to patch ourselves up on the battlefield! The Shadows came after the Robotech Masters but who is it that fought them? Us!†“What can we do?†Breetai scowled. “They gave us life! They can take it away! We are in no position to question the Robotech Masters! Weather we like it or not, we are at their mercy therefore we are in their service.†Exedor seemed hesitant to speak up but he did. “What if there was a way to shut off the self-destruct code in our DNA?†Every Zentreadi in the room whirled on him. “What? How?†“I don’t know myself, but… there are civilizations out there that could help us.†“I won’t go to the micronians!†Azonia barked. “I won’t!†“Actually, Azonia, I was thinking of someone else. Masters of DNA manipulation. The Invid.†“No!†said nearly every present Zentraedi followed by a legion of expletives. Exedore huffed loudly. “Since the logical choice is out of the question for all of you, I have an alternative.†His statement was an obvious opening for a surprise guest. The smell of sulfur and brimstone came first. Then an echo of a scream followed by a chorus of others. By the time the smoke and fire appeared in the middle of the room, the Zentraedi had their guns out and trained. Exedore calmly waited for his guest to fully appear before advising his colleagues to put away their weapons. “This is Neuron. He is willing to help us.†The demon smiled graciously. “I can eliminate the flaw in your DNA. You are great destroyers. The only thing you need to do to repay me for this kind act is to let your destruction come under my name. The souls of the lives you end will flow to me.†Breetai’s nose flared at the proposal, but most of the others were already starting to cheer him. They gathered around their savior and thanked him for his generosity. It was a much of an agreement as Neuron needed. Now that they could not be destroyed at the push of a button, The Zentraedi were free to do as they pleased. They could fight whomever they desired. Their enemies were whoever they said they were. The first declared enemy. The first ones that the free Zentraedi would fight. The Robotech Masters. Fight Parameters Consider this a full scale, long term war. Do the Zentraedi destroy their former masters? Or do the Robotech Masters know the Zentraedi too well to be defeated by them?
  2. Previously: The Robotech Masters sent their Zentraedi war slaves to exterminate the Quintessons. That’s really all you need to know for this match. “The Zentraedi are destroying us!†A Quintesson judge exclaimed. “If they continue at this pace we will be gone in one year!†“We should go the Robotech Masters and negotiate a ceasefire.†Said another judge. “The Robotech Masters control the Zentaedi. This attack is because the Robotech Masters wish it.†From an outsider’s point of view, all of the Quintessons were identical. But there were variations. The five heads weren’t in the same order on all of them. Some were slightly larger than others. And the voices of the various heads differed. “Then we must move someone in place to defend us.†“Who?†It was a depressingly valid question. The Quintessons vile reputation preceded them. No one would stand in the way of their extermination. Besides, how many civilizations were there that could stand up to the might of the Zentraedi? “I believe I have a solution.†Said a single headed lesser Quintesson. “An ancient species. They obliterate entire peoples in order to test their worth to exist. The Shadows.†“But they hide away, only to come out at the times of their choosing; when a civilization had flourished enough to be tested. Had we not redirected their attention, they would have come after us millions of years ago.†“What better test is there for The Shadows than the giant servants of the The Robotech Masters?†“Or better yet- the Tirolians themselves.†“Yes! Then they will send the Zentraedi to defend them. They will have no time for us!†“We should begin sending propaganda psychic waves that The Shadows will receive. When they know of the power the Robotech Masters command, there is no doubt that they will come out to test them.†It took months but the Shadows did find the Robotech Masters intriguing. Their armada began its journey toward Tirol and the Robotech Masters saw them coming. They called millions of Zentraedi ships in from various missions, leaving key forces to continue in vital operations. Dolza himself was to command the war. He was first Zentraedi that the Masters had created. He was purely loyal to them and the other Zentraedi feared him. As their slave race mounted up and prepared to face the Shadows, the Robotech Masters secured themselves in other ways. Ways that excluded them from combat. Should the preposterous happen and The Zentraedi fall, Tirolian civilization needed to be preserved. No matter if The Zentraedi were wiped out. The Masters could clone new giant warriors. But Tirol. Tirol was all important. Let the Shadows come. Let the Shadows learn the power of the Robotech Masters. Fight Parameters Consider this a full scale long term war. Except for Dolza, none of the other known Zentraedi (Breetai, Miriya, Khyron, Azonia) will be involved in this war. Who is the more powerful destructors? The Zentraedi? Or The Shadows?
  3. The failure to completely destroy the Insecticon hold over an insignificant planet was an embarrassment. Commander Azonia expected to be stripped of rank and locked into a stasis unit. She received an even worse punishment than that. She was to be supported by a male force. The Zentraedi race was racially divided in a way that nations were divided on un-unified planets. The male (Zentran) were sickened by the very thought of their female (Meltran) counterparts and the reverse was true as well. They refused to work together, serve in the same units, or even fight in the same battles. If the Robotech Masters hadn’t created the Zentraedi through cloning, the giants would have gone extinct in just one generation. Further insult was stabbed as Breetai’s ships defolded from hyperspace. He was only using a fraction of his fleet. They established communication right away. “Azonia.†“Breetai.†That was all that was said between the two for a long moment. “Your work wasn’t thorough enough.†Breetai finally spoke again. “I understand that you even lost your best pilot.†“Miriya Parina, yes.†Azonia confessed. Breetai went on. “The Robotech Masters have declared The Decepticons our enemies. The news comes from Dolza himself. We knew this was coming sooner or later. The plan was for us to have recovered the lost Protoculture Matrix first, but something obviously has changed.†“So then we’ll be finishing eradicating the bots on this world?†presumed Azonia. “No.†Breetai said sharply. “There is a more dangerous target for us to eliminate. The Quintessons.†“I’ve never heard of them.†Azonia admitted. “Probably not.†Breetai deduced. “They are a cowardly race. Hiding in the shadows while other’s fight for them.†“Not too different from the Robotech Masters.†Azonia snidded. Breetai gave no comment to that. A simple growl in his throat which could have meant anything was the only sound he made. The Meltran was clearly poking, checking to see Breetai’s attitude toward the Zentraedi’s service to the Robotech Masters. His failure to outright chastise her said enough. But just to be clear the air, Azonia gave a declaration. “We will destroy the Quintessons and any other enemies that the Robotech Masters proclaim for us.†“Well said.†Breetai approved. “For the glory of the Zentraedi.†Azonia noted that he did not say ‘and the Robotech Masters.†Fight Parameters Consider this a long term war not just a single battle. The Zentraedi are out to destroy the Quintessons and their influence in whatever they control. The Quintessons don’t know they’re at war yet but they’ll figure it out soon enough. Is Zentreadi power too much for them or will the Quintessons’ cunning save them from extinction?
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