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  1. Successful in testing her battle armor, Miriya returned to Soundwave’s hideout base. She was still amazed at the fact that the lone Decepticon had taken over the Machine Empire. Because the Zentraedi had not had conflict with Cybertron, Miriya didn’t understand the factions to the degree that she wished she had. Of course the Robotech Masters had provided basic intelligence on the planet’s mechanized inhabitants but standing orders were to leave them alone unless provoked. She found it odd that Soundwave didn’t contact her during her approach. When she got inside, climbed out of her armor and returned to Soundwave’s control room she was startled to see the mech in battle with a samurai looking being. At this point, Soundwave had the victory well in hand bringing his shoulder cannon to bear and unloading on his opponent. The other being lay on the floor lifeless. “What is going on!†Miriya exclaimed. “He has retreated back into cyberspace.†Soundwave said coldly. “What do you mean? He’s lying right there!†“An empty shell.†Soundwave explained. “His cyber conscience has retreated.†“Who is he?†“Unknown. But for now he is gone.†“What are we going to do now?†Miriya asked. “And it better involve getting those Insecticons.†Sondwave turned away from her. “We are ready to begin to extract our revenge.†Miriya listened intently. When she understood the plan, they embarked. Through his superior sensor abilities Soundwave intercepted a communication indicating that Starscream would be going to Gobatron for a meeting with The Renegade faction of that planet. Soundwave and Miriya were going to intercept the new Decepticon leader’s transport and destroy him. He didn’t mention that the Insecticons were nowhere near the area but the opportunity to get them would turn up eventually. Backed by the army of the Machine Empire, Soundwave and Miriya attacked. Starscream and Cy-Kill were in discussions when the fighting started. The Reneagades obeying Cy-Kill tried to defend the meeting but they were overrun by the Machine Empire forces. After a while, The Machine Empire battled their way to the leaders. Cy-Kill waited for the first enemy to come through the door so that he could blast them. A few giant-sized Cogs- the Machine Empires infantry robots-were obliterated but they kept coming. When they had secured the room- leaving Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur and Starscream functional- Soundwave and Miriya entered. “You!†Starscream bellowed. He whirled on Cy-Kill. “You said you terminated him!†“An error.†Cy-Kill replied grumblingly. Soundwave said nothing as he stared his enemies down. The memory of Buzzsaw, Rumble and Frenzy plagued him. When he finally spoke, he uttered a mere two words. “Destroy them.†The Renegades fought for their lives. But Starscream withdrew, transforming into plane mode and blowing through the ship’s hull. Soundwave had warned Miriya that the new Decepticon leader would probably do such a thing and she gave chase. “What is wrong with you Zentraedi!†Starscream whined. “This isn’t your fight! What business do you have with our kind?†“Surrender the Insecticons to me!†Miriya replied. “I will do no such thing!†Starscream yelled. He had no reason to deny her the request. The Insecticons were unique but not irreplaceable. Most Decepticons really didn’t even like them. Starscream just wanted to be defiant. Miriya began to set him in her targeting sites. “Then you’ll get no mercy from me!†Fully drunk with belligerency, Starscream suddenly turned around. “It’s you who won’t get any mercy from me!†Fight Parameters Arial dog fight to the death (actually they’re in space). Miriya is full-sized, fighting in her Quadrino battle armor. Starscream is Generation 1 version
  2. The failure to completely destroy the Insecticon hold over an insignificant planet was an embarrassment. Commander Azonia expected to be stripped of rank and locked into a stasis unit. She received an even worse punishment than that. She was to be supported by a male force. The Zentraedi race was racially divided in a way that nations were divided on un-unified planets. The male (Zentran) were sickened by the very thought of their female (Meltran) counterparts and the reverse was true as well. They refused to work together, serve in the same units, or even fight in the same battles. If the Robotech Masters hadn’t created the Zentraedi through cloning, the giants would have gone extinct in just one generation. Further insult was stabbed as Breetai’s ships defolded from hyperspace. He was only using a fraction of his fleet. They established communication right away. “Azonia.†“Breetai.†That was all that was said between the two for a long moment. “Your work wasn’t thorough enough.†Breetai finally spoke again. “I understand that you even lost your best pilot.†“Miriya Parina, yes.†Azonia confessed. Breetai went on. “The Robotech Masters have declared The Decepticons our enemies. The news comes from Dolza himself. We knew this was coming sooner or later. The plan was for us to have recovered the lost Protoculture Matrix first, but something obviously has changed.†“So then we’ll be finishing eradicating the bots on this world?†presumed Azonia. “No.†Breetai said sharply. “There is a more dangerous target for us to eliminate. The Quintessons.†“I’ve never heard of them.†Azonia admitted. “Probably not.†Breetai deduced. “They are a cowardly race. Hiding in the shadows while other’s fight for them.†“Not too different from the Robotech Masters.†Azonia snidded. Breetai gave no comment to that. A simple growl in his throat which could have meant anything was the only sound he made. The Meltran was clearly poking, checking to see Breetai’s attitude toward the Zentraedi’s service to the Robotech Masters. His failure to outright chastise her said enough. But just to be clear the air, Azonia gave a declaration. “We will destroy the Quintessons and any other enemies that the Robotech Masters proclaim for us.†“Well said.†Breetai approved. “For the glory of the Zentraedi.†Azonia noted that he did not say ‘and the Robotech Masters.†Fight Parameters Consider this a long term war not just a single battle. The Zentraedi are out to destroy the Quintessons and their influence in whatever they control. The Quintessons don’t know they’re at war yet but they’ll figure it out soon enough. Is Zentreadi power too much for them or will the Quintessons’ cunning save them from extinction?
  3. Previously: Morpheus and Trinity were accidentally brought to the real world by the Cyber Shredder. They fought with Charlie Nash and White Tiger before coming to an understanding. Joining with Former President Thomas Whitmore’s organization, the two Matrix warriors took part in an assault force determined to take down the Cyber Shredder. Meanwhile, Starscream took command of the Decepticons and decided to eliminate Soundwave, knowing that the bot was loyal to Megatron. Soundwave survived a battle with the Renegades of Gobatron and now seeks revenge against them for destroying several of his cassettes. The following fight is the battle between Rinzler and John Preston. Although Rinzler got the jump on him, John Preston recovered in time to keep from being taken out. Rinzler had been coming down on him with his disks and John rolled, holding on to his guns. Still laying down, he took aim, but Rinzler had leaped over him and was landing on the other side. John, a master with the gun, didn’t bother firing. He didn’t waist bullets. Out of punching range, Rinzler threw one of his disks again and then closed the distance. John avoided the temptation to shoot it out of the air, know that that was what Rinzler wanted- focus his attention on his first attack, a distraction, while he made the kill with his real, second attack. Instead, John stayed down and aimed at the person of Runzler. The black helmeted digital being spun with impressive speed and reached out of catch his returning disk. He was fast, but bullets were faster. A shoulder hit knocked Rinzler off balance. John pressed his good fortune with two more shots, and his adversary fell. The body vanished and John rejoined Morpheus. “We’ve got him!†Morpheus repoted. They had developed a program that would purge cyberspace of the Cyber Shredder. According to what Morpheus was saying the program succeeded. Cyber Shredder knew that his destruction was coming. There was nowhere for him to escape to. Almost. Although most of the civilization of Earth was confined to the planet, Terrans had found their way into space. Joining the United Federation of Planets as well as contact with dozens of other interstellar (as well as intergalactic and even trans-dimensional and trans-universal) civilizations gave them access to a grand diversity of computer systems. Cyber Shredder latched himself onto one of the uncanny systems and barely survived extermination. ******* Soundwave was confused by the new signal he was receiving. He singled it out and was even more surprised by the sentient life form he found in cyberspace. “Who are you?†Asked Soundwave, unsure if the sentient could hear him. “I am The Shredder!†Soundwave was pleased that they could communicate. That would make his questions easier to be answered. “How did you come to be?†“I have no patience for you questions!†Cyber Shredder said dismissively. Then he asked a query of his own. “How do I get out of here!†“There is no escape.†Soundwave informed him. Cyber Shredder proved him wrong. Among the components of the Machine Empire’s equipment which Soundwave had take over after destroying King Mondo, Cyber Shredder found the means to fashion an avatar for his cyber presence to host itself in. Soundwave watched silently as the body formed and adjusted to itself. Once acclimated, Cyber Shredder focused on the Decpeticon. “Now! For your reluctance to obey me, I will destroy you!†Fight Parameters Straight up fight Generation 1 Soundwave Cyber Shredder’s avatar body is the same size as Soundwave.
  4. Previously: The Decepticons helped Nemesis Prime create a Matrix for their faction. Nemesis Prime betrayed them and took the Decepticon Matrix for himself. Megatron teamed with Rodimus Prime, who came back from the future to stop the Decepticon Matrix from being used. In their pursuit of their mutual enemy, they battled Beta Ray Bill. The Autobot ship was coming back from a successful mission. Their journey took them through Earth’s solar system. Given the secret relationship that the Autobots had with certain government aspects of Earth, it was a safe area to pull out of hyperspace. As the crew went about routine check ups, Rhinox inspected the surveillance network. The computer was programed to single out Cybertronian activity. One never knew when the Decepticons were up to something. But it could be in the positive too. With all those Autobots serving on and around Earth, lots of updates were being posted each hour. Everything seemed mundane until he saw something that he wanted his colleges to see. “Look at this.†He indicated the screen. “This is surveillance from a bar the next system over.†The others watched curiously. Two Cybertronians were dominating a bar fight as if they had come there to pick on unscrupulous flesh creatures. The two mechs had themselves reduced to human size which apparently made some of the patrons think they had a chance. As they saw what Rhinox had intended them to see, Arcee uttered one of the mech’s name. “Hot Rod?†Spike Witwicky looked a little closer. “No that’s not Hot Rod.†He was in his exo suite, an advanced armor made for him by Wheeljack. Spike had been helping the Autobots for so long that he was one of the few humans that they truly counted a friend. “It’s like… Hot Rod’s dad or something.†“We don’t have dads, Spike.†The Maximal, Cheetor corrected him. “Well it’s not our Hot Rod.†Spike argued. “This guy is older. Bigger. Look at him standing next to Megatron.†“For that matter,†Arcee wanted to know. “What’s he doing with Megatron?†“He wears the Autobot insignia.†Rhinox pointed out. “That doesn’t always mean as much as it should.†Cheetor said sourly, a memory of being betrayed haunting him. “I say we go find him and ask him what’s going on.†There was no debating the suggestion. Everyone agreed right away. ******* The Asgardians were furious. But they were also nervous. The living machines had come to their domain and stolen a dangerous artifact. They had to get it back, for the safety all the realms. For this purpose, a task force was put together. Balder the Brave lead the expedition. Lady Sif- warrior woman extreme- backed him. “Shall we speak or shall fight?†Sif asked. “They came and stole from us.†Balder snarled. “Let them suffer our justice.†******* The Autobots went to the bar in question. It was still under repair from the odd fight that this ‘older’ Hot Rod and Megatron had together against the horse-faced brawler. Patrons ignored the damage and did what they had always done. Arcee had to undergo the micronization process to reduce her size, lest she be unable to fit inside the facility. She didn’t tell the others, but she liked being this small. The better to relate to the humans that she cherished. The Autobots began questioning the patrons. The few that would talk to them provided little information. With godly authority The Asgardians barged into the establishment. Balder let his voice ring out. “Robot beings! You will answer to us!†Rhinox spoke for the Autobots. “What do you want?†“You will return what you have stolen!†“We don’t even know who you are!†Cheetor rebuttled. “Then you will learn, robot!†Balder threatened. “As you answer our questions!†“Hold on!†Rhinox took a stand. “We’re not answering any of your questions until you tell us what this is about!†“This is about disrespecting Asgard! This is about the safety of the realms! You will submit to us or we will pound you into submission!†“I’d prefer to settle this nicely but you’re obviously a little hard of hearing.†Rhinox held his ground. “Leave us be or suffer the consequences!†“Arrogant machine!†Sif bellowed. “I’ll tear you apart!†The warrior woman charged Rhinox but Arcee intercepted her with a warning shot to her feet. Sif simply redirected her vector and went after the female bot. Arcee rolled to the one side avoiding Sif’s downward stroke. All around them, Autobots and Asgardians broke out into combat. Fight Parameters Arcee is reduced to human size for fairness. You can go with her Prime incarnation or her Genration 1 interpretation in the IDW Comics. They are kind of different but comparable. Whichever one you happen to know or like better. Lady Sif is her classic self.
  5. Previously: The Zentraedi attempted to purge a planet overrun with Insecticon clones. Ace pilot, Miriya lead a team to the surface to confirm the obliteration. She was engaged by the main three Instecticons (Shrapnel, Kickback and Bombshell), and was defeated in battle. The scream was piercing and Miriya was having trouble blocking it out. The Insecticon swarm had devoured most of her squadron, but a few remained alive for the robot bugs’ amusement. True, they had questions which they wanted to be certain that they had truthful answers for, but the sick mechs enjoyed the torment even when they knew learned what they wanted. Miriya had been sparred the worst of it. Although she had experienced her fair share of pain. The dreaded fact that she was still alive told her that there was still more to come. Her combat wingman was currently suffering the Insecticons’ tender mercies. She was tough but it wouldn’t be long before her body gave out. “How can you do this!†Miriya mustered as much anger as she could. “The Decepticons are reputed to be mighty conquerors! This prisoner torture brings no glory! You’re nothing but monsters!†One of them, Shrapnel, approached her. His head cocked and twitched as if he were being mildly electrocuted at regular intervals. “But breaking a specimen is so delightful… delightful. Can’t you hear the different pitches of your friend as we do different things to her… to her?†“You had better finish me quickly.†Miriya glowered. “Because if I escape, I’ll…†“Oh spare us the threats!†Another one, Kickback, cut her off. “There are more interesting sounds that should be coming out of you mouth.†Even through her pain, Miriya saw something in the far corner. A bird mech, watching the entire ordeal. Laserbeak recorded the persecution and transmitted the signal to Soundwave. In an altercation, Soundwave had destroyed King Mondo, the result of that, awarded him power over the Machine Empire. He had no desire to rule. But the Empire’s resources were too useful to walk away from. According to Laserbeak’s spying, the Insecticons submitted to Starscream’s authority. That meant that they would kill him on site if they could. More likely, they would report his presence to the Decepticons, gaining more favor for themselves. The other one, however- The Zentraedi- could be a potential ally. He watched her agony. He watched the Insecticons enjoy it. Then he watched the fury in her eyes during her breaks. Given the slightest chance, she would destroy them utterly. The Insecticons were called away to Decepticon business. But they weren’t finished with Miriya, so they left her alive. Under Soundwave’s instruction, Laserbeak made his move. He began to free the Zentraedi. She was unconscious, but the tampering with her binds stirred her. A mini holo image of Soundwave appeared before her. In his harmonized monotonic voice he spoke. “Greetings Zentraedi. My designation is Soundwave.†“What do you want?†Miriya growled weakly. “I offer you a chance at revenge.†This perked her up. “You would betray your own kind?†“Do you want revenge or not?†Soundwave ignored her question. “I do.†With that, Laserbeak finished freeing her from her bonds. She was too weak to do anything right now. Soundwave beamed her to his ship. Once aboard, micronian Cogs tended to her. They were like little roaches crawling all over her but she allowed them to nurse her wounds. When they were finished, Soundwave visited her. “Why are you helping me?†Miriya asked, making sure that she sounded more demanding than curious. “I have my reasons.†Was his answer. He then presented her with a gift. “I have rebuilt your battle armor. But I do not know the specifications of Zentraedi systems. You should test it.†“I would be more than happy to squash those bug bots.†Miriya snarled. “No. Not the Insecticons. Not yet. I have another target for you.†A display screen came to life showing a bulky jet fighter flying through space. “A loan Cybertronian?†Miriya recoiled. “Being that three were too much for you, a single Autobot should be sufficient sport.†Said Soundwave. “Fine.†She climbed inside the Quadrino battle suit and settled in for battle. ******* Jetfire was excited about his find- a human habitable planitod within an asteroid field. It lay in Cardassian controlled space so he wasn’t thrilled about them finding it, but it was an amazing discovery. The scientist in his spark had him ready to go warp speed. But he wasn’t capable of that kind of velocity. He would need to reach a larger ship, report the find to Autobot command and they could decide what to do about this freak asteroid. So blissful in his discovery, Jetfire noticed far too late the bogie closing on him. If he hadn’t performed an automatic course correction, he would have been shot down. Miriya growled at her missed shot. “You won’t be so lucky next time.†Fight Parameters dog fight in space This is Generation 1 Jetfire Miriya is full-sized, in her Zentraedi Quadrino battle armor Here’s a video of Miriya in combat with Max. It’s from the Macross: Do You Remember Love movie which has a much better fight than they had in the cartoon series. Didn’t see an English version available. And here’s Jetfire from the Fall of Cybertron game. He’s most like his G1 interpretation here.
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