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  1. Continued from here Middle Earth Deadpool leapt through the window, blissfully talking to himself (ignorance being bliss and all). The window shattered upon impact. Landing outside, the mercenary covers himself as the glass shatters atop his head. “What the…?!? Portals don’t crash?” Seconds later, Karen and Mr. Mammoth leap from above as well, landing nearby him. Deadpool grins sheepishly (but he’s wearing a mask, so you can’t really see that). Karen frowns at him furiously. “Grrrrrrr….” She fumes. He shrugs. “YOU FOOL THAT WAS THE WRONG WINDOW!!!” Mr. Mammoth shakes his head, “Plus…” They look at him, “Bad luck.” Karen growls again, but is then hushed by a massive flash from within the great hall from where they came. “Is that vein in your head supposed to be throbbing like that?” Deadpool asks Karen, then shoving her aside, he points to a massive battle in the far distance. “Looks like Star Wars is cremating the Lord of the Ring’s elves down there?” He states. “What madness are you talking about, lunatic?” Karen shoves him back and steps forward. In the distance, huge warships loom in the skies while robotic ground troops overrun a large host of…elves. Karen nearly falls backwards. “What kind of madness have we stepped into?” “Guys! Oh wow…guys! You all might want to get over here and listen to this…” Karen and Deadpool turn to see Mr. Mammoth back at the window and eavesdropping. “I was trying to get back in and into the correct window, but look…” He points inside and the other two scramble up to see… Inside the Great Hall of Rivendell… As the last traveler leaves the great hall, the darkness lowers and an undetectable permeates the great room. As the light grows Gandalf, standing in the center of the room and Elrond in its corner immediately collapse to the floor in lifeless heaps. At the same time, the Hobbit known as Bilbo begins to glint and shimmer. With a scant few machine-driven, computerized sounds, a hologram drops and where a Hobbit once stood, a droid drives. The door to the great hall opens and a considerably large figure cloaked in black strides into the room. His breathing is loud and mechanical. His face is covered in an eerily ebon face protector. He stops at the foot of the collapsed wizard… “All too easy.” He states. As well, another large figure enters the room. He is adorned in all green and a petrifying metallic mask. “All things are easy, Vader…All things are easy when you partner with Doom.” The two stand over their prey as droids and bots come swarming into the room, securing the area. “Quite an elaborate hoax for such unworthy fodder.” Darth Vader says, addressing Doom. “One must be prepared for any and all circumstances, Vader. The wizard thought he would send this team to save the omniverse, but his plan was the perfect trap for those unsuspecting wizards in the other worlds. If we hadn’t arrived here first, we would’ve lost the day for sure. Instead, these patsies were the perfect trap for those petty protectors.” Doom then kicked the wizard’s dead corpse. “Doom hates animating corpses, but this time it was worth it. Elaborate the trap may have been, but success is inevitable.” Vader nods in agreement, “Impressive Lord Doom, most impressive. Perhaps this union wasn’t in vain after all.” With that, the trio falls back to the ground. “Holy badly written crossovers Batman!” Deadpools squeals, “Oh wait… Batman left already.” Karen punches him in the arm. “I don’t know who they are, but we can stop them. We should stop them now!” She says. “I don’t know those guys, but I’m up to trying.” Mr. Mammoth returns. While the two are talking, Deadpool is facing the direction of the far off war. “Um guys…” “Quiet fool.” “But guys…” “Shut it!” Karen shouts. “BUT GUYS WE’RE SURROUNDED BY THE ENEMY!!” They all turn on their heels and come face to face with… “Halt in the name of the New Alliance!” OOC: Okay Pseudonym, KevinDWolf and PhenomenalOne, you may RP the results of your battle here. Another big win! You took little to no damage. Continue to RP until the fight to its completion. Once you have put the Imperial Guards down in your own words, I will continue the storyline. Have fun.
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