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  1. Previously: After Megatron’s abandonment of the Decepticons, Starscream took over. He created an alliance of the Renegade faction of the GoBots and sought to eliminate Sounwave. Soundwave escaped and killed King Mondo thus taking over the Machine Empire. He also made an alliance with the Zentraedi Miriya who had suffered at the hands of The Insecticons. They attacked and Soundwave concentrated on the Renegades while Miriya dueled it out with Starscream. There was no point sitting here waiting for Soundwave to get him. This was the Renegades problem. Let them deal with him. That was Starscream’s line of thinking as he blasted through the hull and flew through his self made exit. As soon as he was clear of the ship, he transformed and began his journey back to Cybertron. He of course didn’t have the energy to make it all the way back there, but someone on patrol would find him and arrange to finish the journey. A scan behind him indicated that he was being chased. “What are you doing Zentraedi?!†Starscream bellowed. “The Decepticons have no quarrel with your kind!†“Surrender the Insecticons and you’ll have no trouble from me!†Miriya promised. “I will do no such thing!†Starscream shouted back. He felt no particular loyalty to the Insecticons. No one really liked them so there would be no backlash if he did comply. But he just couldn’t let himself be commanded by Soundwave’s new ‘girlfriend’. At first, Starscream wondered why she wasn’t attacking. As he turned around to face her, he understood that she was still locking on. When the missiles came, Starscream was impressed at the effort it took to evade them. “Very good, Zentraedi! Very good!†The Decepticon said mockingly. “Now see how a real flyer locks a target!†He shot off two missiles. Miriya blasted them out of existence and came right at him. Zentraedi were roughly the same size as an average Cybertronian. Their battle mecha and their power armor, like the one that Miriya was wearing, made them noticeably bigger. Starcream wouldn’t admit to being intimidated when she was right on him, reaching out to snag him, but he Transformed and swatted her hand away and converted back to plane mode and pulled away. When there was some distance, he went back to robot mode and wildly volleyed away dozens of null rays. Being impressed was an understatement as Miriya dodged them all. She even managed some return fire in which Starscream suffered a hit. He screamed, which was music to Miriya’s ears. Her missiles were locked on and she was ready to end him when… “Wait!†Starscream cried. The pain and the pleading not hidden in his voice. “I can tell you where the Insecticons are! I can even set them up so that you can ambush them!†Miriya listened. “They won’t suspect a thing and you can destroy them at your leisure!†“Bring them now.†Miriya demanded. “Let me set it up properly!†Starscream continued to implore. “As disgusting as they are, they’re still dangerous!†“I won’t wait.†Said Miriya. Suddenly, Starscream’s cowardly demeanor changed. “You’ve already waited too long!†The whole time that he had been begging for his life, negotiating mercy, he had been moving in closer. Her missiles were still locked on, no doubt, but he had lulled her into dropping her guard. The Zentraedi had become more interested in what her enemy was offering than in destroying him. When he was sure that he would be successful, Starscream blasted her several times with his null ray. Miriya howled as she fell to the ship in which they had both flown away from. *** For the most part, the Cogs were destroying the Renegade fighters. Gobots were far inferior to Cybertronians. Two of the three whom Soundwave had battled before- Coptur and Crasher- were holding their own. The Renegades leader, Cy-Kill, was also displaying some combat worth. Soundwave was about to initiate the rematch with them when his Zentraedi accomplice, Miriya, crashed through the roof. Her Quadrino armor was in poor shape and the Zentraedi herself didn’t seem conscious. A moment later, Starscream flew down. He landed triumphantly beside his vanquished foe and made a robust announcement. “I’ve put down your girlfriend, Soundwave! And you know these Machine Empire drones are no match for me! Why don’t we settle this once and for all?†“Agreed.†Soundwave said coldly. He stepped forward and Starscream shouted at the surviving Renegades. “Now! Blast him!†“Hold!†Cy-Kill countered. “What?!†cried Starscream. “This is your chance to destroy him?†“This is your chance, Starscream.†Cy-Kill amended. “Let’s see how capable you are of disposing of one of your rebels.†The challenging smirk showed brightly on his face. Starscream fumed. “I’ll show you!†He stood off with Soundwave. “I’ll show you all!†Fight Parameters Duel to the death. Generation 1 version of both characters No cassettes for Soundwave.
  2. Previously: Morpheus and Trinity were accidentally brought to the real world by the Cyber Shredder. They fought with Charlie Nash and White Tiger before coming to an understanding. Joining with Former President Thomas Whitmore’s organization, the two Matrix warriors took part in an assault force determined to take down the Cyber Shredder. Meanwhile, Starscream took command of the Decepticons and decided to eliminate Soundwave, knowing that the bot was loyal to Megatron. Soundwave survived a battle with the Renegades of Gobatron and now seeks revenge against them for destroying several of his cassettes. The following fight is the battle between Rinzler and John Preston. Although Rinzler got the jump on him, John Preston recovered in time to keep from being taken out. Rinzler had been coming down on him with his disks and John rolled, holding on to his guns. Still laying down, he took aim, but Rinzler had leaped over him and was landing on the other side. John, a master with the gun, didn’t bother firing. He didn’t waist bullets. Out of punching range, Rinzler threw one of his disks again and then closed the distance. John avoided the temptation to shoot it out of the air, know that that was what Rinzler wanted- focus his attention on his first attack, a distraction, while he made the kill with his real, second attack. Instead, John stayed down and aimed at the person of Runzler. The black helmeted digital being spun with impressive speed and reached out of catch his returning disk. He was fast, but bullets were faster. A shoulder hit knocked Rinzler off balance. John pressed his good fortune with two more shots, and his adversary fell. The body vanished and John rejoined Morpheus. “We’ve got him!†Morpheus repoted. They had developed a program that would purge cyberspace of the Cyber Shredder. According to what Morpheus was saying the program succeeded. Cyber Shredder knew that his destruction was coming. There was nowhere for him to escape to. Almost. Although most of the civilization of Earth was confined to the planet, Terrans had found their way into space. Joining the United Federation of Planets as well as contact with dozens of other interstellar (as well as intergalactic and even trans-dimensional and trans-universal) civilizations gave them access to a grand diversity of computer systems. Cyber Shredder latched himself onto one of the uncanny systems and barely survived extermination. ******* Soundwave was confused by the new signal he was receiving. He singled it out and was even more surprised by the sentient life form he found in cyberspace. “Who are you?†Asked Soundwave, unsure if the sentient could hear him. “I am The Shredder!†Soundwave was pleased that they could communicate. That would make his questions easier to be answered. “How did you come to be?†“I have no patience for you questions!†Cyber Shredder said dismissively. Then he asked a query of his own. “How do I get out of here!†“There is no escape.†Soundwave informed him. Cyber Shredder proved him wrong. Among the components of the Machine Empire’s equipment which Soundwave had take over after destroying King Mondo, Cyber Shredder found the means to fashion an avatar for his cyber presence to host itself in. Soundwave watched silently as the body formed and adjusted to itself. Once acclimated, Cyber Shredder focused on the Decpeticon. “Now! For your reluctance to obey me, I will destroy you!†Fight Parameters Straight up fight Generation 1 Soundwave Cyber Shredder’s avatar body is the same size as Soundwave.
  3. Previously: With Megatron joining with Rodimus Prime to take down Nemesis Prime, Starscream rallied the Decepticons under his leadership. He also created an alliance with Cybertron’s sister planet Gobatron. Specifically, his merged with the Renegades faction. His first objective was to destroy those still loyal to Megatron, thus posing opposition to his governance. The target was easy, Soundwave. As a token of their alliance, the Renegades Cy-kill, Crasher and Coptur attacked Soundwave. Crasher made the first move. She stomped her foot on the ground and an energy spark trailed its way to Soundwave like a heat seeking mine. To his defense ejected Rumble. The mini bot saw the energy spark and tried to crack the ground to keep the trail from reaching Soundwave. He succeeded. As Coptur came with his whirling blade, Cy-Kill transformed into motorcycle mode and sped toward Rumble. He blasted the mini bot with his forward gun and then transformed back into robot mode and tackled Soundwave at his former driving speed. Attempting to hold him, so that Coptur’s whirling blade could decapitate him, the Renegades found that Soundwave was tremendously strong and hard to keep down. Buzzsaw who immediately attacked Crasher so that the crazed female bot couldn’t join in the dog pile while Soundwave struggled against Cy-Kill. The Renegades leader was resourceful, transforming into motorcycle mode and slipping out of Soundwave’s grasp. Coptur, accustomed to his whirling blades protecting him from blasts, found that they were useless against white noise. So powerful was the blare that Coptur was thrown off of his feet. To protect himself from rear attacks, Soundwave ejected Frenzy. His psychotic disruptor was known and feared amongst all Decepticons. The mini bot directed his disruptor at Crasher. But the bot was so mad that she actually seemed to enjoy seeing horrors. She created another energy mine and blew Frenzy to pieces. If there was one thing that could affect Soundwave emotionally, it was the demise of one of his cassettes. But even if he destroyed the three Renegades as he wanted to do- as he knew he could- Starscream wouldn’t let him leave this place functional. Withdrawing was the only logical option. Even then, he had to make it convincing. Taking to the air, Coptur and Cy-kill followed him. They exchanged fire and continued to fly out of visual range. Another circuit wrenching loss came over Soundwave as he felt Buzzsaw’s spark fade. Crasher had killed two of his cassettes. In his distraction, Cy-kill and Coptur blasted Soundwave together. He unleashed one last sonic disruption wave and the resulting mix of energies made them loose track of eachother. Cy-kill and Coptur returned to the others and reported successfully destroy the Megatron loyalist. ********** When Soundwave revived, he found himself in a chamber. “Welcome to the Machine Empire! I am King Mondo!†Soundwave accessed his memory banks. The Machine Empire was a small kingdom. Megatron already had plans to destroy them when the time came. “You were found lost and were brought to me! For repayment, you may serve me!†Cold as ever, Soundwave offered his response. “The Decepticons supreme to the Empire of Machines!†“How dare you!†King Mondo exclaimed. “Cogs! Teach him a lesson!†A group of Cogs surrounded the Decpeticon, but Soundwave already had his move in mind. As mentioned, Megatron already had plans on dealing with the Machine Empire. A shrill blare renders the Cogs inept. King Mondo rose to his feet. “I see I’ll have to be the teacher myself! Prepare to be humbled Cybertronian!†Fight Parameters Straight up fight. Submission, Knock out or death. Because King Mondo can grow to Megazord size he has grown himself to match Soundwave’s regular size for fairness.
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