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  1. Continued from here: Street Fighter Universe's Balrog and Sagat vs. FPL Universe's Broker and Slag Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Slam Masters (SNSM)!!! As you all know the wrestling world has been in an uproar since the debut of former heavyweight boxing champ and current disgrace to the profession Balrog. Since his arrival at SNSM, he has been nothing but trouble. In his debut, he knocked out former champion Zangief with an amazing punch that sent the big Russian flying from the ring during his title defense against upcoming sensation, R. Mika. The boxer then stole the heavyweight belt and is claiming himself the King of all Fighters. Today, the mad boxer has again interrupted a match and has beaten Mexican high-flying superstar El Fuerte to a pulp. Now, the monster is calling out anybody backstage or in the audience to challenge him for the belt. When will this madness end? Will anybody accept the challenge to put this bruiser down? At that moment, Calendar Man comes running through a misty corner and into a smelly locker room at the SNSM stadium. Pulling the shard out, he opens the note it is wrapped in. There is a map of the world he is in. He reads it aloud: Take the shard to Rose in Genoa, Italy. Give her this note first. She will assist you. Calendar Man nods and tucks the note into his pocket. Suddenly, the sound of Broker and Slag can be heard as the misty corner begins to shimmer. Tucking the shard into his pocket, he rushes through a curtain and towards the sound of a loud crowd. Upon rushing through the curtain, he enters a long runway with an enormous crowd on either side in arena seats. His heart drops as he looks forward and notices a rather large man staring at him menacingly. “What is this Ladies and Gentleman? A challenger steps forward!!” Calendar Man turns to run back, but runs into a giant doorman and two guards. “You really want to challenge the champ, lil guy?” The doorman says. “Um…No! Absolutely not?” “Well, you sure picked the wrong door to come through.” The doorman looks at the strange calendar months tattooed on his head. “Hmm…weirdo. Okay weirdo. Get out there, make it good.” He pushes Calendar Man forward and he stumbles towards the ring. “Wait…no. I’m not…” He stutters just as Broker and Slag enter the arena through the curtain. Calendar Man’s face lightens up. “That is to say, I’m a… a manager! That’s it. I’m a manager. That girl right there, she is the challenger. Yeah. Send her on.” The doorman looks back. “Alright, a girl? Fine… whatever.” Then several large guards begin pushing Broker and Slag towards the ring. “And send the managers up there too. Good luck you three. You’re going to need it.” Broker and Slag move forward too perplexed to fight back before they are at the base. Likewise, Calendar Man is pushed forward. Once there, he runs to the adjacent side of the ring looking for a way out, but the crowd will not let him leave. Likewise, seven large guards are blocking the exit. Balrog looms overhead. “I’m going to eat your ears!” Slag snarls in return. Meanwhile on the other end of the arena, a large man with a huge scar pummels his way through the crowd to the announcer’s booth. He grabs the microphone, “Balrog, make this quick. Bison has need of us. We have a flight to Germany to pick up the Dolls, Juli and Juni” “Aw come on… I was gonna smash some heads.” Sagat looks around at the mess, “Be quick about it.” OOC: Deojusto and Potterpuppetpals, you may RP the results of your battle here. It was a pretty overwhelming win, so feel free to go wild. You took little to no damage. Continue to RP until the characters you were fighting are defeated. Once you have put them down in your own words, I will continue the storyline. Have fun.
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