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  1. It was a perfect plan, and it was nearly complete. As his four metallic arms carried him to his prize, he smiled a smile of victory. The plan was brilliant is its simplicity. Kraven was in the city, keeping the Spider busy until it was ready. Vulture and Sandman were outside, watching the skies and the ground to assure no uninvited guests arrived to the party. Electro overloaded the museum’s security, so that Doctor Octopus himself could break in. And thanks to Mysterio’s power of illusions, they managed to get in unseen. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even need to kill anyone. Of course, they didn’t let that fact get in the way of it. A higher body count would, after all, make the Spider more reckless. “I see him, Spider-man is swinging this way,†Vulture warned over the intercom. “Keep him busy,†Doctor Octopus ordered, “I almost have it.†“Understood,†Vulture said. “Finally…†Doctor Octopus reached a metallic claw out and grabbed the glowing gem. Inside the clear, glass like, gem, appeared to be a swirling galaxy; it’s color alternated between red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and black. It was simply a thing a beauty, “The perfect weapon to get rid of Spider-Man once and for all.†“This is it?†Electro asked, “You expect to defeat Spider-Man with some rock?†“Of course not, you fool!†Octopus said, taking hold of the gem in his human hands. He could feel the power radiating from it, “This isn’t just any old rock. It will get rid of Spider-Man once and for all.†Electro’s face told the tale, he wasn’t convinced. “Alright, what’s it do?†Before Doctor Octopus could answer, the building rumbled as Vulture came crashing through the sky light, with Spider-Man standing on top of him. Before they hit the ground Spider-Man webbed the ceiling and swung Vulture into Mysterio. “Oh, no… It looks like I walked into a trap,†Spider-Man said sarcastically, “I had no idea Kraven was leading me somewhere. And I thought it was just coincidence when I ran into Vulture guarding this museum. Seriously Doc, you really need to get better at hiding your traps.†Doctor Octopus laughed, “You have no idea what I’m planning you fool! Getting you here is only step one.†“And killing me is step two?†Spider-Man asked, “Let’s see we got Vulture and Mysterio, Elctro and Ock, Kraven’s on his way… Now, would anyone kindly tell me where Sandman is? I’d prefer to get you all together before I…†His Spider Sense went off. As Sandman attacked from above, Spider-Man webbed Electro and pulled the electrical villain toward himself as he jumped out of the way. It was reflex for Electro to try and shock him, and Spider-Man was counting on that. While Sandman ended up smothering Electro, he got a violent shock. “Look at that, four baddies taken out in about thirty seconds,†Spider-Man smiled, “Man I’m good.†And even while he gloated, his Spider-sense warned him to avoid a spear that Kraven and thrown from the roof. But while he, he was hit hard in the back and pinned to the ground by Doctor Octopus. “Now, to be rid of you once and for all!†Spider-Man looked for an escape. He saw that Doctor Octopus was standing on two of his metallic arms. Webbing them together, he pulled, causing Octopus to lose his balance. The evil genius threw Spider-Man into the air, where Kraven dove to tackle him to the ground. Spider-Man webbed him at the torso and whipped him into the recovering Vulture and Mysterio. He quickly tied them together with webbing, before turning to face the lone Doctor Octopus. “Just give up Doc. I already beat your entire team! You should probably rethink the whole ‘luring the guy who regularly kicks your butt you’ part of your plans in the future.†Doctor Octopus laughed, “You pathetic fool, the rest of my ‘team’ is of use to me any longer. All I need it this!†he said, holding the gem in triumph. “So, if I take that from you… That means I win, right?†“Go ahead and try, Doctor Octopus said, striking out with a robotic arm. Spider-man dodged, shooting out a web line. Doctor Octopus avoided the web, but it stuck to the wall. As Spider-man pulled himself forward, he shot a line to the 3 villains he had tied up. Swinging them like a flail, he intended to use them to knock Octopus out. But Doctor Octopus swatted them away with one of his arms, causing them to land on Electro and Sandman. He then struck at Spider-man, aiming to smash the gem against the super hero’s chest. But Spider-man wrapped his claw in a web and pulled it to other members of the Sinister Six. The gem shattered, unleashing a blinding white light. And when it cleared, the villains were gone. Spider-Man could hear police sirens blaring. “No trace of the baddies, can’t let the cops find me here. J.J.J will have a field day with this one. I’ll figure this out later.†And as Spider-man left, he was completely unaware that his enemies were waking up in another universe. “Where are we? What happened?†Asked Electro. “Welcome, to angel grove…†Vulture read on a sign. “Alright Octavious,†Kraven said, “You better start explaining. “That gem, it was a portal to another universe. I was intending to send Spider-Man away forever. But it backfired when Spider-man smashed the gem.†“You mean you smashed the gem,†Sandman said, “And you better have a way back!†“Of course I don’t! There is no way back. That’s why I wanted to send Spider-Man here. But all is not lost. There is still NO Spider-Man, we can take this new city as our own! No one will stand in our way!†But little do they know about the Power Rangers. The Sinister Six have three chances to defeat the power rangers and take over the city before plot device happens to finish it. The first encounter, neither team has any knowledge of the other and each team has the resources they normally carry. The second time around the rangers have whatever information they can gather from the previous battles and the Sinister Six have whatever knowledge they can gather from the first battle and from observation. They have whatever weapons and resources they can gather or create. By the third battle, both teams have full knowledge of one and other. That have whatever weapons and resources they can gather or create. The teams are Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Electro, Sandman, Vulture, and Mysterio VS White Ranger Tommy, Black Ranger Adam, Blue Ranger Billy, Red Ranger Rocky, Yellow Ranger Aisha, and Pink Ranger Kimberly.
  2. In this corner- THE SINISTER SIX! Ladies and gentlemen fresh from their trouncing of Gotham's grab bag of ne'er do wells the team of GREEN GOBLIN, RHINO, MYSTERIO, ELECTRO, SANDMAN, and the incomparable DOC OCK are back sans the gum. Having  capitalized on the lack of cohesion between Gotham's nogoodnicks, the SIX pumpkin-bombed, sand-blasted, and tentacle-violated their way to a hard fought victory versus Joker and co. But now they may have just met their match... The doors open on the other side of the arena revealing... THE ROGUES - Central City 's composite career criminals may have had no luck stopping the Scarlett Speedster, but they, like the Six, aren't strangers to teamwork. Comprised of MIRRORMASTER, TRICKSTER, CAPTAIN COLD, CAPTAIN BOOMERANG, WEATHER-WIZARD, and GRODD, the Rogues are looking to utilize their myriad talents And powers to finally knock Doc Ock and his buddies down a peg. And just when they finished cleaning the place. Join us now as we engage in another nail-biter we like to call... The Dirtiest Dozen
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