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  1. Prophet from Crysis 3, with a Grendel assault rifle, K-Volt Sub-machine gun, 5 M17 Grenades, and a Predator bow. He's got the Heavy Armor, Extended Cloak, Energy Upgrade and Super Stealth armor mods equipped. Vs. Young blooded Warrior, with a Spear gun, Net gun, Plasma Caster, Combi-stick and Wrist Blades. Armor and equipment made out of Medium grade D-lex. He's got prior experience with humans, but not with Nanosuits. They are each aware that the other is hunting them, but other than that, have no information. The battlefield is an overgrown abandoned City, they start 3 miles away from each other, roughly in the centre of the city. Who wins, and why? Note, I don't care if a young-blooded warrior would have access to that particular level of armor, or those particular weapons, nor whether he would typically use them in a hunt. For the purposes of this rumble, he's got access to the armor and weapons, and he's just as willing to use them as any other of his weapons for this hunt. So please don't include anything about that in the comments.
  2. AltairsJailBird- Welcoming Predator the master of hunting, and welcoming Ezio the Master Assassin!! AltairsJailBird- Hello Predator do you think your going to win this fight and have a nice skull that you can be proud of and stare at remembering your hunting skills? Predator- Oh hell yes! AltairsJailBird-Ezio, Do you think you could you could bloody your hidden blade florescent green? Ezio-I can never know only suspect, but I suspect that this will be the case! AltairsJailBird- Well then since your both enthusiastic that you'll win we'll be getting started ready your blades for the hunt is on in the Centro district in Rome!
  3. It is the peak of the Human-Covenant War. Date: classified. Location: a planet named Edwin-231. A small planet, dry and barren. Once it used to be a flourishing human colony, with miles upon miles of gleaming cityscape. Now all that remains is a concrete ruin, stoic and desolate. That last Covenant attack sealed it’s fate. However, Edwin-231 is not lifeless. This little planet is the training ground for a group of extreme soldiers-the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Tough men, who go feet first into battle. But today, something did not feel right. Maybe it was the weather… *** “I am getting a bad feeling about this Chief†Cortana whispered, “I am sure Halsey knows what is happening here. Fourteen ODSTs in nine days. Covert assault. Unknown assailant. Probably a Covenant attack. But…â€. “But what?†asked The Chief from behind the Warthog’s driver’s wheel. “All attacks gory and brutal, headless corpses, wounds aren’t cauterized, which means no energy dagger. I doubt this is Covenantâ€. “Maybe†was The Chief’s reply. The Warthog rumbled through the desolate ruins. Tops of most buildings had been blown off. Each one was charred black. Even the soil was grey with a thin layer of ash and glass. Lechatelierite -scientists called it. Obtained as a result of plasma bombardment of soil. Plasma…the Chief thought with both anger and awe. It could kill planets. The Warthog came to a stop infront of what looked like a sprawling, dark gray fort amidst the ruins of the city, where another Warthog had come to meet it. Two ODSTs jumped out. One of them addressed the Chief “Thank God you came Chief. This is unlike anything we have faced. It uses cloaking and we only have a faint idea of it from the sensors. Height and build similar to that of an elite. Seems to be wearing light armor. Uses something like a big plasma cannon and lots of sharp-edged stuff. It’s plasma cannon is insane. Al windows on all buildings have been boarded up. We have reconned the area and decided to activate the prototype Hard Light Bubble Barrier in the base. 400 metre radius. Does not allow anything to pass through. Upgraded from the Bubble Shield†He raised his hand and a foldable screen popped up. “With your permission sir…†The Chief nodded. It would buy them some time. The ODST tapped the screen. “Confirmed. Bubble Barrier deployed†a static-saturated voice crackled over a speaker. They turned to look at the strange structure mounted on the very top of the central tower. It was starting to glow. The ground started vibrating softly, as if the planet itself was humming. and within a minute an enormous shimmering dome had covered the sky. “We’ll be safe from surprise attacks. Atleast for some time†said the ODST, “We’d better go inside and show you the images the sensors picked upâ€. The Chief turned to his Warthog and opened his weapons cache: two M6D handguns, an MA5D assault rifle, an M45 shotgun, SRS99D-S2 sniper rifle, fragmentation grenades, two plasma pistols, a needler, and ten plasma grenades. This was not a weapons cache…this was a mobile arsenal. “Covenant weapons! How did you get them past the scanners? Are you supposed to have those?†Cortana asked. “No†replied The Chief. He then unloaded two more curiosities- a SPNKr and a little gift from his new ‘colleague’ Thel Vadam. “An energy sword?†Cortana was taken aback. The Chief seemed to smile through that gold visor. “And you brought an M19 SSM. What were you thinking?â€. â€Just that I might need it.Too bad there’s just six rockets.†said The Chief. †‘Just’ six?†Cortana said in an almost sarcastic voice. The Chief ignored her. He looked through his consignment of death. All were loaded and in place. The ODSTs were standing guard, watching the surroundings. Suddenly, they all fell silent. A ferocious snarl stilled everything. They all slowly turned to look at a hideous reptile-like beast staring at them. “Uh Chief…†the second ODST said, “I think it had already entered the barrier before we activated it..â€. Nobody moved. In a low voice, the ODST said “We are trapped in here with it.â€. No sooner had he completed his sentence than a large sphere of plasma shot out of nowhere and hit the ODSTs’ Warthog. The vehicle’s fuel tank exploded consuming the ODSTs in a huge fireball… *** Scarface was amused. This could be a good hunt. His new prey looked interesting. Even in his hundreds of years of hunting, he had not seen a human do anything like this. The tall human had detected the plasma bolt from the corner of his eye, and jumped nearly sixteen feet away from the exploding Warthog, all in the blink of an eye. As he looked on, his hound looked at the human and bounded towards him. In one mighty leap, it hurled itself towards the human. What he saw next took Scarface by surprise-the human had grasped the jaws of the predator hound and was holding the helpless beast in midair. Then, with a swift motion, the human ripped the beast clean into two. Scarface was impressed. This was indeed a worthy foe. His efforts had paid off. The rumors were true then. This was one remarkable human. For some reason, the images of Isabella and Hunetr Borgia came to his mind. That was long ago. Since then, he had become one of the greatest hunters of the clan. Scarface could sense his own excitement. Plasma caster, gauntlet plasma bolt, glaive, scimitars, spear gun, shurikens, smart discs, laser nets, fire traps and grapple hook…all were in place. He looked with anticipation from behind his cloak. From the distance, The Chief looked up to the ledge of the building, where Scarface was standing. Scarface understood this. The human had figured out his position. His visor-covered eyes seemed to penetrate the predator’s invisible disguise. Scarface felt his blood boil with excitement. This would be a truly worthy trophy. Master Chief looked at the faint shimmering silhouette on the ledge. “I am not trapped in here with you†he thought, “you are trapped in here with meâ€â€¦ The year 1987 introduced us to one of the most dreaded and feared visages in the fictional universe - the face of the Predator, the most powerful hunter in the known cosmos. With technology far beyond human comprehension, skill that would put Kraven to shame, brutal strength that smashes through enemies with ease and a mini-nuke that detonates even if he loses, the predator is unstoppable. Or is he? Enter Master Chief, Earth's mightiest hero. With super-strength, super-reflexes, a near-indestructible armor and a whole arsenal of nasty guns,he is the best at what he does. He has smothered elites, terrorized the Covenant and even survived a Halo-ring explosion, and he has always come back for more. And he makes sure that no extraterrestrial visitor is deprived of his "Hi". But can he overcome this new adversary? (This indeed is Scarface from Concrete Jungle. The setting is a ruined city. The streets are spacious and open but the damaged buildings offer hiding places. However, the windows and doors have been boarded up. The Bubble Barrier(forgive thefanfic ) doesnt allow anything to pass through it. I was torn between Wolf, Scarface and Dark, but finally decided to go with Scarface. Please comment on the quality of the setting.)
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