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  1. Was still up when the site went down so here it is again. Thank you Foxfingers and I feel so bad you had to deal with all this. Appreciate you bru Previously: To the disappointment of most of the other Power Rangers, Jason, Adam and Trini opted to continue working with Oroku Saki- the Shredder- to battle the inhuman Shedders (Utrom, Cyber and Tengu). Trini accidently killed Angela Del Toro (the White Tiger) to the Shredder’s secret pleasure and he sent Jason on a similar mission against Jago, hoping for the same result. The Red Ranger was stunned by the speed and ferociousness of Jago’s opening onslaught. Three times Jason was hit over a dozen times in an attack combo that sent him swirling. But it wasn’t enough. Jason fought back, his inability to perform such dazzling combos didn’t stop him from almost knocking Jago over the railing of the bridge that they were fighting on. An energy ball surprised Jason, and he was glad that he avoided it. Jago followed up with a long distance flying spin kick and began a combo so long that Jason didn’t even know which way to fall. Angry now, the Red Ranger got to his feet and called upon his sword. Jago met the weapon with a sword of his own and they dueled viciously. For a long time they seemed stalemated but soon, the Red Ranger began to get the upper hand. He caught on to Jago trying to start another combo and broke it with a power punch so strong that Jago toppled over the bridge railing and plummeted into the rocky waters below. Jason was stunned. This wasn’t some Putty. This was a man whom he had told The Shredder that he would bring back to answer for his crimes. He would have to go back and shamefully report Jago’s demise. “Justice is done.†Oroku Saki said plainly. “We must move forward. I need your leadership in the tasks ahead. Adam is bringing in more warriors for our new Foot. They must submit to you.†“This is your organization,†Jason started. “I’m just here to help.†Shredder snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous. You are the Red Foot Ranger. The leader of the Foot soldiers. There are inhuman monsters in this world and it is up to us to destroy them.†His ego thoroughly fortified, Jason was at a loss for words. Saki moved their talk on. “There is a new mission. I had hoped that Adam would return by now but it seems that you and I must undertake it by ourselves.†Beyond the two men, a new individual approached. He wore a black suit, white shirt and black tie. Sunglasses hid his eyes. “My name is Agent Bishop.†He introduced himself. His manner, his tone, was all business. “It’s my job to contain the activities of extra-terrestrials on this planet. I’ve created a partnership with The Foot Clan to help me do that. My current work involves a group of mechanoid beings that have infiltrated our planet. I can’t say what their up to but I guarantee that it’s not good. I feel I don’t have the power myself to deal with this, but Shredder has told me of his new Foot and I think with your help, we can shut them down.†Agent Bishop showed Jason and The Shredder the mechanized aliens’ hideout. It looked like a ship, crashed deep into a hill. Shredder was certain of his ability to get in, but Jason was not a ninja. Still, considering what they were going to be facing, The Red Foot Ranger’s power would be needed. *** Inside the hidden ship… When Blackarachnia entered the secret passage, she was greeted by the twin guidance lasers of Ravage’s pistols. She made a dismissive gack and walked right past him. “Put those away!†Behind her, the powerful Inferno brushed passed him, nearly oblivious to the attack in which he almost came under. Ravage, satisfied that a comrade had come onto the ship and not a hostile, complied. “Where have you been?†His voice system simulated an Earth Russian accent. “Out.†Was Blackarchnia’s answer. “That is an insufficient answer.†Said Ravage as he followed them deeper into the ship. Blackarachnia didn’t feel like explaining how she and Inferno had been captured by former President Thomas Whitemore’s forces. She didn’t want to tell him how they had teamed with other captives, including two Power Rangers and the Bajoran- Kira Nerys- to escape. Keeping all of that information to herself, she simply responded with- “What’s it to you?†“There have been developments in the Decepticon ranks.†Ravage informed her. “It’s reported that Megatron is gone. Starscream now commands.†Making another exasperated sound, Blackarachia stopped walking and faced him. “So what does that mean for us?†I’m not sure, but leadership is… unresponsive.†Said Ravage. “It seems that we are on our own for now.†“Okay,†said the spider. “So what are we supposed to do?†“Continue our mission until new orders come in.†Curious, Blackarachnia asked, “So who’s in charge?†“As an intelligence officer, the mantle falls to me.†The spider sighed. “It would wouldn’t it?†“I take no pleasure in leadership.†Ravage assured her. “It is simply the mandate of my duty. Taking responsibility for my station, we will deal with this intruder alert.†“Intruder alert?†Blackarachnia repeated the words with astonishment. “It coincidently coincided with yours and Inferno’s return. Quickstrike is already in pursuit of the infiltrator.†******* It was always exciting to rip into humans. They were so soft and gooey inside. The bigger bots liked to step on them but the size difference took away the fun of splattering flesh creature entrails all over the place. Ravage had told him that one such creature was sneaking around the ship. Quickstrike’s assignment was to find him and eliminate him. There was no specific instruction on how clean it should be. Or how long it should take. Quickstrike may have been a good description of his attack style but that didn’t refute the pleasure the bot took in the hundred or so ‘quickstrikes’ he could take to finally end his victim. “Come out, come out wherever you are!†Quickstrike taunted. He talked, oddly. Like a Texas gun slinger that American’s cherished so much. “I promise I’ll squish you good!†From the dark, The Shredder watched. He waited. He kept Jason with him, instructing him to attack only when he was given the go ahead. According to Agent Bishop, these mechanized beings weren’t overly difficult to kill, but they were physically superior to humans. This one seemed a fusion of a cobra and a scorpion. Two deadly animals. Shredder assumed that this mechanoid could transform into a more humanoid being, as Agent Bishop implied that all of them could. But that was irrelevant. He was The Shredder. These inhuman monsters would learn to fear him. The Foot. All of humanity. Crawling just below Shedder and Jason’s hiding place, Quickstrike continued to taunt even as he continued to hunt. “Come on out, human! I just wanna bite you! A few dozen times.†Shredder’s patience was wearing thin. He wanted to shut this creature up. It was almost time to strike. Almost. Almost. Then he gave Jason the nod. The Red Foot Ranger revealed himself and attacked. Fight Parameters Battle to the death. Jason has his dino coin making him the Red Ranger (not sure if their rebuilt thunderzords upped their powers as well) Quickstrike is his regular fuzor model from the Beast Wars cartoon.
  2. Previously: As The human Shredder continues to rebuild his human-centric Foot clan, he has recruited three Power Rangers (Jason, Adam, and Trini), the powerful fire magic user- Ayano Kannagi, and lastly, the deadly harem girl- Namira. With the promise of revenge against the assassin Al-Rashid, Namira accepted the help of Ayano and Trini to find Al-Rashid and extract justice from him. They discovered that Al-Rashid was now working under Vandal Savage who had collected many killers under his agenda. The three girls found one of their hideouts and walked into an ambush. Ayano was the hot head of the new Female Foot, but Trini Kwan- the Yellow Ranger- could feel the righteous rage burning through her own veins. Namira’s story of the horrible things Al Rashid had done to her would stir such a reaction out of anyone. The area quickly became very cold as Killer Frost created ice mounds everywhere. Even with the protection of her suit, Trini could feel her muscles constricting. It was only logical that the fire magic user, Ayano Kannagi take on the cold killer. At first, to her frustration and growing horror, Ayano’s fire magic not only had little effect on Killer Frost, it seemed to make her stronger. For her part, Ayano was easily able to melt away Killer Frost’s attacks but that didn’t stop her from complaining. “This isn’t fair!†she said while rolling under an ice projectile. “I can’t hurt her!†Her teammates were too busy dealing with the rest of the attackers. Even the power of her legendary sword Enraiha was useless against Killer Frost. The villain boasted as her victory appeared to be inevitable. “Somebody told me about a whole family of Japanese who work with fire. You can be the first one I douse.†“Douse this!†Ayano fired off a flame burst from Enraiha. Killer Frost absorbed it and created a huge ice mound right over Ayano’s head. As it fell, Ayano burned a hole in the middle allowing it to smash all around her. She then burned her way out and scanned for her enemy. Namira was busy carving up a man coming at her with a sword. The Yellow Ranger was having a go at Killer Frost. The ice villain blocked her path just a Trini was getting ready to strike. Running right past her and blasting through the ice wall, Ayano moved in. “I’ve got her!†To defend herself, Killer Frost created a frozen staff. But she was not melee fighter and Ayano, for all her fire magic power was trained in Karate. Her sword play, disarmed her foe with simplistic effort and then Ayano did a high side kick that connected with Killer Frost’s chin. The woman went down with a grunt. Her frustration blended over to pride as she stood over her vanquished foe. “Finish her!†Trini screamed. The Yellow Ranger was so shocked by the words that came out of her mouth that she stopped dead in her tracks and cover her mouth. But that second was all the time she had to react. Two individuals, pretty much exact in appearance were closing on her. There movements were slow and methodical. They were confident and threatening. “This one is untouched.†One of them said. The other one responded. “Let us ‘touch’ her.†With that, they sprang. Trini sidestepped the first one and kicked out at the rear twin. He suddenly went ghost-like and her foot went right through him. The Yellow Foot Ranger lost her balance but recovered in time to block a strike from the first twin. When she lashed out, he went ghost. “Tricky,†She seethed. “But I’ll get you.†“So you think.†They said together. Then they sprang for another attack. Fight Paramerters Straight up fight. Either Trini walks away or The Twins do.
  3. Previously: Ryan Mitchell- the Titanium Ranger of the Lightspeed Rescue team- answered a call for help on Macross Island. As he searched for TJ- the Red Turbo Ranger- who had made the call, Ryan encountered the Black Dragon crime organization. The Black Dragons activated a Jack-6 robot to dispose of him. Still surprised at the conversion of a suitcase into a fighting robot, The Titanium Ranger was struck several times by Jack-6’s mighty blows. He was able to roll with the punches and when Jack started throwing kicks, Ryan snapped out of it and started fighting back. He caught Jack’s leg and swept him. The fall and crash didn’t seem to affect the robot. Then Ryan made the mistake of backing off. Jack stayed down, but he wasn’t out of the fight. The robot stooped over and launched a missile from his back. Not totally unexpected, Ryan evaded it and closed the distance. A flying side kick knocked Jack back several steps. The robot retaliated with a series of hammer punches, one of them connecting and caused Ryan to see stars. To get out of being pummeled, Ryan tucked and rolled, clearing himself of Jack’s mighty blows. At that point, he got it. He almost banged his head with his hand as he realized why he was having so much trouble. This was a robot. And it was strong. Ryan was fighting the thing using martial skill and fighting technique. The only thing that was going to stop this thing was power. The Titanium Ranger was a Power Ranger. Time to bring the power. He pulled out his weapon and put it into laser axe mode to fight with. Now his strikes were doing damage. Jack-6 was a potent fighting robot but its actual battle skills were minimal. Ryan owned this thing. He finished it off with a series of blasts. Now he had to find the people who set this thing on him. The Black Dragons were working for somebody. His searching brought him to the Advanced Idea Mechanics labs. TJ still wasn’t answering so it seemed to Ryan like he was on his own. He had no idea what they were doing but it looked sinister. Security spotted him but they hadn’t triggered the alarm yet. The director of the facility wanted to know what the Power Ranger was up to. The Power Rangers had never encountered AIM, but the mad scientist organization was known to everyone in the super hero community. Normally, the Avengers dealt with them but Ryan didn’t know how to contact them directly. When they were ready for him, the security personnel struck. *** After TJ sent out the request for help, Carter Grayson didn’t receive it right away. He was enjoying a reunion with the rest of his Lightspeed Rescue team, minus Ryan. Upon learning that the Titanium Ranger had answered TJ’s call, he understood why Ryan hadn’t shown up. Macross Island was a long ways away, but Carter’s mind kept going there. Power Rangers were fighting evil while his team was sitting around enjoying themselves. With TJ and Ryan involved, the situation was probably well in hand. Bringing in the entire Lightspeed Rescue team was probably overkill. By the time they had finished eating, Carter couldn’t take it anymore. “Guys we have to go.†Surprised and concerned, Kelsey vocalized what the others were feeling. “What do you mean? What’s going on?†“There’s been a call for assistance.†Carter explained. “On Macross Island.†“Where the Robotech ship is?†Dana squealed. “Sweet!†“Who’s calling?†asked Chad. “The Red Turbo Ranger.†Carter answered. “Ryan should already be there.†With no further explanation needed, the Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers transported to Macross Island. There was no greeting party by any other Power Rangers. Ryan had activated his transponder so that the others could find him. The Lightspeed Rangers quickly found the AIM facility, although they didn’t know what it was. “He’s in here,†Carter pointed. They went in and discovered the Titanium Ranger locked up in some kind of frozen carbonate block. “Ryan!†Dana cried. “Welcome Power Rangers!†a man said over a loudspeaker. “I knew that more of you would be showing up.†“Let him go!†Carter demanded to the booming voice. “I’m afraid I can’t do that. Furthermore, I won’t be letting you go either.†“Then we’re going to take our colleague and shut you down!†Carter threatened. “Don’t be ridiculous.†Said the booming voice. “You were intending to do that anyway. Hence the reason I laid this one out for you find so easily. The better to execute my trap!†Doors opened all around them and AIM operatives rushed out. Most were carrying guns of some kind while a few had odd devices in their grasp. “Rangers break!†Carter screamed. They each selected a zone and went into action. Fight Parameters The Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers must rescue Ryan and avoid capture or being killed themselves. The Lightspeed Rescue Power Rangers are: Carter- Red Ranger Kelsey- Yellow Ranger Chad- Blue Ranger Dana- Pink Ranger Joel- Green Ranger There are 50 AIM operatives around the facility (not all of them are combat trained). They have various ultra tech weapons readily available (whatever crazy stuff AIM comes up with).
  4. He was starting to get magic. But it was time for a break. The mystic realm would be fine without him for a while. That was what Nick Russell told himself. His birth mother and father: Udonna and Leanbow were disappointed in his desire to be away from this life but understood and didn’t try to stop him. Traveling had always been his thing and seeing the pyramids had been a dream of his for a long time. The real Egypt wasn’t as grand as he imagined, but it was still something well worth seeing. Perhaps after all that time in the mystical real, his sense of wonder had been saturated. As he walked the streets, a man approached him. Judging from his confident stride, Nick deduced that his visitor was a confident man. One with a purpose. “I need your help.†Those were his first words, confirming Nick’s assumption. “What do you need help with?†Asked Nick. “There is evil in my land. I cannot defeat it alone.†Nick’s sense of justice and adventure took hold of him. “How can I help?†“You have companions. Gather them.†A suspicious alarm went off in Nick’s head. Power Rangers were known in the world but their identities weren’t. Plus his Mystic Force team wasn’t the most public Power Rangers on Earth. Many of their adventures were outside of Earth. Perhaps if this man had sought out Jason or Tommy. Even Carter or Connor or Cole. To purposely seek out the Red Mystic Force Ranger and ask him to gather his team was unusual. “Let me see what the problem is.†Nick offered. “It may not call for everybody.†The man was a little annoyed. “You don’t understand. Once you become involved, you will be relentlessly pursued. Only destroying my enemies will bring peace and that will require a great deal of power.†Nick put on a flight attendant ‘please turn off your cell phone for landing’ face. “If it’s all the same to you. I’d like to check it out first.†Obviously unhappy with his proposal, the unnamed man huffed and conceded. “Fine. At moment the street was overrun by toughs. They weren’t exactly human but could pass if one didn’t look too closely. “They’ve found me.†Said his recruiter. He seemed more angry than fearful. “You say you want to inspect the danger?†he said to Nick. “Here is a taste, right in front of you.†Together they engaged the thugs. Nick didn’t even have to morph to dispose of them. He was impressed by his companion’s fighting ability. When they were the only two standing, a bust of flame preceded the appearance of one final opponent. “Now they send Enja.†Said Nick’s partner. “Be careful. He is a much better measure of my enemy’s power.†Fight Parameters Straight up fight. Enja is here to kill. Nick will morph right away and can use his regular weapons. The other guy is going to stay back and let Nick take care of this. (he’s somebody but I’m not going to reveal who yet) here's a video of Nick in his first morph and here's a video of Enja fighting and then using his fatality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i4Nx4fGOWc Hope these help
  5. The Power Rangers were a mighty force in the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Earth was a new host to the organization, but over the years, it had created a respectable cluster of color-coded warriors. Originally brought on by the techno-wizard Zordon, the number had been restricted to five or six at a time. Individuals would retire so that they could enjoy normal life and pass their powers on to others. But as threats compounded, retired Rangers came back to assist current teams. The circumstances continued and older Power Rangers made themselves available on and on call basis. When a request for assistance went out, anyone who was available responded. TJ, the Red Turbo Ranger, uncovered illegal weapons testing by AIM (Advance Idea Mechanics) on Macross Island and knew that he and Zack, the first Black Ranger, wouldn’t be able to handle it alone. Especially when their actual objective on Macross Island was to track down the possessed LeRoy Greene. Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger of the Lightspeed Rescue team answered the call first. He didn’t wait for confirmation; therefore he didn’t know who else was going to show up. Since it wasn’t an emergency, he took a commercial flight rather than teleport in. After deboarding he tried to contact TJ for instructions. Oddly, TJ wasn’t responding. Rather than waist time waiting for direction, Ryan started investigating by himself. Residents told him about a fight between a Power Ranger and some guy. They said the Power Ranger was in red, which must have been TJ using his Turbo powers rather than his blue space powers. Following up on that, led Ryan to the place where they had fought. From there, he lost TJ’s trail, but picked up on the trail of the Black Dragons. They were a crime syndicate, whom he had heard about through the grape vine. No Power Rangers had ever encountered them until now. It looked like they were about to have a lot more dealings. These dealings were going to be sooner than Ryan thought because the Black Dragons had discovered him. They didn’t know who he was, but didn’t want to take any chances. With Jarek being defeated by the Red Turbo Ranger and taken into police custody, leadership of the small group in Macross fell to a man named Fadjar. Unsure of their pursuers capabilities, Fadjar decided to send something that couldn’t be tracked to them right away. They had purchased a Jack unit on the black market. Should this guy turn out to be some super, then the robot would have the power to deal with him. If not, then it would be a quick job for the Jack and no one would know what happened. As Ryan spyed a suspicious looking individual moving down a dark alley, he didn’t expect to fall into a trap. The alley was mysteriously empty, accept for a suitcase several yards in front of him. As he searched for where the suspect had gone, the suitcase started to transform into a humanoid robot. For such a large figure to be converted out of a piece of luggage impressed him for than the threat of being attacked. Jack set his glowing red eyes on the Power Ranger and said, “Target sighted! Terminate!†Taking no chances, Ryan morphed and defended himself. Fight Parameters Straight up fight. Only one walks away. Location is a pretty wide alley. Jack is the latest version (I believe Jack-6) Standard weapons for Ryan (no Zord)
  6. Previously, TJ (the Red Turbo Ranger) and Zack (the original Black Ranger) started hunting down LeRoy Greene who was, for some reason, working with The Sith. They didn’t know that Greene was possessed by the Shadow King. TJ came across a group of Black Dragon criminals lead by Jarek and fought him. Meanwhile, Zack was taken into Shadow King’s fight club and forced to fight Raven, whom he defeated and then Bebop and Rocksteady. TJ was a little surprised at the effort needed to put down Jarek. The Black Dragon criminal forced the Red Turbo Ranger to not hold back so much. After it was over, TJ contacted Zack and told him what had happened. The Black Ranger reported that he had a lead on LeRoy Greene. He assured TJ that he could handle it and would call in if he needed help. TJ was interested in following up on his Black Dragon encounter. Knowing that the others who were with Jarek had escaped; he wanted to find out what they were doing. It had to be no good. He discovered that AIM was operating on Macross Island. They were testing some new equipment. In the Robotech environment of Macross Island, super tech was going to go unnoticed. AIM was using the Black Dragons to smuggle in the equipment. At this point TJ knew it was a good idea to call in back up. There was no guarantee that Zack wouldn’t be needing help soon if he caught up to LeRoy and TJ himself was certain that one Power Ranger wouldn’t be enough to take down an AIM operation. No Power Ranger team had encountered AIM before and since they didn’t really share information with other super hero teams, he would be going in blind. As Power Rangers around the world started responding to his back up request, Zack called him with an emergency SOS. He had found LeRoy Greene but was engaged in combat. TJ couldn’t wait for any others to arrive. Even AIM would have to be put on hold. He needed to help Zack. ****** As intimidating at the Rhino-man and the Warthog-man were, Zack found their mental capacity lacking. Sure they were stronger than him, but the pair failed to come at him with any strategy. The Warthog man- Bebop opened fire with his high powered rifle and Zack danced out of the bullets’ path. Bebop followed him, and Zack kept moving. He ran, twisted, flipped and rolled until he crossed in front of the Rhino man – Rocksteady. If Rocksteady hadn’t yelled at him, Bebop would have shot his partner. “Hey, watch it!†bellowed the Rhino man. “That little creep!†Bebop cursed. Rocksteady grabbed at Zack but the Black Ranger was too fast and backed away from his crushing grip. Chasing him down, Rocksteady came in with steel-denting punches. Frustrated, he pulled his gun out and tried to cap the Power Ranger. Zack found himself dodging two guns and was caught in a cross fire. The protective quality of his suit lit off sparks as an effect of absorbing the impacts. The bullets didn’t penetrate, but they still hurt like crazy. But then, instead of finishing him, Bebop and Rocksteady stopped shooting and high-fived each other. They strode toward him, obviously proud of themselves. They were unaware that Zack had recovered. Once they were close enough, Zack tripped Bebop and jump kicked Rocksteady. It would take a lot more than that to knock them out but it was a start. The fight was interrupted. Chaos streamed through the spectator crowd. In their observation box, LeRoy Greene along with Tombstone, Tomax & Xamont and a few other dignitaries stood with alarm. “What’s going on!†Tombstone demanded. LeRoy was relatively calm. “Someone is trying to disrupt our fight club.†The twins Tomax and Xamont had something to say to that. “Then we should move-“ Xamont began. “-a new location.†Tomax finished the sentence. Then they completed their idea in unison. “As we had suggested.†Most of the dignitaries took action on the twins’ advise. They began to remove themselves from the scene. Even Tomax and Xamont themselves went for an exit. Tombstone stayed with LeRoy. “Them m****f****s can run if they want to! I got fighter in the ring!†“And I sense some old friends.†LeRoy said. Tombstone didn’t understand that it was the Shadow King who ‘sensed’ something. All of a sudden, an intruder burst into the room. The Red Turbo Ranger pointed at the two villains. “You guys are finished!†LeRoy frowned at him. But Tombstone was much more vocal. “You want a piece of me Power Ranger?†He pounded his fist into his hand. “Come get some!†TJ accepted the challenge and dove into battle. The Shadow King folded LeRoy’s arms to stand back and watch. Fight Parameters Straight up fist fight. TJ has his Red Turbo Ranger powers Tombstone is his classic self. Who beats down who?
  7. Previously: Power Rangers TJ (Red Turbo Ranger) and Zack (Black Power Ranger) followed LeRoy Greene to Macross Island. TJ encountered a group of Black Dragon crime members lead by Jarek. He took them on, leaving Zack to pursue their initial objective. The Black Power Ranger wasn’t used to working alone but for the moment it was necessary. With a lead on the location of LeRoy Greene, Zack was put in a position to pursue it on his own. TJ had found a different kind of trouble. A fight club was being hosted here in Macross. Rumor had it that the master of The Glow was running the show. It was easier than Zack thought to get himself entered into the ring. An uncalled for street fight- which seemed to happen a lot here on the island- got the right attention. Soon, Zack was in. He hid his morpher, certain that his Power Ranger identity would bring on too many questions. He kept his eye out for LeRoy but no sign yet. What he didn’t know what that LeRoy, or the Shadow King more accurately, was already on to him. * * * A lot had been dedicated to investigating The Foot but the Sith wasn’t being ignored. The video of The Foot and the Power Rangers battling The Sith showed the later to be extremely dangerous. Raven was assigned the job of spearheading the continued investigation into the cult. Raven was thankful. When Mr. Palmer was still running the organization, long before Mr. Whitmore joined forces with him and eventually took over while Palmer went off into space, Raven had teamed with the Master of The Glow, LeRoy Greene. Deep into discovering the motives of The Sith, Greene was lost to the cult. Some sort of psychic entity had taken over LeRoy’s body. Raven felt terrible about it. LeRoy Greene was the noblest man of the martial arts he had ever met. The world, of course, wasn’t so noble, but men such as himself, Jack Bauer, and others were willing to deal with evil by doing what needed to be done. Leaders like President Palmer and President Whitmore understood that fact and utilized these do whatever it takes heroes to hold back this evil. Greene was too pure for this kind of work. It was a mistake to involve him. Now Raven was driven to find the Glow Master and free him from this entity. The trail lead him to Macross Island where it was rumored that LeRoy Greene was running a fight club. This psychic entity which possessed him didn’t seem interested in preserving LeRoy’s integrity. If it came down to it, Raven was prepared to kill the Glow Master. But only if there was no other way to free him. Raven allowed himself to be captured by some of the men working within the fight club. The man’s very demeanor spoke of his fighting skill. They knew that he would generate a lot of money in the ring. Just like with the Power Ranger- Zack, the Shadow King/LeRoy Greene was onto Raven’s agenda. “The best and most profitable way to get rid of these two is to let them kill each other in ring.†Greene mused out loud. His company was Tombstone, who couldn’t understand why his guy, Psycho Pirate couldn’t influence him. The crime boss still had worked out a partnership with Greene, promising an expansion of the fighters pool and annexed locations. “The Psycho Pirate is going to be useful.†In turn, the Psycho Pirate visited the two men. He showed them a picture of the other man and told them that they hated that man and wanted nothing more than to kill him. There was no resisting the Madusa Mask. Then the two were set face to face in the ring. Zack, wasting no time, morphed into the Black Power Ranger. The instant it took him to change, Raven was upon him. But the Power Ranger’s reflexes were already greatly enhanced which saved the match from being a short one. The bets were coming in fast, and whoever won, the house was going to get a lot of money. Fight Parameters A fight to the death. Both men are influenced to hate and want to kill the other.
  8. It was a perfect plan, and it was nearly complete. As his four metallic arms carried him to his prize, he smiled a smile of victory. The plan was brilliant is its simplicity. Kraven was in the city, keeping the Spider busy until it was ready. Vulture and Sandman were outside, watching the skies and the ground to assure no uninvited guests arrived to the party. Electro overloaded the museum’s security, so that Doctor Octopus himself could break in. And thanks to Mysterio’s power of illusions, they managed to get in unseen. As a matter of fact, they didn’t even need to kill anyone. Of course, they didn’t let that fact get in the way of it. A higher body count would, after all, make the Spider more reckless. “I see him, Spider-man is swinging this way,†Vulture warned over the intercom. “Keep him busy,†Doctor Octopus ordered, “I almost have it.†“Understood,†Vulture said. “Finally…†Doctor Octopus reached a metallic claw out and grabbed the glowing gem. Inside the clear, glass like, gem, appeared to be a swirling galaxy; it’s color alternated between red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and black. It was simply a thing a beauty, “The perfect weapon to get rid of Spider-Man once and for all.†“This is it?†Electro asked, “You expect to defeat Spider-Man with some rock?†“Of course not, you fool!†Octopus said, taking hold of the gem in his human hands. He could feel the power radiating from it, “This isn’t just any old rock. It will get rid of Spider-Man once and for all.†Electro’s face told the tale, he wasn’t convinced. “Alright, what’s it do?†Before Doctor Octopus could answer, the building rumbled as Vulture came crashing through the sky light, with Spider-Man standing on top of him. Before they hit the ground Spider-Man webbed the ceiling and swung Vulture into Mysterio. “Oh, no… It looks like I walked into a trap,†Spider-Man said sarcastically, “I had no idea Kraven was leading me somewhere. And I thought it was just coincidence when I ran into Vulture guarding this museum. Seriously Doc, you really need to get better at hiding your traps.†Doctor Octopus laughed, “You have no idea what I’m planning you fool! Getting you here is only step one.†“And killing me is step two?†Spider-Man asked, “Let’s see we got Vulture and Mysterio, Elctro and Ock, Kraven’s on his way… Now, would anyone kindly tell me where Sandman is? I’d prefer to get you all together before I…†His Spider Sense went off. As Sandman attacked from above, Spider-Man webbed Electro and pulled the electrical villain toward himself as he jumped out of the way. It was reflex for Electro to try and shock him, and Spider-Man was counting on that. While Sandman ended up smothering Electro, he got a violent shock. “Look at that, four baddies taken out in about thirty seconds,†Spider-Man smiled, “Man I’m good.†And even while he gloated, his Spider-sense warned him to avoid a spear that Kraven and thrown from the roof. But while he, he was hit hard in the back and pinned to the ground by Doctor Octopus. “Now, to be rid of you once and for all!†Spider-Man looked for an escape. He saw that Doctor Octopus was standing on two of his metallic arms. Webbing them together, he pulled, causing Octopus to lose his balance. The evil genius threw Spider-Man into the air, where Kraven dove to tackle him to the ground. Spider-Man webbed him at the torso and whipped him into the recovering Vulture and Mysterio. He quickly tied them together with webbing, before turning to face the lone Doctor Octopus. “Just give up Doc. I already beat your entire team! You should probably rethink the whole ‘luring the guy who regularly kicks your butt you’ part of your plans in the future.†Doctor Octopus laughed, “You pathetic fool, the rest of my ‘team’ is of use to me any longer. All I need it this!†he said, holding the gem in triumph. “So, if I take that from you… That means I win, right?†“Go ahead and try, Doctor Octopus said, striking out with a robotic arm. Spider-man dodged, shooting out a web line. Doctor Octopus avoided the web, but it stuck to the wall. As Spider-man pulled himself forward, he shot a line to the 3 villains he had tied up. Swinging them like a flail, he intended to use them to knock Octopus out. But Doctor Octopus swatted them away with one of his arms, causing them to land on Electro and Sandman. He then struck at Spider-man, aiming to smash the gem against the super hero’s chest. But Spider-man wrapped his claw in a web and pulled it to other members of the Sinister Six. The gem shattered, unleashing a blinding white light. And when it cleared, the villains were gone. Spider-Man could hear police sirens blaring. “No trace of the baddies, can’t let the cops find me here. J.J.J will have a field day with this one. I’ll figure this out later.†And as Spider-man left, he was completely unaware that his enemies were waking up in another universe. “Where are we? What happened?†Asked Electro. “Welcome, to angel grove…†Vulture read on a sign. “Alright Octavious,†Kraven said, “You better start explaining. “That gem, it was a portal to another universe. I was intending to send Spider-Man away forever. But it backfired when Spider-man smashed the gem.†“You mean you smashed the gem,†Sandman said, “And you better have a way back!†“Of course I don’t! There is no way back. That’s why I wanted to send Spider-Man here. But all is not lost. There is still NO Spider-Man, we can take this new city as our own! No one will stand in our way!†But little do they know about the Power Rangers. The Sinister Six have three chances to defeat the power rangers and take over the city before plot device happens to finish it. The first encounter, neither team has any knowledge of the other and each team has the resources they normally carry. The second time around the rangers have whatever information they can gather from the previous battles and the Sinister Six have whatever knowledge they can gather from the first battle and from observation. They have whatever weapons and resources they can gather or create. By the third battle, both teams have full knowledge of one and other. That have whatever weapons and resources they can gather or create. The teams are Doctor Octopus, Kraven, Electro, Sandman, Vulture, and Mysterio VS White Ranger Tommy, Black Ranger Adam, Blue Ranger Billy, Red Ranger Rocky, Yellow Ranger Aisha, and Pink Ranger Kimberly.
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