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  1. Chapter 1: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30437-match-13493-agent-47-vs-two-face/ Chapter 2: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30549-match-13555-agent-47-vs-the-riddler/ Chapter 3: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/30723-match-13636-agent-47-vs-penguin/ Chapter 4: http://www.electricferret.com/forum/index.php/topic/31011-match-13767-agent-47-vs-poison-ivy/ HITMAN: ARKHAM CITY CHAPTER 5: MONSTER vs MONSTER HITMAN vs POISON IVY “FIND HIM NOW!†She commanded her controlled minions. Poison Ivy was getting anxious and uneasy because of The Assassin. She felt like she was being hunted in her own domain which was accurate. Her controlled men grumbled and slobbered like zombies. Agent 47 still hid in the shadows , he extended his right arm forward and with perfect aim, three bullets pierced the skulls of the men. Agent 47 snuck up behind a male and snapped his neck, he then saw the others coming. His pointed his silverballers outward, aimed, and fired. Her men were dead with ease. 47 walked toward Ivy while she was backing up she sat down in her flower cocoon and faced her adversary. “So, you are here to kill me. I assume. I have heard of the deaths of three notorious criminals you killed. But before you pull the trigger….†Massive vines sprung up from behind and slammed in to 47’s back. The Assassin flew forward and rolled on the ground. They came like striking arrows toward 47 who rolled in a front flip right between them. He began to shoot at the vines who screeched in pain from each bullet. “No! Don’t hurt my babies!†Cried Ivy. The vines sprung forward and crumbled the ground from under 47. He gripped the edge of the hole after he threw his silverballers. He looked down and noticed the gas rising up. Ivy slowly got up and walked toward 47, her hips swayed back and forth while her eyes kept locked on 47’s. 47 realized it’s too late to go anywhere. Ivy pressed her palm against 47’s rough cheekbone. “You can be my lover, my everything. Just you and me ruling Gotham together.†Said Ivy. The green gas covered the entire ground. Ivy helped up 47 out of the hole. He looked so in love with Ivy, she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders. “Kill all who oppose me and I will be yours forever.†She tilted her head to the side and her lips were getting closer to his. “Grah!†Ivy’s hues widened after the knife was plunged in her stomach. She stepped back and fell on the small steps to her leafy chair. “But….but how did….†The gas settled and 47 breathed again after holding his breath. He picked up his silverballers and pointed one toward Ivy. “I have a job.†Said 47 then pulled the trigger and a bullet went through Ivy’s forehead. Another mission was a success. He looked toward the conscious Catwoman debating if he should leave her there. He lifted a silverballer toward Selina but with a frown after his mental debate, he lowered his weapon. He needs her alive, for now. THE BAT FAMILY It was twenty minutes after Ivy was killed. The Bat Family needed to warn the villains. A partner of Batman’s entered the building and noticed the gas tanks were destroyed, he saw the knocked out Selina who finally came too. “What the….†She said as she stumbled to her feet. “You alright?†Said a voice behind her. Selina looked over her shoulder and noticed The First Robin. She got to her feet and stumbled back, Grayson caught her and she looked over her shoulder toward him. “Oh, Nightwing you know Batman won’t like you touching me like this, though I don’t mind at all. It can be our little secret.†She slid her palm over his cheek and Grayson shook his head from the temptation and let her go. “Awwww, I was hoping you can be my new Knight In Shiny Armor.†Said Selina. “Sorry to disappoint. We have to go. Batman needs to speak with you.†Grayson said. Selina paced back and forth and noticed Ivy’s body. “Ivy!†She yelled and ran to the scene of the crime. She kneeled down and pressed her hand to Ivy’s cheek. “I’m so sorry, Red and about those flowers too.†She lowered her head while Grayson responded. “I came and her and found like that. I couldn’t reach her in time. You know who might have done this? I know Batman told us about a killer on the loose that is targeting every villain. Batman is afraid he might consider you one.†Selina stood up slowly and turned to face Grayson. “I’m in. I want that balled bastards head on a silver platter with catnip in his eyeballs.†She stormed out the building with Grayson. A few moments later in the batcave, Grayson walked in with Catwoman. “See how I did your job for you, Batman?†Said Grayson. Bruce looked toward Selina and asked. “Are you alright?†His voice was deep and serious but with concern. “No, Batman I’m not. He killed Ivy. Just with no mercy just flat out killed her.†Selina said. “We know what he looks like, or at least Selina and I do. He needs to be stopped.†Commanded Batman. The team of Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman they made their way to the rooftops. Searching for this killer and possibly wondering who he might target next. Batman rose his hand up for the other three to stop. “Something isn’t right.†Smoke bombs erupted everywhere and the four held their breaths. League of Assassin Ninja’s began their assault. Batman moved back and dodged a swipe from a ninjato. With a swift open palm attack, he slammed his hand in to the chest of the ninja. Catwoman placed on her goggles and cracked her whip. It latched to the wrist of one of the ninja’s and with a nice pull the ninja came toward Seline who prepared a side kick to the chest of the ninja. Robin twirled his staff and swatted it across the face of one ninja and after he turned and dropped to one knee and tripped a ninja with his staff behind him. He then sprung up and connected his staff to the chin of another ninja with a fierce uppercut. Nightwing ducked and slammed his baton in to the knee of one ninja and after a performed a roundhouse kick that hit a jawline of another ninja. After, he blocked a ninjato with his other baton and with his free baton he slammed it hard across the face of the ninja. “Stop attacking!†Ordered the captain of this squad. “Batman on behalf of Talia Al Ghul, she wishes to meet with you concerning Gotham’s current state.†The squad leader knelt down and extended the letter to Batman of where to meet her. He grabbed the letter and the ninja’s vanished after their a**whopping. “That assassin is still out there. But I think with the help of Talia it can make it easier for us to apprehend him.†Said Batman. Nightwing replied. “She kills.†Batman answered . “I know but we’ll stop her and her assassins before killing him if she does get to him first. I’ll be back.†Batman leaped from the rooftop and headed toward the direction of Talia where she said to meet in the letter. Catwoman rolled her eyes and stated. “He never comes like that for me. She must have him on a leash.†Grayson stated. “Let’s go.†The three split up to continue to warn the villains." LATER THAT NIGHT Agent 47 remembered what Penguin said about the few villains locations in Gotham. Where he is currently it smelled but his face expression doesn’t show is annoyance. With one silverballer out he slowly walked on the cement in the sewers. He purposely click clacked his shoes on the ground to get the attention of one villain particular. Rising from the dirty waters slowly is Killer Croc. With a grin he stated behind 47. “Well, you are in the wrong part of the city.†The Agent stopped in his tracks and looked toward the monstrous creature. Agent 47 turned around. “Found you.†The Assassin said. Killer Croc frowned at the but kept himself inside the water. “I’m not here to fight. I’m here of the behalf of The Penguin. He wants you to join his gang. He said he will pay you with great reward.†Killer Croc stood upright and responded and began to walk to 47. “Oh, that’s great. Tell him I’m in. There is just one problem....†Killer Croc said and continued. “He’s dead!†The monstrous villain leaped toward 47 who rolled out of the way, Killer Croc snarled as he landed. “His filthy body floated to my home, the sewers! I am going to tear you limb from limb!†He extended his silverballers but Killer Croc grabbed his wrists. The Assassin, jumped and pressed his feet in Killer Croc’s chest and used the villain’s chest as a wall to back flip and land on his feet. He noticed his silverballers behind Crock in the water. The villain ran in for another attack. (This is chapter 5 of my Hitman: Arkham City arc. This might not be my best piece but it will all tie in soon. This is Hitman in Hitman: Absolution before he was given the order to kill Diana Burnwood. Every Batman character is the versions from Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Sorry it’s so short, I wrote this at work cause my net at home is acting up. Sorry for any typos and hope you all enjoy the read.)
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